Subtitle Change Followed by a Brief Rant

The title of my book has officially been changed to Rockabye: From Wild to Child, omitting the previous "A Young Mom's Journey..." from the subtitle.

I'm personally very happy with Seal's decision to drop "a young mom's journey" because age shmage, journey shmourney. And also, most importantly because Rockabye has been selected to join the ranks of Memoir... which means, no longer a Momoir, Rockabye can and will be found in the Memoir section of bookstores instead of hidden between how-to books on the Parenting/Pregnancy shelves. Don't get me wrong, Momoirs are cool and all. I just... Well.. Momoir isn't even a real word, you know? It's just another one of those made-up classifications differentiating mothers from everyone else. You're a mom and you write about your life? POW! You're a momoirist. Uh... Really? Come on, now.

I have the same issue with MILF, which insinuates that mothers who are "fuckable" are some huge anomaly. Duh. We're just women with kids. Babies don't turn women into sexless trolls. In fact, I insist the term be changed to WILF: Woman I'd Like to Fuck. Because mothers are women, too. So there.

Thank you and good day.



Anonymous | 3:55 PM

I wholeheartedly agree with the whole MILF/hot mom thing, as if to say "she's hot... for a mom." I even blogged about it a few weeks ago!
Congrats on moving from Momoir to Memoir and thus from Mom to Mem. Wherever your book is in the bookstore I most certainly am going to buy it!

Audio Taco | 4:21 PM

i love play on words title and the cover photo is perfect for it. did you come up with the cover concept?

kittenpie | 5:06 PM

True, true. Except now that I'm a mom, I'm way too tired to worry about it... Maybe that's the way they get away with it.

Anonymous | 6:13 PM

Will your book be released in Canada? Heck, I didn't even know that the word "momoir" existed, let alone had its own bookstore section.

motherbumper | 7:29 PM

Good rant, makes sense, and I'll try making WILF more mainstream. I've always found MILF icky.

Anonymous | 7:49 PM

This is definitely an improvement. A "Momoir Blook" seems pretty marginalising to me. Cheers to Seal Press for letting it stand on it's own merit instead of sticking it in a marketing pigeon-hole. If the rest of your writing is anything to go by, it wouldn't fit. And I can't imagine you wanting it to.

As for the MILF thing, I completely agree. Except the mother part seems to be the attraction for some people. I had a hit from a google search for "How to sleep with your mate's mum" and wrote a silly Dear Abby response to it. I get hits every day from people wanting to get mums into bed.

And being pregnant and becoming a mum while single has been an interesting sociological experience. Male reactions were wild and varied, but all strong. There's something evolutionary about it, I think.

Anonymous | 3:00 AM

Hurrah for your memoir! Momoir. What a stupid word. It just reminds me of a villain called Momra in Thundercats, a cartoon series I used to watch as a child.
I think "milf" has been misappropiated (as most words to do with women and their bodies are, harumph). The original context was American Pie, where teenage boys used it to indicate a woman old enough to be their OWN mother. That's where the incongruity of "mom" and "like to fuck" comes from, I'd say- the idea of a teenage boy fancying their friend's mum, where their normal taste would be for girls their own age.
ps Delurking

clueless but hopeful mama | 7:58 AM

I have to admit I've used the (non)word "momoir" on many occasions and since I've read a lot of them I haven't been too bothered by it. But why oh why must they be in the pregnancy/parenting aisle?

The memoir section is where you belong and where you shall be. Yay!

Anonymous | 8:35 AM

Put it on a shirt! -- "WILF!"

Anonymous | 3:11 PM

Yes! what you said ans what susannah said- i hate when people say i look great for having 3 kids. so if i didn't have kids i'd be fat? ~jjlibra

BOSSY | 11:59 AM

Much better. Brevity rocks.