Gone Maternity: Poolside Picks (& Giveaway!)

*updated with winner, below*
ignore the diving board. it's vintage.

Woohoo! It's summer! (Never mind that my banner says otherwise!) Several people have been asking about maternity swimsuits, cover-ups as well as leggings. (Mine are Motherhood Maternity, btw). But today is about summer style... specifically, pool party wears and things that are beachy. I grew up on the beach so for me, summer is all about getting back to there. Whether in person, spirit or state of mind, bro. I've never owned a maternity swimsuit before this summer because they are typically hideous.

ED: There are two alternatives for maternity swimsuits - the let-it-all-hang-out option or the wrap-it-up option. I prefer to keep things covered and comfortable when pregnant, not that the belly isn't a beautiful thing - it just invites unwanted attention, especially in a crowded beach/pool party like setting. Whereas posting pictures of your bare belly online... very subtle.

Anyway, here are a few maternity-suit options, starting with mine, a chic one-piece c/o Seraphine Maternity who contacted me about doing a Maxi Dress giveaway (see below) and were kind enough to offer me my pick of their swimwear litter as well.

First let me say: There is nothing more awkward than having your husband take pictures of you in a bathingsuit while your parents (who are watching you from the kitchen window) are laughing. This is why last year I took self portraits.
"Look like you're a pregnant DIVER on the go!"
This halter one-piece has already become my go-to summer staple. (It looks great under halter maxi dresses for beach/pool and is comfortable and most importantly, stays put... because LORDY knows, I'm rocking a bit of a disco bush right now and my boobs are better left to the imagination, lets be honest.) Also, these pictures were taken several weeks ago. I have no idea if I will be able to fit in this swimsuit next weekend at our fourth of July beachfest. I'll keep you posted. (I also promise I'll have my summer banner by then, jeez.)

Other maternity swimsuits you might love, prefacing with the sad fact that maternity swimsuits are pretty much the worst thing ever for some reason. (I scoured the web for HOURS yesterday and last night trying to find bathingsuits I felt comfortable recommending to you with a straight face and I came back to the one I'm wearing... without a very... uh... straight face.)
But also, these:
Twist Front Maternity Tankini Swimsuit
Babydoll Maternity Tankini Swimsuit
Motherhood Maternity, Polkadot Babydoll, $30
Decorative Trim Maternity Tankini Swimsuit

I'm not usually one for beaded swimsuits but this is kind of Boho and could be cute, especially paired with a long black skirt or a cute pair of shorts:


The above swimsuit with THIS white linen cover up would be lovely this time of year:

More cute options for materni-outer(swim)wear are =
Ulla Johnson Strapless Tie Detail Maternity Dress
Loveappella Strapless Empire Seam Maternity Dress
Maternal America Maternity Convertible Dress
I love this next dress a latte. It's Boden Maternity and is the perfect summer party dress for my pregnant lady friends. With a pair of gold sandals and a simple gold pendant + messy beach hair = your man is going to want to impregnate you all over again, real talk.
maxiboden2boden dress

I'm sneaking this one in here even though its not really pool-appropriate in the slightest. I just found it, loved it and wanted to share. Kelly Green is my favorite color. This dress is a great alternative to the maxi, for those on the shorter side. The buttons are ridic.
Rachel Pally Sleeveless High-low Hem Maternity Dress
Moody Mamas Maternity Stripe Maxi Dress
LA Made Maternity 'Rala' Dress
Sleeveless Twist Neck Detail Maternity Maxi Dress

Other options, of course, would be to purchase some non-maternity Maxi Dresses. More on that, here. And yes, all of mine still fit.
That about wraps 'er up! In the meantime, I have a Tie Rope Maxi c/o Seraphine Maternity available for giveaway for one lucky preggo reader! (When Seraphine contacted me a few months back, I fell instantly in love with the Tie Rope dress which I am modeling, a few weeks ago here today with fierce poses!)
I wore this the other night with a cardi and strapless bra (seen here) and to Archer's Kindergarten graduation ceremony (omg) yesterday and felt very comfortable, even though I had a hot flash and butt-sweated all over myself. Luckily, the dress is navy. Very hot-flash-during-Kindergarten-graduation-proof.
(worn with Havaianas, because they are what's most comfortable.)

Wanna win yourself a Seraphine Tie Rope dress? Awesome! Just tell me in the comments when you're due! To have a baby, that is. Or, if you're not currently pregnant but would like to someday be, know someone who is, would like to rock the dress anyway, please go ahead and join the party. Everyone is welcome to maternityland. And I imagine the dress would be just as lovely for those without basketball bods. Comment away! And don't forget to include your contact information! I'll pick one winner via random.org next Thursday. Good luck to you and thanks much, Seraphine! You guys are peachy!


Updated: Congratulations to commenter #220, Lynzie! ...

...And thanks to all for your comments! So many gorgeous pregnant women in the house! Love it. Love you all and stay tuned for more fun giveaways coming soon!


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Josey | 2:57 PM

December 22nd!

Jackee | 2:59 PM

Due October 22nd and loving the maxi dress as a summer option.

Sara Kay | 3:02 PM

Finding out my due date for sure next Tuesday. Should be January 15...ish... :)

Kelly Utah | 3:02 PM

I'm due at the end of September. It's going to be a long hot summer in Utah. This dress would totally help.

Alyssa | 3:03 PM

I'm not currently pregnant, but the hubs and I are trying! I've been searching all things baby and maternity, which DEFINITELY includes loads of cute maxi dresses. This one is lovely!

Carolyn Williams | 3:05 PM

I am due with my first on December 23rd! I am so excited and I would love to rock a new dress! Thanks for the great give-away!

aly. | 3:05 PM

My son is 5 months old...but I still wear my maternity maxi dress from last summer and love it.

Chelsea | 3:06 PM

Due late july-early august! Whenever the baby decides to come!

Love love love the dress!

Viju | 3:07 PM

Would love this for my 2nd one!

Amy W. | 3:08 PM

Hurry! I'm due in 4 weeks! :)

Elizabeth | 3:09 PM

Hopefully by the end of 2012! eadair@sprayequipment.com

Rhiannon | 3:09 PM

November 8th - halfway there!

Abi | 3:10 PM

Sept 21. Its a girl... or a boy without bits! We're not 100% sure yet. :)

Jennifer M | 3:10 PM

I'm not currently preggo but hopefully will be by the end of the year!

My name is Jennifer my email is abbiescout@sbcglobal.net

Anonymous | 3:10 PM

YOU, only you, could make me miss being pregnant! @carmenpink

LiciaLee | 3:11 PM

Not currently PG, but planning to be in the next year hopefully! And I LOVE maxi dresses. :D alicia morris 2008 @ gmail. com

Adventures In Babywearing | 3:11 PM

Not due and I was going to say that I would give to one of my thousand pregnant friends but actually I'd probably keep it! ALso, when I was preggo I LOVED Maternal America and Olian. I am sad I missed out on this Seraphine goodness.


missamandabear | 3:12 PM

January 28th! So excited!

Claudia | 3:12 PM

Working on it... ;)

missamandabear | 3:13 PM

Awe crap! Preggo brain made me forget my info - amandajwaldron at gmail dot com

Tirzah Hochreiter | 3:14 PM

due on December 26th :)

Bekah | 3:15 PM

October 12th!! Also, I will hitting up the beach in ONE day, and am going the 'let it all hang out' route. Im hoping the large belly distracts from the large butt...ya know?

Patsy | 3:17 PM

My husband I have been trying for a while & hope that with a bit of help this month that we will be successful!

The dress is amazing!

Habbala | 3:18 PM

Due 11/11/11... meaning totally preggers ALL THE DAMN HOT SUMMER.

LJ | 3:18 PM

currently dealing with infertility, seeing doctors, saving money and hoping and praying doctor has answers or going forward with likely ivf in the next year. we live in phoenix. maxi dresses are year round awesome wear.


Calleah | 3:19 PM

Due July 23rd! :D Already hot and dying here in So.Cal :(

Andrea | 3:24 PM

October 13th and we are going for a surprise. Although I'm pretty sure I accidentally caught a glimpse of some bits.

Isahrai | 3:25 PM

I'm due 15 October... I have quickly learned that maxi dresses mean shaving my legs loss often and much more comfortable seating options when I just don't feel like sitting like a lady!

Courtney | 3:25 PM

Due August 6, but would definitely rock this dress postpartum.

c | 3:28 PM

I am due September 20!

Jessica | 3:30 PM

i'm due january 22, love that dress!


Whitney | 3:31 PM

August 10th, but he's measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule.....maybe a July baby.

anon | 3:32 PM

8-8-11 AND I go to the pool a lot now to avoid cankling; it's the only time I feel quite good during this final countdown bizness.

Mindi | 3:34 PM

My little sister is due with her first on August 9th.

Matt and/or Jacquie | 3:35 PM

Due Sept. 30 with our first baby, a boy. Loving all things cool for the summer!

ascheele | 3:36 PM

I'm due October 8! Beautiful dress!

Whitney | 3:36 PM

Due November 29, or 23 (which is my birthday), depending on when you date the pregnancy, but given my first was 6 (almost 7) weeks early, who knows! I hope for November!

Sarah | 3:37 PM

I want to be pregnant next summer, and this dress would be perfect for lake house visits! Love.

Frannie74 | 3:40 PM

Just found out the exciting news--- due March 4th!!! franmaest@hotmail.com

anon | 3:40 PM

Also, for those who do rock the sporty spice look, I ended up getting this one (in a size 12-yikes!) because you wrote this post about 6 weeks too late ;-)


Some preteen boys saw me at the pool yesterday and I overheard them say "She must be pregnant or something." Ya think?

agirlandaboy | 3:40 PM

You're adorable. And boy oh boy would I love to wear this next summer, HINT HINT SIMON HINT. :)

Meghan Elaine | 3:42 PM

No pregnant so I feel like a cheater. BUT, I do have 2 yr old twins and I'm rooting you on week by week! I also have an unflattering belly that may work well with a maxi :)

Cave Momma | 3:43 PM

Love all of these! I am SO not pregnant again but my bestie is for the 1st time so I'm all into finding her some killer stuff. She is due just after Christmas (actual due date is a little iffy right now).

And once again.. you look fab.

betsy king | 3:53 PM

Give me an excuse to get pregnant again!

Betsy King

MissMolly | 3:54 PM

Feb 5th :-)

Emily | 3:55 PM

October 22nd! Living in dresses this summer!

Ariel | 3:56 PM

My SIL is due January 15th and this dress would work well for her life in Southern Sudan :)

janenoir | 3:57 PM

I'm not pregnant yet but would love to win that dress and hold onto it for later! I've never won anything from online giveaways before! Contact info: noir.jane@gmail.com Thanks!

Angela | 4:02 PM

I'm due with my first babe on Dec 6. Since I look to you for inspiration in all things Motherhood, it would make my life to have a matching dress! You'll find me at cadencequick at gmail dot com.

Vegan-ish Girl | 4:02 PM

I'm due January 5th, with twins! I am already rocking quite the belly, it needs to be wrapped up!

Ethel | 4:08 PM

My sister-in-law is due on November 12! If I win this for her, I'm totally borrowing it when I'm preggo!

B&B | 4:09 PM

We are TTC (ugh, I kinda hate that phrase) for #3.....So hopefully I will have reason to wear if I win!


Katy | 4:11 PM

I just found you this week from a naming blog about your fantastic name lists, and I haven't been able to pull myself away. I'm due Oct 5th, so your posts are like a hipper, more awesome version of exactly what I'm feeling like! I have to say that I've developed a crush on you and your family this week...you all just seem like the kind of people I'd like to sip a basil gimlet with on the beach. Once these babies come out of us.

Anyway, I just became a CA girl after living in CO my whole life, so I would love a maxi dress to complete my new persona. These are beautes. Thanks for giving your time to all of us anonymous admirers!

Amanda | 4:15 PM

I'm due Sept. 15th. I would love the dress! Qmchapman@gmail.com

Alexandra | 4:16 PM

I'm not pregnant but hope to be one day!

Alexandra Smith!

Alexandra | 4:16 PM

I hope to have a baby one day, but I'm currently withOUT child!

Alexandra Smith

Miranda | 4:17 PM

I'm due January 21, but I think they have it wrong and I'll end up with an early Jan baby (maybe even a December baby? eek!). Would love to have an awesome new dress to look forward to as I'm just now having to think about pulling some of my old maternity clothes out of storage.

McConnels | 4:18 PM

Due Oct. 3rd! Super cute dress!


Jill | 4:21 PM

Oh Lordy Girl.... you look AMAZING!!!! No lie. Currently not pregnant, but could totally fit into those dresses from not losing the baby weight. Sigh.

Sylvia | 4:21 PM

I'm due November 15th. Have I mentioned that I'm a midget, horribly fat with my first girl after 3 boys and incredibly jealous that I look almost as pregnant as you do with ONE BABY? Lol. Loved the post.
E-mail mommysylvia25@yahoo.com

BlesstheFunk | 4:23 PM

You are a lifesaver (well, a getting-dressed-saver, at least! A Comfort-saver!)! I have been looking for a maxi dress, comfortable and suited for the growing body and belly. Somehow, the non-maternity ones I tried made my boobs look horrible. Cut off in the middle? Arm boob? I got it all. And the length was off, and... I just wanted to get out of the stores. Hormonal, maybe a touch? The swimsuit issue I haven't even touched, because the only ones I saw were in target and, well, not my style.

My bebe is due November 7th, and he is just starting to let me know he's there.. Yippee for little twinge-like reassurances!

You look gorgeous and also like you're having fun, and the image of your parents looking out the window to laugh is so sweet (also because I have a parent crush on those two). Internet hugs to you!

Sara | 4:37 PM

We're due October 3rd! I've been adoring maxis and am nervous for the heat of a Minnesota August. This cute maxi would be a great cool-down option!

GreerAnn | 4:43 PM

Due with a boy (my 2nd baby, my 1st son) September 6th... love following your pregnancy and can't wait to see those beautiful twinlets!

Aimee | 4:49 PM

I'm due January 17. So I'll hit the second trimester right when it gets hot in SD :)

Steph | 4:56 PM

Due dec 22nd with my second!
My 1st, just turned a year old in May:) All my maternity clothes are wintery... I really need some summer dresses!

Anonymous | 5:04 PM

I would seriously love this dress, hoping to get preg in the next few months. I live in the South and it would work great through the fall and winter with a cardi and leggings. Thanks GGC!

Emily F

caley22 | 5:12 PM

Juuust found out I'm pregnant with my second! Due February 28 next year!

c a l e y 2 2 @ h o t m a i l . c o m

Janel | 5:33 PM

August 5, Rebecca! And I've been LUSTING after maxi dresses all spring and summer, but they're just out of my price range right now :( I would DIE to be able to wear that dress! iambready@gmail.com

Kaylie | 5:34 PM

I'm due February 13th!

CP | 5:41 PM

January 28 :)

Sarah | 5:43 PM

September 8th...but hoping for anytime in August!

Meg | 5:43 PM

August 17th.... and sick of my current maternity wear!!
megoconn at gmail

Laura | 5:50 PM

October 24th. Already loving and sweating out my big hot NYC summer.

Amy | 5:53 PM

Oh my gosh - I love that dress! I'm not preggo currently but want to be again soon. I love maxis!

April Hammon | 5:53 PM

Due September 15th!

Amy | 5:54 PM

Oops my email is amy at veen dot com

Julie | 5:55 PM

My sister is due November 5 with her second

Rae | 5:55 PM

October 24th!!

Jenny O | 6:01 PM

I had my baby in 2009, but I know a couple of pregnant friends who could rock the gosh darned heck out of this dress.

Amber Lynn | 6:01 PM

I'm due October 7. This would be wonderful this summer!

carri z. | 6:05 PM

gorgeous. gORGEOUS!!

sarah | 6:10 PM

would love another dress option for this quickly expanding belly... due Oct 12... so this summer is full of maxi dresses for me!

Courtney | 6:14 PM

January 11! It's my first :)

Amanda | 6:16 PM

I am due 11/5 but secretly hoping for 10/31 because awesome.

Mrs. Kate B. | 6:21 PM

You are so freaking adorable.

I am due on November 30 with my third. (And holy cow, the third pregnancy is killer. Only 17 weeks and already sciatica pain and swollen feet, and it's only a singleton in there.)

(katebfpl at gmail)

Ashley | 6:29 PM

Trying for #2! ashwarre at gmail dot com

Abbykins | 6:34 PM

I actually found out on Valentine's Day like you AND pretty much am living a mirrored pregnancy to you - although I only have ONE baby in my belly! Due Oct 16th!

L.L. | 6:35 PM

I am due December 3rd with my second baby. Would love a really nice maternity dress because I have two weddings lined up for when I am going to be very pregs.

Hyatt | 6:37 PM

I would love to win this for my wife, due November 29th.

Kellie | 6:40 PM

I'm due November 29th with baby #3!!

Candace | 6:42 PM

I want this bad boy for a good friend! She is due with #2 in November and is in need of some summer clothes. Her babies are only 14 months apart, gasp!

I totally rocked a bikini last summer while pregnant, so awesome to let it all hang out!


The Knapps | 6:53 PM

I'm due Dec. 4th...this would be great!

danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

Anonymous | 6:59 PM

January 4th!! After two years of trying it finally happened!


CC | 7:11 PM

I am due Sept 22nd and can I just say that 'disco bush' made me spew soda water out my nose. Brilliant!

beyond | 7:14 PM

august 9th! (hopefully a week or so early, pretty please?)

Becky | 7:24 PM

Howdy! I am pregnant with Baby #3, due Ja be 2p0 n. 22, 2012. I will be 10 weeks on Monday and already am showing like I am 18 (my second son was 10+ lbs)...and I can't find the majority of my summer maternity clothes...so I am kinda screwed at the moment. Love the dress! And your pics are adorable!

Jme | 7:26 PM

I am not currently preggers ( my babe is 6 months old ) and my others just turned 5 (cry!) and 3 next month, but I am already thinking of our next one and would LOVE to win it!

( jaimelynne32@hotmail.com)

Becky | 7:27 PM

oops...here is my email sassymamabecky at gmail dot com

Erin | 7:31 PM

September 15!

Lindsey | 7:38 PM

So cute! I'm not due but I have a few very good friends who I would love to give this to.

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Meg | 7:45 PM

December 28th (poor kid -- the timing was not exactly planned). It's my second and I'm showing! This dress would be fabulous. I really like your black suit too!

Debbie and Lane | 7:52 PM

October 5. I'm in for one hot summer!
boardbetty at msn dot com

DK | 7:56 PM

I love reading your blog. They are so heart warming n funny. I am due 1st September with a girl. Am pretty excited coz my first is a boy :)

Courtney | 8:00 PM

Just found out yesterday that we are pregnant! Been searching for cute maxi dresses all summer and have yet to find one as cute as that one!

laurel | 8:01 PM

Expecting twin girls...c-section is scheduled for Sept 7th. We have 4 boys already. I LOVE maxi dresses when preggo!

Amanda | 8:04 PM

Ahh to be pregnant again...I'm not, but my sister is, due October 2nd! She'd totally rock this dress!

Cait | 8:10 PM

Not pregnant at the moment, that I know of, but had an amazing mid-afternoon romp last week during my fertile days... so maybe soon!

Mariel | 8:14 PM

February 27th!


Justin and April | 8:19 PM

11.11.11 - I have one of the swimsuits you posted and get a ton of compliments on it. Thanks for the summer preggers wardrobe suggestions! aprildcowart at yahoo

Nikki | 8:27 PM

I'm due January 30, 2012! :)

ecology | 8:37 PM

Rebecca, you look great! I'm not prego yet but trying. Would love to rock the maxi. I lived in them during my last pregnancy.


theparakeet | 8:41 PM

have a 2 yr old working on #2 (ha I hate the expression "trying" but "working" is even worse...hmmmm)

sarahoyer at gmail

Lisa | 8:49 PM

I'm due on July 21, and it's SO DAMN HOT. This cute dress looks like it would keep me cool AND stylish.

Joanna | 8:50 PM

Due September 5th with my 3rd boy.

I gave all my maternity wear away from my first two pregnancies and never got them back, so I'm donning a lot of too-tight non-preggo gear these days. I refuse to buy anything maternity this go around.

Would love that maxidress to get me through the hot summer. You look tall in your pics and I'm 5'11 so I'm thinking it would actually hit my ankles for a change.

Meg | 9:07 PM

October 18th! And that dress is fab!

Christina | 9:08 PM

I had my baby on St. Patricks Day but I would still rock this and then rock it again when I have another bebe. Love the rope detail!

Cindy | 9:09 PM

The husband and I just decided to have another baby! This dress will definitely be used!

October12 | 9:13 PM

My due date is October 7.

Thank you for this post, I've been having trouble finding not horrid maternity clothing period. I need to do some shopping.

Alice in Mammaland | 9:14 PM

I'm having baby #2 Jan 2nd! I need a new option. This time around I popped way to early!

Alyson | 9:22 PM

I'm not pregnant yet, but my husband and I just decided to try for baby #2. I'd love to rock this dress.


Whitney W | 9:31 PM

I am due August 11th with twin boys!! I would love this dress! I currently own one dress and 2 shirts that still fit over my belly so a new dress would be amazing!

Whitney W | 9:33 PM

I'm sorry my pregnancy brain kicked in and I completely forgot to include my info!

Whitney W

Barb @ getupandplay | 9:35 PM

I'm due Sept. 5th with bambino no. 2!

*S | 9:59 PM

I'm not currently pregnant but my sister is and she could totally use this amazing maxi dress giveaway!

Gab | 10:06 PM

Due August 15th!

Indigo Children | 10:27 PM

I am due November 28!! It is sweltering here in TX, so I could use a cool dress :)

Corrie | 11:03 PM

My sister is due September 13. So far I have bought most of her maternity clothes, and maxi dresses are her favorite!

Kelley | 11:37 PM

I LOVE this dress. Due August 22nd. Pick me! :)

Zach | 12:03 AM

Due January 8 with twins and I'm already huge!

Anonymous | 12:43 AM

No longer pregnant, but still trying to get off that baby weight! Twins will do that to ya.


emily bilbrey | 1:46 AM

not pregnant, not entering this contest. but HOLY FUCKLES i love this post!!! laughed from start to finish. and this is why you always have been, and always will be, my favorite blogger EVER. love you, woman!!! XOXO!!!

cynthia b | 1:48 AM

Sept 16

Trinity3x | 3:23 AM

I wanna rock that dress FOR LIFE!

Caitlin | 3:40 AM

November 3! I need dresses!

Jenski | 3:59 AM

Today!! Today is my due date, alas I don't get the feeling he is planing on making his move anytime soon. I think this dress would be great in the postpartum squishy phase too.

elizabeth | 4:15 AM

I'm due September 17th and have been living in maxi dresses due to a disgusting varicose vein in my thigh. if i don't win this dress, i'm definitely buying it

cp | 4:43 AM

Dec. 6 and I have been scouring the web for nice maxis but have been clearly looking in all the wrong places! You look great.

celesteperri at gmail dot com

jessi ♥ | 4:47 AM

October 17th with a boy! I am huge and can't find any decent local stores that carry maternity summerwear. Saddness :(

stefiny | 4:52 AM

Hoping to get knocked up (by my husband!) soon :)
stefpie at gmail dot com

echo | 5:01 AM

November 25th...Thanksgiving:)

Jen | 5:26 AM

Christmas Day - with my 1st!!! :)

Lindsavid | 5:49 AM

due Aug 30!!! but my belly will remain well after...lets cover that business up! lindsay.osborne@gmail.com

M.B.Walker | 5:52 AM

Not knocked up, very much done with all of that, thankyouverymuch.
I just wanted to say that all awkwardness aside, you look beautiful- as usual. You always rock his innate sense of style (that your kids have clearly inherited).
Also- disco bush? HA!

HK | 6:00 AM

9/16, but some people think 7/4 based on my belly!

bonnie | 6:08 AM

October 28th with our first boy!

My Bottle's Up! | 6:08 AM

paul and i are trying for numero dos after miscarrying in december. i would be STOKED, getting my baby-makin on, knowing i had this lovely frock to sport for months to come.

lookin good, lady friend.

Jessica | 6:27 AM

September 30th! I've got all summer to rock that dress!

Tyler | 6:41 AM

I'm due in Sept, but am hoping to make it to August.. my children like to escape early!

Mad Mrs. E | 7:00 AM

Due with boy #2 September 8th!

Althea | 7:08 AM

I am not due YET, but the husb and I are trying for number 2.
Even after just three years, the maternity clothing options get better and better. I am frightened to pull out my old maternity clothes for fear of looking hella UNstylish...

Andrea | 7:18 AM

My sister-in-law is due in a mere month, and she would rock that dress out!

Renee | 7:24 AM

Hi - I'm Renee, first time prego Mom at 38 years old (took foreva!) and I'm due October 11! I used to think my job was the coolest thing ever (I do have the best job in the world, though can't write what I do on here), but it's not. There aren't words in my realm of existance to describe the joy, wonder, and beauty knowing I'm going to be her Mama.


Renee, evieyr1@hotmail.com

Lydia | 7:26 AM

Due September 29th, crossing fingers for mid-September...it's going to be a long, hot summer here in south Florida...

Melt Momma's Heart | 7:53 AM

My sis-in-law would look adorable in this!

jesse k | 8:09 AM

I'm trying right now (not as I type, but you get the picture). Great dresses!

redheadkjn | 8:16 AM

I'm due November 14 with my first boy! (I have a 2-year old girl). Would LOVE a new maxi dress, even in the temperatures here in Wisconsin are reaching highs in the balmy low 70s currently...

leah.hung | 8:41 AM

Nov 6th with twins so I am already looking like I am about to drop :)

Melissa Ball | 9:29 AM

I'm due November 13th with my 3rd. I've never been pregnant in the summer so I'm having to buy everything. Would love this that can be for this summer and many to come!

jessy | 9:39 AM

That dress is super duper cute! I'm due August 16th, and just discovered your blog and am loving all of it. I'm hoping for a mild summer in Portland so I don't have to deal with too much under-boob sweat marks. Also, check out Asos maternity dresses, some are very non-hideous.

MJ | 9:44 AM

Would love to win this for my cousin who is due with #2 on July 20th. Poor girl has been wearing compression hose because of varicose veins for the past few months...I think she deserves a maxi for the last few weeks!

Project: Project | 10:20 AM

This dress is stunning. I'm one of the non-pregnant but trying crew. Love your blog!!

Project: Project | 10:22 AM

I forgot to include my contact info...of course: clarissa.colley@gmail.com

Carol | 10:35 AM

I'm due October 11th,and I'm still managing to get by without maternity clothes...wearing maxi dresses is probably why! But I'd like a bit more variety!

Heidi | 10:45 AM

October 12th! Just hit 6 months :)
fancyfish13 at yahoo.com

Kim | 10:55 AM

Due on Sept. 24th
Thanks for this post, I've been wondering about bathing suits. Now if only my thighs weren't pregnant as well.

Baby in Broad | 11:04 AM

I'm taking a break from baby-making/planning/hoping for a few months. I'm thinking maybe wanting to be pregnant again before the end of the year. (Maybe?)

~ Noelle

loloeleven | 11:08 AM

I'm due January 9th- but I'm aiming (ha!) for the 11th, since 11 is my favorite number. I figure the baby will appreciate that, right? : )

ohbabyo | 12:12 PM

I'm due Christmas day! (Nice timing, hu?)
carrielmcclain @ gmail . com

stargazermama | 12:20 PM

husber and I have been working on baby part two: electric boogaloo all week! mama is exhausted! love this dress!

Tracey R | 12:23 PM

After two years, several IVF attempts and a lot of tears, I am due December 20 th!!! It's hot until about October here, ao I would get plenty of use out of that Maxi. =)

Thanks for the bathing suit post- I'm just starting to show and have been looking for one. They are mostly completely hideous, so it's nice to see a few cute ones. I'm not the bare all belly type for the swim suit!

squeakie | 12:24 PM

January 9th!
Living in sunny (and HOT) Arizona I've been looking for swimsuits & summer dresses lately. Thanks for the awesome suggestions!

flyrish | 12:28 PM

Great dress -- so up my preggo belly's alley. I'm due on Sept. 8th.

Thank you for posting the maternity swimwear, too. I feel the same way as you, but I'm not sure I'm down to let it all hang out in a bikini at this point. I think I could use a nice, roomy tankini.

melaniejennifer | 12:59 PM

Finally after 4 years of trying I'm due Dec 16!

Josie | 1:06 PM

December 23! I would love this dress!!

Josie | 1:10 PM

Sorry, the comment re: |Dec 23, I would love this dress!| is me (Josie) @ josie.ambler@gmail.com

JJ | 1:14 PM

I'm due Dec 31st! I would love to try a maxi dress - I'm too crazy in the dressing rooms to even try buying anything other than tees. jody.m.jackson@gmail.com

JB | 1:21 PM

Due Oct 27th! Love this dress!! Becoming more large and in charge every day!

Kelly Kuntz | 1:28 PM

If I get a positive pee stick on Monday, March 6th! Crossing my fingers!

Maggie | 1:37 PM

My best friend is due the first week of November! Just spent a great day with her today, and if chosen, this would go right over her cute and growing baby bump!

.jimaie.marie. | 1:46 PM

I'm due July 30th!

Alyssa | 1:58 PM

I'm due November 3rd! And may I say that you look absolutely gorgeous! You make me (a wee bit) jealous that I'm not having twins ;) Contact: alyssa (dot) visscher (at) gmail(dot)com

Christy | 2:04 PM

I'm not currently pregnant, but we're planning on trying again very soon. Excited!

That dress is so cute and you ROCKED! that bathing suit.

jinxy112 at gmail dot com

Kimberly | 2:17 PM

I'm due November 22nd, but I hope she comes a little early so her birthday isn't too near Thanksgiving.
kirbycolby at gmail dot com

marienkafer | 2:25 PM

Perfect timing on the bathing suit post. I have just come to the realization that rocking a bikini is probably not for me. :( I'm due at the end of November with my first. Yay!

Jenn | 2:58 PM

I am due on September 13th, which also happens to be my 26th birthday :)

Glenda | 3:01 PM

Love it... you look beautiful!!!

I'm not having any kids...I have 2! and I'm done!

My Best Friend is due 12/22. I can't wait!

Natasha | 3:38 PM

September 30th

grammargeek | 3:43 PM

December 27. And I cant find any maxi dresses that aren't gross polyester, so please pick me! Pick me!

Kehler | 4:06 PM

took 3 pregnancy tests last night and they were all positive... i'm thinking will be due around the end of February.

Kate | 4:51 PM

huge fan of the maxi!! (the dress, that is, not the pad, never did get that one...) not preggo at the moment but tryin' for our second. woohoo!

Becka Robinson | 6:28 PM

I'm due Feb 1st. But shhhh... the interweb doesn't know yet ;)

Ana | 7:12 PM

Trying for numero dos right now. Fingers crossed. :)
anabrightful at yahoo dot com

stephanie Toole | 7:42 PM

Our second boy is due October 18th. Just got to make it through the summer!

tracy | 3:01 AM

Due October 14th with our second! :)

Keri | 4:36 AM

I'm due with my 3rd around September 15th! =D

Jessica Renee | 5:19 AM

Due October 5. Getting bigger by the second!

adrienne... | 6:07 AM

December 11th :)

Becky | 7:55 AM

Had my baby girl 6 month ago, but I'd love to give this to a dear friend expecting this fall.
rma910 (at) gmail (dot) com

Suzie | 8:17 AM

Adorable! Baby #2 is due February 11th. So excited!

justsuzie_s at hotmail dot com

Sarah | 8:35 AM

due end of january! So excited bc january is usually such a sucky time of year, but now it will have joy!

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