Gone Maternity: Poolside Picks (& Giveaway!)

*updated with winner, below*
ignore the diving board. it's vintage.

Woohoo! It's summer! (Never mind that my banner says otherwise!) Several people have been asking about maternity swimsuits, cover-ups as well as leggings. (Mine are Motherhood Maternity, btw). But today is about summer style... specifically, pool party wears and things that are beachy. I grew up on the beach so for me, summer is all about getting back to there. Whether in person, spirit or state of mind, bro. I've never owned a maternity swimsuit before this summer because they are typically hideous.

ED: There are two alternatives for maternity swimsuits - the let-it-all-hang-out option or the wrap-it-up option. I prefer to keep things covered and comfortable when pregnant, not that the belly isn't a beautiful thing - it just invites unwanted attention, especially in a crowded beach/pool party like setting. Whereas posting pictures of your bare belly online... very subtle.

Anyway, here are a few maternity-suit options, starting with mine, a chic one-piece c/o Seraphine Maternity who contacted me about doing a Maxi Dress giveaway (see below) and were kind enough to offer me my pick of their swimwear litter as well.

First let me say: There is nothing more awkward than having your husband take pictures of you in a bathingsuit while your parents (who are watching you from the kitchen window) are laughing. This is why last year I took self portraits.
"Look like you're a pregnant DIVER on the go!"
This halter one-piece has already become my go-to summer staple. (It looks great under halter maxi dresses for beach/pool and is comfortable and most importantly, stays put... because LORDY knows, I'm rocking a bit of a disco bush right now and my boobs are better left to the imagination, lets be honest.) Also, these pictures were taken several weeks ago. I have no idea if I will be able to fit in this swimsuit next weekend at our fourth of July beachfest. I'll keep you posted. (I also promise I'll have my summer banner by then, jeez.)

Other maternity swimsuits you might love, prefacing with the sad fact that maternity swimsuits are pretty much the worst thing ever for some reason. (I scoured the web for HOURS yesterday and last night trying to find bathingsuits I felt comfortable recommending to you with a straight face and I came back to the one I'm wearing... without a very... uh... straight face.)
But also, these:
Twist Front Maternity Tankini Swimsuit
Babydoll Maternity Tankini Swimsuit
Motherhood Maternity, Polkadot Babydoll, $30
Decorative Trim Maternity Tankini Swimsuit

I'm not usually one for beaded swimsuits but this is kind of Boho and could be cute, especially paired with a long black skirt or a cute pair of shorts:


The above swimsuit with THIS white linen cover up would be lovely this time of year:

More cute options for materni-outer(swim)wear are =
Ulla Johnson Strapless Tie Detail Maternity Dress
Loveappella Strapless Empire Seam Maternity Dress
Maternal America Maternity Convertible Dress
I love this next dress a latte. It's Boden Maternity and is the perfect summer party dress for my pregnant lady friends. With a pair of gold sandals and a simple gold pendant + messy beach hair = your man is going to want to impregnate you all over again, real talk.
maxiboden2boden dress

I'm sneaking this one in here even though its not really pool-appropriate in the slightest. I just found it, loved it and wanted to share. Kelly Green is my favorite color. This dress is a great alternative to the maxi, for those on the shorter side. The buttons are ridic.
Rachel Pally Sleeveless High-low Hem Maternity Dress
Moody Mamas Maternity Stripe Maxi Dress
LA Made Maternity 'Rala' Dress
Sleeveless Twist Neck Detail Maternity Maxi Dress

Other options, of course, would be to purchase some non-maternity Maxi Dresses. More on that, here. And yes, all of mine still fit.
That about wraps 'er up! In the meantime, I have a Tie Rope Maxi c/o Seraphine Maternity available for giveaway for one lucky preggo reader! (When Seraphine contacted me a few months back, I fell instantly in love with the Tie Rope dress which I am modeling, a few weeks ago here today with fierce poses!)
I wore this the other night with a cardi and strapless bra (seen here) and to Archer's Kindergarten graduation ceremony (omg) yesterday and felt very comfortable, even though I had a hot flash and butt-sweated all over myself. Luckily, the dress is navy. Very hot-flash-during-Kindergarten-graduation-proof.
(worn with Havaianas, because they are what's most comfortable.)

Wanna win yourself a Seraphine Tie Rope dress? Awesome! Just tell me in the comments when you're due! To have a baby, that is. Or, if you're not currently pregnant but would like to someday be, know someone who is, would like to rock the dress anyway, please go ahead and join the party. Everyone is welcome to maternityland. And I imagine the dress would be just as lovely for those without basketball bods. Comment away! And don't forget to include your contact information! I'll pick one winner via random.org next Thursday. Good luck to you and thanks much, Seraphine! You guys are peachy!


Updated: Congratulations to commenter #220, Lynzie! ...

...And thanks to all for your comments! So many gorgeous pregnant women in the house! Love it. Love you all and stay tuned for more fun giveaways coming soon!


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Christine | 8:59 AM

Due September 8th. Thanks for all of the beautiful ideas!

Abbe | 10:14 AM

I'm due October 10 with my first. Have been struggling with the fashion part and don't have any preggos to shop with. I need all the help I can get. abbesol@hotmail.com

Kristen | 11:40 AM

January 20!

Lauren | 11:42 AM


Jill | 12:13 PM

October 24!

Blair | 12:32 PM

September 1st!
I have been a pregnant fashion disaster so a new dress would be great!
my e-mail is blairvigil at gmail dot com

Rachel | 1:01 PM

My younger sis is due October 29. Would LOVE to win this for her!


Carrie | 1:21 PM

You find the cutest stuff. Thanks so much for scouting the swimsuits - me and my big belly are vacationing lakeside in a few weeks and the heinous selection at Target was killing my eyeballs.

Due with kid #2, a baby girl on August 30th!

Candice | 1:42 PM

I was due yesterday...June 25th. Sigh. The waiting is sucky.

roisin | 2:22 PM

due on 11/04!

Kathryn | 2:23 PM

I'm about to go pee on a stick! So, maybe April?

Kmsclark at gmail.com

This Scientist | 2:34 PM

November 16. I'm one of the hundreds (probably) that emailed you requesting a maternity style run-down... thank you!!

cena | 3:01 PM

Due December 19 with our first, so stoked to have been referred to your blog by my sister!

cena76 at gmail.com

nan | 3:20 PM

My sister is due October 30, and omg! if I could win her something this lovely...dreaming dreaming...

Angella | 4:23 PM

December 10th :)

Heather R. | 5:01 PM

Decemeber 3rd!
hpaulus at hotmail dot com

Melissa | 5:35 PM

Not even a little pregnant, but that is a really cute sundress.



Chandra | 6:07 PM

I'm due Dec 24, and I'm having twins, too! They will be our first (and second!). Instand Family :)

jessica | 6:30 PM


saw this and the rhino and thought of you and your twins' room.

Lynzie | 6:52 PM

My chances of winning, with 218 people ahead of me, is low, but I'm still going for it.

We are due Oct 7- with a surprise (gender-wise). I love my maxi dresses. I currently own 3 of them that still fit, and I can't get enough of them... If only they were work appropriate!

Don Mills Diva | 8:17 PM

Due January 1st and live in L.A. as well so will be battling the heat well into fall when I get huge!

Pick me!

VlogMom | 8:35 PM

Hi GGC! I am not pregnant right now...but I was. Miscarried baby #4 in Feb and baby #5 in June. Thankful for the 3 babes I still have here with me! Am optimistic for more babies soon! Have been rockin' the maxis like it's my job this year ;)


Hi, I'm Jasmine. | 9:11 PM

November 1st!

MSimone | 9:50 PM

Due late October!

kristi daniels mcintyre | 10:01 PM

I'm due September 13! I hope I can survive the rest of the summer heat!


K | 10:12 PM

August 1st!! But I know I'll be in maternity clothes for a few months after that while my body recovers...Pick me!! :)

EsTeach698 | 10:15 PM

I am due July 31!

Anonymous | 5:28 AM

I do't need a maternity swimsuit,(and live half-way around the world from here) re-drawn if the case!
I just love this and wanted to, maybe if you for some extremely crazy reason read all the comments, share this song(and the others) https://www.facebook.com/tinyruins?v=app_178091127385 they are lovely, and remind me of your blog. may all of your family dreams come true.

A & W | 5:46 AM

Pregnant with twins! My 40 week due date is Dec. 9 so my realistic due date is mid November!
- Amy, stewartamyl@gmail.com

Adrianne | 6:40 AM

I'm due September 1st with my first:) I have very little in the way of cute maternity clothes, so a new dress would be awesome!

lisa | 7:06 AM

October 19! Really close to yours I think!

Lara | 7:18 AM

we are due November 9th with our first little girl and we can't wait!

Shera | 7:18 AM

September 13! Loving the dress thing right about now.

William's Mommy | 7:21 AM

My name is Cristal, I'm pregnant and due dec 20, I would love to win it! Cbeth826@gmail.com

Tasha | 7:23 AM

January 3rd!!! with baby #2

Love that bathing suit on you. I bought a non-maternity stripped halter two piece from Boden...so far it's working well, but talk to me in August.

Kristen | 7:25 AM

I'm due Feb. 19th (middle of winter=boo).

bribrough | 7:31 AM

I'm due Sept. 24. Loving the maxi dresses this summer, for sure!

Lindsay Schultz @sayschu | 7:35 AM

Baby No. 1 was born one year ago. I'd love to wear this dress for Baby No. 2!

Kirdy | 7:53 AM

I just had a babe in Feb. but one of my greatest friends is in her last month. I hope to have another one one day!

inthemiddle | 7:57 AM

I'm due Oct 4th,but lucky me, this little one is measuring a bit bigger than the average baby and will make her appearance in late September....I LOVE the dresses you previewed here. And I was also scouring the internet looking for a not-so-hideous maternity bathing suit this weekend. Living in Florida means pretty much doing EVERYTHING in the pool.

inthemiddle | 7:59 AM

I'm due Oct 4th,but lucky me, this little one is measuring a bit bigger than the average baby and will make her appearance in late September....I LOVE the dresses you previewed here. And I was also scouring the internet looking for a not-so-hideous maternity bathing suit this weekend. Living in Florida means pretty much doing EVERYTHING in the pool.

email is l.joanna6 at gmail dot com

Melissa | 8:04 AM

I'm due Dec 4 with our first, and I absolutely love this dress and would love to have one for my very own!

Dranrab | 8:17 AM

I'm not preggo in my eggos right now, but hopefully will be (....and married for that matter) in a few years. : )


Sarah L. | 8:18 AM

Due November 22 with my first...hooray for Thanksgiving babies!!


Christy | 8:19 AM

We are due October 13th, our wedding anniversary! :)

Mia | 8:20 AM

November 17 is the (estimated) arrival date of our #1! I'm all about the maxi this summer for comfort and style. My email address is miascamp at gmail.


sdurant | 8:25 AM

Due with our little girl November 16th!

sdurant | 8:27 AM

Forgot my contact info!
sarahmccourt at gmail dot com
Due with our little girl on November 16th!!

christine | 8:28 AM

looove the dress! due feb 6th with #2.

elsbeth | 8:58 AM

December 3! elsbeth cool at gmail dot com

The Mills Family | 9:13 AM

December 11th

Stephanie Garrett | 9:32 AM

I'm due August 2nd and the maxi dress is a must have for this Oklahoma heat wave. Yikes!

Amelia | 9:47 AM

Oh, no dress for me, as I was due yesterday and certainly hope to be done by Thursday, but I just wanted to mention: what is UP with all those pregnant models who have ankles? And wrists? I can't wear my watch anymore due to the mega bloat, let alone see ankles under the sausage rolls of my legs! Wow!

Catie | 9:54 AM

My best friend is due in December but my wedding is in August and I'm sure she'd LOVE this for the rehearsal dinner!

chelsea | 9:55 AM

December 26th - Christmas baby!

nikki_lagreca | 10:06 AM

January 1!

Katrina | 10:14 AM

I am due October 27th!
ykatrina at hotmail dot com

Anonymous | 10:17 AM

Love these dresses although dont yet own one. Just had a baby May 25.
k_berger54@hotmail.com, kristy

Megatron | 10:26 AM

November 25th! Finding out the sex today!

Kelsey G | 10:39 AM

Originally due January 30th, went to doc last week and they said I am due February 6th.... So... sometime between then!

Whitney | 11:05 AM

Due with my first on November 13th, though my husband would love if baby made an early appearance on 11/11/11 to follow up our 10/10/10 wedding date!

Alexis | 11:25 AM

I'm due with twins on January 28th, but have been wondering what I will wear for my poolside b-day party in September!

Abbey | 11:31 AM

Due Dec 21. Live in Texas. Already investing in the "clinical strength" deodorant. Gross.
Abbey G

meghanb | 11:32 AM

Hey. hey. hey. that dress is AWESOME! I'm due with my first on Nov. 24 (thanksgiving day) woo! Would love to rock that dress all summer. : )


Felicia | 12:42 PM

I'm due August 5th!

Brandi M Walsh | 12:57 PM

Due January 16th, with #4!! Just got to see the little mouse kicking and waving at my 11 week ultrasound this morning.

Laura | 1:10 PM

November 3rd!!

Mandy | 1:13 PM

My first appointment is tomorrow, but I'm due around February 5!

Deanna | 1:18 PM

I'm going to brag a little--I think I have the best due date in 2011. I'm due 11-11-11!

chisparoja | 1:31 PM

I am due Sept 30th and found my tankinis for a great price at Old Navy and they are SUPER cute!! I am HUGE and they are still fitting well and covering all the boobage and bellyage!

grace | 1:38 PM

I am currently trying to conceive, so hopefully pregnant soon, and your maxi-dress based pregnancy looks are bookmarked in my Pinterest for style inspiration!

Maria | 1:41 PM

My sister is due September 20th. She was NEVER a girly-girl... She didn't even wear a dress on her wedding day! However, ever since she found out she was pregnant, she's been looking at DRESSES! Imagine my delight as a girly-girl extraordinaire! Her husband is in the Marines and money is tight for them. This would be GREAT for her!

Lo | 2:08 PM

Just had a baby in December, but would love one of these for future babies!!

Lo | 2:09 PM

just had a baby in December, but would love this for future babies!!

Jana | 2:19 PM

I'm due Dec. 23rd! I have to say...I'm relieved to see I'm not the only one having a Christmas baby on here. :) Love the dresses and swimsuits you posted!


Mama Times Two | 2:54 PM

I'm due October 9th with twin boys.

Mama Times Two | 2:56 PM

I forgot to leave my email address... erickalcoleman@gmail.com

I'm due October 9th with twin boys.

Tricia | 3:40 PM

We are working on number 2 and that maxi dress would be a def. wardrobe staple for me! I get to the point n pregnancy where I want NOTHING like pants or shorts constricting the belly.

You look faboo by the way. :)

Unknown | 4:16 PM

I'm due October 8th. It's over 90 degrees here and oh, the butt sweats.

Kaisha | 4:29 PM

I'm honestly not trying to do shameless advertising for my friend's store but I think you will genuinely love these maternity clothes.
I lived in the bella yoga pant while pregnant with my daughter.
ps. I'm not pregnant so will pass on the contest.

BonJoey | 5:17 PM

I looooove all your pics, Rebecca! You have the most amazing style and taste. The kelly green + buttons dress you love is truly amazing! I'm not pregnant right now, but I would love to wear that adorable dress anyway! It's super cute, and I could totally use another maxi dress, haven't bought a new one in 2 summers. Plus, maybe we'll try for a number three also next year ;)
Hey, totally off-topic, but I've been wondering what you plan to do re: nursing/bottle feeding your twins? You did such an amazing job w/ Fable, but I know it was incredibly hard. Do you think you will try to nurse them? Remembering your story inspired me to keep nursing my (now 9 month old) babe when the going got tough early on and I'm still nursing him now, although I'll be slowly weaning him soon. So thank you for sharing your trials and intimate stories with us readers. I can say that you really helped me!

Anonymous | 6:05 PM

I'm due with my 4th (OMG!) on Oct. 7th :)

I NEED a dress to deal with the So. Cal heat!!


michaela | 8:56 PM

Plus size Beachblanket swimsuit from Modcloth. Perfect maternity suit, just sayin'.

Kana | 11:08 PM

Like your eye but most of those are 'spensive maxis, are they made of the manes of virgin unicorns or something? I bought 3 maxis last summer and I think I spent $70 TOTAL.

Ida Mae | 3:45 AM

NEED more maxi dresses this summer! I am due anywhere between Oct 4th (u/s dating) and Oct 11th (conception date :)

Feeling big though so I am thinking/hoping the last week of Sept!!

ida_mai at hotmail dot com

fromaggi | 6:24 AM

Due Sept. 4th with my 2nd.

Rosie | 7:28 AM

I'm due September 23rd. I was just looking in my closet this morning bemoaning all of the materity clothes that already don't fit me. It's going to be a long hot summer.

Katie | 7:52 AM

Not currently pregnant but I love the dress.

Matthew and Carrie Ward | 8:35 AM

Due August 21..... Pool for swollen legs = YES!

Mary | 9:07 AM

I'll be working on Baby #2 in a few months, so hopefully I could rock this dress next summer!

Dianne | 10:09 AM

Due Nov 26th! And mamma could definately use a new dress!!!!


sue | 10:26 AM

I'm planning to be pregnant soon - I love this dress!


Steph | 12:52 PM

Not pregnant, nor close to pregnant since I'm just about to get married and soon-to-be-husband is still a grad student. But, I want to be pregnant eventually - and love this. I'd probably give it to one of my pregnant friends instead :)

smardavis at gmail dot com

Catelyn W. Penick | 2:07 PM

Have a slew of pregnant friends.. and desire a Baby #2 in my future!.. Love your Maxi!


The Green Goat | 6:46 PM

My sister is due at the end of September, and I could have the hand-me-downs when I decide I am ready to go there again!

Steph | 10:03 PM

Hoping to get knocked up again soon and currently in L-O-V-E with maxi dresses so this would rock my world!

tragicallyordinary at gmail dot com

Is this a double-post? Stupid tiny netbook keyboard...

Ashley | 10:00 AM

My little boy was born in December, but we're planning to start trying this fall...which means I'll be nice and pregnant by next summer!


bonnie | 10:01 AM

i'm not pregnant yet, but hopefully soon - and that dress is totally awes! also, i love your blog. <3

bonnesbouches at gmail dot com

ehennagin | 11:38 AM

I'm due on July 30th, and I could totally use this maxi dress!

Joanna | 12:11 PM

I'm due on July 7th...so basically any time between now and two and a half weeks from now...but something tells me this maxi dress would be a good option immediately post baby too!

Anonymous | 12:59 PM

Due August 11th! Need a new comfy dress to survive the rest of the summer!
Aniko: aniko_osu@hotmail.com

PixelGurl | 4:23 PM

I am pregnant with twins, too! My next appointment is tomorrow morning, so hopfully they'll be able to tell the sexes. I'm due Dec 23rd.

Alida | 5:33 PM

No baby on the way, but definitely on the hunt for a great maxi dress for summer.

alida [at] alidalowe [dot] com

magpiesandmagnolias | 3:28 PM

Aweeeesome! I am due Feb 4, but um yeah, already have a baby pooch. If I win I will prob gift it to my friend though who is due in November. She could use it!

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