one down, one two to go!

IMG_8112 Someone is OFFICIALLY POTTY TRAINED! (ish.)

I literally (don't you hate how overused that word is. I literally can't even...) sat down to write this week's post about Bo's RED LETTER WEEK of potty pooping (at home! not in a gas station!) and I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING, before I could even finish the title (which was originally, "One Down, One to Go") Revi asked for a diaper to poop in and then Bo insisted on joining her. With a diaper. To poop in.

"But Bo! The last six days you have pooped SOLELY on the potty!"

"Yes I know but I want a diaper like Revi!"


"Huh? What ship? What do you mean?"

I wanted to cry. And then... I handed her the diaper.
"Mom. It's okay. I'll poop on the potty tomorrow, okay?"

And perhaps she will.

But let's back up...

Earlier this week, out of complete nowhere Bo told me she was done with diapers.

"Awesome! I'm so glad to hear that! I am so proud of you!" said I. We high fived. And then we high tenned. And then we put on blonde wigs, matching bodysuits, and danced around the house.

And then... sure enough, several hours later, Bo screamed from the bathroom the words that every parent longs to hear... "MAMA! I POOPED ON THE POTTY COME SEE MY POOP! POOOOOOOOOP!"

And she did. She pooped. It was glorious. We high fived yet again. And then we high-tenned and then we called for Revi who came running. And oh how we jumped. Up and down and all around and then, in all our excitement I was, like, "Revi's turn!" and the record IMMEDIATELY stopped and Revi, with the most serious face of all time, turned to me and said "NO."

"But! Bo just pooped on the potty and look how stoked we all are! Don't you want to join her."


"Wait. What do you mean?"

"I am going to poop in a diaper until I'm five!" Revi growled, crossing her arms across her chest and storming off down the hall.
photo 4-2
Bo had left her in the lurch. She had broken up the band. Ditching her for a better science partner...

And Revi was PISSED. And hurt. And... I suddenly felt sad. And bad. And a little bit rad. (I was still riding the "my kid just pooped on the potty" high after all.)

You can read the rest of the post, here and may the force be with us all...
IMG_3874 Cheers. 

The Vegetarian's Guide to Cooking... Panko-Crusted Salmon (And Salad. And Tortilla Soup.)

The following post is sponsored by Blue Apron. Thank you for making me cook, Blue Apron! I am madly in love with you/get anxiety every time you arrive on my doorstep. Best frenemies forever.
Waldorf-style salad

This, I've gotta say, was my favorite Blue Apron experience. For those unfamiliar with Blue Apron, it is an ingredient + recipe delivery service for normal people who don't know they're chefs... yet. Blue Apron empowers its customers to go outside their cooking comfort zones and prepare meals for themselves and/or their families (you can sign up for a 2 or 4 person plan). This is my second post of a series with Blue Apron who have been extremely cool to work with and understandable with our family's diet requirements. (No red meat. No pork. One vegetarian meal per box, please.) Also, less waste this time around which I know was a concern for many of you (and me as well).

Both recipes felt far easier than meals past. Or perhaps I'm just getting the hang of this whole cooking thing? (I said, adjusting my personalized chef's hat.)

I let the kids pick what they wanted first. The salmon unanimously won which had me thinking, huh, I need to start cooking salmon, regularly. (WWW is going to do a salmon series for the Veggie's Guide to Cooking Meat of the Sea.)

In the meantime/first up...
with roasted potatoes & waldorf style salad
For those interested in giving this is a shot at home with their own ingredients, here is what you will need:
Fable wanted to help with this one so she did the prep/lemon squeezing/de-leafing + vegetable washing and I did the slicing: 
Fable also did the salmon dipping/prep which brings up a helpful tip for those who have a hard time handling meat/bodies. Put unsqueamish kids to work:
We cooked the salmon in a pan (with a splash of olive oil) for about 8 minutes (4 on each side), then removed and topped with microgreens. It looked like this:
Then, after roasting the potatoes in the oven for 20 minutes and tossing the salad (apples + celery + lettuce + parslep topped with dressing*), voila! Dinner was served: 
*greek yogurt + lemon juice + olive oil
Kids ate everything but the potatoes so we threw in a piece of sourdough toast as an addition. Everyone loved it! 

Later that week, we went for meal #2:

Vegetable Tortilla Soup
with Hominy + Avocado + Queso Fresco
P.S. HOMINY is my #1
Nobody wanted to help me with this one so I was on my own. HOWEVER. This was the easiest recipe of all time and now I feel like I can confidently make tortilla soup which is exciting.

1. Heat Garlic, Onion + Spices in a large pot. 
2. Add canned tomatoes, hominy and juice of two lime wedges:
Once boiling, reduce heat to medium and simmer for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.
3. Cut tortillas into slices, drizzle with olive oil bake in oven for 17 minutes
Throw it all together in a bowl. Top with queso fresco, radishes, cilantro and avocado (and lime juice!) and marvel at the amazingness...
ED: I knew the soup wouldn't be for everyone. (Archer and Bo ate it all up. Revi had a few bites and stopped. Fable, too. ) SO! I heated up a platter of taquitos and a plate full of berries and that was a wrap. We had leftover soup in the morning and I finished it for lunch. Two thumbs way up. 
Blue Apron is offering two free meals for the first 50 GGC readers who click here. (There is no commitment. You can skip or cancel the service at any time -- subscribe sporadically, etc.)  Thanks again to Blue Apron for sponsoring this post. Catch you on the flip. 

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8 Days of Play Clothes. With Pockets. For Adults.

photo 1-1 relaxed t-shirt dress in stripes (size M) + NSF Jeans + Osborn Shoes.

This post isn't sponsored, by the way. Not that it would detract from it if it was, but I just want to put that out there since everything in this post is (pretty much) from GAP -- a place I often shop for Archer's jeans but seldom for myself. 
in 1969 Jacket  (M) and Pure Body long sleeved T (M) and Citizen jeans

A few weeks ago, I went to GAP to pick up some jeans for Archer who outgrows jeans every three minutes. (He's now wearing a size 12 jean, which is the last size before he has to shop in THE MEN'S SECTION, DUDE. WTF.) His legs are so long that he wore a pair of my skinny jeans to school the other day and somehow didn't know that they were mine and then I was like, "Archer. Those jeans are HUGE on you, what in the... " and then... I realized they were mine.

"You're wearing my jeans!" said I.

His response? "Oh."

And he wore them for the rest of the day.

Anyway, tangent o'clock. Archer needed jeans so I went to GAP on a day everything in the entire store was 40% off, so, naturally, I went hunting for spring essentials and in doing so, collected a sort of "capsule GAPsule wardrobe" I didn't realize I needed until it was hanging on my closet door.
This is the relaxed t-shirt dress, size M.
(Everything I purchased has pockets. Pockets are important.)

I bought four tunics/dresses, a pair of overalls, a jean jacket and a much-needed black T. Apparently I was desperate for wardrobe staples because these clothes have been game changers for getting dressed in the morning.

GAP, I am glad for your sale. Thank you, sale. 

This is what my last several weeks of outfits have pretty much looked like. I have mixed a jacket here with a dress there and, depending on the weather, jeans under tunic-y dresses, but all in all, these are my staples at the moment as told through eight days of wear. 

Day One: Overalls and Moto Boots

I was still recovering from a back injury on this day so overalls were where it was at. I had a heating pad on lock in these pictures and you would never know. Overalls are super sneaky like that. 

I invested in the moto boots years ago. (BY FAR the most $ I've ever spent on shoes. They are NOT cheap. However. They were worth every penny. I wear them with everything. Flowy dresses, cut-offs in summer, skinny jeans in the winter... They are the most worn item in my closet hands down.)
ED: Hal was making fun of me for wearing these because overalls are LOL but I love them. I loved them at 16 and I love them now. They make me feel like a twelve year old ninety year old man. In a good way.  


Day Two: Denim on Denim + Black 
IMG_3883 1969 Jacket (M)
Jeans are "Rocket" by Citizens of Humanity (my fave cut)
Shirt is Pure Body long sleeve T
RBF by: accident
IMG_3879 ***

Day Three: Throw-on Dress + Sandals
Tencel shirttail dress (on super sale for $35 + 50% off that)
Sandals are from Target

It was hot as balls on this particular day which is why I went bare-legged. I usually wear this dress over distressed jeans and my cork shoes.

And a hat.

And marker all over my legs.
IMG_7893 (Thanks, kids.)
IMG_7895 Osborn Shoes.**

**I have loved these into the ground and my toes stick out the top and I don't even care because I like them like that. Although, these are on sale and very similar, so.... hmm... 


Day Four: Black Tunic + Jeans
IMG_4390 Relaxed t-shirt dress in black (size M)
Sandals - Sam Edelmen Gigi
 Brass Triangle necklace - Handmade/Giusta
Jeans - NSF


Day Five
IMG_4219 relaxed t-shirt dress in stripes (size M)
Scarf: The "Mona" by Krochet Kids 
Shoes: Osborn
Tamales - Tamale Stand, Melrose Place Farmer's Market


Day Six: Overalls (Again) + Stripes + unwashed hair

black denim overalls (M) 
Shirt: Zara from 2008? 2009?
(I found this one which is similar, although not striped. But fit appears to be the same.)
 with Bo, who yesterday said, "You're a pain in the food truck!"
IMG_7469 I love her. She makes me laugh and laugh.

Day Seven: Crisp white dress + a hair wash
photo 4 Seersucker dress (M)
photo 2-1
Necklace(s) - a gift from my pal, Rachel 
photo 2
1969 Jacket  (M)
Sandals - Target

Day Eight
 Relaxed t-shirt dress in black (again)
Rag & Bone moto boots (again)
Hat (vintage, purchased here)
garbage bins - Los Angeles Waste Management
Annnnndddd that's a wrap. This was fun. The white dress and the black tunic I think are especially fab now that I'm looking at all of these these pictures together. Definitely the most flattering, I think. Jean jacket, too. What about you guys? What are some of your go-to Spring essentials? Are you into the whole capsule thing? (My friend, Sarah ROCKS the capsule thing and is super amazing and inspiring at it.) I am a maximalist FOR SURE, don't get me wrong, but having some simple throw-on dresses has been lovely and easy and helpful. (Please feel free to share your spring essentials as well!) 

"sometimes I hear my voice and it's been heeeeeeeere..."

I remember where I was when I first heard Silent All These Years. I recorded the video off of MTV onto a VHS tape soon after and still feel the same haunting feeling watching all these years later:

Then there's the Past The Mission video, from Under the Pink 

The album Under the Pink is now 21 years old and legally able to drink. And Little Earthquakes (1992) is almost old enough to rent a car. Amazing. To celebrate, Tori Amos is releasing remastered editions of both albums + bonus albums that include live performances, rare tracks and B-sides.

You can stream the albums in full here and here and follow Tori Amos on twitter, instagram and/or facebook. I have the deluxe edition 2CD of Little Earthquakes as well as the deluxe 2CD edition of Under the Pink to give away this week. Behold:

I also have two signed pictures (see above image!) of Tori to give away with the CD sets. To win? Comment below with your favorite Tori Amos lyric(s). I'll pick both winners at random this Friday, April 18th.


P.S. Here is Tori Amos covering CREEP last year SO good.