4 Reasons Why Schoola rules

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The following post is sponsored by schoola and their consignment for a cause. Thanks, schoola!
IMG_1499 one dress = two ways because day turns to night... 

First of all, how cute is this dress (pictured above). I got it on schoola, which, for those who are not yet aware of the awesome that is consignment with a cause, BEHOLD -- YOUR NEW FAVORITE PLACE TO SHOP/donate gently warn clothes to benefit your child's school and/or Malala Fund.

Which brings me to reason #1 why schoola rules:

1. Shopping Consignment is THE BEST

My love of consignment knows no bounds. 90% of my clothes were purchased at resale stores. Same goes for my kids who, when they're not wearing hand-me-downs, wear clothes purchased through buy/sell/trade at local consignment stores or online. Some of my most prized sartorial possessions lived many lives on many bodies before reaching mine, so when schoola approached me to partner for this post, I was like, OH HELLLLLLLLO. Because I was very much feeling like the time had come to trim the wardrobe.

My favorite LBD (which, isn't really LITTLE so much as its classic and comfortable and SUPER versatile for day to night living, which for me, is very casual these days) is a schoola find and I heart eye it so much. 
IMG_1370 dress -  schoola
necklace - the didi jewelry project
boots - rag & bone
IMG_1541 dress - schoola
vest - gap flannel - old navy
glasses - dolce & gabanna
IMG_1538 IMG_1309
ED: When it comes to consignment, my shopping tips are twofold:

- Black is the new Black: you will NEVER lose when purchasing black dresses, pants and tops from consignment shops. Here's onetotally dig:
- Go big or go home: I'm all about the LOUD pieces when I'm shopping consignment. For example, this TUCKER dress, which I own in a different print and adore:
This is also something I will buy if you don't:
This is lovely, too. Very MSCL when paired with a flannel and some docs:
And this, which may be ideal for the Spring wedding you are attending next month:
....As for kids, there are no rules, especially when your kids pick out their own clothes. I don't even bother trying anymore. Those days are LONG gone. 

My twins picked the below outfits from the schoola website but there are HUNDREDS of items out there waiting to be resold and reworn in grass and trees. 
IMG_0970 2. Schoola makes it easy to CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET FOR A CAUSE:

Whether you're looking to donate clothes to raise money for your school (or ANY school) and/or benefit Malala Fund, schoola makes it easy for kids AND adults to clean out their/our closets to benefit schools and/or Malala Fund. (40% of the proceeds go directly to schools in order to help fund music, art, field trips and physical education.) FINALLY you have a reason to get rid of all of those things you never wear...  YOU HAVE A REALLY GOOD REASON!
IMG_1393 IMG_1569  
Simply choose which school you want your clothing sales to benefit, mark the school on your envelope and that's a wrap! 
ED: My kids chose their school to benefit because "we want to help our school have more art and music..."

Which brings me to...

3. Schoola is a GREAT way to involve kids in charitable giving
IMG_1568 IMG_1390
Revi helped me go through her entire closet to find items to benefit Malala Fund. We discussed what I was working on, why I was working on it, and why collecting clothing was actually helping others. She even went through MY closet and selected all sorts of items I was willing to part with/not willing to part with quite yet...
IMG_1573 IMG_1572 IMG_1450
Other ways to involve kids: showing them how to start a school drive to benefit their school! I LOVE the idea that kids can get involved in school fundraising in a way that doesn't include door to door solicitation (the worst). Starting a schoola school drive is EASY and FUN and non-confrontational. Awesome. 
4. Donating is easy. AND FREE! 
All you need is a pile of clothes ready to donate and the pre-paid envelopes in which to send. (Go here and here to request for donations bags!) Drop them at your nearest post office and VOILA! DONE DONATED. And the shopping? Even easier... 
To find out more about schoola's shop-for-a-cause program, go here. And thanks again to schoola for sponsoring this post.

Schoola is offering $50 in schoola credit to 5 readers. To win? Share your favorite school memory using the hashtag, #WhyISchoola on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let us know how your experiences with art, drama, tech, music, PE, sports and/or field trips enriched your childhood and helped shape you as an adult. What do you hope for current and future generations to be able to enjoy in schools? Contest ends April 1st, 2016. Good luck! 
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