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Yesterday, while driving home from Oregon to LA, Hal got pulled over for speeding. As the lights appeared in the rear view, I didn't feel afraid. As Hal merged right to the shoulder of the freeway and the sirens sounded behind us, I didn't feel afraid. As I rolled down the window to greet the officer, I didn't feel afraid. As Hal reached for his license and registration, I didn't feel afraid. I felt annoyed. I felt frustrated. I felt inconvenienced but I never EVER not for one second felt afraid. Because I am white. Because Hal is white. Because when white people get pulled over by cops, we get tickets. Or warnings. We get "have a nice day, please watch your speed down the hill." We don't get shot and killed in front of our children. Because white lives have always mattered in this country. They matter so much a white man can rape an unconscious woman with little consequence, shoot up a black church and be arrested... humanely, run for President as an openly racist, sexist, bigoted extremist and WIN the republican nomination. So please spare me with your "all lives matter" bullshit. Because once again, this time in #FalconHeights, law enforcement has made it VERY CLEAR that not all lives do. Not even close. #blacklivesmatter #philandocastile (image via @sarahsophief)
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