this is a back-to-school mix tape. with love.

My kids went back-to-school yesterday so I made you a mix tape. All the emotions, you guys. Here we go... 
1. Kids by: Current Joys

I am just a kid 
I've never seen the world 
And I haven't quite decided 
If I'm a boy or a girl

2. I am Not a Robot by: Marina and the Diamonds

It's okay to say you got a weak spot.
 You don't always have to be on top. 
Better to be hated than loved for what you're not... 

3. Party Police by: Alvvays

You don't have to leave. 
You could just stay here with me... 

4.  She's a Rainbow by: The Rolling Stones

See the sky in front of you. 
Have you seen her dressed in blue?

5.  Clementine by: Sarah Jaffe

...I wish I was a little more delicate...

6. Drop by: Chloe x Halle

...vibrations move those mountains...

7. Forever Dumb by: Surf Curse

...But its hard when I don't know what to do 
I'm angry and I'm tried and confused...

8. Beach Bummer by: No Vacation

...I'm the only one. Inside. Today...

9. On the Regular by: Shamir

...You can kiss my fingers 
and I'm not saying hi...

10. Upward Over the Mountain by: Iron And Wine

...Mother, don't worry... 


Happy Back 2 School, sons and daughters, mamas and sisters, brothers and fathers.

Solidarity. Godspeed. Forward!