The Month in Moments: March

IMG_0674 our last day in the old house
I haven't done one of these in a while but this month was easily seventeen months long so I'm posting some photos... some workshopped, some not... some cropped and filtered, others unfiltered and raw as they should be.
IMG_9509 IMG_9783 IMG_9432 IMG_9426 IMG_9828 IMG_1392 IMG_9787-1 IMG_9425 IMG_1209 IMG_9780-1
This month put us through the ringer but coming out the other side has been glorious. Thank you all for your love and kind words. Here's to new adventures and pushing through the holes in our hearts with string.
IMG_0118 IMG_0116
IMG_0023 IMG_0067-1 IMG_0348 IMG_0846-1 IMG_0780 unnamed IMG_0862 IMG_0611 IMG_1450 Here's to starting somewhere and ending up somewhere else...
IMG_0751 (a common theme as per all the time.)
IMG_0349 IMG_0306-1 IMG_0821  IMG_0990 IMG_0879 unnamed-1
unnamed-2 IMG_1625 IMG_0971 IMG_0141 IMG_1081 IMG_1770 IMG_1522
P.S. This happened.
unnamed (Of course.)
IMG_9786-1 IMG_1285 IMG_1154 ***
unnamed-1 IMG_1814 IMG_9480 IMG_1735 IMG_1133