Hi. Your kids' names are AWESOME. (And one of you won a necklace! Hooray!)

I cannot tell you how much fun it's been reading your comments in the necklace giveaway post. Holy shit, your children's names are good. I kind of want to print the comments out and turn it into a "Best Names Ever" baby name finder book thing. I'd never, don't worry, but wow. If you or someone you know is pregnant and looking for some inspiration, look no further, my friends. I mean... my whole plan to close baby shop this year might have just been foiled by your inspiring name selection. Not really kidding.

Now, without further name ado, congratulations to random.org chosen commenter #448, WonderGirl for winning a custom, hand stamped necklace from AJ's! Her necklace will say, Annabelle and Emerson.

Thank you all for participating! And sharing your stories, family names, et al. And thank you, Anna, for the necklaces. You win.