Gone Style: This Charming Necklace (Giveaway)

About a week ago, a lovely reader named Anna sent me this:
I'd always wanted a personalized-with-my-kid's-names-necklace but for whatever reason had never ordered myself one - always overwhelmed by the options that were out there. Of course, now that I have one, (she customized the three-fer for my two-fer) I refuse to take it off. The kids love to see their names around my neck and I feel like I have them with me when we're separated during the day.
So, thank you Anna! And thank you (also!) for offering one of my readers a personalized charm necklace of their own. To win? Just tell me the names you would have engraved on your necklace. Your children's names? Your parents? The boy you met that one summer in Paris that you're still totally psycho for! you can't get out of your mind? I'll pick one winner at random (via random.org) to announce here next Wednesday. Please include your contact information in your comment so I can find you. Best of luck!

For more on Anna's personalized jewelry, go here. I especially love this one and this. (And these personalized guitar picks are a great call for gifting.) Best of luck, charming yous!



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jaclyn | 9:54 AM

Kids' names are Felix, Daphne and Maxim

email AT happyfeetdance DOT net

leaner | 9:58 AM

Oh those are lovely. I would have my kids names engraved on them. Of course after this little, unnamed babykins comes. Since until then it would be Rhaynnon, Gwendolyn and Baby#3.

Catherine | 9:59 AM

Definitely my daughter's name (Molly). I love the idea that I would feel more connected to her by wearing it throughout the day.

Rachel | 9:59 AM

As vain as it sounds, I would get my name and my husband's name.

Meghan Elaine | 10:00 AM

I love these! I'd have mine read


Suzanne | 10:02 AM

My children's names, Evan and Caroline. I have a bracelet with Evan's name on it, but Caroline is so freshly-baked (only 3 weeks old) that I don't have anything with her name. I would love this!

bebehblog at gmail dot com

Veronica Vaughn | 10:03 AM

Veronica and Ken

Kim | 10:03 AM

I'd want mine to say Madison. It's my niece's name and I'd give it to my sister as a late birthday present! :)

Amy | 10:04 AM

Cute! I'd have my husband and kids - B.J., Mary Grace, Claire, and Jack.

amyeaustin @ gmail.com

Gry | 10:05 AM

Aw, what a beautiful necklace!

Mine kids are Carla & Dante :)

Jen | 10:05 AM

Oliver, my 3 year old son's name.

rachel | 10:05 AM

My son's name, Aidan, and the other would be love.

Jen | 10:05 AM

Oliver for sure! My 3 year old son's name.

Tara | 10:09 AM

I would put my daughter's name: Maya Rose. Beautiful necklace!

taranyc AT gmail DOT com

mommaruthsays | 10:10 AM

I would have my daughter Sidney's name put on there (she's 3) and as soon as we find out what baby #2 is on Feb. 8th, I would put his/her name on there, too!

Love this necklace and love this giveaway!

Mrs. Kate B. | 10:11 AM

I've been longing for a piece of jewelry with my family's names on it, and even more so now that we are married and I feel like we're finally an "official" family (maybe lame, but very true). So I would get my children's names - Lillie and Ella - and my husband's name - Chad.

Anonymous | 10:12 AM

I'd have to do my girls names. But torn between using their real names or their nicknames. Maddie and Brianna or Monkey and Bri. Actually, I'd say Maddie and Bri. This is my fave name necklace I've seen.


Lisa Morgan | 10:14 AM

Solomon and Wyatt for my nephews. I'd give it to my sister in law for her birthday!

Martha | 10:14 AM

I would put my son's name, also Archer, on the necklace. It is beautiful!

ste | 10:15 AM

I would wait until after the first week of April and add my new baby's name to my daughter, Clare's.

The woman behind the desk... | 10:15 AM

As a women without kids, I'd have it engraved with my two mantra words - Breathe and Reflect

Cherry Rolla | 10:18 AM

I love these! I and wanted one so bad last year but we still didn't have a name for the baby! I would Put my kiddos names/nick names one it Lou,Pace,Lily & Jude!


Bri | 10:18 AM

My boys names' -- Abram and Samson ...

Christina | 10:18 AM

I have a necklace with antique spoon handles with my boys (Lucas and James) names engraved on them. I wear it every day.

If I won this I would gift it to my girlfriend Jessica who has Oliver and twins (Nova and Nigel).

She's got three kids under the age of 2! She deserves it!

ccesena29 at hotmail dot com

approaching singularity | 10:19 AM

no kids yet, so would have to have our dog and cats- Dale, Artemis & Athena. They are our practice babies...

miss.sharp (at) gmail (dot) com

Fat Bottomed Girl | 10:20 AM

I would put my son's name, Knox, and then leave one blank for our next arrival!

melissity | 10:20 AM

My sons' names (Oliver and Andrew :).

Thanks for the chance to win!

Maude | 10:21 AM

I would get my kids' names: Macon and Owen

Melissa | 10:21 AM

My daughter's name Jane Claire. I think having the first and middle name would be so cute! :)

Roxanne | 10:27 AM

All of those necklaces are so beautiful!

I would get one with my little monster's name on it: Tyler James. He's the most wonderful little man in the entire world. And I know he would be endlessly entertained by my wearing a necklace with his name on it. He loves admiring my necklaces, and often wears them proudly. :)

Amanda | 10:30 AM

I would get my mother-in-law's and my father-in-law's names. And I'd give the necklace to my mother-in-law. They have been so amazing to me, it would be the least I could do.

GoMommy | 10:31 AM

I've always wanted a necklace like this too! My son's names are Ethan and Conner.

Thank you for this super awesome give-away!

Tania | 10:32 AM

I love that necklace! I would include my husband, Kevin, as well, because without him I wouldn't have my great kids.

Kevin, Amber & Jake

Kari | 10:33 AM

The jewelry is lovely. I'd want mine to read: Leon!

Unknown | 10:34 AM

I would put my son's name Quincy on a necklace. I have a couple of initial necklaces with Q on them, but his full name would be pretty special! Plus, her designs are so lovely.

Mary O | 10:34 AM

My kids, of course! Oliver, Everett and Camilla.

kittenpie | 10:35 AM

That's lovely! I like the script, and the simplicity.

I would have it engraved with my kids' names and my husband's - the whole family.

Laura | 10:35 AM

Probably the initials of me and my husband if I got it for myself. L & T.


Shannon | 10:35 AM

So pretty! I'd want my late husband, John Paul, and our baby, River, on my charm.


Anonymous | 10:39 AM

WOW! These are awesome. I LOVE looking at your site here. I have a girl 23 months. Her name is Olivia. No baby #2 yet, so I'd put Love on the first one. :)

My email is faithnroody@msn.com

ttsc | 10:39 AM

Childrens names, but would have to wait until number 3 is born. Samantha, Ella Grace (if it would fit) and Coming Soon.
taryncocheo AT gmail dot com

Kim | 10:39 AM

So lovely. My daugter, Willa June.

Nghi | 10:43 AM

My two babies: Brandon & Nathan

Anonymous | 10:47 AM

I would actually get numbers. The number 28 has been really oddly significant in my life. I was born on June 28th, married on
March 28th, we moved into our home on the 28th and my son was born in 2008

email stephaniedinnen@gmail.com

Anonymous | 10:47 AM

My two boys Miles and "as-yet-unnamed," due in May. I love it!

onedesigner AT yahoo DOT com

Linden | 10:47 AM

I love it! My kids names: Jude and Ada

AlexisAnne | 10:48 AM

My two kids names: Alayna and Katherine

aadrolet @ gmail . com

Diane | 10:48 AM

My babies are Moira and Dillon. If I don't win, I might just have to buy one of these for myself anyway - they're lovely!

AlexisAnne | 10:48 AM

I would love one w/ my kids names
Alayna and Katherine

aadrolet @ gmail . com

Elizabeth | 10:53 AM

My son's name is Gavin and my husband's name is Judd I would love to have their names around my neck every day. What a great idea!

Vanessa | 10:54 AM

my two favorite men: my husband Sean and my baby boy Jack

smiletoday85 AT hotmail DOT com

Erica | 10:55 AM

I would have my daughter's name, Madaket, engraved. That way I wouldn't have to verbally spell it to every new person :)

Kendra | 10:56 AM

Definitely my kids names, Taryn and Cael

The Hojo Family | 10:56 AM

Oh my gosh, I LOVE it!!!!

I would LOVE to have one with my kiddos names on it.



s|davis | 10:57 AM

Lovely Lovely giveaway.

I would put my son's name - John Thomas.


Anonymous | 10:57 AM

Love, LOVE! May get myself one anyway if I don't win.

Tony, Brenna, Anthony: my husband & kids

the king of carrot flowers | 10:59 AM

my son: Elliott

Julie | 11:00 AM

Definitely the names of my kids (pregnant with #3 right now!)

Stephanie | 11:00 AM

Whoa, very cool! I would want Stephanie Susanne, with Susanne being the big one. I like these giveaways!

(my email is stephaniepayne3 (at) gmail.com

Catherine | 11:02 AM

"Quinn" My best friend is expecting her first born in March and that is the name she has picked for the little man.


candace | 11:04 AM

Kids names:
Emma and Adeline

Mammy P | 11:05 AM

I've always loved those, too! So nice. Would be my kids... Ben and Jude. jnproctor at talktalk dot net

Shelly Pfeffel | 11:06 AM

I'm buying one regardless of if I win. LOVE these! ♥

verilium | 11:07 AM

My daughter's name, Violet.

renee dot reese at gmail dot com

Mary | 11:08 AM

I would put my son's name, Zane, and perhaps his birthday, 10/03/08 since he's the only kiddo so far. So pretty, love it!


lola + oliver | 11:08 AM

I had a necklace like that but lost it. I cried for days... (I'm Sicilian; what can I say?) It was my favorite necklace ever, so winning a new one would be a dream come true!

I would engrave my son's name on it. Like you, I love seeing his name around my neck all day long. I also love when people ask, "Who is he?" It seems to pique peoples' interests. :)

Contact: avacc@my.uri.edu

Alison aka Baby B | 11:09 AM

I'd probably get all my grandparents' last names, using maiden names for the grandmas and then the last names of the grandpas, 4 total. Or maybe my twin's birth time and my birth time. Or something anthropological, since I do love me some anthropology. Ahh, so many cute things you could do with these necklaces!

And oh my, I have friends graduating this spring... I sense grad gifts.

Anonymous | 11:10 AM

My sweet one's name, Eleanor, or perhaps her initials.
mkington AT hotmail DOT com

Jess | 11:10 AM

I would put my kiddos on that beautiful necklace....Lorelai and Nicholas

Anonymous | 11:11 AM

Hi Bec,
I would have my kiddos....
my 2 1/2 year old Brooklyn
and 10 year old step-daughter Marissa. I had a similar necklace I wore when Brooklyn was born, but its lost now, so a new one would be too awesome. :)


Jessie S. | 11:12 AM

I would give it to my mom and have her furry (dogs) children's names:


jessie.atl @ gmail .com

Leslie | 11:14 AM

So pretty! Lucky you! If that necklace were mine, I would put my husband's name as well as my kids' names on there. Roy, Charlie, and Simon. :)

Michelle White | 11:16 AM

My sons are Suttree and Oliver. I want to add a third someday too!

Courtney | 11:16 AM

My baby is still cooking and we're not finding out the sex, so I think if I won a necklace right now I would just have it say

Matt and baby

mommymae | 11:18 AM

i've always wantd something like this, but never bought one. i'd probably do initials. so g, s, f, m

especially since i have 4 kids. that would be wordy all up on my neck.

Sandra Pree | 11:19 AM

I would have my boys names printed on the charms...Devin and Christian.

Melissa S. | 11:20 AM

Love it. I'd do my kids' names. Matthew, Elise, and Viviana (or Viv =) )


Abbey | 11:24 AM

I have a different variant of a necklace with kids + spouse. Think I would do this with just my kids names or maybe even just initials.

Sarahd | 11:24 AM

Kids, of course! Aidan and Cohen.


DeeDee | 11:27 AM

I've been looking for a non-cheesy "mommy" neclace. So many lovely options on her site!

I'd put my boys names: Ryan, Luke and Jack.

vanderyacht (at) yahoo (dot) com

oknotok | 11:27 AM

I love those!

I would have my girls name on it! (Maelie, Constance & Roseline)

The Wh0le Story | 11:28 AM

Not to be morbid, I think I would have to choose my mother and grandmother: Janie and Janice. They were two incredible women I lost too soon. As much as I adore my boyfriend and puppy, I think it would mean more to hang their names around my neck.

findingmagnolia | 11:30 AM

Since I already won a necklace (that I LOVE) here, I feel bad commenting to try to win another, BUT. That is lovely, and I had to say so. I would have mine engraved with the name of my best girl, Magnolia Zinash. And then someday I'll have to get a second or add a charm or something for our second Ethiopian lovely, first name Evelina, middle name who knows? (Yes, I have already named our second daughter, even though we are still knee deep in being new parents to our first girl. Kinda nutso, I know. But she already has a place in my heart, so whatever.)

Anonymous | 11:30 AM

I would put on my two son's names, Henry and Sam.

tlandewe at gmail dot com

Mrs. Melberry | 11:31 AM

I would have Jocy and Nevi engraved, my husband's girls biologically, who in turn are mine by fate!


Mama | 11:32 AM

I would have Lulu put on it for my Grandma. She got to see my son once before she died and never got to see my daughters. I talk about her all the time and think that would be a great way to "have her with me" all the time.

Anonymous | 11:33 AM

I would have Jack and Kate, my nephew and niece, and give it to my sister-in-law, whom I love!


Lindsay Schultz | 11:34 AM

Fletcher -- my beautiful baby, and Andrew -- my wonderful husband.

mrslindsayschultz (at) gmail (dot) com

Monica | 11:36 AM

I would do the kids:
Tate and Auden

Plain Jane | 11:36 AM

Desmond my son or Jake my husband

Kari582 | 11:37 AM

What a beautiful necklace!
I would put my children's names, Avery and Jack

khanson06 at gmail dot come

Anonymous | 11:41 AM

These are so beautiful. Definitely my kids' names...Madeline, Reagan, and Garrett.

Unknown | 11:41 AM

how sweet. i would add my sons name, matthew.

Lindsey | 11:42 AM

Grace and Trey, or Olivia and David. Aka the names we call our kids or their legal names haha

Thanks for the great giveaway!

houpley | 11:42 AM

eric and jackson!

Heather | 11:43 AM

Matt & Jack [hubby & son]
These are really cute, so I'd totally buy one even if I don't win. :)


Alissa Smith | 11:48 AM

I would have it say Mari and Elana and give it to a dear friend for her birthday. She is a single mom to twin girls so she totally deserves it!

Anonymous | 11:51 AM

My babes! Cameryn and Noa.


Unknown | 11:53 AM

Nicholas, Lynzie, and Jacob. My brothers and me. They gave me away at my wedding and ever since we've had a much stronger relationship than I ever expected.

trista | 11:55 AM

I would love to have this necklace for when I go back to work next year. I would have my daughter's names- Cordelia and Violet engraved on it.
tristamj AT hotmail DOT com


the bellyacher | 11:55 AM

I don't know if I can win (I'm a Californian living in the UK...my mother lives stateside though...) but I'll leave a comment anyway.

I think I would go with my son's first and middle name: Erik Wolfgang

Either that or my husband and son's names: Jay and Erik

M.B.Walker | 11:57 AM

I love how simple this is. i would have my children's names: Cody and Reily.

AmyDanel | 11:57 AM

That is a lovely necklace! I would get Alivia and Alex and if there is a third circle, maybe love <3

amy-vaughn AT sbcglobal DOT net

Anonymous | 11:58 AM

Mine would read "TLB" for our son who was stillborn on September 18th, 2009.

Melody | 12:00 PM

My daughters' names - Peyton & Skyler

Unknown | 12:01 PM

kids - of course! Owen and Adeline

Angela | 12:01 PM


My Girls: Ella, K├Ąthe, Thea

Larissa | 12:02 PM

oh, so lovely! John & Emerson. My hubby and 7 month old daughter.

Steph Burgis | 12:02 PM

Oh, that is lovely! If this giveaway is open internationally (I live in the UK), I'd love to enter. (But I'll understand if it's not!)

I'd put my son's name on it, definitely.

Debbie | 12:03 PM

I've been following your blog since I discovered it on Momversation a couple of years ago AND since this is National De-lurking Day, it's high time I posted something. It's a beautiful necklace and I'd choose my son's name, Elliott and my husband's name, Roger.

Thanks for all the effort and creativity you put into your blog, I check it every morning.

Heather | 12:03 PM

I'd have my baby niece's name engraved on it and then give the necklace to my sister. Lucille was adopted a month after our mother's death and has been our sunshine ever since.

I can be contacted at yoheathero@yahoo.com.

mutt | 12:04 PM

Oh my gosh I'm torn. On the one hand I'd love to have my kids names, but what if I had another and he/she was left out? So maybe I would have something like faith, hope and love. The necklace is beautiful.

Christine | 12:15 PM


stinemilam @ hotmail . com

Jolie | 12:16 PM

for the loves of my life,
my boys :)

River and Jax


Hard Workin' Woman | 12:21 PM

My boys names: Zane and Tate

Miss M | 12:21 PM

My kids for sure... I have always wanted one of these too...

Anonymous | 12:21 PM

I would put my daughter's name, Adelaide, and my husband's name, Paul.

They are the two most important people in my life!

nemens | 12:23 PM

Ah! Number 3 isn't here yet and doesn't have a name. Can I still enter and get it finalized once he's born?



Baby to be named later.

Wendy | 12:24 PM

My husband and my daughter: Tyler and Maddy

Lisa Young | 12:31 PM

I've been looking for one too with the same problem. I can never decide on one! I would love one with both my daughter, Olive, and my husband Steve's names. So sweet!

Raia Runs Wild | 12:33 PM

Wow, that is absolutely beautiful. Is this open to residents of Canada? If so my chosen names are Cindy, Ray, and Cody.


summor95 | 12:33 PM

I would definitely put my daughters names on it. Summer, Morgan and Rivea.


Glenda | 12:37 PM

I'd love it! I'd get Jay (hubby), Jaimeson & Janel. I call them my "JC3" or my 3J's. They are my circle!

I'm getting that tat on my wrist
JC3 because there's 3 of them w/ the J. My birthday is the 3rd, my son was born on a 3rd and my mom (who passed) was born on the 3rd.


Anonymous | 12:38 PM

Perfect, I've been looking for something like this as well. I'd love to wear my husband and son's name, Martin and Seth. brandee.cote@gmail.com

LissaCris | 12:38 PM

I would put my sons' names on it, Coleman and Benjamin. How lovely!

alissa AT abeedle DOT com

Bunny | 12:39 PM

I would get the necklace with my kids' names, Ezekiel and Ariana. Or maybe Zeke and Ari. Hmmm. I love this idea and have been trying to get my husband to get me one for awhile.

Kamberdawn at gmail dot com

Anonymous | 12:39 PM

My kiddies, or course: Evy and Rowan (or Pixie and Rowboat, their alter egos).

fridgeart at gmail dot com

crossing fingers...

Grace | 12:39 PM

My husband's name : Eric
and my baby's name: Jonah


Stacy | 12:42 PM

My two sweet boys - Bodie (2) and Nicholas (3 mo.)!

stacy4232 at yahoo dot com

Sarai | 12:43 PM

Oliver and....?? I'm pregnant with #2 and we find out what the gender is in a few weeks. My mom recently passed away and if it's a girl I will name her after my mother, Catalina.

sgbrinker at gmail dot com

M. Wagner | 12:43 PM

Summer Jane! She is my new god-daughter.

I would love to give a necklace to her mama.

meghanDOTwagner at gmailDOTcom

Carly | 12:45 PM

Autumn, Carly and Drew. Mine and my sibling's names....I'd give the necklace to my mother.

lonek8 | 12:45 PM

I have a charm necklace with a charm for each of my kids - their names on the front and birthdays on the back) and I love love love it. used to wear it everyday, until the third was born and used to yank it so I had to take it off. But now that she's older I can probably put it back on.

This necklace is super cute, and even though I don't need it, just in case I win I would want Isabelle, Jack and Sophie engraved on it.

also: thanks for posting some pics of Archer - I know you said you don't want to tell his story now that he is older, but still showing us some photos can't hurt, right? Your family is so beautiful!

Liz | 12:48 PM

I'd get my husband's and son's names: Jeremiah & Ezekiel.

Such a great necklace and a great giveaway!

Stacey | 12:49 PM

I would use my three girls: Kaitlyn, Amanda & Zoey.

Erin | 12:49 PM

I would like John and Cy. That is SO beautiful.

erinhattaway at gmail DOT com.

Misha | 12:50 PM

My boys: Blix & Enzo

lalalovely lindsay | 12:52 PM

I also have a two-fer :: Ellie is our oldest daughter and we have a son due any day now...but we're still undecided on a name until we meet the little guy!

Anonymous | 12:54 PM

I would either engrave my name and my husband's name or my parent's names. The older my parents get the closer I want to be to them.


Jennifer Merrick | 12:55 PM

Kids are Riley and Brody
email at cjrfamily@sbcglobal.net

Anonymous | 1:00 PM

I would LOVE my husbands first name and nickname ( as im still baking our first born!)

Sam Durry


Dear Mason | 1:05 PM

Awww got the kids around your neck even when their arms aren't. Love it.

I would get my kids names:


Just like that, cause Mason is my exclamation mark and Marlee is my roll-a-longer.

Anonymous | 1:10 PM

I would put my daughters, Elisabeth and Anastacia and my hubby John, if I could do a third.

Rebecca | 1:10 PM

I would have my daughters name, Matilda with my soon to be born son, Harvey.


nikkik | 1:12 PM

Love this! I would get my kids names, Ben & Megan, and I just might give it to my mother, from her only grandchildren...or keep it for myself! ;)

Anonymous | 1:16 PM

I would give it to my friend with the names Tyler, Abby, and Ryan. I hope I win!
katehallcooks at yahoo dot com

Anonymous | 1:17 PM

I would give it to my friend with the names Tyler, Abby, and Ryan. I hope I win!

Miranda | 1:17 PM

I think I'd start a family necklace with my husband's and our daughter's names. Geoff and Hayley.

Katie | 1:21 PM

My boys name is Eoghan Lynn

Those are beautiful. I leave him for work every morning. He is 8.5 months now. I miss him all day. When I get home I nurse him right away so I can snuggle him before he is off crawling around and trying to eat the cats.


Cave Momma | 1:25 PM

The necklace is beautiful. I would love my kids' (and if possible my husband's) names. Olivia, Myles (and George). They are the light of my life.

LW | 1:26 PM

I would put Eleanor on one (my daughter) and "be still" on the other as my mantra for 2011. I need to be more in the moment.
lindsay underscore belize at hotmail dot com

Lis | 1:26 PM

My kids of course!
Lily, Kate & Josephine


OneRadMother | 1:28 PM

The names of my boys: Bradley and Marshall.

So pretty!

oneradmother at gmail.com

CO & O | 1:32 PM

I would love to have a necklace with my girls' names on it. Mostly because no one quite remembers their names ...cute for me and practical for everyone else! Their names are: Elodie & Sylvie

Stephanie | 1:35 PM

I would have my children's names engraved on that necklact - Ryder and Berkley! ssefchick@hotmail.com

ericah | 1:41 PM

i'd have my daughters' names: charlotte and madelyn.
love the necklace!!

erica.heier at yahoo.com

Melissa | 1:42 PM

I love the idea of having things with my kids names on them! Right now I have a piece of jewelry for each child with their birthstones.

That being said I would definitely go for adding the kiddos names, Mallory and Trevor.

kate | 1:51 PM

my daughter! cora!

Lauren | 1:51 PM

I would love my brand new husband's name around my neck :) I love those necklaces!

ldmathews (at) gmail (dot) com

Lauren | 1:52 PM

I would love my brand new husband's name around my neck :) I love these necklaces!

ldmathews (at) gmail (dot) com

Lotus Moma | 1:54 PM

I have been wanting one of these for ever. My kids are Azeli and Mateo.

@ humbletulip3@gmail.com

Sara Gift | 1:59 PM

Ezekiel & Ella Kate

Anonymous | 2:09 PM

James and Jasper. I never win anything. Prove me wrong Random.com!


Anonymous | 2:20 PM

I wonder how many people would mock me if I got my two doggies names on a necklace?? (I don't have kids yet, and I love my two furry monsters as much as I know how!)

Anonymous | 2:22 PM

I would do Parker! Unless I could get the initial one then I would get PRC!

I'm Heather | 2:28 PM

Lovely!! I would have my son Greyson and then my angel 12/22/08 whom I lost at 16.5 weeks... Yeah, sorry to be all super bummer there!! :)

Anonymous | 2:30 PM

I would love to have Avery and Willow on mine. Beautiful necklace!

email :

jmg | 2:35 PM

I would have my kids' names engraved. Like you I've always wanted their names on jewelry but haven't yet done it. Their names are Cameron and Mackenzie.


Head table | 2:36 PM

Love it! If I'd win, I would give it to my sister-husband just left her. So for her girls--Maren and Sophia

Sorrelle | 2:37 PM

My name is so unique as a child I never got personalized gifts. I would love Sorrelle Ellis on mine.
SorrelleWilliams @ gmail dotcom

Liz Miller | 2:40 PM

Just stopping by to say, "Hi!"

I'm going to ask my husband to get one of these for my birthday !

Clara Womack Barksdale | 2:41 PM

Like you ive wanted one of these for awhile and never could narrow down all the choices out there. I love the simplicity of this one.

I would put my husband's and kids' names:

Clara-- barksdalefamily@gmail.com

Anonymous | 2:44 PM

I want one of those necklaces SO. BAD. I'd put my girls' names on there (Paige and Kira) until we decide on #3 in a couple years.

I've been looking at these on Etsy, but just haven't pulled the trigger yet :-)

Janel | 2:49 PM

I'm sooo not a jewelry girl, but this is so elegant and understated, I could see myself wearing this every day. Also, it's perfect timing because I just found out a few weeks ago I'm expecting my third child! So my necklace would read Phaedra, Bellatrix, and either Surrey (girl) or Linus (boy).

Anonymous | 2:51 PM

Word- Katherine

Email- katherinecampagna@hotmail.com

beyond | 2:52 PM

this is lovely! i would give this to my mother and it would have my sister, my brother and my name on it. she would be sooo thrilled!

alyce | 2:52 PM

I'd give it to my mom with mine and my brother's names.

Molly | 2:54 PM

I love the name charms and the little silver heart is adorable. I would have my three girl's names engraved, Reagan, Jillian and Adelyn.

Anonymous | 2:56 PM

Kimberly, Ryan, Kelly

the loves of my life!


Unknown | 2:56 PM

My daughter's name is Machais. I would love to have her name and my name (Kendra)

email: swandive008 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous | 3:08 PM

Darian, Rhys, and Jared (My husband)
We come as a set, and he is as important as they are to me!

Anonymous | 3:18 PM

I would want my daughter's name on the necklace: Lily.



Unknown | 3:20 PM

Of course I would have my children's names" Lillian, Harold and Althea. Great necklace!


Dea | 3:20 PM

There are so many good ideas for this! But I have always wanted one with my kids names on it.
Raeanne & Nathan
Love this!


Unknown | 3:29 PM

my kids' names: Kiedis and Tova.

tabatha DOT muntzinger AT gmail DOT com

Christy | 3:39 PM

I would have my daughter's name: Lily

Autumn | 3:40 PM

River and Sage (My son and daughter)

B's Mom | 3:43 PM

I love this necklace, and even if I don't win, I would order one. My son's name is Benjamin.

Jessica | 3:51 PM

my almost-2-year-old... Liam


Elissa L. | 3:58 PM

i have always wanted one of these! I would put Joey, Sophia and Louella. My husband and daughters. They are the loves of my life.

Anonymous | 4:07 PM

Ooh, yes, please! My boys: Gus and Eli.

lund_ilsa (at) hotmail (dot) com

No Mommy Brain | 4:10 PM

hi there! i came to double check some info for an eat well recipe but will gladly enter your drawing. thank you!

i'd love my kids' names around my neck...

liam and finn

(maggie - nomommybrain@gmail.com)

Rochelle | 4:17 PM

I would definitely get my kids' names on it, Dayna and Ryan. What a beautiful necklace!

Laura | 4:24 PM

Gus & Nova, my two little monsters

JmeP | 4:25 PM

I would have my three little boys names engraved in it.


Sarah | 4:28 PM

my babes for sure... Stella and Gabriel.

sarah at airtreks.com

MK | 4:36 PM

Oh gorgeous! I adore these.
I would love one with Ty engraved on it!


mkatewalker (at) gmail (dot) come

KK | 4:37 PM

I would put my kids: Matilda and Porter. Very fun to read through all the great names here in comments.

Megs | 4:41 PM

I would have to have my kids names, although with 4 now it may be a little cramped! They are Stella, Oscar, India and Willow.

Unknown | 4:42 PM

Very cute! I would love one with My husband's name and mine, Chris and Melinda.

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