Gone Style: This Charming Necklace (Giveaway)

About a week ago, a lovely reader named Anna sent me this:
I'd always wanted a personalized-with-my-kid's-names-necklace but for whatever reason had never ordered myself one - always overwhelmed by the options that were out there. Of course, now that I have one, (she customized the three-fer for my two-fer) I refuse to take it off. The kids love to see their names around my neck and I feel like I have them with me when we're separated during the day.
So, thank you Anna! And thank you (also!) for offering one of my readers a personalized charm necklace of their own. To win? Just tell me the names you would have engraved on your necklace. Your children's names? Your parents? The boy you met that one summer in Paris that you're still totally psycho for! you can't get out of your mind? I'll pick one winner at random (via random.org) to announce here next Wednesday. Please include your contact information in your comment so I can find you. Best of luck!

For more on Anna's personalized jewelry, go here. I especially love this one and this. (And these personalized guitar picks are a great call for gifting.) Best of luck, charming yous!



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Borderless Imaginings | 1:42 PM

My boys Yusuf and Mo

Lori M | 2:36 PM

hope, love, believe-- the words i want my kids to live each day!

Beck | 2:51 PM

In a charming and loving mood I would use my daughter (Jillian) and husband (Scott). In a rebellious mood I would use "Be True."

radthomas /at/ gmail /dot/ com

Ali Renee | 3:35 PM

Mine & my mothers.

Alexandria & Paula

Anonymous | 3:35 PM

I would want my boys names

Aiden & Maddox


Unknown | 3:39 PM

Frida and Arlo; my daughter's names!

Greg Gandenberger | 3:54 PM

My son's name (Cillian) and my husband's name (Greg)!

Her stuff is so cute!

mexi | 4:38 PM

I would have my kids--Diego and Soledad--and my husband Brian. I would love to always feel like they are with me.
cmuzquiz AT comcast DOT net

Anonymous | 5:10 PM

That is so sweet and those are beautiful.

Names are: Xavier and Alexander


Observations and Conversations | 5:20 PM

My daughters:

Ava, Elena and Audrey.


Rachel | 5:26 PM

I have wanted a necklace like this for years and would have my kids names, Mason and Sophia, engraved on it.

rachelcbriggs (at) gmail (dot) com

bethie | 5:39 PM

I would get my dogs' names! Piper &
Boots. :)


Alisha | 5:52 PM

So pretty! I would want my kid's names: Greyer and Holly.


AMS | 6:13 PM

My sister's name and mine.

Kila Bell | 6:16 PM

oh how i've shopped around for these and would have my girls names for it...Rita Jane and Ruby Dale
love love love

Kila Bell | 6:16 PM

ps kilabell@hotmail.com

Ida Mae | 6:25 PM

i would do my husband, and my son, and then have to get a new one when baby #2 came!

the names would be Bob and Sam

ida_mai at hotmail dot com

Unknown | 6:36 PM

I'd put my husband's and daughter's name: Christopher, Mallory.


Cindy | 7:41 PM

I would engrave my husband's name Dmitry and my daughter's name Luna!

| 8:29 PM

That is so sweet - even if I don't win I think I'm going to get one on my own :) My girl's names are Adela and Isla. Mine is Jaclyn and my email is JaclynHeath@gmail.com

Candace | 8:29 PM

I would have my kids' names (Lucien, Xavier) and my husband's name (Bryan) on them.

candi (dot) anderson (at) gmail (dot) com

Lisa | 8:45 PM

My kids names of course! Kaia and Cole. I've never had anything with their birth stones or names or anything and this would be adorable! Love it!

email kaiasmom2003 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous | 9:17 PM

Mine would be Rylan and Taylor. The names of my 5 year old twins in whom my world revolves around. Do love the necklace! Very pretty!

leereed | 9:25 PM

My kids: Nicholas and Penelope.

Thank you.


Jess | 9:32 PM

I would put my nieces' names, Maya and Lucia.


Erin | 9:50 PM

LOVE this! Beeeautiful!

My kids names: Porter and Lila


Desiree | 10:00 PM

How lovely! I actually have a necklace with my daughter's name on it and a small garnet charm for her birthstone.

If I won, I'd make this up for a lovely mama friend of mine, about to give birth!

Unknown | 12:13 AM

my two sons: owen & jonah. as a full time working mama, i'd love to have a special reminder of them close to my heart.

maren | 3:48 AM

I love the necklace!

I would like to engrave my fiances name (or at least the first letter) and the sign for eternity.
We have a long distance relationship and I will see him again in May, after ten long months.

Noell | 4:23 AM

I LOVE this necklace! I'm very picky about necklaces and this is just awesome. I would have my two sons, Noah and Tyler put on it. I am having another BOY in April so I would have to wait until we knew his name. Naming a baby is always a debate between the husband and I.


Anonymous | 4:39 AM

Not very original, but I'd do my kids' names: Isabel, Leila (lay-la) & Nicholas.

Actually, I take that back, I'd get the names of my bff & her husband (my husband's cousin & bff): Alma & Matt.

Or I'd get both, but I'd get hers first.

Myssie | 5:04 AM

So simple and sweet. My babes are Nico & Cora.

Michelle S. | 5:48 AM

L:ove the simplicity of that necklace! It's just beautiful!! I would definitely engrave my kids' names, and maybe add my husband's too? Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

Krissy | 6:17 AM

I would have my daughter's name Kaitlyn. I checked out the website and the necklaces are beautiful!

Sarah | 6:18 AM

My daughter's name is Lucia; (pronounced Loo-sha).

She is my heart.


Sarah | 6:20 AM

I'd have one made for my sister, the very cool and awesome mom to the Trey and Mia...

Anonymous | 6:26 AM

Beautiful necklace!
Oliver & Justin


michypete | 6:31 AM

Simply Beautiful!!



Mrs. Provart | 6:34 AM

My kids names. Even though they are almost grown, I still think of them as babies!

Megan, Adam, Jake

Janyne | 6:41 AM

Adorable! Mine would def. have the kid's names.



Liz L | 6:41 AM

This is the coolest necklace I have seen yet. I would have my 2 boys, Charlie and Ben. liz.lamonica79@gmail.com

Anonymous | 6:47 AM

Beautiful necklace! I would have Savannah and Quin printed on mine. qsbm92@yahoo.com

Shawna | 7:08 AM

My baby, for sure! Maggie . . . .

Caitlin Carroll | 7:23 AM

Your readers have great kid's names! Wow. I love most of them.

I would put my little guy's name on it: Atticus.

And then I'd probably leave a blank spot for the potential next baby to come...

caitlinpcarroll AT gmail DOT com

Jenny White | 7:41 AM

Thomas and Emmy

Elizabeth | 7:42 AM


oooh... I never win anything, but my fingers are really crossed!

ShesThatOneGirl | 7:57 AM

Rob & Corbin: for my husband and our four legged little baby!

WonderGirl | 7:58 AM

Annabelle and Emerson. Annie is no longer with us, she passed away shortly after she was born. Emerson came around 2 years later and has filled my life with 8 yeard old crazy boy love. nsdiacon@yahoo.com

Unknown | 8:01 AM

I would have my daughter's names
Harper and
Laurel Grace

Sarah of the Jones family | 8:10 AM

My beautiful kiddos: Catelyn and Caleb....

Angie | 8:16 AM

My sons' names - Henry and Ellis.

Love the necklace!


CindyPoe | 8:22 AM

I'm the same way - always wanting one, never getting it for myself... would put my kids names - Ryan & Mallory

SkittleSkattle | 8:37 AM

I have two:
Brannan and Kinnerly! My babies.

Brandy G | 8:48 AM

I love that - and that isn't the sort of thing I generally like, you know? Anyway, I am torn between whether I would include just my kids (Paige & Chance) or whether I would also include my husband's name (Todd) since the three of them all hold my heart. :)

Berlyns Mommy | 8:59 AM

My kids names....Berlyn and Burton!

email: alanier1@q.com

Joelle | 9:02 AM

My kids-Finn and Ella.

Jennifer | 9:21 AM

What a gorgeous necklace. I would LOVE one with my boys' names, Andrew and Nolan, on it. Even if I don't win I think I'll still treat myself to one. Thanks!

Jen at jdudzek@hrsi1.com

Allison | 9:40 AM

We are a blended family so it would be awesome to showcase our unity. I would put my kids names. Derik, Dylan & Morgan



Beautiful! I have a "family necklace" that has all of our initials on it and I LOVE wearing it. I might actually get my husband's and my initials and our wedding date - whether I win or not!

~ Noelle

jahughes | 9:58 AM

My sister in california sent me the link to your blog knowing your sweet words & stories would lift my spirits while on strict bed rest awaiting the arrival of my son! I loved the jewelery by this featured artist & would love to have the same "two-fer" to wear close to my heart everyday with my childrens names. I have a beautiful daughter named Emma and we are awaiting the arrival of a healthy little boy whom we will name Owen. Neither pregnancy have been easy & such sweet miracle babies deserve their names close to my heart for the world to see, always!


joanie | 10:03 AM

My sons Liam and Rowan.
And my daughter due in April

Anne | 10:30 AM

My boyfriend's and my daughter's names: Simon and Charlotte. So the three of us can be together even when, as most of the time, we are not.


Unknown | 10:51 AM

I would cherish something like this!
I would want my kids names:
Caleb and Shelby


Sara | 10:59 AM

Carter & Cooper! Such a cute necklace.

Anonymous | 10:59 AM

that´s a lovely necklace! i´d have my boys´ names: Noah

jennie dot douglas at gmail dot com

tlr | 11:11 AM

Love her site! Would definitely put my children's names on it: Reese and Jillian.
Thank you!

PetriDish | 11:31 AM

I've wanted one of these, too but, we plan on having more kids so I was going to wait till we were done. I'd totally put my two boy's names on there!

thisismomma at gmail dot com

Circus Daily | 12:37 PM

I'd love to have my kids names around my neck, (in a good way).. Costello and Dashen

email is alissajansen AT mac DOT com

Melissa | 12:39 PM

My sweet children.. Nicole, Robert and James.. they are my life!

Thanks for your consideration and thanks for making me smile through your blogs!


Erin | 1:08 PM

I love the necklace!!

Grace and Liam- my favorite babies!!!

Beth | 1:31 PM

So beautiful! Olive and Eli, my little pumpkins

bethseligman at gmail dot com

emily the mom | 1:44 PM

I've always wanted one too! But never gotten one! 'd put my kids names on there - Cash & Hayden.

Mo | 1:54 PM

Wendy and Liam

summer | 2:17 PM

my darling babes.... Madelyn and Cohen

Erika | 2:34 PM

My kids: Eddie and Erin

robin | 2:57 PM

That is so badass! Beautiful necklace, I am def. checking Anna out!

Names are Soren, Eleanor, and Leo :)

Shannon | 3:57 PM

my lover, Quinn. best husband ever.

Anonymous | 4:54 PM

i would Love mine to have the names: lydia, jason, and harper.
my name, my partners name, and our daughters name.

email: lidja6680 AT yahoo DOT com.

Chelsea | 5:32 PM


My little one's name is Conrad.
I'd put his (plus the baby on the way!)


Anonymous | 5:35 PM

Steven and Emma, what a so very cute little necklace

Anonymous | 5:36 PM

The necklace is as you know by now, just lovely. And I would have it read my daughter's name, Olive.


Greg and Alyssa | 5:49 PM

My husband and my son, Greg and Thad.

MadEnoughWorld | 6:03 PM

I would get my name and my bfsname (it's been seven years and it's way better than a tatoo), so Katherine and Roberto. I would add to it when and if I have kids.

Anonymous | 6:29 PM

my three kids names....Sawyer (girl) Piper (girl) Fisher (dude). I love how they cup each other! heatherthompsonlawton@hotmail.com

Rosstwinmom | 6:53 PM

I would put my kids' names: My heavenly angel Carter, and my twins Jack and Alex.

The Sims Family | 7:27 PM

I LOVE that necklace...my kids names are Tucker and Weston.


JCF | 8:26 PM

I love it! I'd put my kids' names--Declan, Eleanor, and Miles.

Allison the Meep | 8:28 PM

Those are so simple and pretty!

I would have my children's names engraved: Julian and Audrey.

Elisquared | 9:14 PM

My name probably. I'm going through a self-confidence strengthening program right now; the whole finding yourself, being comfortable in who you are, discovering your potential gig.
So Elizabeth would be my name



Mariana | 9:23 PM

My boys: Lucas and Noah.


Sadie | 9:54 PM

So sweet! My kids are Charlie and Jack.
I LOVE your writing!

leeshka | 10:05 PM

Beautiful! I'd probably go with my daughter's name, or my grandparents names. Hopefully my google account provides contact info!!

laura mj | 10:17 PM

Adrian, Brian, and Laura.
I'd give it to my Mum and she would cry.

Baby Names | 11:11 PM

it is a very interesting article.keep it up.Thank you very much

Betsy Hite Reddoch | 7:40 AM

This necklace would be so fun to win! I would have it read "Judah" and "Asher" the names of my beautiful twin boys that were born only 4 days ago!

Mamalang | 8:21 AM

I love, love, love this. Having my kiddos names on it would be so sweet...Issybella, Nathanyl and Kathryne :)

mamalang AT gmail DOT com

mcconk | 8:28 AM

For sure my kids, Allyson and Abby.


Robyn | 8:38 AM

I would have my son's name: Milo

tweetsweet | 8:43 AM

Beautiful necklace! I, like you, have looked off and on at these types of necklaces for awhile (and yes, there are tons out there), but the stopping point for me is affording one - never felt like I could spend that for a necklace for me...I would have my children's names without a doubt: Landon, Katie

contact info: katielandonmom@gmail.com

wanderingbella | 8:46 AM

I would have the names of my dogs Bella and Jojo on a necklace. Because every day they remind me to strive be the person they think I am :)

Christy | 8:57 AM

Ohhh, I love the necklace and the thought that I could have a special reminder of them to wear with me always! I would have my children's names engraved on it. Their names are Anderson and Lillian.


Gena | 9:03 AM

Absolutely beautiful and simple. Some you see are so...NOT. Love it.

Names: Gena and Blake

e-mail at noodles1212@yahoo.com

Anonymous | 9:06 AM

I'm recently single and would put the name of the one person I am focusing on right now...
ME. Two beautiful letters that say everything important. ME.

Anonymous | 9:46 AM

Oh, I would LOVE that! Kids names:


Cher (drcher@me.com)

Mary | 9:48 AM

My son's name, Gabriel. I've been coveting one of those necklaces since he was born!

Unknown | 10:09 AM

ooooooh Please let me win!!

My boy's name is Razi.

Jennifer | 10:09 AM

I have a name necklace for my son but we just adopted a little girl and I don't have anything with her yet! The names would be:

Laney Grace

blount19 @ tds.net

Jen | 10:11 AM

My wonderful grandmothers' names -
Esther and Beulah

Jenny | 10:16 AM

Vivianne & Lilah

PH | 10:31 AM

I would put my daughter's name, Magnolia Grace, on it. I absolutely must get one one of these now! :)

emily.hottmann AT gmail DOT com

Gabi Grannis | 11:09 AM

My boys: Sebastian & Lucas

i'm B. | 11:23 AM

oooh! love this. my girlies names are piper and quinn.

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 11:30 AM

Brad (the hubs) and Noelle (Little Miss Kickboxer).

And by golly, if we finally managed to get me prego this month (again), then how about another one with Wonderbabe?

Anonymous | 12:19 PM

Totally my kiddos:
My girls names are
Ashley Mary Theresa
Nora Rose

Love your site. Recipes and family info are so inspiring!

Unknown | 12:45 PM

Kasha, Monte & Stephen - the three men in my life.

kelly DOT amcguire AT gmail DOT com

jess | 12:57 PM

I love! I love! I love.
Mine would be my Hannah and Aaron.
email at jessgott@yahoo.com

Unknown | 1:15 PM

Sofia is my little one :) Hope I win. So very pretty!


shannon c | 1:36 PM

What a great necklace!! I would for sure get my son's names~

Tanner and Owen and then Love

They are my world!

shannon my email
snookiec at yahoo.com

Rashel | 2:03 PM

I love it!

Just one name, my daughter Scout.


Anonymous | 3:39 PM

My son's name is Caleb Patrick.

Rebekah at rebekahamy07@yahoo.com.

Love the necklace! Thanks for the chance to win it!

Cabogirl | 5:25 PM

my girls....Anna, Elizabeth and Gemma

Katherine | 6:17 PM

No question... my kids' names... will Elizabeth fit LOL!

beth | 6:44 PM

and Kit
howellsthompson AT gmail DOT com

Rhiannon | 7:19 PM

I would get my son's name, Logan
Maybe my husband too.

Rnraupe at yahoo dot com

Pants | 7:28 PM

Gracie Mae on the little one and Pepper on the big one for my daughter, Gracie Mae Pepper!

Forgot my contact info -

pag_pepper at yahoo DOT com

Julie Hawryluk | 7:55 PM

love this! I would get my 2 boy's names, Gage & Maddox.

Kristin Steiner | 8:33 PM

All of my kids' names—bio and no-bio alike

Kaleigh, Mason, Ava and Miles


Jules | 10:54 PM

So beautiful! Andrew, Dash & Emelia

Whitney | 6:42 AM

I think I would get "Naylyn, Sawyer, Declan." They're the names of my niece and nephews. I'd give the necklace to my mom so she has the names of her grand kids with her all the time!

Cupcake Von Mess | 7:13 AM

I would gift mine to my best friend that just had a baby, Theadosia Sweet! (so either Thea Sweet or Sweet T). It's her first baby and the littlest love of my life so it would be an awesome surprise :)

xerynx at gmail dot com

CC | 7:22 AM

Layla, Oslo, 2010

Ashley | 7:40 AM

That necklace is beyond adorable. I'd want Adrian, Ashley and Love.

Crysty | 8:29 AM

LOVE THIS! Either our 4 daughters names: Caitlin, Zoie, Sophia, & Isabella
Crysty & Carl (me & the hubby-dub). Prob the latter cuz I love things that symbolize our love & commitment.
Love your blog! I check it every day :)

Anonymous | 8:54 AM

Emmett and Daphne are my kids names. email andreadimond at hotmail

Diane V | 10:09 AM

No kids..but I'd put the 4 cats that I've had over the past 28 years: Zach, Cleo, Chloe & Phoebe.

Anonymous | 10:23 AM


So beautiful! I would love one :) Checking out her site now!
megnstuff at gmail dot com

Hillary | 12:10 PM

My boys: Emmett and Henry!
Very cool necklace, may have to order one even if I don't win...!

Andrea | 12:10 PM

I don't have kids, but I did luck out with a husband, Brett, who is awesome and I would proudly wear his name! And for another, I'd love my dad's initials - D.A.U. That would mean a lot to have the men in my life on my necklace!

Charlie | 12:19 PM

Hayden, and Brian

Maggie May | 12:28 PM

I would definitely have my children's names! Dakota, Ian, Lola and Ever


Maggie May | 12:29 PM

oops here's my email too :)


Ann | 1:07 PM

May be too late, but LOVE the necklace. I would have my kid's name's Ian and Katherine.

Unknown | 1:16 PM

BEAUTIFUL! I'd love one with my three favorite men in my life my sons Grant and Edison and my hubby Bill.

janie | 1:49 PM

I would put the names of my children on these, I have to travel without them for work and having this would be a perfect way to keep them close...I may order them matching ones..I love this!


Sara Kay | 2:50 PM

My three little girls - Hannah, Audrey, and Tessa. :)

Nannette | 3:41 PM

I'm late to the game but my kids' names are Wilhelmina, Ramona and Rhys.

Grumble Girl | 4:30 PM

I know the contest is closed, but I would have Oliver and Ava Scarlett on mine... lovely necklace, lady. Fun contest!

Lyzzette | 5:23 PM

I would get it for my mom with my brother's and my name !
Lyzzette(obviously has to be personalized! lol)

Lyzzette | 5:26 PM

OOPS didnt add my email

Kim Grustas | 2:27 PM

That's a beautiful necklace! I want one!

Kathleen | 8:19 AM

So cute! I would put my son's name Jett.


Danielle Wolfe | 1:08 PM

Oh this is so pretty!! My boy's name is Isaiah. He's 13 now and givin me hell but that necklace is precious :)

mochajavalatte @ gmail dot com

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