Gone Style: This Charming Necklace (Giveaway)

About a week ago, a lovely reader named Anna sent me this:
I'd always wanted a personalized-with-my-kid's-names-necklace but for whatever reason had never ordered myself one - always overwhelmed by the options that were out there. Of course, now that I have one, (she customized the three-fer for my two-fer) I refuse to take it off. The kids love to see their names around my neck and I feel like I have them with me when we're separated during the day.
So, thank you Anna! And thank you (also!) for offering one of my readers a personalized charm necklace of their own. To win? Just tell me the names you would have engraved on your necklace. Your children's names? Your parents? The boy you met that one summer in Paris that you're still totally psycho for! you can't get out of your mind? I'll pick one winner at random (via random.org) to announce here next Wednesday. Please include your contact information in your comment so I can find you. Best of luck!

For more on Anna's personalized jewelry, go here. I especially love this one and this. (And these personalized guitar picks are a great call for gifting.) Best of luck, charming yous!



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Toraason | 4:44 PM

Wyatt and Nolan ;)

LOve it! Love you;)

Sarah | 4:45 PM

I would have my husband's name Brett and my daughter Neely!
So so cute!


Marie | 4:46 PM

LOVE the necklace! My daughter's name, Kate, and baby #2 due in April (????).


Amanda | 4:52 PM

I'd put my kiddos names! Evan, Andrew and Ella.

Heather | 4:56 PM

I'd love these. My daughter's name is Lucia.

runHLrun at gmail dot com

Anonymous | 4:58 PM

I would like my son Lucas, my husband Lorring & baby #2


Dana | 4:59 PM

My children's names: Esme, Desmond, Josephine, Tobias.
You can reach me at Dana@Feastafterfamine.com

Sara | 4:59 PM

llama and bear, I know strange but it is what my fiance and I call one another

Brooke | 5:00 PM

Love it! I would give it to my mother and have my niece's name and my little girl's name engraved in it. She will be born in May. We know her name, but I'm a name hogger and I'm not sharing.

Anonymous | 5:00 PM

Daughter's name & partner's name (Maci & Wasim respectively).

I can't find ANYTHING with either of their names on it, and would love to have both of them on one piece of jewelry.


Lauren | 5:01 PM

I don't have children. But I do have two loves. The two places I've lived and grown up the most in: Portland and Charleston.

laurentrexler AT gmail DOT com


team stephens | 5:02 PM

if i could, i'd love small one one with my husband (jonathan) & the bigger one with my girls (katherine & lauren leigh)
rjstephens at gmail dot com

Jenn | 5:03 PM

Finn and Rosemary

Monique | 5:03 PM

So pretty! I would want my children's names engraved; Samara, Caesar, Mercutio and Severus!

{miss.mope AT gmail DOT com}

Sonja | 5:03 PM

He's not out yet, but baby in the oven already has a name - I would love to have it on a necklace! He's due in March and his name is going to be Paulo.

jendavbeck | 5:04 PM

Have to put my babies... Lila and Lucia.


jendavbeck | 5:05 PM

My babies names... Lila and Lu


S.T. | 5:08 PM

My kids names, Hannah and Evan. :)

stephanietroup at live dot com

Barb | 5:14 PM

@jaclyn's kids have way cool names!

Sorry, I digress.

Mine would say Charlie for my almost 2 year old.

Bluepaintred | 5:15 PM

I would use my three sons names; Parker, Blake & Logan.

I have always loved the idea of personalized jewelry :D

bluepaintred at gmail dot com

Entwined Essentials | 5:15 PM

Love it! I'd love to have one with my kids names too. Donovan, Bauer, and Rhapsody.

Sabrina | 5:17 PM

Beautiful necklace. I would put Reese and then whatever we decide to name baby#2 due in May

wumples | 5:17 PM

We don't have kids, but I would have to get mine and my love's nicknames engraved. Spooky and Wumples. :D

my email is:

mr (dot) wumples (At) gmail (dot) com.

Katie Doty | 5:19 PM

i would love a necklace engraved with andrew, the love of my life :)

Mrs Somebody Else | 5:23 PM

Love it!
Mine - griffon and Cooper :)

CookFamily | 5:24 PM

I would have Jeremy and Savannah. My sweet family of three!

Mrs Somebody Else | 5:24 PM

Oops meant to leave my contact info :)
Tiffany.Acuff at gmail dot com

Cooper & griffon - love it!

theopenletterlady | 5:26 PM

Oh, gorge! I'd have my kids names, Rosie and Will. :)

Kimmy | 5:26 PM

Kim & Joe - my name & my brother's name, for my mom

Jessica Peck | 5:27 PM

So sweet! I'd put my kid's names (Ephraim and Aeris)

jessica DOT peck AT gmail DOT com

Thank you!

Hannah | 5:27 PM

My three from oldest to youngest: Eva, Seamus, and Jireh


fourwaldens AT gmail DOT com

Carissa | 5:28 PM

I'd love a necklace with my fiance's and my first initals: C + W. Maybe our wedding date too...

carissa.ray at gmail dot com

bek77 | 5:32 PM

My kids, of course...Adison and Nate!

Anna | 5:32 PM

I would put my sons' names on it:

Heather | 5:39 PM

I would have my children's names: Rhys & Avelyn engraved on the necklace.

email: hcoddington AT gmail DOT com

ThisKalilLife | 5:41 PM

I have two kiddos, so I'd want their names. Shelby and Cooper.

Lucas, Amber, Levi, and Milo | 5:42 PM

my kiddos: Levi and Milo

(as a name nerd, I'm digging reading thru all these comments!)


Caitlyn | 5:44 PM

My daughter's name, Idalia Kali. =)


laura | 5:52 PM

This is such an original and clever way to layer charms, I love it! I would want to have the name Logan engraved on a necklace to give to my lovely sister-in-law that just had a baby.. such a beautiful way to send love to both mommie and baby :)

Abbey | 5:54 PM

I think that I would put Abbey + Ryan for me and my husband on the largest one. Since he is always deployed with the Army, it would be a great reminder of him! Then I would add my three children's names: Audree, Delanie & Landry.

Love, love, love this necklace.


Katherine | 6:02 PM

Probably an A and O for my kids adalyn and owen... Or my husband and I's initials. I love this necklace, I was admiring it on etsy last month!


SpillingOutBeautiful | 6:07 PM

Brooks, Luke, and Addison.

My cousins, my aunt would love this!

Email me at spillingoutbeautiful@yahoo.com

ashley | 6:22 PM

I would put my son --- Will.


Anonymous | 6:25 PM

I would get my kids names, Imogen, Olorin and Xanthe

danizeye | 6:27 PM

very cool ... like you, have been wanting something like this, but can never decide on a style ... i would put my daughter's name - josie. fun!

L.L. | 6:30 PM

I would get my name, my husband's name and my son's name - Liz, Hyatt, Asher.

Jessica | 6:32 PM

I would love to have one with ALL (even the placed for adoption son) of my children's names!


jessluvn31 at gmail dot com

Mar | 6:32 PM

these are so perfect!
i would engrave my baby girls name Isabella and my husbands name, Speros


Dana | 6:35 PM

i love this! i would put my kids' names: jack and jones

Anonymous | 6:36 PM

I would have to have all my boys. Do they have a 4 fer? My husband works away so it would be nice to have him close to my heart, and my 3 boys too.
husband Ted, sons Tucker, Mason and Connor.

Tennasseetedd @ Yahoo.com

becs | 6:40 PM

kids names are Sophie and Jackson.

CallieAnnie | 6:42 PM

I would choose my son's name, Samuel, and the word "peace," which is what I want for his world.

loveball | 6:48 PM

Recently (while still deciding if I want to have a child), I've embraced my silly love for my kick ass cats, Buddy and Tyrone and I would put their names on a necklace and rock that shit.

Laura R. | 6:50 PM

andy + laura (trying for a baby this year!!!)

Shannon Locker | 7:03 PM

So beautiful! I would love one of these with my daughter's names. What a lovely sentiment. I have a necklace my husband gave me when I had my first. It has a star with a lantern below it-he said it represented me and our new baby. Anyways-my girls' names are Evan and Casey. email littlereddogstudios@gmail.com

Julie | 7:05 PM

My kid's names: Maximo and Lola


LindaB | 7:12 PM

LOVE! I would have my husband and kids' names on this necklace...Matt, Brandon, and Brooke. What a beautiful piece...
My contact info is lindalee7777 at hot mail.

Liliana | 7:13 PM

Oooohh!!! I've been coveting one of these too!! I love this one you got. I might just have to buy one if I don't win. I would most def put my kids names too: Jack and Diego. lilianahansen (at) gmail.com

andrea.d | 7:13 PM

I would choose Aubrey and Vienna for my cousin who just miscarried her third (who would be represented by the little heart.)

Alyssa | 7:21 PM

in LOVE with it!

Names are Brian, Kayden, Fable

alyssa.visscher AT gmail DOT ca

I *might* have stolen your daughters name, but to be fair, I live in Canada, so I doubt they'll run into each other :p

Anonymous | 7:24 PM

I'd have my daughter's name, Sofie.


Kristen | 7:30 PM

I think I would go with kids and hubs: Steve, Lilia and Colin.

Love this!

kdegrand AT hotmail DOT com

Brandi | 7:31 PM

My youngest just turned one, this would be an awesome gift to me for surviving the roughest year ever.
Margaret and Patrick

Anonymous | 7:35 PM

I would have my kids' names engraved: Sarah and Bella. I have always wanted a necklace like this. I think yours is absolutely gorgeous :)

Kristy (kristyray3 AT verizon DOT net)

Keri | 7:37 PM

My boys' names are Lochlan and Kalle. We have a third one on the way though we won't know the gender until birth. 'Bebe' will be a Maeva or a Marcello. =D

Sadie | 7:41 PM

Presley & Adam.


KENDRA | 7:44 PM

my loves: casey (boy.) annie (dog.)

kendragille at hotmail dot com

stephanie | 7:48 PM

I'd definitely have Jasper's name in there. :)


Mary B | 7:59 PM

I would have the words "keep breathing" as they serve as my mantra during the day.

Wonderful giveaway!


Kim | 8:13 PM

My best friend's husband passed away last week. I would get his name and her two son's names on the necklace and give it to her so she could always keep her three boys close. The names are Jerrad, Zane and Drake.

My contact info is kim at tworoots dot com

dawn | 8:14 PM

since i only have one child the name would be finley. i briefly thought about my dog clownsnack too but that would be just a tad weird.

The Kellys | 8:14 PM

Beautiful! I would have get my kids' names and my husband's name. So it would be Lauren, Brenden and Timothy.

Anonymous | 8:21 PM

I would have Jonas and Sam engraved (my sons)

Contact info: Elizabeth.lauro@gmail.com

nessiemonster | 8:21 PM

Cameron and Liala. Love this necklace!! vanessasamples@gmail.com

Heather | 8:24 PM

My daughter Eleanor and my husband Alex. My best friends.

Coma Girl | 8:27 PM

That would be such a nice necklace for my mother with her two granddaughter's names on it - expecting the second one in just a few months!

Kiki | 8:27 PM

Oh so gorgeous!

I'd put mine and my fiance's names on it with our wedding date :)



texmimi | 8:33 PM

really great necklace!!!!! lovelovelove!!!
I would use the nicknames for my hubs and daughter.
bootsie and bunny.

stargazermama | 8:37 PM

this is beautiful!

I would get my son's name Calix Mathias or maybe his nickname Cay bird.

chloereminger at gmail dot com

Melt Momma's Heart | 8:38 PM

My kids. Firstborn/stillborn daughter and boy/girl twins.


Jen | 8:45 PM

Love this! I would have my husband and son's names on it- Greg & Jack. The two boys closest to my heart.


hsw | 8:46 PM

I would have Eleanor and Robert, if I get it set in a necklace I guess I'm stopping with two kids. :) My gmail address is tk0421

Love the font! I prefer the whole names to just initials. The heart is cute (almost wrote "charming" but didn't intend the pun).

Love your blog!

K. Foxman | 8:51 PM

I would love to give this to my sis-in-law, it's totally her style! I would engrave Lulu and Max, the (nick)names of my niece and nephew.


cora d | 8:53 PM

I too have been wanting a necklace of this kind. I would either do my kids' names (agatha& Amelia) and my husband's name (Jason) or I'd go nuts& get the one that could also encompass all of Team Davidson (as we like to call ourselves) and include the pets' names (paul, rachel, bella, hugo& kc). Thx for offering this!

Anonymous | 8:57 PM

Remedios, from "One Hundred Years of Solitude", for my mother who always saw herself in the character and later saw me in her as well.

kim {the non-mom blogger} | 9:06 PM

My babes are Isabella, Caden, and Lily. I love that necklace!

Unknown | 9:20 PM

it would definitely be my 2 minis ---Satchel and Hazel. love this!

tongue-tied | 9:22 PM

Beautiful. I would want my kids' names: Liam &
Meganwidman (at) hotmail (dot) com

Unknown | 9:24 PM

I'd put my baby boy's name on it-Patrick. He'd be even closer to my heart, especially when we're apart.

Andi | 9:53 PM

I'd go Jared, Andi, Oliver.

Cute cute cute! Love the look.

Anonymous | 9:59 PM

My kids are: Jennifer, Joey, Tracy


Anonymous | 10:15 PM

These are so beautiful!

I'd have my son and my husband's name put on them. :)

Rodito & Rodolfo


e,c,e,m | 11:10 PM

Maggie & Elliot
My baby girl and big boy.

Pam | 12:03 AM

Love it!
My kids names, Logan and Nathan.
email: beantree@pacbell.net

Jolca | 12:34 AM

I love that necklace. I would put my kids names on it: Sophia and Adnan.

hope I win,:)

Megan | 12:50 AM

I would have my sons' names - Tommy and Arlo. It's a gorgeous necklace.

megan dot kelly at actrix dot co dot nz

Sharni | 2:13 AM


I'd have Monte and Cowboy on mine!


Holly | 4:04 AM

My kids' names are Ethan and Madison.
Thank you!

Rina | 4:18 AM

Since we only have one child, I would either do a three charm with mine, the hubby's and our daughters initial or possible the full names. I would have to play around with it.

Ashton | 4:26 AM

i would love one with my children's and bf's name...
Orion, Aurelia, and Charlie

my email is cashtonallen@yahoo.com

Mikaela | 4:58 AM

I love these!

Miki & JA for myself and my hubby =)


Trisaratops | 5:26 AM

Love it. My kids names are Jackson and Emery. saraziemnik at gmail dot com

Thank you!

Anonymous | 6:30 AM

My son Nathaniel. I've been wanting to get one of this baby name necklaces for a while. I think they're just so beautiful and precious (like our kids!).

Tammy | 6:33 AM

Sage Brianna, for my daughter. That necklace is gorgeous.


Sarah | 6:38 AM

What a gorgeous necklace! I would have my kidlets, Miles and Stella, close to my heart. Love it!

Tanya | 6:39 AM

Love this idea. Harrison and Zelda are the names I'd want on a necklace for myself.

Blair | 6:57 AM

I would have the names of my children except I don't know the name of the baby on the way yet so... Ella and ?
email me at blairvigil at gmail dot com

Rachel | 6:58 AM

LOVE this, I have been looking for on that isn't so cutesy. My daughters are: Katie and Maren


amy lou. | 7:07 AM

it would be my girl's name, hands down. charlie jo.

Adriana | 7:10 AM

Oh I would SO love to win this! I would get my little guy's name, Hendrix, and my step son Christian!


Hatton | 7:20 AM

I would have XOXO and my son's initials: TDG. Love the different layers... and a february birth charm!!

My last charm necklace included a March charm based on my son's due date... March 13. He was born feb 23. oops!

Bekah | 7:56 AM

oh my gosh my husband would love those picks.

I would probably get my cousins kids names on it and give it to her. Shes been having a rough go lately.

Clare | 8:41 AM

Since I have no little ones yet, I would put my parent's last names: Connolly and Hanley

Milla | 8:58 AM

I'd give it to my mom, with my siblings' and my name on it. There's four of us, though: Camila, Javier, Andres and Cecilia.

Bethany Bassett | 9:38 AM

I love this necklace! I think I'd go slightly subtle and get my husband and girls' initials... D, N, and S. I'll definitely have to keep the guitar picks in mind for husbandly gifts!

Unknown | 9:52 AM

My kids
Tess and Evan

I love this!

j (dot) idreamof (at) gmail

B&B | 10:26 AM

I would ask for my kids name--Adeline and Louie. what a beautiful necklace! Thanks for the giveaway ;)

ariel_johnson @ hotmail dot com

Cat | 10:34 AM

Sabine and Dustin (my daughter and husband)

megan | 11:00 AM

Lauren, Allison and Nolan. My kiddos.

Kait | 11:12 AM

I would have my kids names engraved - Marley, Natalie, Matthew and John.

Valarie | 11:16 AM

That is a beautiful necklace! I would have my 8 year old twins names engraved: Madeline and Michael.

maomjo at hotmail dot com

Marcela | 11:43 AM

I would pick the names Jeremiah and Audrey!

It looks beautiful on you!

Firefly | 11:44 AM

I would have my daughters name and nickname engraved: Ariane and Sprocket. We actually didn't start calling her by her given name until she started running away from us, then I turned into my mother busting out her middle name as well (she doesn't come back for any name we holler at her)

SNSinNC | 11:47 AM

Those are beautiful - I've bookmarked the page so when we have our family complete I can go buy one.

Until then I'd just have my son's name, Connor. My current necklace with his name is getting a bit worn looking; these are lovely.

shandrananette AT gmail DOT com

kelleyroo | 11:59 AM

I would have my daughter Layla's name put on one, definitely. She is my sunshine :)

amanda h. | 12:12 PM

so lovely! i looked and looked at necklaces like this one on etsy around christmastime but never did bite the bullet.

i would get my chil'runs names... gray and hudson.

her peas in the pod necklaces are so fun, too!

amandaghebert [at] gmail [dot] com

Emily K. | 12:28 PM

My boys, Isaiah and Quinn.

Kim D. | 12:31 PM

My babies! Maya, Micah, & Melanie.

guarros | 12:40 PM

Who needs baby name sites? The comments are providing MUCH inspiration!

If I could have a 'delay' on win - I'd wait on WHOever is on the way, currently baking. I'd likely go with: Lilliana & wherever we land for TBD baby OR I might think about dates - I love that idea too.
Awesome necklace - great give away!

guarros DOT wild AT gmailDOTcom

cochran | 12:45 PM

I would have my daughter's name engraved - Maeve.


Anonymous | 12:51 PM

I think I would do my name, my husband's name and our daughter's name: Heather, Henry & Hayden!

L | 12:51 PM

So adorable :) I'd want my boys' names, Oskar and Oliver.

liinajb at gmail dot com

jesse k | 12:57 PM

My two kids: Fremont and Audrey. Although, there's always the possibility of a third somewhere along the line.

Kim | 1:02 PM

erma & joe (my grandparents, who were married 55+ years & no longer with us)


- | 1:20 PM

Elphie, and Max, my dwarf rabbit and Great Dane (respectively) who both passed away at different times last year. :-(. They are very much missed.

Teamdub | 1:42 PM

I'd have my daughter's name
Vivienne (or Vivi) James

So pretty!

Amy | 1:45 PM

Adorable! I would have my kids' names engraved: Sophia and Ian

amy (at) veen (dot) com

Anonymous | 2:09 PM

Wow, what a lovely necklace! These charms are pretty new to us germans, but i like them alot! I would most defenetly go with the "lucky four" and put my husbands (Andreas) and childrens (Lukas, Vanessa and Laura) name on it!
email is:
u.s.butterfly AT hotmail DOT de

Karen | 2:12 PM

Linden, Lola & Happy. (Happy is the dog we haven't quite got yet, to complete our little family.)

Karen | 2:14 PM

Andddd I forgot to add an email address, oops.

karen at karenrivers dot com

Sarah C | 2:28 PM

My beautiful girls: Addison, Sophie and Amelia.

Sarah M | 2:37 PM

My kids, Jonah, Noah and Aaron. I've been looking for something for SO long with my kids' names on it and nothing 'clicked'. This is exactly what I've been looking for. I just had my youngest a few days ago by emergency csection at 28 weeks, then I had heart surgery. It's kinda weird that I found this right now.

srk32104 @ gmail dot com

kerrie | 2:42 PM

I got my mom one of these for mother's day with all 7 of her grandkids name..she loved it.

I would do LOVE.CREW Crew is my son and I call him love because he is.


win me!

mandaA | 2:45 PM

Love these! No jewelry added since #3 came along, so this would be so nice. My babies are Adam, Kathryn, and Asa. Thanks for the giveaway...

Althea | 2:47 PM

Milo (kiddo) and Brian (husb)

Kendra Cullum | 2:48 PM

I want one! Mine would read Neddy (short for Kennedy) and Kaia.

Anonymous | 3:09 PM

Brayden and Luke :-). sarahld12@gmail.com

Honey B | 3:35 PM

Nova and Elijah (my chidlins). It's so sweet!
honeyb AT murrow DOT nz

littlemonster | 3:38 PM

My fiance's Chinese pet name and mine: Da guaiwu and xiao guaiwu!


Tiffany | 3:42 PM

Logan and Lillie Rae... Husband bought me a well meant metal stamping kit, but let's just say I already hammered the crap out of the set before it dawned on me that it's not ME that's not hammering hard enough... it was totally the set that was NOT meant for hammering on anything harder than aluminum foil... guess I'll be stamping my casseroles!

klg | 4:45 PM

my boys are Connor and Mather


email karenlgraham at gmail dot com

Roxanne Dubier | 4:51 PM

I would put my kids' names: Wyatt, Evangeline and Magdalene. Charming kids for a charming necklace!

Anonymous | 5:38 PM

my beautiful sons...

Donovan John (dj)
Emmanuel Jerome (ej)

what a great opportunity <3

melsworld at ameritech dot net

Anonymous | 5:41 PM

Misty and Amanda.



Anonymous | 5:49 PM

I would put Finn on mine, my one and only 4 month baby boy!

Beautiful stuff!

caley22 AT hotmail DOT com

Alyssa | 5:50 PM

I would have my Daughter's name, Lucy and my Husband's name, Joshua on my necklace.

rachel b | 5:56 PM

I would have my Daughters name Chaya. I would love this it would make a great birthday gift for me.

kittybubbles@ gmail . com

Kristin | 5:58 PM

I would put my daughter's name, Sadie, and the name of my son who is arriving in March.

Jo | 6:00 PM

Oh, so delicious! I'd have my boys on them, Jean and Tony.

Anonymous | 6:16 PM

I used to think that these sorts of things were cheesy, and then I became a mother. I'd pick one with my daughters' names - Charlotte and Juliet

mspitzjohnston AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous | 6:34 PM

The initials for my kids and my hub: R, K, and B

olleahs at g mail d ot c om

Heather | 6:36 PM

I would love to have my parents names on them especially since my mom passed away and I have yet to have kids.

Becca | 6:40 PM

Since I am a single mother, and only have one child, I would put Avery and Mom on it. Because we make an unbeatable team. :)

Anonymous | 7:12 PM

My kids' names definitely. Isaiah, Lily and Gabriella

at sarahfound@hotmail.com

katieanne | 7:25 PM

Ethan and Lucas - my boys :)

Bonnie | 7:53 PM

I love this necklace, so cute. I would put Violet and Oliver on mine. :)

A | 7:55 PM


i would have "scout" and "jay" printed on mine. (my daughter's and husband's names, respectively) they are the loves of my life and i miss them immensely when we are apart.

Morgan | 8:11 PM

Does she do a four-fer? I have four kids- Judah, Samuel, Silas, and Finley.


Kelly | 8:11 PM

I've seen these before, but never with a font I like. I LOVE this one! I'd put my boys' names, Walker and James, on it.

Kelly at tabbal dot net

Kari | 8:17 PM

I love it! It is so tasteful.
My kiddos are Tucker and Noelle. :)


Becky | 8:40 PM

I don't have any children yet (sadface) so I would probably just get mine and my husbands names, Becky & Todd. Our 2 year wedding anniversary is coming up. <3

Unknown | 8:53 PM

I think it'd look pretty snazzy with "Beatrix" and "Kasper." Yup.

plasticpineapple | 8:56 PM

So pretty! I would get the names Cara, Marnie, and Dana - and give it to my mom for her upcoming birthday. She'd love it.

Kelli Scott | 9:07 PM

My three! Christian, Lucy and Wyatt


MissMonky | 9:08 PM

Twila and Beverly, my great aunt and grandma who were the most influential women in my life.


Clark Parents | 9:14 PM

I would add the name of my kids, Barrett and Mackenzie

melissa padilla | 9:23 PM

My 3 babies Natalie (5), Savannah (3) and Eric (15 months)!

melissa padilla | 9:24 PM

My 3 babies- Natalie (5), Savnnah (3) and Eric (15 months)!

Ramblemum | 9:24 PM

I would have my three boys Albert, Stanley and Ernest. Loving it!

Ramblemum @ gmail (dot) com

Lola | 9:37 PM

How generous of Anna to share her beautiful necklaces! I would wear my kids' names: Matthew, Michael and Melissa. Thank you! ~ Lola

erin | 9:38 PM

I would like the initials "O" and "E" for me and my daughter. we are a team like that.. a package deal, if you will ;)

erinm_84 at hotmail dot com :):)

Clare Letters | 9:41 PM

My sister's name and mine (Julia and Jane, respectively) would be my choice. I'd give it to my mom as a "because you're so awesome" gift.

Thanks for the chance to win!


Stephanie | 10:21 PM

I would get my kids names: angus, jonas & new baby (we haven't chosen a name for her, due on feb. 9)

Stacy | 10:30 PM

So so cute! My first thought was for friends who are in the process of adopting.. There was a delay, and the boys are not here yet.. It would be so neat to have one of these! So, Yosef and Tariku... and then Katie and Marcus on there too, to not leave out the birth kiddos. :)

BonJoey | 11:08 PM

My boys' names: Vaughn and Sterling. Although the name Sterling on a sterling silver necklace? hmm... would that be lame? Does she do gold-filled versions? ;) Oh well, I'd still do it. I've wanted a kid's name necklace for a long time too. Just had Sterling 4 months ago, though, so the timing is perfect!

My name is Bonnie and email is: bonjoey@live.com

SAHSHA | 5:53 AM

Hmm.. Drew, my baby boy.. and Sahsha.. my puppy wuppy doodle bug...

Amy beth | 6:16 AM

I'd do my kids names and my husband too. the three loves of my life. James & Georgia and John
amy.putman at gmail dot com

Stephanie | 7:11 AM

Kyle, Amber, Abbie & Natalie!

Stephanie @ kaamom3@yahoo.com

Jaida | 7:23 AM

I too have been overwhelmed by the choices out there, but would love this with my kids' names:

Pacey and Brighton

Kristie | 7:46 AM

Kid's names, Mary Claire, Brantley and Ellie Grace

Love your blog!

Christy | 8:19 AM

I'd love to have our names: Christy, Brett and Finn!
So sweet! Lovely giveaway!

W | 8:27 AM

My little boy, Julian! And with the exclamation mark!

MargieK | 9:39 AM

I'd love one of these, too!

My "kids" are grown, but will always be my kids. :)

Anthony (aka "Tony")

mak329 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous | 9:46 AM

Cerelia, Quade and Novella - the stars in my sky.
Love Momma


Williams' World | 9:58 AM

. I love it! I would have my kids' names, Lucas and Charlotte (or we call her Lottie for short)...


Anonymous | 10:48 AM

Beautiful! My daughter is Addison, and we're expecting number 2!


Wendy | 11:36 AM

Forgot to leave contact info. Sorry! The names I would put are Tyler and Maddy. And my contact is therealwendychintanner@gmail.com

Pajarrito lindo | 12:52 PM

my son: Conor Jones

Taryn | 1:01 PM

Just gorgeous. I would have my three boys, Jye, Nate & Mack.



Kristywr | 1:23 PM

I am not sure what the name will be, but we are expecting a babu in February. It will either be Abby Margaret or Corbin David.

kdwall at nbdotsympaticodotca

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