The Month in Moments: January

This last week has been full of a sort of magic/calm after the storm even though the storm is still kind of... still storming. The rats are still in the walls (the exterminator is basically living with us at the moment, what's up, George) our bathroom/redo estimate is double what was originally predicted and Hal threw his back out (I wonder why) and has been unable to move for three days... but whatever to all of that because strange and wonderful things are afoot at the Circle K and the invisible bowling ball of awesome is in the backseat of the van rolling around and imma let it finish.

In the meantime, here are some stills from this month's moving...ness.
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fire2 the quintessence of Bo  IMG_5811 the quintessence of Revi sisters IMG_6011 5
IMG_6040 dudes the united states
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This week's big news belonged to Archer who tried out for his first school play.

It was the first time we've seen him go outside of his comfort zone and into a foreign (and slightly intimidating) new world alongside children he didn't particularly know. And? He rocked it. HE BROKE TEN LEGS! He did something that surprised all of us, himself included, worked hard for a week all on his own, practicing his monologue and song, and miraculously (but also not, because crazy talented human being alert) he got the part. The shy kid in the back row got up in front of everyone and performed beautifully... with poise and grace and this humble Archerness that is so completely spectacular, and, well, we all cried.
charlie brown
And then yesterday, I gave my phone to Archer so that he could read all of your Instagram comments and he had this look on his face, like, wow. These are for me?

"A lot of people have watched you grow up. They knew you as a baby and now you're this totally amazing human being and you inspire people. You inspire me and your sisters and teachers and a lot of other people, too because you're a kind and generous person, because you have a very special way of looking at the world."

"Really. You're a good man, Archer Sage." 

"Oh, I get it. Like the play"

"No, in real life. You're a good man."
photo 1 copy
Thank you all for the love you showed Archer this week. I write about him less these days for obvious reasons but every time I do-- every time I post a picture or share a moment, there is this outpouring of love and kindness that is completely remarkable and overwhelming. A is so lucky to have your love and support. All of us are. Thank you.