Portrait of a Family as a Young(ish) Family & Giveaway!

This, right up there, is us. Pretty amazing, right? I know. I am freaking out I'm so in love (the next best thing to buying your dream dress is wearing said dress in perpetuity as an illustrated person) and thanks to Lisa & My Little Buffalo, this portrait will soon hang in my rat-infested gravelly old house that I love/want to punch a little bit.

(On Wednesday we had the plumber come to the house to investigate a leak the exterminator found in the basement and it turns out our shower is leaking through the tile AND floor below the tile AKA we need to have our shower/tile/floor underneath the floor completely redone which will cost... I mean... I can't even... I might as well just put every dollar I make into the walls of this house and call it a day. TALK ABOUT THE GIFT OF POTTERY! Broken 100 year old tiles made out of ceramic!!? INDEED IT IS A SIGN THAT THE GODS ARE GIGGLING DOWN ON US! LOL, Gods! EL. OH. EL OMG.)


Lisa's illustrations are all made-to-order custom orders and make incredible gifts for all of the people that you love and/or like. (She creates and sells the digital files for you to print at home.) Here are some examples that make me feel happy when I look at them: 

I also LOVE these for a child's bedroom because I'm obsessed with personalization:

My Little Buffalo also offers iPhone covers.  (I just ordered one because, come on! The best!)

...And, because love is in the air, Lisa is generously giving away one custom Valentine's Day order to a lucky winner. (If you don't have a Valentine, whatever. In fact, how rad would it be to order a portrait holding hands with yourself, BFF necklace style? In your two favorite dresses/t-shirts/jumpsuits!) To win, tell me what love means to you. Winner will be chosen at random next Friday, January 31st. (In the meantime, you can use code GIRLSGONE10 and receive 10% off your My Little Buffalo order.)
Love to all and happy weekend-ing!