5 Ways to Personalize a Nursery + Giveaway

updated with winners, below!
I'll admit I'm totally geek when it comes to personalizing my kids' spaces. Maybe it's because I'm extremely into names but part of my process in creating a welcoming room for my babies-to-be has required (for me) personalized touches. The cloth letters are a start. And the blankets are perfection adorableness, but there are many fantastic ways personalize your babe's nursery without getting all cutesy wootsy. Some ideas for my fellow nesters (and holy shit, you guys! So many of you are expecting! Congratulations!) and nesters-to-be are:

1. Street Sign Artwork

I've posted about "Where the Streets Have Your Name" before. The dude who runs the business is a family friend. Makes for a great gift for a new parent or newlywed couple. Very cute without being cutesy.

2. Vintage Vinyl from Ebay

Had the girls been boys, we would have named them Vox Shepherd ("the voice that guides") and Revere Blaze ("deeply admired light") which, I'll be honest, I'm still mourning because I think they're fantastic and strong and fantastic. But it's like that quote we used to write on our binders in Jr. High "if you love something set it free..." so fly free thou boy names! If the twins had been boys, these would likely be hanging in their nursery right now.
Revere was a tough one (I searched and searched) but this is close enough and look how they match!
Speaking of color coordination, these make a pretty solid pair:


3. Chalkboards
Archer and Fable have an entire wall in their room painted in chalkboard paint. We're planning on bunking them in the Fall so they can actually access the wall (that rhymed). Fable's daybed formerly known as crib has been against it this whole time but we're looking forward to turning half of A&F's bedroom into a create-their-own-adventure type art space and the chalkboard wall will act as center stage. For a nursery, however, here are a few chalkboards I found on Etsy that would make for beautiful wall hangings for personalized love letters:


4. Old Books (or Book Lamps)
Hardback Book Lamp - Archer in Hollywood-2
I posted about Archer's "Archer in Hollywood" book lamp, here. The artist (his name is Philip Hansen) doesn't have a lot of Book Lamps in his shop currently (more are on the way) but there's a chance that if you contact him he may be down to customize an order. Maybe? Another way to personalize is to frame dust jackets. Expecting an Olivia or Eloise?
...A Madeline or Miles?
Triplets named Sally, Dick and Jane you say?


5. Personalized Wooden Toys:
My friend Amy runs Little Aloutte and included in her hand-crafted wooden toy store are these beautiful wooden typography teethers (see R&B above) that double as beautiful display items before babies have any teeth to bite them with. They're also the kind of things the girls will keep with them always. (Thank you, Amy for the personalized teethers! They look lovely in the room!)
Annnnnd, because I haven't done a giveaway, here, since... Tuesday, Amy's offering two lucky readers a handmade "typography teether" in the letter of your choice. I'll pick two winners via random.org next Thursday, September 15th. To win? Tell me a name you love. And don't forget to include your email address!
P.S. For the next week, with code "twinsrule" you get 15% off all Little Alouette purchases. Thanks, Amy! And thank YOU all for your continued support and kindness. You have made this pregnancy feel truly blessed and my family feel especially loved. Hope you've enjoyed this little giveaway week o' mine. Good luck and happy nesting!



Updated: Congrats to commenters #104, Ashley and commenter #212, Ann Marie! (Expect an email from me shortly!) And thanks for everyone for participating!


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fromaggi | 4:24 PM

I love the name Elio. I'm four days past my due date with my second boy but my hubby thinks the name sounds too similar to our first son's name so, we're still deciding. (Maybe that's what the babe is waiting for before making an appearance).

fromaggi | 4:26 PM

I love the name Elio. We're waiting for our second to make an appearance (he's four days late so far), but the name sounds too matchy-matchy to our first son's name so, we're still deciding. (Maybe that's what the babe is waiting for in order to make his appearance). We would have named our babe Amelia June if it had been a girl.

Susie | 4:29 PM

We are naming our soon-to-be-hatched baby girl Eliza, and we are both pretty jazzed about it :D

Anonymous | 4:31 PM

I plan to name my firstborn girl Willa Ivy - two family names that I LOVE

gldampier | 4:32 PM

I love the name Vivienne. If only I can get my husband off of his "Maggie" kick.

Dianne | 4:35 PM

For personal reason, I love Lillian Frances and James Adrien. I definately go the traditional road when naming my children :)

Anonymous | 4:35 PM

I am three days overdue with my third boy who would have been named HAVEN if he was a girl. We always had that named picked out for our potential girl, so now I am also setting it free into the ether, because we don't plan on having a fourth. And, honestly, when Jessica Alba named her newest daughter Haven recently, it kind of ruined it for us anyway. She stole our baby name! ;)

Email: writestv@gmail.com

JessCowgirl | 4:36 PM

I am still bummed I didn't get to use our girl name with our first...Imogen Pippi. We waited to find out the gender until he was born, so I held the hope. I would almost have a second if I could be guaranteed the chance to use it!

Dianne | 4:36 PM

Complete preggo brain for me :)

Lillian Frances and James Adrien

my email is murray.77@hotmail.com

can't wait to meet R & B

Amanda M | 4:39 PM

I love love love the names Samantha and Charlotte for twins, and then of course I would shorten them to Sam and Charlie. Coincidentally, or not, my husbands Grandfathers name is Sam and my Dad is Charlie, so if we ever DID have twin girls OR boys we'd be all set :)
My email is Preppypitbull@gmail.com in case it doesn't show up in my blogger profile.
I love R&B's room by the way, and reading your blog in general. I love following your family!

Mad's Mom | 4:39 PM

My mother's side of the family has a habit of bestowing first and middle names, but going by the middle name only. The poor forgot first names are never mentioned. That being said, my mother (who goes by her middle name of course) has a first name that I find so lovely, that I secretly want to name my second daughter, should I be so lucky to have another girl (first born is Madeline) . My fave name is Laila.

SKhan | 4:40 PM

I am expecting twins next month with the help of a surrogate and if we have at least one daughter her name will be Rooney Marie!

Mad's Mom | 4:43 PM

Dang it! I totally forgot to leave my email. welcometomotherland@gmail.com

Heather | 4:44 PM

I love the name Lucille, classic and beautiful and made for an old soul. Just like my beautiful niece.

christina | 4:46 PM

I love two: Viggo & Egon. My husband loves these names as well. But, I'm sure we will get plenty of flack from our families if we choose either one. Oh well!

Rachael | 4:47 PM

I am looking forward to our first child in March. We have picked out Peyton Shea or Dominik Anthony - we will hopefully find out the gender in two weeks!

rachael.leann at gmail dot com

Heather | 4:47 PM

Whoops, here is my comment again and my email address:

I love the name Lucille, classic and beautiful and made for an old soul. Just like my beautiful niece.


Rowenna | 4:51 PM

I'm trying to get my husband on board with Isen. I love the name so much, but he is not convinced. For a girl, my favorite name is Bria.

I'm all about names that are unique, but having a hard-to-spell-and-pronounce name myself, I feel a duty to give names that won't be messed up forever, while maintaining that sense of individuality. That's one reason I love your kids' names! Common words, easy to spell and say, but so unique and beautiful as names!

Dave | 4:53 PM

My friend is expecting Amara next month, and I love their choice!

Whitney | 4:55 PM

I have 6 week old twin boys named Noah Riley and Ian Timothy. So I live the names Ian and Noah! You are in for such fun once your two baby girls arrive!


Jasmine | 5:10 PM

I love the name Eero for a boy. So strong and intentional.

LiciaLee | 5:11 PM

I love way too many names. So Many names that my husband has shot down. My current love is Sylvia.. but its not to be. But I would love a C shaped teether for my little Clara Juliet. :D alicia morris 2008 @ gmail dot com.

Stephanie | 5:13 PM

My Baby-Man (born two weeks ago) is named Judah Eugene. We loved the uniqueness of Judah, since you rarely hear anyone with that name, and Eugene is his uncle, whose birthday he shares.

I would love a little "J" for him. Lawson.cook.613@gmail.com

Anonymous | 5:15 PM

I'm not entering the contest, but just wanted to share that I bought my son one of the "Where the Streets Have Your Name" signs for his first birthday. I love looking at it every day and love the idea of it being something he'll always have.

Jessica | 5:15 PM

We are naming our baby girl (due on Fable's birthday, but ready to come NOW) Carolina, as in the states... Coline for the middle... lots of nickname possibilities!
I did want to make her name out of some adorable alphabet cards Anthropologie had - but would've had to buy a couple of boxes :)


SallyBeth | 5:21 PM

I love the name Ezra Oak which is what we decided on for our son, we would have gone with Hazel Mae had we ended up with a girl.


Aliesha | 5:23 PM

I love the name Eliana. I don't know why, I just love it. I also love the name Addison and was so sad when it became insanely popular in the last few years. I also love Eleanor (Ellie), but we ended up going with Allie for our daughter-so I'd choose an "A".

aliesha (dot) fullerman @ gmail (dot) com

Anonymous | 5:29 PM

I love the name Alice. Sweet and simple.

Can't wait to find out what R&B's names are.


Anonymous | 5:30 PM

My little girl's name will be Aubrey-althought not terribly original, it's a sentimental family name. jaclyn.marie@gmail.com

Nicole | 5:33 PM

I love Penelope. It is modern and traditional. Grounded and fun. When we were choosing a name for our daughter my husband said, "I simply can't imagine not liking someone named Penelope." That was that.

Elise | 5:34 PM

Naming our triplets was a long process. My husband is Bosnian, so the names had to sound pretty in both languages and end in "a" because all Bosnian female names do. I wanted them to sound good together but not be matchy-matchy and my husband wanted them to be very feminine. We settled on Marina Rose, Leila Grace & Ariana Jane and they suit our girls so well. Can't wait to find out who R & B turn out to be.

Femi Ford | 5:35 PM

I love my mother's name, Euphemia!
pronounced 'you-feh-me-uh'

Carolyn Williams | 5:35 PM

We will be naming our first baby (due in December) either Alma or Chet. I love both of these names for historical, literary and aesthetic reasons.

Kristywr | 5:35 PM

My son's name is Corbin. We loved it even more when every nurse who came into see us post delivery said "Corbin? We've never had a Corbin here before".

For a girl, I am love with Ainsley.

Femi Ford | 5:37 PM

i love my mother's name Euphemia and my email address is:
femi (at) infemity.com

Anonymous | 5:37 PM

I'm posting this as anonymous just in case my family reads this...we're thinking about naming our twins Cyril James and Althea Charlotte. Shhhh...

Jessica | 5:43 PM

We are due in 5.5 weeks with baby boy number two...we think we are going to name him mattix...although completely undecided...
we also like pheonix...looking for something with an X to go with his brothers name Jaxson..
If we were ever to have a girl it would more than likely be Lark...but when we first found out we were pregnant with this one we loved willow...then pink named her baby willow...Oh well Brangelina have a Maddox!

Jessica | 5:44 PM

and oops...here is my email:

would love a Little M or G since were still undecided:) G for our last name!

Kehler | 5:47 PM

Ella Gray is my girl name... we can't agree on boy's names... hopefully we won't have to since we find out in 3 weeks what the baby is going to be!
Due in 23 weeks...but who is actually counting! :)


Anonymous | 5:51 PM

We are SO iffy on names right now! Granted, I'm only 7 weeks, so I guess we have time. ;) We have a ton of names for girls, but not happy with any of our boy names.
I have always LOVED the name Anastasia, but that's actually not on our list. That & Lilly... we doesn't work with our last name. :(

Anonymous | 5:56 PM

I love the name Adelaide (if we have a girl). It's the city in Australia where my husband spent a semester in college, and the place where we intend to spend one of our anniversaries together. :)

RSilvies | 5:56 PM

I love Paloma and Lidia which are both easy to pronounce for our Mexican family and our stateside family:) If only husband agreed!


SpillingOutBeautiful | 6:00 PM

I'm not entering the contest. I just wanted to comment to tell you that the name Revere kicks so much ass. I am swooning. So hard.

ste | 6:04 PM

I love the name Silas for a boy. We didn't use it for my son because my husband loved the name we chose and I decided to let him decide between the two since our daughter's name was one I fell in love with a long time ago.

When did Archer and Fable start sharing a room? I'm hoping my kids can share a room but am completely lost as to how to make it work. Right now, my son (5 months) is in a crib in our room.

Jme | 6:05 PM

I Love all 3 boys that I chose for my boys - Thomas, Liam and Jack [=o)


Kate Giovinco Photography | 6:05 PM

I love the name Anais but I have a niece named that. So if I had a girl I love the name India.

kate205 at gmail dot com

Maggie | 6:12 PM


maggiejow at gmail dot com

actionbabycarriers | 6:19 PM

My little boy is named Arlo and I love it (and him). Another fave boy name is Lowell, hubby didn't like it.

Mreffey | 6:21 PM

If my son had been a girl, I would have fought with my husband for the name Piper or Penelope. Maybe baby #2 (when eventually conceived) can get this moniker! :)

bee | 6:22 PM

I adore the name Maisie.

Noelle Spooner | 6:30 PM

Revere has been added to my list of future baby names!! Love my sons name, Hudson. He was conceived and born in Manhattan
<3 noellespooner at hotmail dot com

Janel | 6:31 PM

I really wanted to name my most recent addition to the family Ursula. I really, really felt that's who she was, you know? Alas, Surrey was the only name we could agree on, but in my head, she's sometimes little Ursula.

Candace | 6:33 PM

I would have to say that I LOVE the name Adeline, which happens to be the name of my #2!


Courtney | 6:40 PM

I love my newborn son Elliott's name but love the name we had chosen for a girl (Adelaide) tons!

I love little allouette and bought her rattle/teethers for several friends. Would love an E for Elliott's room

the king of carrot flowers | 6:40 PM

I almost named our son Topher. We went with Elliott Gray- which would've been his name if he had been a girl as well.

Anonymous | 6:45 PM

Sebastian, Esme, and Djuna are currently my top names!
caughtstars at gmail.com

Nicole | 6:45 PM

My 5-month-old daughter is Evelyn, and I love the feel of it on my lips, and her nickname: Evy. Spunky and sweet.

I loved Owen for a boy, but that seems to be getting trendier.

Our last name ends in 'a' which ruled out a lot of my favorite names (sounded too sing-songy): Jovita (a family name- Portuguese), Helena, Micah, Rocco.

My husband wouldn't go for my more quirky choice: Zephyr.

Nannette | 6:46 PM

J'adore the name Sabine! Always loved it but never used it for our girls (Wilhelmina and Ramona). Le sigh.


Anonymous | 6:55 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vivian | 6:55 PM



Kylie | 6:58 PM

I love Beatrix enough to have used it for my daughter. But for a boy, I love Tate. It's an old family name and still sounds modern and cool.

Tatiana | 7:01 PM

My kids names...Evangeline Jane and Logan James. LOVE!

Rebecca | 7:04 PM

We named our little boy Harvey. He is expecting his first tooth anyway now...drooling like crazy. Love the teethers. I have a 'Harvey' vintage book currently in my etsy cart that you've reminded me to purchase. I can not wait to hear what you're naming the girls!


Bless with a Boy | 7:05 PM

Love it!

Erica | 7:07 PM

the only name my husband & I agree on right now is Fiona. I don't have a clue what we'll do if we have a boy!


J | 7:09 PM

I have two boys and I love their names but if o had a girl this last time I would have chose Adelaide, Adelynn or Ainsley.
Jhultquist at gmail dot com

kristi | 7:10 PM

my son, who is due any day now, will be Brady Lee. i've been in love with the name brady for forever & it's also my grandmother's maiden name.


Ashley | 7:12 PM

We're 19 weeks right now with our first. We're not sure what we're having and don't plan to find out. I'm incredibly picky when it comes to names. My name is Ashley and I graduated with about 10 other Ashleys so I refuse to give my kiddo a name that is even the slightest bit popular. My problem is that I'll find a name I like, but as soon as I think of MY baby with that name I think "it's just not good enough". I've found two names that I love for girls - Raina and my very favorite is YOUR little ones name, Fable. However, my husband is just not coming around on that one, so Raina might be our top pick. For a boy, we were planning on calling him Liam because hubby's middle name is William but since it's becoming increasingly popular, hubby isn't too keen on it anymore either. So, at this point, we really have nothing picked out. :)

I think your names are all lovely.


Krystan | 7:15 PM

I love my daughter's name - Eleanor Kathryn. Both are family names, and while I was sure I wanted to name her Caroline before she was born, the minute I saw her, I knew she was Eleanor. I love it more every day, but that's probably because of her.

Celia | 7:16 PM

We're planning on naming out twin boys Ezra and Elliott once they make their debut :)


Lisa A | 7:22 PM

Love the name Alexander, as it's our first baby's name! =)


Christy | 7:28 PM

I love the name Avery, but my husband didn't as a first name. We gave it to our daughter as her middle name.

jinxy112 @ gmail . com

Unknown | 7:32 PM

Our baby girl's name will be Josslyn Alexis. Our son is named Alexander and we wanted them to have something to keep them together (even just in spirit). So we decided to give her the feminine of her brothers name as her middle.

Brenda Hoskin | 7:44 PM

These are my current list of girls names...expecting in Feb...

Ailis (ay-liss) – noble (Gaelic)
Haude (Ode) – noble (Breton Celtic)
Navlin (nav-lin) Celtic girls name which means (meaning) holy pool

c a l e y 2 2 @ h o t m a i l . c o m

Mrs. Brightful | 7:46 PM

Preggers and probably using Quincy for a boy or a girl.


Lydia | 7:48 PM

As of today I am 37 weeks with our first child, a boy. Choosing a name has been much harder than I ever anticipated but I think we're settled on Mateo Kahlil...I've been afraid that my husband's parents and relatives will just call him Matt (NOT an option), but try as we might nothing else seems to fit. Every time I think of him with another name it just doesn't...work. He's Mateo, always has been, always will be. I'm pushing for 'Teo' as an option for a nickname :).

L.L. | 7:58 PM

I love the name Fable, thank you for the inspiration. I am baking a little girl in my oven currently and everyone is in love with that name except my husband. He likes the name Sophie, which is lovely too but not quite "it." I am WAY too excited to find out what the twins' names are, thanks for sharing what their boy names would have been! Love those too.


Sarah Yost | 7:59 PM

My next child, (sperm permitting) will be named Nicolette or Nico Quinn.

I love my daughter's name: Lula.

sarah @ sarahwagneryost.com

Hyatt | 8:00 PM

My favorite name is Lila but my cousin already took that name for her little girl. Ironically, she wanted to name her daughter Lola but my sister took that name first for her dog...so it set off a chain of name stealing :)


Anonymous | 8:10 PM

Adeline! My new baby girl's name.

Jellybeanfoote@ yahoo.com

Jess | 8:14 PM

i always wanted a little boy named clyde.

jshoemaker578 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Jack's Mama | 8:14 PM

I love your boy names! Can't wait to hear the baby girl names, I havent been reading others comments too much until this post. So fun reading names! You should make a post of the guesses you get for R & B.
I like names with the letter L, my name is Leah. I have a perfect little boy, Jack-he is John Gabriel LaMonica Jr. My husband goes by Gabe/Gabriel, I have always loved his name & him, love at first sight at age 16-almost 10 years ago!
For the perfect girl i'm dreaming of conceiving :) I like these names in no particular order:
Molly-I've always liked this name and I have an awesome mentor at work named Molly
Evelyn-I used to be a teacher and we called my student, Evie, such a cute nick name and beautiful name
Violet-My grandmothers name who I was super close with, she died 10 years ago when I was 16 and BEFORE Ben & Jen named their named their daughter
Julie-I've always loved this name, but I don't really like Julia, we have great aunts on both sides with this name
Lindsey-I've always loved this name since I was a little girl, its sooo 80s though so i doubt i would ever use but i love those L names :)
Louise-only for a middle name but my husbands grandmother lives next door, thats her name and she is the sweetest lady ever and lets us live in her house in the DC area for $600 a month, truly a saint!

For a boy, I like Max, my last name is Crane so that would most likely be his middle name

Thanks for your name posts :)
lcrane815 at gmail dot com

Jack's Mama | 8:17 PM

I've also always loved Ella or Ellie but my husbands last name is LaMonica and Ella LaMonica, beautiful but a lot of alliteration, too much in my opinion so i retired it

beck | 8:20 PM

Eloise, "Lo" for short will be my daughter's name.

Patrick will be my son's name.
I also like the name Emery for my son.



Leslie | 8:27 PM

I love my daughter's name, Autumn. It was actually my husband's idea but I fell in love with it immediately.

Elisa | 8:30 PM

I love my baby's name... Coen Eliot. Coen means brave, which is what his grandfather would have called him if he were around today. Also, it's kind of an Anglo version of the Japanese zen puzzles, koans. (You know, sound of one hand clapping, etc.) And the Coen Brothers are awesome! Eliot is half my name and half my husband's name, squished together. Love.
elisawebb [at] yahoo.com.au

Maggie | 8:32 PM

For a long time my someday-baby name has been Maeve. I still love it so dearly, but it's popularity is growing and growing and I'm beginning the emotional process of letting it go. (While also keeping in mind that currently there is no one I would like to have put a baby inside me, so you know, perspective). I'm on the search for a replacement (for my brain to cradle) and have considered Mavis, and Meryl.

Anonymous | 8:34 PM

I love my daughter's name, Adeline Mae. We call her Addie.


Tina L | 8:49 PM

My favorite boy name is my grandson's name: Korbyn which is a variation on my son Cory's name. For a girl we are expecting our new granddaughter in November and her name will be Elliot (Elli). I would love to get the letter E for her.

Tara | 8:53 PM

My little girl is Eliza Juliette. I just love it. If I have another girl, her name will be Gemma, middle name undecided.


Margo | 8:54 PM

I love the name Charlie- for boy or girl, but can't sell my husband on it :(
So far we have Reid for a boy and haven't decided on a girl. We already have an Adaline and want something to match.


Tara | 8:56 PM

My little girl is Eliza Juliette. I love it so much. If I have another girl, she will be named Gemma, middle name undecided.


Imperfect Bird | 9:01 PM

I love both of my boys names: Zion and Phoenix :-)

If we ever had a girl I'd love to name her after my grandma Hazel.


Ashley | 9:02 PM

I love different names no one else would have. My husband however is the opposite :0) we just had our baby (6 months ago) and went fist city over names lol I so wanted to name him luxe if it was a boy and ruby if it was a girl... Or Raelee and call her Rae... He opposed, we had a boy and named him Brady which I love and couldn't see him with any other name :0)

chantalart | 9:06 PM

I have loved the name Saskia since I was in high school- and it is now my daughter's name! Other loves: Adara, Annika and Beatrix; also Seraphina, even though Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner stole it from me.

Sara | 9:12 PM

My daughter's name is Adeline and I love it :) I also like the name Isley (pronounced eye-ly) a lot.

my email is saraklind@gmail.com

Francesca | 9:14 PM

dang girl, i love the names you've picked for your children, and honestly? shepherd rocks. if we have future babies they will be named Truman or Daisy.

The Shopping Mama | 9:17 PM

Mildly into Annabelle or Max for the current bump, but nothing feels like "THE" name. Pleny o' time to figure it out.


Maggie Carter | 9:22 PM

Harvey. This is my son's name and it's from the Jimmy Stewart movie Harvey: Dr. Sanderson: Think carefully, Dowd. Didn't you know somebody, sometime, someplace by the name of Harvey? Didn't you ever know anybody by that name?
Elwood P. Dowd: No, no, not one, Doctor. Maybe that's why I always had such hopes for it.

Jana | 9:27 PM

I have a Sam and a Charlotte, so obviously I love those names. But we're also done having kids (99% sure) so I also love our other names: Henry and Margaret.

ChefSara | 9:31 PM

When my second son was born, my husband made it pretty clear that he didn't want any more kids :-(. So I am mourning the little Norah that I will never have. I also really wanted to name one of our sons Connor, but my husband wouldn't agree to it. That said, I love our sons' names: Sean and Liam (yeah, we're a bit Irish) :-)

Heathrow's World | 9:33 PM

I love the name Annabelle, hence, it's our daughters name :)

Ashley | 9:36 PM

Should baby #2 be a girl she will be Pepper Valentine. Should baby #2 be a boy he will be Jagger Ash.

Our 7 month old is Cruz Nicholas.

Can I also just say I really love you blog and both laughed and cried reading through your story for the first time. Thank you for doing what you do!


Annie | 9:39 PM

I love the name Annaliese for future girls We already have an Elianna and Claire, so I love those names as well!

jessica weliwitigoda | 9:42 PM

I love love love James for a girl, but my husband will not get on board. We already have two girls though, so maybe we'll have a boy next. I love the name Nixon, but after the watch, not the president.

Jade | 9:43 PM

I love the name "Felicity Skye" for a girl and "Kingsley Floyd" for a boy. PS i'm a fan of all these ideas!

ecology | 9:45 PM

I love the name Odessa. I was totally set on it but I got a veto from my husband. Dessie is such a cute nickname. I also like Lincoln and Ephraim for boys. Kinda old fashioned...
I am super excited to find out what R and B stand for!!!!


Life's a Potty | 9:50 PM

I loved the name Harper, until the Beckhams stole it. now I'm at a loss for a girls name.

Ali | 10:00 PM

I'm absolutely head over heels in love with the name Harbor, (I also love that you thought of this name on your list! Sad that it got thrown out though) But nonetheless, it's by far my most favorite name.


Pam | 10:04 PM

I love the name Kimmalee. It's a mix of Kimberly and Mai Lee, both family names, from different sides. Pronounced like K + Emily.

Lin Snow | 10:25 PM

Loved reading everyone's names!

I love my daughter's name: Maya. Always have, always will! :)


bribrough | 10:42 PM

I love the name we chose for our 3-day-old son, Francis Ellington. I'd get an E, as he'll go by Ellington, or Eli for short.

Briana dot Brough at gmail dot com

krista | 10:50 PM

i am in love with both of my kids' names. (which sounds silly, because OF COURSE i love the names.) my daughter is finn and my two week old baby boy is dashiel (but i call him dash.) and i've been coveting a little aloutte teether for oh, about nine months.

Glenda | 10:50 PM

Jaimeson and Janel are my kids names. My friend is having a girl in Dec and her name is going to be Carleigh after her dad and her hubby's middle name Carl.

Victoria Strong | 10:51 PM

I love my daughter's name, Gwendolyn. It is old fashioned, not very common and if she wants to change it up Gwen is beautiful, too. We call her G, so this is a perfect giveaway for her room.

vstrong {at} gmail { dot} com

Unknown | 10:52 PM

My son's name is Quincy, which I adore obviously. We're not ready to give up our top contenders for our baby girl (due right now . . . let's do this!), but I've always loved Noelle and sadly my husband does not.

B&B | 11:02 PM

I love my kids names but if I had more (nudge,nudge,wink,wink, HUSBAND), I would love to use the name, Faye. I think it's lovely...


My son could use that teether right now, though, holy droolcup, boy!

If you weren't real...I'd make you up | 11:28 PM

I'm having my babe next week and she is a girl, I have a girl that just turned two. Her name is Pyper Lenai. We wanted to stick with the P.L. theme so this one is going to be Parker Laine. I SO badly wanted to name her Palmer or Pepper. It was Paisley for about 8 months and then I realized it's just getting WAY to popular. If it just happens to be a boy he'll be Parks...or Palmer. My email...slimsquirt@gmail.com

stacymichelle | 12:11 AM

I love the name Khloe.. Aaand since I don't plan to have kids for any time soon, I hope that the Kardashian thing isn't the first thing people think of when they meet my baby girl. :)

stacymichelle | 12:12 AM

oops! stacymichelle@msn.com

Alyssa | 1:40 AM

We just found out we're having a boy and I love the name Joseph (after my dad and my husband's grandfather).

My email is: awissa77@gmail.com

Laurie (Lala) | 1:43 AM

I am a big name nerd and have way too many favorites to narrow it down to one. Naming my eldest daughter Teghan was easy, I had no doubts about her name. My newbie is Paisley Jane, P.J. for short. My hubby and I knew we wanted to call her P.J., but we compromised on first name Paisley. My first choice was Padgett.


Melissa | 1:49 AM

I'm focused on the girl's name "Roya" right now. I have a long time to let that marinate since my baby boy is only 4 months old though.

Deanna | 1:59 AM

I'm due in November and we love Dash for a boy and Moira for a girl. I love the name Autumn but I couldn't quite sell my husband on it. :) Middle name, though! deannaniles [at] gmail.

Joel and Maria | 2:13 AM

My seven month old teething baby is named Isla. She was nameless most of my pregnancy until my husband suggested her name at the very end and it just clicked. Love it. Thanks for sharing the fun personalized nursery ideas!

Jen5253 | 2:22 AM

I LOVE my daughter's name! Eliana Grace. :) It's unique, has a beautiful meaning, and is lovely to say and hear. It's gaining in popularity, but I don't personally know any other Eliana's, so we still cherish it. And I LOVE that my daughter kicked in the womb when I said her name out loud for the first time, which was a wonderful confirmation that we had found her name!

fooxoo | 2:48 AM

I ve always loved the name Emily, but I ve not named my daughter that (she is Matilda). It s one of those oldstyle names that s just very pleasant :p

fooxoo at yahoo.com

Nan | 3:33 AM

I have always loved Trinity, but, alas, I ended up with four boys. So I am now gifting my names to my sister, pg with a girl! :) email nanturnerathotmaildotcom.

Roksalanna | 3:38 AM

I love the name Giacinta.
It's very lyrical and it lends itself to the nick name Gigi.
All the very best for the birth of your baby girls Rebecca.

Roksalanna | 3:41 AM

Oops I forgot to add my email address

Jessica | 4:16 AM

I love the name Everly. We welcomed our sweet girl to the world back in February. When the doctor said we had a girl, I shouted, "Tell me again, tell me again!!!" How lucky we are to have our amazing, almost three-year-old son, Miles, and our perfect little teether, Everly! My best to you as you await the arrival of your little ladies!

Megan | 4:29 AM

I love the name Winter, my husband not so much.

Sara | 4:30 AM

LOVE the personalization ideas! We've already discussed vinyl (since we are audiophiles), chalkboard for tracking little nonsense and not just the cuteness factor, and the Little Alouette teethers (we purchased some of their guitar goodies for friends of ours). But right now we decided to keep things in the realm of the jungle as we don't know if we're expecting a little boy or girl and only have a few weeks to go. :)

We are keeping our top two boy and girl names secret but I also really love Harper and Fable(which you proudly displayed). I figured it was safe to share because it is 3rd&4th on the list :)


Chantel | 4:31 AM

I love the names Erilyn & Theron. So much so, in fact, that I used those names for my children! I also love the name Eli, which is the name my sister has picked for the little dude she's gestating. :)

Arnebya | 5:05 AM

I love all three of my kids' names, but I think the oldest, Chobe (Cho-bee; a river in Africa) is my favorite. It's the most unique. The other two are Zoe and Zaid (Zy-eed). The girls have a raspberry chalboard wall in their room. They love it (I secretly do too; I find myself in there drawing just as contentedly as they).

Jackson's Mom | 5:07 AM

Loved the name Jace for a boy, but hubby wasn't sold so we went with Jackson instead, which I also love.


Autumn | 5:23 AM

I love the name Willow, but my husband knocked it off our baby name list for our daughter because of the movie. I have a thing for trees because I also like Rowan and Hazel. If I had another boy, I still love the name Merlin which has been on my list since I was ten or so.

So far, I have a River and a Sage. (boy and girl). I love how their names are androgynous.

amanda | 5:31 AM

I love this post! So many great ideas. My baby is 3 months today and his name is Louie Risto, which I love!

Amanda | 5:49 AM

My daughter's name is Eleanor Grace. I am in love with her name. It was my husband's idea, and was easily one of the best ideas he's ever had. Her name is excellent.

Our next child will be more difficult to settle on if it's a girl. My two very favorite girl names in the world are Anastasia and Magdalena. I am of the wrong culture for Magdalena and it would look ridiculous if we named our girl that. I am of the exact right culture for Anastasia - it was my great-great-grandmother's name - but Husband remains skeptical. We shall see.

Sara | 5:50 AM

We have a Christopher and a Garrett. Baby #3 is due in March. We are certainly out of boy names (can't seem to think of another we like)...so we'll see. We like Annabel Eve for a little girl.


Abigail | 5:59 AM

Susanne Kathleen (family names)

Eve | 6:01 AM

I love my baby's name, Hank. I also love the name Penelope.
evesuzanne at gmail dot com

Allyssa | 6:03 AM

I absolutely adore picking out baby names. My sons are Bennett Avery and Lachlan Rhys (The first one I had to compromise...the second son, his dad let me pick). If we had had a girl, we would have named her Ainsley. I love the names Enzo or Elliot for a boy (both names nixed by my DH) and Layla is a secret name that I love. I love Eric Clapton's song. My email is aallyyssaa@yahoo.com.

Katie | 6:09 AM

I'm 24 weeks pregnant with our first. He will be Jack. But if he had been a taco, rather than a burrito, he would have been Maebel. Or Vienne (a shortened version of my maiden name). I'm still saving those for next time. :)

Robyn | 6:13 AM

I would love an M for my Milo :-)


Brenna | 6:26 AM

We're going with either Ivey or Ivan!

Becky | 6:29 AM

Awesome giveaway! I have been trying to figure out how to personalize my 9 month old daughter's nursery because we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl so everything is very gender nuetral. We even have a letter on the wall, but it's the first letter of our last name because we didn't know what name we would use for either gender.

To answer your question, I love the name Reese (my daughter) because it is almost an acronym of my & my sisters' names (Rebecca, Elizabeth, Ellen, Susan) so it was a way for me to honor our bond as sisters. My daughter is the first granddaugther in the family, so it was extra special to me.
rma910 at gmail dot com

Amber | 6:35 AM

Beautiful stuff! And for the name I love, I am going with my first daughter's middle name, which is Imbris. It's Latin and means "of the rain" and I believe it flows perfectly with her first name, which is Madeleine. Madeleine Imbris.

(My other daughter's name is lovely, too, of course. Violet Elena).

If I ever have another girl her name shall be Elodie. I think.

I CAN'T WAIT to see what you've named your girls. They (both the girls and the names) are going to rock so hard, I just know it.

TheGirl | 6:42 AM

My daughters name, Coraline...is of course, one of my favorites. Our second daughter is due on October 4th, so I can't give her name away :)



dosergirl at gmail dot com

Hespyhesp | 7:07 AM

I have a Haeden and I would love to someday have a Josie or Vera.


Mama | 7:23 AM

I love the name Mikabella. It's my daughter's name. I get SO many comments and compliments on it.


Anonymous | 7:25 AM

I love the name Robyn, because that's my daughters name. Maybe it's the name of your unborn R. :)


Kelly Utah | 7:27 AM

Our baby boy is due any day and we're struggling with boy names. He would have been Hattie or Lottie if he were a girl.



I'm banking on knowing once we meet him.

caitlin | 7:30 AM

I love my kids' names, 2-year-old twins Arlo and Silas and new 10- week-old Gus! If we'd had a girl I was pushing for Eulalie. Twins rock!

Jody | 7:35 AM

My boys' names are my favorite. Sorry, wanna keep them private!

Hang in there Mama!!

Morgan | 7:35 AM

Anderson could use that A teether! The nursery looks adorable!

Wading Patiently | 7:36 AM

I love the name Adam... I like the ahhh sound at the beginning :-) My husband hates it! joannawade1 (at) gmail (dot) com

amanda | 7:39 AM

oh forgot my email

Louie Risto


Katie | 7:39 AM

Eoghan Lynn
Because he is my coolest boy!
Rockstar Ronan
Because he is a rockstar and so is his mamma!
It is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!


jessi | 7:50 AM

We just found out yesterday that we are having a boy. we are trying out the name Henry Cameron to see if it feels right. If he were a girl, it would have been Kate Audrey.

Liz | 7:51 AM

I've always loved Esme, even though I pronounced it wrong in my head for many years.

Berit | 7:56 AM

I love the name Sonny. We're having a girl, though, and I don't love Sunny quite as much. So still on the hunt. I will scan the comments....

KellyGray | 7:59 AM

I love the name Gabriella but not sure how well it goes with my last name Gray (too cutesy?). I am partial to Zachary (my son's name) and love referring to him as "Z" or "Ziggy".

CallieAnnie | 8:18 AM

I love the name "Sienna," but my husband vetoed it. We are at an impass for our daughter's name. He wants "Emma" or "Adriana" or "Lily." They're just not my style, way too popular. We need a name that works in English and Spanish. "Penelope" is my next choice, but
"pene" means "penis" in Spanish, so that might not work. It's also very fairytale. I like "Ana Catalina," but people won't pronounce it the way we do and will probably think of the salad dressing. We have until January, but I feel like time is running out. R and B had names by this time!


Nikki | 8:24 AM

We had such a hard time settling on a name for our handsome little fella'. My favorites were Jett (which I believe would work for a boy or a girl), Cody, Avery, and finally, Aiden, which is what we settled with. Thanks for putting on such a great giveaway, the teethers look lovely.

Suzanne | 8:33 AM

My maiden name is Edie and I've always loved it for a girl. I've been partial to Quinn ever since Quinn Cummings rocked it in The Goodbye Girl. My grandfather's name is Howard ... it's a little old fashioned but still makes me smile.

shaussermann at gmail.com

Heather | 8:34 AM

Where to start?! So many to love...my (current) favorite girls name is Avelyn, but I also love Aislyn, Maryse, Kieran...and the list goes on!

Hillary | 8:34 AM

We just named our son Grady but if he'd been a lady baby we would have gone with Mabel. I love both names :)

Heather | 8:38 AM

Gah! Forgot to include my email addy! Let's try this again. Current favorite girls name is Avelyn, but I also love Aislyn, Maryse, Kieran...the list goes on!

hcoddington (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous | 8:44 AM

I love the name Tyler.
email is kristindotfradetteatsympaticodotcom

rachel | 8:48 AM

My kids are Bram (Abraham)David, Della Susan, and Greer Lucinda. I love them all and am so happy with our choices. If the girls had been boys - Shepherd Mahlon and Archer Edward... I can't wait to hear your new names!

Tracey | 9:04 AM

My hubby and I are having a hard time deciding in a name for our son due in December!!! We had loved the name Max for years, but it has really become popular over the last few (no thanks to JLo and Xtina!) so that's out....have a few in mind but just can't settle yet. May need to meet him to pick 'the one'.
tbalbo19 at hotmail dot com

Mari | 9:44 AM

Love the name Fable too. Our baby girl will likely have a J name. Def going to order her one of these teethers.

mommica | 9:46 AM

Well, I think Vox is fabulous. BUT I would LOVE an O for my little Oaklynn.

Mia | 9:47 AM

I love classic names like Eleanor and Lily, Charles and Edward. Our little one arrives in about 10 weeks and we'll see what he or she gets for a name :)
miascamp at gmail.com

Lou Lou Belle | 9:48 AM

My futureBaby name of choice these days is Noor - which means light and is just beautiful and updated version of my grandmother's name Lenore, I think. and for a boy I am totally in love with Cael.
the nursery gets cuter and cuter! can't wait for little R&B!!!

Isahrai | 9:51 AM

The day after I found out I was pregnant, I was having a meditative moment about companionship and thought of Henry David Thoreau and his confidante, Ellery Channing. They were so close that they bought burial plots next to each other so they could "keep whispering in each's other ear" after death! I knew instantly that, girl or boy, this baby's name would be Ellery. Little girl, Ellery Bea (or Elby as she's already been nicknamed by many) will arrive in under a month!

email: isahrai@gmail.com

k | 9:52 AM

Hi, I can't get the Where the Streets have your Name link to work and my googlefu is failing to help me find anything. Can you help?

SarahSylvester | 9:58 AM

I posted earlier but forgot to leave my email!
Willa Ivy

Rene | 9:59 AM

Tallulah Kate- that's my little bug's name. I was a bit apprehensive when she was born, thinking Tallulah was too big a name for a little girl, but man does she fill it out!

Christy | 10:04 AM

My husband and I went with family names (a huge tradition in his family dating back to the 1700s). Our son is Anderson Eli and our daughter is Lillian Miles.

LindseyLS | 10:05 AM

I named my little girl Epperly Lynn. Epperly after a beautiful singer I listened to a lot while I was pregnant. Lynn, we got from my husband's mother who passed a few years ago. Everyone who hears the name either really loves it or says "Wow what a unique name" which I take as wow what a weird name lol. No other name would ever fit my Epp though. :) lindseyleighsmith at hotmail dot com

Kelsey Geist | 10:11 AM

Gwyneth and Liam. We find out Monday if we are having a boy or a gal! Can't wait!

guarros | 10:13 AM

OH how your name posts complete me. I mean, of course, I'm going to say names I love? Lilliana Avery as she is my first born but recently with the addition of our second I can't leave out Josslyn Jane. Or Joss / JJ as we call her - though her other nickname? It's a wee bit on the long side, but it really speaks to who she is. "Why won't you sleep when it's dark?" It doesn't quite flow... but it suits her well.

Hot Stuff | 10:26 AM

All the names I love have been vetoed by my husband... Right now we've settled on Olivia Lynn, but I have a sneaking suspicion that when this little girl makes her appearance a completely different name will occur to us! She's due the first week of November.

Margaret | 10:35 AM

I love my son's names: Miles and Wyatt.

Andi | 10:36 AM

I was out in the garden and thought maybe your little girls are named after flowers - came up with Banksia (NEAT flower) and Rue or Ribes (currants!). BUt you know. I'm probably a million miles away.

Been trying to think up my own child's name, just can't do it. I have a terrible time with names.

lobsterandi on the email provider gmail.com

Linden | 10:40 AM

I'm going to have to say that I love my kids' names: Jude and Ada. I'd love to have a J and A for them to keep forever!

Sarah Wilson | 10:46 AM

My new 10-week old is June Mary - and I love it more and more each day.

Prissy | 10:47 AM

Not entering the drawing, but curious about how old Fable is - have my little girl in the crib with one side off of it - aka daybed and wondering how long I can keep her in that since it goes so well with the decor of her baby/toddler room.

Ariel | 10:51 AM

I love the names Ruby Baldwin, Ellen Hope, Jeremiah Stone, and David Stephen.

meghanb | 10:51 AM

I love the name Burke, it's my middle name and my mother's maiden name. I always swore I would name my first born, boy or girl, that name. However, I'm due in Nov. and my husband's last name is Boyd.. Burke Boyd? Thinking it's too much, but you never know : )

Margaret | 10:53 AM

I posted earlier without my email as well. I like Miles and Wyatt, my son's names.

onedesigner at yahoo.com

Anonymous | 11:00 AM

Ooh there's so many names I love!

I am from New Zealand, and there are a lot of traditional names from the Maori (native people of NZ) language that I think are beautiful.

Matai (for a boy) - which is the name of a native tree in my country as well.

Tui and Kea (girls) which are native birds to the country.

Can't wait for kids to name!

catwing | 11:01 AM

I love my little dude's name, Oskar Robin. He's seven months and could totally use an O to chew about now.

kiwikate | 11:01 AM

Just managed to post anonymously without my name. Or email...

Mine were the names from New Zealand - Matai, Tui and Kea

I am Kate, and my email is fadgey@gmail.com

MandyU | 11:06 AM

I'm due December 30th with our second boy. Big brother Perrin Alexander is excited to meet baby Corbett Anson. Please enter me in the fantastic drawing. My email is aulrey at comcast.net

Great Googely Moogely | 11:06 AM

We love the name Eamon but not sure how our family feels about it. thisismomma at gmail dot com.

S | 11:11 AM

If my son had been a girl, the name would have been Francesca Sarina. Oh well, maybe the next baby!

sarapags @ gmail . com

Radiantsun | 11:13 AM

I was just talking to a Giovanni today on the phone for work and thought it was such a gorgeous name!

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