Archer Knew

family portrait
"Family Portrait" by: Archer, dated July 1st, 2010

Thank you, leahlovelove for finding this in the archives of flickr. My mind = blown.



Christina @busybmommy | 4:33 PM

He is a Sage he is.

Anonymous | 4:37 PM

Love your blog, and this drawing is, they are something else! Can I ask - how did you decide to name which twin which name? Did you know that Baby A would be Bo or Rev right from the get go, or did you figure it out once you met them? Thanks!

Anonymous | 4:43 PM

He has some Chagal like imagery there...hold on to that picture! Also, be grateful he didn't see quads or something! :)


Anon - I'll write all about that soon. Kind of a long story. And thank you.

Nothing But Bonfires | 4:44 PM

Whoa. This is freaking me out. I had to do some frantic math to figure out that you....were not even pregnant yet when he drew this. Archer is the twin whisperer!

Mom101 | 4:46 PM

I also just did the math and gasped.

That's some boy you've got there.
(And I love your talons.)

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 4:48 PM



Jana A | 4:48 PM

Wow. You know, kids know. They just do.

agirlandaboy | 4:48 PM

Holy shitballs.

(Does this mean Wombat knows something too? He keeps talking about "When the baby gets here, he can...")

Pati | 4:48 PM

Whoa! Awesome Archer!
Hang in there...soon your babies will be home and your hormones will settle...also just let it out and have a good cry. Your allowed. I remember being in the hospital with my last child and would cry over everything. The cleaning lady came in and consoled me even...<3


"waiting in the wings" they apparently were. CRAZY.

C. | 4:52 PM

Seriously? WOW!

Anonymous | 4:57 PM

(previous Anon poster here) Can't wait to hear the story of the names. I'm pregnant and my 2 year old says there is a sister for her in my tummy - I'm not sure if that's wishful thinking or freaky kid voodoo, but I've also been feeling the girl vibe from the get go...

Abby | 5:04 PM

The day I went off the pill my oldest niece drew a picture of me with a baby in my belly, a GIRL baby. Right she was.

jenifer | 5:05 PM

That is crazy awesome! Not only did he nail the twin thing but they both are pink.

Unknown | 5:05 PM

very, very cool! AND, i can't wait to hear the story on how you named each girl...i was curious about that too!

Martini Mom | 5:05 PM

My son predicted that I would have a baby boy years before it happened. Also? He predicted who the father would be. Before we were even dating. We were just friends, and he was, in fact, married to someone else. But my son, who had only even met the guy once or twice, INSISTED. I could not convince him otherwise. Many years (and a divorce) later, here we are. How in the world do they know these things?

caressa | 5:06 PM

AMAZING. Wow. I needed this tonight.

laura @ hollywood housewife | 5:07 PM

this is...WOW...

jo | 5:07 PM

That is chill bumps up and down the spine AMAZING! | 5:07 PM

It almost looks like he did two separate drawings on the same page. One in red and then turned the page 180 degrees and did a separate drawing in blue. He may have even done them on separate days, I don't know, you might know better. It speaks to me that this information is not in the front of his brain but is in the subconscious. He didn't knowingly do this, but he did it nonetheless. It is truly amazing and I hope you still have the original. Was it done on a box?

P.S. I love your baby girls' names. I, personally, don't like to think of them by the nicknames Bo and Rev because their full names are so beautiful.


Amazing times a million!!!

(And my word verification word is "sperm.")

Michelle | 5:14 PM

That is awesome. Just awesome.

tracy @mamacreates | 5:15 PM

dang, I thought my daughter was brilliantly amazing.....but wow.

Anonymous | 5:21 PM

He is amazing.

Tatiana | 5:22 PM

HOLY CRAP! You totally just gave me goosebumps.

Btw, congratulations on your beautiful family. I didn't post earlier because I figured you don't know who the hell I am and probably would never read this but then I saw that you read all your comments. So...


Lots of love <3

Anonymous | 5:33 PM

Just beautiful! His middle name is exactly what he is. A sage.

marlene | 5:40 PM

wow. what an amazing kid! how much do you think he would charge to draw a picture of my future?

Megan | 5:42 PM

Oh my wow. I knew Archer was special but whoa. That kid is amazing.

Rae | 5:44 PM

I'm giggling a bit over the 3 hairs on Hal's drawn head. ;D Archer is a character indeed!

Amanda | 5:55 PM

Oh, that is so beautiful. Little angel babies floating over your heads, waiting to be born. Just lovely.

Anonymous | 5:56 PM

omg! that gave me actual chills. he is seriously an indigo child.

leel | 5:56 PM

i don't even know what to say. except that the hair on my arms is standing straight up. HE KNEW! Children are amazing. WOW!

Justine Johnson | 5:58 PM

Holy crap. This actually gave me chills.

Christina | 6:09 PM

this picture makes me teary. he was the start of your beautiful family and he's now like the little guardian. what a sweetie. this must be framed immediately. oxox

Anonymous | 6:29 PM

Yup, kids know. My 3 year old was correct on his baby sister, my friend's girl, and his newest boy cousin. 3 for 3.

Adrienne | 6:30 PM

Isn't that beautiful... I believe that children are often still in tune with gifts that we turn away from as we age and learn to mistrust our intuition... Can you imagine what we could all be capable of if we kept these gifts alive?

Tracy | 6:40 PM

that gave me chills...just a little bit. wow.

Anonymous | 6:56 PM

Pure magic!

Mel | 7:16 PM

Does it say "bo" next to one of the twins?

Archer. What a kid. Wow.

Betts | 7:32 PM

This gave me goosebumps. Wow.

Sara | 7:36 PM

Chills! My husband and I both got 'em.

Anonymous | 7:38 PM

not only does it technically say bo...that squiggly looks like an R if u look closly....fucking nuts.

Anonymous | 7:57 PM

Wow- how prescient!

Love how your hands come out of your round boobs!

Melt Momma's Heart | 8:16 PM

That is so sweet. Thank you for sharing. ♥

Siaci | 8:16 PM

So...who is the little face next to Fable?

Krystal | 8:23 PM

Archer amazing to me and he isn't even mine! That is a special little guy you and Hal have! Such a beautiful family! In real life and in art!
Love, hugs, and well wishes to you six! SIX!!! Can you freaking believe it?!

Anonymous | 8:25 PM

The flip side to your "waiting" for the twins to come home is, sleeping through the night and healing.

Tanya | 8:59 PM

Archer Sage. The most perfect big brother to lead by example, three perfect little sisters who will look up to him always! xxx

Lisa | 8:59 PM

Maybe not...maybe if you didn't have twin this time you would have had a fourth? Maybe he messed up and turned it the other way? There's also something weird next to Fable. I think we kind of tend to think there is some psychic ability when it's just coincidence. A kid can only be one of either two things, a girl or a it's not surprising if a prediction turns out to be right. Nobody talks about the time people were wrong.

Anyway, I hope everyone in your family is home together very soon! I love the awesome people your children are growing up to be.

Anonymous | 9:22 PM

So cool!

I'll share my story, too. I've posted a few comments before - I have a 3 1/2 year old son, lost a daughter at the end of my pregnancy in June 2010, and I'm now expecting twins, due in December. We told our son that we were pregnant again after we had a good ultrasound, right around 7 weeks. He spent a few days going back and forth, trying to decide whether he wanted the baby to be a boy or a girl. Finally he said, "I want there to be two babies in your belly at the same time. I want one to be a boy and one to be a girl." We laughed and said "Well, you know, we already looked, and there was only one baby, pretty sure we didn't miscount"......At our 12 week ultrasound it was very clear that there were two babies in there (and it felt like an extra beautiful gift, as this ultrasound happened the day after our daughter's birthday/the first anniversary of her death). When we told him, he didn't act surprised in the least, just said, "Yeah, and is one of them a boy?"....About 6 weeks later we had our anatomy scan and confirmed: Yes, one boy and one girl. :)

Here's to wonderful, magical big brothers. Congratulations on the arrival of your baby girls - they are beautiful and I'm sure you're all going to have a blast together. xo

- Mary in pdx

Glenda | 9:31 PM

Love it!!! Archer is brilliant!

I can't wait to hear the birth story and the process of naming baby A Bo and baby B Rev. I thought baby A would be "R" and baby B would be "B"as in R&B ;)

Hope the girls are doing well... Eating and gaining weight and soon get to go home.

Zakary | 10:10 PM

Holy. Crap.

Sprite | 11:25 PM

i have major chills

Audriel | 11:43 PM

that scared the crap outta me at first because I thought the twins had gone on.... eek! yay for children being little wisemen!

MommyLisa | 6:16 AM


Mymsie | 7:10 AM

WHOA, this is unreal! What a neat thing to show the girls when they're older. :)

Bless with a Boy | 7:14 AM

Archer is one special young man. He always has been. The things you write about him amazes me. He did say he saw himself surrounded by sisters.

Love that boy of yours! And the girls. :-)

Kristy Lee Horning | 7:43 AM

That is amazing!!! Archer really is something special. Congratulations on your two new little ones. They are beautiful.

Good thoughts are with you and hope the twins go home soon.

Anonymous | 8:07 AM

Archer is so cool.

Anonymous | 8:44 AM

I checked in this morning to see if there were new baby pics. You are killing me with baby pics, and if I get pregnant it will be due to your bad influence. No new pics, so I clicked on the 2005 archive. November 23, 2005 made me smile. There is something about picking baby names that are uniquely interwoven into the fabric of your life.

Hope all is well, and there haven't been too many frustrating moments.


Molly | 9:02 AM

Speaking of names, this may sound weird but after looking at your photos of the two of them I could never imagine their names being switched. Boheme really looks like Boheme and the same with Reverie. They just fit. Thinking of you and your family during this exhausting time.

Unknown | 10:17 AM

Duncan knew I was pregnant with his sister before I did. He was a year old and pointed to my belly and said, "baby! baby!" We went to buy pregnancy tests that afternoon. He was right.

Who's the bodyless face next to Fable in the drawing?

supertiff | 10:22 AM

it also looks like fable has an imaginary friend, and you have some friendly spirits swirling about you.
how very blessed you are...

Liz | 10:38 AM


Anonymous | 10:47 AM

Archer rocks!

Nidia | 11:06 AM

Kids are amazing!!!!My daughter was going around telling friends and family that i was expecting before I even knew.She was 4 at the time.

Jessie May | 11:06 AM

Incredible! That's amazing and so beautiful. He knew the girls were coming :)

TKTC | 11:19 AM

He's also the one who predicted they'd be girls, yes? He's tuned in and it's amazing.

jessica ♥ The Fevered Pen | 11:43 AM

Holy crap!!! I'm speechless lol. Archer definitely *knows* things, you know what I mean? lol.

Sarah | 12:18 PM

Archer listening to his inner chakra .. wow, a special boy you have there! I have chills, seriously!!!

Hang in there .. your twins are GORGEOUS .. all of the hospital stay will seem a lifetime away when you get them home. For now enjoy the helpfull hands around you!

Forgotten | 1:40 PM

Chills. Just chills...OMG. Wow.

Home Sweet Sarah | 3:51 PM

That kid. Quite the sage, indeed.

Carla @ All of Me Now | 5:04 PM

Holy. Shit. Holy. Shit. If i were you (not you now busy and post-partum and all but you with loads of time on your hands) I'd be looking at every last drawing! He's got some magical powers =)

Unknown | 7:06 AM

That is so cool.

That Archer.

Ray | 7:01 PM

That's insane! Archer's definitely the Philosopher. And we love him for it. =D

Labor of Love(lace) | 6:18 PM

Whoa! This is Leah (of the LeahLoveLove) on flickr -- I wondered if you would see my comment! I just found out I am pregnant and have been a longtime follower of yours and was stalking your photos when I saw this and wondered if you made the connection. Thank you for the shoutout! Archer is a genius (but you already knew that), love to you and your fam!

Marie-Ève | 9:01 AM

Of COURSE he did. :-)

Anonymous | 10:07 AM

W.O.W. This is amazing!

cissy la la | 2:07 AM

meant to be.

Anonymous | 12:47 PM

OK, I am officially weirded out.
In a good way.


whoorl | 9:12 AM

Dude. WHOAH.

Riss | 6:45 PM

I love that you noticed this. I mean, it's obviously significant. So cool. It's funny because when I told my husband I was pregnant, and before we discovered we were having twins, he had given me a little gift along with a card. And on the card is a photo of a man rowing a boat with two children in it. The caption inside says "Do not make me turn this boat around." Very funny. But, it's like you say. He knew.

Anonymous | 5:56 PM

that's insane!!