Boheme & Reverie, One Week

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I don't know that twins have ever been this fraternal
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Today the girls are one week old and for their birthday, the NICU nurse broke the rules and let them sleep together, side by side in the same basinet. It was the first time I didn't feel sad leaving them behind. The opposite, actually. I felt giddy, like I was dropping them off at their first slumber party...
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We still don't know exactly when they're coming home but Reverie's nose tube comes out tomorrow and both babies are steadily gaining weight. (Although Boheme is a full pound bigger than Reverie now... the majority of which appears to be in her cheeks.) I stopped thinking of the NICU as "the hospital" and instead refer to it as NICUniversity - a place for the babies to mature and learn and put on their "freshman fifteen"... ounces. A place for them to get acquainted with each other not as womb mates, but roommates.

Bo was actually scheduled to leave on Saturday but moments before her release, had a choking incident that kept her in the NICU. Clearly she didn't want to leave her little sister behind.

Already, in their one-week of life, it's clear to all of us that they have each other's backs.
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What a gift to have a partner in crime.


birth story coming soon...


Jessina | 11:50 PM

Gorgeous girls! Cannot wait to hear your birth story. Good night mama! Blessings to you all.

Skye | 11:54 PM

Hope you get your newest girls home soon! The picture where Rev turned towards her sister for a snuggle totally melted my heart. Congrats Mama!

erin - mutterings of eringirl | 11:55 PM

The first time my girls got to be together was on day 11 when one of them was going home. I cried. At nearly 11 months I can't believe what a relationship they have now. It is amazing to watch it unfold each day. Partner in crime definitely describes it! Congratulations again. They are perfect.

Desaline | 11:58 PM

Oh goodness, they are fantastic! I'm more excited than a random internet stranger has any right to be. Congrats, mama!

monstergirlee | 12:01 AM

Congrats - so glad to hear the girls are doing so well. They're so stinkin' CUTE you're making my uterus ache....
Here's to a homecoming soon, for them both.

Martini Mom | 12:02 AM

Oh, look at them cuddle. A-freaking-dorable. Truly precious. Congratulations again, and thank you for sharing the miracle with us!

Annabelvita | 12:06 AM

So beautiful. It's crazy to think you had (nearly) that much baby inside you last week! Reverie looks so alert and thoughtful while boheme is just the yummiest baby ever. I hope they pile on that freshman fifteen super fast so archer can finally be surrounded by sisters. Lots of love xxx

Anonymous | 12:07 AM

Love, love, love! Thank u for posting, xoxo

Silvy | 12:12 AM

rebecca they are really beautiful! boheme=hal and reverie=fable!! you are soo lucky! ps have some rest mama, you deserve it! love love love

jamiegirl | 12:15 AM

Coined a new word and I think it works perfectly for your twin angles..."Blucky". You are all blessed and lucky to have one another as a family. Watching your amazing talent as a mom emerge and the soulfulness of which you share is such a treat. Thanks for every post and pic. They always make me smile and sometimes shed a happy tear too.

Glenda | 12:16 AM

They are so freaking adorable. Each others Yin and yang. Zig and zag! Can't wait to hear the birth story. Praying they both get to come home soon and your beautiful family can bond x 6 :)

Did you give Fable her gift? Was wondering how she reacted ;) I'm sure that's a post I don't want to miss.

All the best to you and your family

Rosie | 12:20 AM

When my twin brother and I were born the hospital let my mom put us together as we both cried when we weren't next to each other.

Good luck with your twins!

Angelcore | 12:27 AM

The two of them cuddling ='s one of the most beautiful things I've seen EVER! Swoooooooooooooon!!!! Congrats Mama!

pauline | 12:31 AM

this is so sweet. i have no words. it's just precious.

Aneets | 12:33 AM

Seriously they are the cutest!

I am so done having babies but they made my ovaries ache.

hayley | 12:38 AM

So fraternal. My twins that I watch in Germany as an Au Pair last year were also crazy fraternal. I love the little smile Reverie gives in the video :)

The Sentimental Suitcase | 12:39 AM

Holy crap it's been a week already!! I can't believe it!

Oh they are so perfect Rebecca! So glad they're doing well at "University!


I Got Pussy!!! | 12:44 AM

I had some roommates in college who were fraternal twins, and had a picture of themselves in 6th grade, one a full head taller than the other. One was tall and rail thin, the other, shorter and muscular. They grew up to look fairly similar, but in that picture, I'm not sure I'd guess to send them home with the same mom.

I'm still envious of their own "partner in crime" relationship. That is special and what a gift too, that you get to witness it, not to mention that you share it with all of us.

Cris | 12:55 AM

first of all: congrats for the lovely family! :)
then: Bo e so Fable and Rev is Archer, no? I immediately made the association as i saw those cute little (strong) cheeks :)
all the best for the 6 of you, Rebecca.

Siaci | 1:04 AM

They are the yin and the yang of each other. I love seeing them snuggle!
Sending love from NYC...

Daphne | 1:43 AM

ah, great to see them. My niece was in the nicu and it can very stressful. I love the "university' Idea. nice reframing.

Jessica | 2:57 AM

And I die!! Those pictures are beyond precious! What sweet, beautiful baby girls! Congrats x a thousand to you and your family!

Rosstwinmom | 3:09 AM

I too am jealous of the relationship my twins get to have. Plus yours get a big brother AND a big sister. Watch out for these 4 world!

I hope they get to sleep together more. Mine slept together for maybe 6 months until the crib was no longer big enough.

They are tasty and cute for sure! Joy joy joy!

Beth | 3:11 AM

Beautiful, beautiful girls.

As a mom of two of the fraternal-est twins I've ever known, it's an awesome thing...somehow their differences make them even better partners in crime (and no doubt, what one doesn't think of, the other does -- an overflowing toilet and two naked three year old boys screeching "Pool! Pool!" comes to mind!).

You have many, many wonderful days ahead. What a lovely family!

Katie | 3:19 AM

I bet this has already been said here, but their resemblence to Archer and Fable is uncanny and I feel that such an amazing *thing* as twins - especially when they look so much like their older siblings - happening to such an amazing family as you guys really shows you are blessed! All the very best to you all!!

Jude | 3:27 AM

Congratulations, they are so delicious!! Otherworldly. Boheme is ALL Fable and Reverie is ALL Archer, how extra special! What a treat to have you share this journey with the rest of the world. What a glorious family you are. What a superb mummy of 4 you'll be. Wishing you all of the love, luck, health and happiness in the universe.

Amber_D | 3:40 AM

They are so beautiful. Congrats, Rebecca.

Abi | 4:03 AM

They're so beautiful! I'm glad to know that the twins are sticking with each other and don't have to be lonely at NICUniversity.

My baby and I got to go home yesterday. Can't wait to read your birth story.

Jaci | 4:20 AM

I am in awe at your beautiful girls, great job baking those little ones. As a mom of 4 (2 + twins), it's been a bit nostalgic seeing Rev & Bo's pics!

I don't usually share my own posts, but so funny that today I posted a birthday message for my babes sharing what I've learned about twinship and having each other's back from birth to seven.

When I saw Rev & Bo's new pictures up this morning, it made me so teary...wasn't I just holding newborns myself?

grammargeek | 4:29 AM

Oh my word, they make we want to beg the baby in me to come out. Right now! Breathtakingly beautiful. I love the fraternalness, too; they won't be confused for each other as often. So many good wishes for you!

Anonymous | 4:30 AM

oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!!I'm sitting here at work with tears in my eyes--how absolutely wonderful that they let them sleep together!!! I am so happy for them :-) I bet it gives them an extra boost of determination to get out of there so they can sleep together at home too.

Julie A

Linley | 4:44 AM

Aw that picture of Reverie with her face snuggled into Boheme made me catch my breathe with all the sweetness. :)

bluejeanamy | 4:53 AM

Every single one of your twin updates has me choked up and teary...

It's so amazing, the whole experience!

They look so at home together...What gorgeous little ladies! xo

Anonymous | 4:54 AM

Beautiful. Makes me want more babies! Much love from another Internet stranger sending you lve and prayers!

Andrea (PARENTise) | 5:03 AM

How wonderful that they have each other so early! And you have their story documented to tell them!

Katie | 5:06 AM

I just cry and cry and cry when I read about your girls. How beautiful and precious. Much love to you and your family.

Mrs.T | 5:07 AM

Gorgeous! And NICUniversity...what a great way to look at it!

Lick | 5:13 AM

Seriously, that truly made my ovaries hurt. Maybe it's because I'm pregnant, but still, ouch.

My Bottle's Up! | 5:17 AM

oh mama, you're doing great! you are all doing so great! sending you much love and light and healing from the east coast. xoxoxoxox!

Sam | 5:17 AM

Oh my goodness. Boheme is approaching CHUNKY status, in the best sense of the word. She's like Chunky Monkey ice cream...delicious. I love that she didn't want to leave her sister. Hoping they get to spend more time snoozing and growing together.

Unknown | 5:26 AM

Boheme, you have the most adorable chubby cheeks. Reverie, I can see a knowing in your wide are going to be a lot like your brother I think. You are both so very precious.

Rebecca, Hal, Archer, and Fable congratulations!

Elizabeth | 5:32 AM

I just have to say that Reverie always looks wise beyond her days! She always seems to be calmly absorbing everything around her. They are both beautiful!

Tina | 5:44 AM

Aw, I love that the nurse put them together, hopefully that gave them what they needed to go home sooner. It really is amazing what being snuggled up can do for them!
I'm cracking up at how much they don't look alike, though they are equally adorable.

Jessie May | 6:06 AM

I can't get over how unlike each other they are! Don't get me wrong, they're both stunningly gorgeous girls, but I can almost not believe they're twins. Crazy! Boheme's cheeks are to die for and Reverie just looks like such a chilled old soul. So nice that they got to sleep side by side :)

Molly | 6:19 AM

I love that they are together here! Well, clearly you don't have to worry about these two asserting their individual identities. And yet having each other's back at the same time. You grow, girls!

Molly | 6:22 AM

P.S. I wonder if "the rules" can't be broken all the time? It seems (to my untrained intuition) like keeping the girls together could only be helpful in their thriving?

Kimberly | 6:30 AM

So funny how they look so different! I think Rev looks a lot like Fable. Congrats!

Sadhbh @ Where Wishes Come From | 6:38 AM

Wow, this brings me back! I'm a new reader, my co-worker just told me about your blog and I'm so excited to start following. I have 18 month old fraternal twin girls. Hubby and I got one each - one JUST like him, one JUST like me. So fun. They were in special care too for a couple of weeks. This post is making me all teary with memories. Best of luck with your girls, twins are the best fun ever!

Bluepaintred | 6:43 AM

Oh They are beautiful GGC!I love how different they look! Its Sooooooo cool!

Anonymous | 6:48 AM

Oh my gosh, Reverie is like a mini Archer! How beautiful they are!

Whitney | 6:49 AM

I have 7.5 week old fraternal twin boys and am daily amazed at the bond they share. In the mornings I often find them snuggling with their arms around each other or holding hands. When one gets upset his brother will simply reach over and place his hand on his brother letting him know he is there and the upset baby will immediately calm down. I feel so blessed just to get to peek into their relationship. These two share such an amazing bond already at only 7.5 weeks old!

Your girls are absolutely precious and adorable! I know you will love watching their relationship grow. They truly do have each other's back.

CP | 7:09 AM

Love the their sweet little that the nurse let them sleep together! Congratulations!

Bless with a Boy | 7:18 AM

I love Bo's cheeks they are so squishy! Rev is so alert. She looked like she smiled a little when mama was talking.

My heart melts everytime I see them.


Kerewin | 7:25 AM

Babies bring the lurkers (aka me) to the yard.

GRATS on the wonderful addition to your family!!!!! If you would entertain a request from someone who's never had children and has no concept about how tired you are, please post more about your babies!!! All the time.. like a 24/7 stop action film. HEY Archer could shoot it!! Just get him set up on wordpress it'll be the awesome

rachel | 7:28 AM

so cute! I love that they are together again, some of my favorite photos of my two are those of them snuggled super-tight, sharing secrets. my girls didn't look much alike for the first few months - now people
think they're identicle, so you never know... hope all continues to go well and they graduate soon!

Anonymous | 7:29 AM

The best part about twins is that they arrive with a best friend in tow.

Robyn | 7:32 AM

Oh my god... you are so right... could they BE more fraternal? I think not. They are absolutely adorable. I look forward to watching them change as they grow... so happy for your family!

Amanda | 7:38 AM

Uhhhh yeah...fifth picture down- I think my IUD expelled itself.

Thank you for sharing them with us, they are such dolls. Rev totally looks like Archer/Hal and Boheme is definitely rocking an infant Fable vibe. Can't wait until they can join you all at home.

Allison the Meep | 7:45 AM

Oh, my. That was so precious it made me physically ache. I love them. So very happy for you all. Congrats again.

Kristen | 7:48 AM

Congratulations! Twins are so much fun.
Your pictures are bringing back so many memories! Keep them coming... My boys looked just as different at birth (two pound weight difference along with their very different characteristics). They are 6 now, and their differences have grown -- everything from eye and hair color, to handedness, size, and most importantly personality. It is so fun to watch.

Katie | 7:48 AM

They are so beautiful! And I cannot believe how different they look. Yin and yang, truly. I love Reverie's gorgeous eyes and Boheme's sweet cheeks. Congrats!


Snuggling twins! So, SO much sweetness. I can't even...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragana | 8:11 AM

Look at that - like two kittens! Beyond cute. I think you can tell already who will be the instigator :) "Any day now" story of NICU... inhale... exhale.

Muffin Cake | 8:15 AM

Love, love, love. Your babies are beautiful. Congratulations!!!

donaleen | 8:25 AM

I take care of fraternal twin boys who are almost two years old. Being a twin is so very cool. But it is a lot of work for their parents and caregivers. Congratulations on your twins.

K | 8:27 AM

In the span of a week I have gone from the girl telling my fiance that I don't know if I ever want to have children to being the girl who has the next few years mapped out so that I can have children. I have read every post with tears in my eyes. I am a HUGE fan of you and your family. Best wishes to all of you.

Leah | 8:27 AM

OMG they are beautiful! Hope you are all healing well.

leel | 8:28 AM

they are so amazing! what sweet sweet girls you made :) and NICUniversity? Brilliant. Wishing you ALL the best, and I'll be aiming some vibes of strength to those babies!

Erin | 8:29 AM

OMG!!!!!! I love the photos of them sleeping together!! Totally made my heart swell!!

kristofer and ivy | 8:34 AM

Thank your for sharing these!! I'm pretty sure having a roommate at NICUniversity gets you extra credits and early graduation. It's so great to see them together.


Jane | 8:38 AM

Wow Reverie is very alert for only a week old! Boheme reminds me of Fable and Rev looks like Archer. So sweet!!!

Nicole | 8:39 AM

You make me so excited for my upcoming twins! Your girls are beautiful! Congratulations!

norah | 8:48 AM

Totally fraternal, but one is a mini Fable and one a mini Archer! I was really banking on them being named Beezus and Ramona, btw. Congrats.

cora d | 8:55 AM

Fraternal, yet totally look like members of your family. I'm surprised (though I understand logically why) that the twins don't co-sleep in the NICU. You'd think that would help their development, to still have their womb mate close by. Or are twins aware of the other in the womb? Or do they just assume that's a part of themselves, so when they're born, they're like, where'd my second bum go?

Betsy | 9:00 AM

You are killing me! Look at those two sweeties snuggled together! It makes me want another.

Kim: | 9:00 AM

That video! I'm crying at my desk and I'm not sure I know why, other than that they are just absolutely delicious. Congratulations again!

Anonymous | 9:00 AM

Seeing them snuggled up together literally brought tears to my eyes! (It might be my own pregnancy hormones reacting, but that's ok!). They are both perfect and beautiful and I can't wait to see the post announcing their homecoming!!

Anonymous | 9:02 AM

So amazingly beautiful! My heart bursts with excitement for your family!
Those eyes are so wise and enchanting. Such sweet girls you have.

Ramblings of a Redhead | 9:15 AM

They are just so perfect. So alike, so different. What an amazing feeling it must be to have twins! Best of luck! Hope they're doing well!

Sheelah | 9:22 AM

O M G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seeing them laying next to each other literally made my heart hurt. These are the cutest pictures I've ever seen - other than those of my own baby of course :)

manda | 9:48 AM

These pictures have made my day! They are so beautiful, and you're right, the most fraternal twins I've ever seen! You're little Bo reminds me of my girl as a new born, love those cheeks! and could Rev be any more alert, my goodness! Congratualtions on your beautiful duo and to the rest of the tribe. Best wishes and Mazol!

S | 9:53 AM

The picture right above the movie might be my favorite picture of babies ever. I love how they're just nestled into each other, snuggling close. Congratulations, they're gorgeous, and I hope they'll be home with you guys soon!

Jessica | 10:06 AM

could they be any more precious!!!

Anonymous | 10:10 AM

that's so funny "OMG, I just choked, I guess I have to stay here, bummerrr"

SaraMinerva | 10:10 AM

Newborns are usually so difficult to place as far inherited features. Not these precious girls. You can pick out exactly which features come from whom. They are just precious. Much rest to all of you.

craftyashley | 10:15 AM

Can't believe it's already been a week! Congratulations! Sending you lots of love and warm wishes, from one twin-mama to the next.

Uma and Wil | 10:15 AM

Those eyes! The chubby cheeks! I'm so happy for you all I cried a little. If they keep looking anymore adorable, I'm going to abandon my own family and move to CA. Hope the nurses continue to break the rule!

Nicole Francois | 10:30 AM

They are beautiful, though you're right about how differently beautiful, I've been marveling at that all week. And once again, you've chosen the most gorgeous, creative names for your gorgeous, creative brood. I am so, so, so, so, so, so thrilled for you--and for Hal, and Archer and Fable.
You will all be home together soon. The girls are looking great.
Bo doesn't even look like a preemie--man! those cheeks!--and I adore how much Rev looks like her big bro.
Congratulations again! You're getting all our best wishes.

Bopril | 10:41 AM

I find myself constantly refreshing the page, hoping for new news of your beautiful girls. Love seeing them side by side---clearly where they're meant to be.

Elizabeth | 10:46 AM

Love seeing them snuggled together. What a perfect little pair.

Anonymous | 10:57 AM

I. Die. So sweet! The are asserting their individuality from the get go! Blessings!

Clarabella | 10:59 AM

They are beautiful & precious, but if Rev's alertness is any indication, you are in Trouble. Ha!

pennylark | 11:34 AM

Oh my gosh. They are SO beautiful Rebecca! I'm currently in nursing school, and if anything could confirm my decision to be a NICU nurse, this is it. They are so, so, so precious.

Alex | 11:38 AM

sigh. so very sweet.

Colleen | 11:49 AM

So sweet! I have 3 month old twin boys (and 2 older boys) and I can already tell they are partners in crime!! When mine were born ( at 36 weeks) one was in the NICU and the other was in my room. It made me so sad that they were apart, but since coming home from the hospital everything has been going swimmingly. Good luck to you and your beautiful family.

Brandy G | 11:55 AM

What a couple of beautiful little girls! They resemble each other (duh) but little miss Reverie looks like a mini-Archer/Fable combination. Congrats again, I know you will be ecstatic when you are all home together.

Mary O | 11:56 AM

Wow, they are gorgeous. Keep growin' girls!

Brandy G | 11:58 AM

What a couple of beautiful little girls. They resemble each other (duh!) but little Miss Reverie looks like a mini Archer/Fable mash up. :) Congrats again - I know you will be so ecstatic when you are all home together.

alexclark | 12:03 PM

I really love how they are angled towards each other in all the pics!
And what polar opposites they are. How fun it will be to see their personalities emerge.

Congrats, all of you!

Anonymous | 12:55 PM

They are adorable! As a twin myself, I can say they are lucky girls! There is nothing better than a twin sister!!!

lisafoose | 12:58 PM

I wish I could send you pics of my now 7 yo b/g twins as babies. Every time I see your girls (and how fraternal they are) I am sooo reminded of pics I have of mine at that age (sharing a basinette!). Zoe was a full pound and a 1/2 bigger than her brother Rowan (she was 8.10 and he was 7.3), she had those chubby cheeks, very fair, fuzzy blondish hair, blue eyes. Rowan looked like a little chicken next to her, full head of dark hair, dark brown eyes, and a face almost like a grown up. People were like "they're TWINS???" lol. The girls are gorgeous and I'm having so much fun seeing them together. Mine shared a crib too (and a room and now I can't get my daughter to stop sleeping in the same room as her twin brother - twin relationships are very fun to watch). All the best, Lisa

Erin | 1:44 PM

I feel like I might be crying over every post you write for like the next year or . . . maybe longer. So sweet. :)

Kate Giovinco Photography | 2:09 PM

Congrats they are gorgeous. Totally enjoying your adorable girls.

Anonymous | 2:16 PM

Congrats on your girls! My son was born this year and spent 7 weeks in the NICU. It was pure torture having him there. No one can understand what you're going through unless they've been through it themselves. BTW, our son was in a NICU in Portland, Oregon and it was standard practice to put twins in the same bed together unless one of the twins had a serious issue.

Chelsea | 2:36 PM

holy smokes, they are both so lovely.

the one on the right looks like archer.

great job momma. they are beauties.

FSURia | 2:50 PM

They are so precious! I hope your baby girls can come home soon!

doahleigh | 3:05 PM

My god they're gorgeous. And so different! I love that about them.

I've never understood why twins can't be with each other when they're born! It's so sad.

Shannon c | 3:10 PM

Oh, they're amazing! The little video is so sweet! Thank you for sharing, hope you're healing quickly!

Shay | 3:35 PM

My son asked to see the 'two babies born at once' he's obsessed with twins now. They are so adorable.

Leslie | 3:36 PM

love love love the snuggle pictures. Rev is SO alert. :) And Bo is always sleeping. So so so cute.

Jack's Mama | 3:53 PM

Its so weird when my fraternal twin sis is in town and we stay up late talking in my bed, when my husband who works really late comes home and i have to kick her out of bed it feels so unnatural!
We didn't even share a room growing up but our bond is so strong, twin sisters are the best!

DIANE | 4:09 PM

yikes one week and i can already see them starting to fill out...and Rev is so alert my god it was like she knew what you were saying!...peace and prayers your way for all! Diane

The WEB We Make | 4:10 PM

How did you come up with their names? I LOVE THEM!!

erin | 4:32 PM

so excited for all of you. they are beautiful. just beautiful.

Steph(anie) | 4:51 PM

I heard a story years ago about NICU twins who improved more quickly when sharing a crib. They needed eachother :)

Stefanie | 5:21 PM

Congratulations! Such beautiful girls! I started reading your blog while pregnant with my little boy, he was born a week before Fable. My husband and I have always marveled that he looks exactly like a boy version of Fable. And now we have a 7 month old girl and we both agree that Boheme looks just like her 6 months ago. Freaky. :)

Anonymous | 6:43 PM

so precious. all the pictures are great - thank you for sharing these moments with us. i think my favorite pic is of Rev kind of nestled into Bo's cheek - so adorable. wishing a quick graduation for NICUniveristy!

Catherine | 7:14 PM

Reverie looks so much like Archer! Although Boheme looks like you with Fable's nose. Can't wait to see the birth story!

siobhan | 7:39 PM

could your babies be any more adorable?! congratulations! hope you six are home together soon.

Meghan | 7:42 PM

They are so freaking adorable.

oh, jenny mae | 8:34 PM

totally fucking awesome.

Kathryn | 9:25 PM

Wow! How can I be so charmed by babies I don't know from a family I haven't met?! Where do I start? Rev's expressions? She seems so wise! And the way both of the sisters just cuddle into one another... Rev just keeps looking over like, yeah- that one, she's the sleeper. And you are right; they are so different in appearance! How fun! I never thought I would ever say this... but... um... I kind of want twins. Okay, maybe not. But, um. Well, maybe. So glad you are all doing so well!

kelly : pinetothepacific | 9:44 PM

um those sweet girls are so ridiculously beautiful - congratulations!! and i laughed at your comment, they are SERIOUSLY fraternal. kind of hilarious.

Ray | 10:12 PM

Love that last line. That fifth photo of Reverie's face leaning into Boheme's is beyond precious and heartwarming. So insane to think that those two beautiful baby girl's were inside you just ONE WEEK AGO. Insane I tell ya.

Here's to you all being home together, soon! <3

Taryn | 12:19 AM

Precious, and so so different! I have a question though, is Boheme ever awake? Sister can sleep!!

Tashina | 12:21 AM

Oh wow. They are so beautiful! Look at Rev's eyes! Humongous!

Borderless Imaginings | 3:25 AM

The word Bambanani comes to mind when seeing Bo and Rev... a XHOSA word meaning united in love/friendship.

A stranger/friend sends prayers from Africa.

Meg @sleepynewmommy | 6:13 AM

The pictures of the two of them sleeping together just makes me cry. What an amazing bond they have. You have some beautiful girls to add to an already beautiful family. Congrats again.

jessica ♥ The Fevered Pen | 6:14 AM

LOVE LOVE LOVE those pics! Your girls are super adorable! I'm glad they are doing so well in NICUniversity hehe :)

Luann | 6:33 AM

Rev is so alert! She looks like an old lady stuck in a baby's body.

Unknown | 6:56 AM

Oh. My. God. You make a woman want to have twins! So, so cute.

Rosie | 7:05 AM

Bo and Rev are beautiful!!! And for the amazing love, life and family stories you've always gifted, thank you :)

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 8:41 AM

Obviously late to the party, but OMG, what wonderful beautiful fabulous little angels! I'm sending your family lots of love and light and grow-big-and-strong-so-you-can-go-home vibes.

Lindy | 9:40 AM

Dear Rebecca,
I discovered your blog a few months after Fable was born, when I was pregnant with my now 2-year-old son and looking for smart, real, feminist moms in the blogosphere--mostly because I was nervous as hell and far from friends and family and reaching out for something solid.

I have loved your writing, your photos, your sense of humor--I have not always agreed with every single thing you've written, but have deeply appreciated how respectful and kind you are when you write about sensitive topics. I feel like you have always recognized that most of us moms are doing the best we can to make sure our kids are loved, happy, and healthy.

I have gone back through all the archives over the last two years, and have been so excited for your pregnancy. Congrats on two gorgeous babies--I am so happy for you guys.

iselby | 9:41 AM

Those little eyes... seriously too cute!

liz | 10:30 AM

So beautiful and so different in every way! How wonderful for your family!!

Noelle Spooner | 11:13 AM

Sweet sister snuggles. Love them.

PopMommy Pam | 1:30 PM

What a gift is right. They are just amazing. Congrats again.

Holly | 1:42 PM

As a NICU nurse, I love these pictures! The girls look like they are doing GREAT, I am always proud of little babies that are so close to "graduating" from the NICU! I have called the NICU a NICUniversity since I have been working there, so I laughed at your reference :) Good luck to y'all in the future, and congrats again!

Anonymous | 1:43 PM

I love how Bo is sleeping and Rev is wide awake. So sweet!

Gwen Papp | 1:44 PM

Oh my Lord, they're so awesome! They're beautiful, and seeing them snuggled together took me right back to my little munchkins in their swaddling blankets. At four, my twins are so close, it's such a beautiful thing you have waiting for you. Isn't it amazing that watching a video of babies sleeping and looking around can be so fascinating?

Swirls of Happy | 2:10 PM

What little miracles!!! I am dying right now, I literally wanted to reach through the screen and kiss those sweet cheeks. I can't believe how awake Reviere was on the video. SOOOO SWEET. Nothing like new babies. CONGRATS, they are just perfect. How exciting that they get to come home soon. P.S. as a twin myself, I will admit...having a partner in crime is pretty killer and you always have a bestie by your side ;) Congrats to you and your family on your new little angels. Xo

Mom101 | 4:50 PM

My kids wanted to write you a note of congrats, seeing as how they're asking to see these pictures over and over.

Thalia says: The babies are so cute!

Sage says: The babies look so pretty!

(Also they'll be saying "this one is very awake, this one is very asleep" all night now.)

chesapeake | 5:43 PM

I watched the video, looked at you stroking your thumb against Bo's head, along with Rev's incredibly soulful, alert eyes and her little smile at your voice and thought: "A person's a person, no matter how small."


Mrs. Q. | 6:07 PM

That video! oh! Speechless.

Anonymous | 7:24 PM

Your girls are beautiful and you on a crazy insane journey of NICU land. I had 28 week preemies at Cedars where we stayed for nearly 4 months with my daughter (my son came home after 2 months). Looking at your photos, I have similar ones (thanks to my nurse who broke the co-bed rules as well:)), my heart breaks and melts for you at the same time. The NG tube, the weight gain, A's, B's, D's, the choking incident which we experienced with both babies. Every day is a new day. Up down, hope, sadness and fear. Finding humor and trying to help everyone else around you cope as well. I know you don't know me, and I know you have children (whereas Q and E we my first), but having twins in the NICU is just that much more to experience in every fiber of your being as a mother. I wish you much hope and strength. We have had our prolonged challenges in this situation, so if you ever want to reach out my name is Shannon Pruitt, I do have a blog, but that's not the purpose of my post. It's more to say, if you want any resource referrals, specialists if you need them, guidance through any of the system, or just someone to say holy shit this sucks and I hate watching all these people at the hospital load their babies into the car while I have to leave mine here. I would be happy to chat with you, via email or phone, just say the word. I only knew a couple of people when we went through this experience and I did find comfort in knowing I wasn't alone (part of the reason I started blogging - shocking!). Also, if you don't know about it already, there is a beautiful poem written by Emily Pearl Kingsly called "Welcome to Holland" written after she had a child with Down Syndrome, however, I found it so applicable to how I felt when my babies were in the NICU and when they came home, you might enjoy it as well. Sorry for the book I just left in your comments, but I feel very strongly for you in what you are going through and so when my friend told me you had your preemies, I couldn't help but offer anything you might need. Good luck to you and your precious little girls, I will check in on you all.

angela | 9:41 AM

Oh, the nuzzling together is too much. Beautiful little baby girls!!! Congratulations!

Anonymous | 12:26 AM

I know you have lots of hands that will be around to hold Rev and Bo when they get home, but we found this contraption brilliant for carrying our twins when they were tiny. It's used often in Europe for "kangaroo care" with babies in the NICU. It seats them with their legs up a little froggy style, so great position for them to be in, allows for easy breathing and for you to see their head position, and super easy to put them in and out. (It's really not scary like those other multiple baby sling things you posted before.)

We Call This Life | 5:03 PM

A great big double congratulations to you all!! I have been wrapped up in my busy non business that I have missed out on all of your exciting news! My BFF asked me last night if I had seen ggc lately and reported the babes had been born! Funny how in the uber real, things seem surreal...I thought you'd be pregnant forever! I'm all caught up and wow. You guys look great as six! What joy and completeness I witness here. Your twins are gorgeous. So glad you are doing well. I love the names. I can't wait to read the birth story! Best wishes! Xoxo paula

SkinnyMommy | 2:18 PM

The girls are beautiful! I agree--c-sections are the fucking worst!! Sending the girls good wishes... | 10:47 AM

Awe that is so adorable. I hope everything goes well and They get home safe.