Yesterday, not three hours after we arrived home with Bo, all of us together in our home for the first time, Hal got a phone call. It was from our landlord, who wanted to discuss some landscape changes he wanted to make to the house, landscape changes we weren't particularly fond of. When probed as to why such changes needed to take place, the bomb fell.

"We want to move back," he said, acknowledging his timing was terribly (ed:HORRIFICALLY!) inopportune. "You have from now until July 1st... "

Nine months. Nine months. The day we come home with our new babies we are given forty-weeks to gestate a new home.

The doorknob had broken off earlier in the day and I kept thinking it must have been a sign. Kind of like how the sprinklers broke the night I went into labor. How we waded through our flooded front yard as I clutched a towel between my legs. How the water didn't stop until after the babies were born and Hal could call the water company.

When we first found this house, we thought we'd live here forever, or at least, for many many years. That was the understanding when we rented, that we were looking for a place to put down roots, a place to grow. When we signed the contract we were told that that wouldn't be a problem, that the owners of our home had no plans to move back. This is why people buy homes, we now know. Because promises made over first-meetings aren't down-payments, even when they feel set in stone.

I fell madly in love with this house when we first came to see it and still feel the same way coming home as I did that first night. I feel lucky to be here. To have enough room for two children four children, an office with a foldaway for my mom. I love our neighborhood, our street, Francine who works at the deli on the corner. The vendors at the Farmer's Market we walk to on Sundays. I'm beyond heartbroken that we have to leave.

And then I look around at all these faces and think, fuck a house, THIS is home:
I told Archer immediately so that he could join us in visualizing our next place. Because that is what he does: he sees into a future we couldn't begin to imagine ourselves.

Archer explained he'd like to live closer to a stoplight. Someplace, perhaps, with more stairs. And pretty soon we all chimed in with ideas for our new-improved fantasy home... somewhere with a less splintery patio, a bigger bathroom, doorknobs that don't break.

Meanwhile Hal picked up his computer and started scanning Craigslist. And then my mother joined him and my Nana who stayed up into the wee hours of the morning sending real-estate listings...

Our first night together as a family working through our first challenge. Laughing between tears, cursing and then apologizing to the kids for bad language, rocking babies and hugging each other and thinking that someday we'll remember this night as the night we all came home, not to our "house" but to each other.

And Archer will laugh and say, "remember how I asked for stairs?" and Fable will hold her sisters hands in a new hallway, be it blocks or miles away from here and we'll all just be... somewhere else. And even though it doesn't feel like it right now, that will be okay. Because we'll all be there together.



Anonymous | 1:08 AM

Im a newer fan of your blog. Your very level headed and even at a time like this when your hormones are probably out of control, you are keeping perspective and looking at the big picture, so kuddos to you. That was crappy of the owner to drop that bomb on you, but at least he was honest. The timing sucks though. And your right, its just a house, and perhaps this is a blessing in disguse. Maybe your bound to find a better home for your family. Wishing you the best and dont let this thing get under your skin, July is a long ways away and you've got some time.

Emily | 1:17 AM

What a lovely, lovely post. Such a nice reminder that it's the who not the where that matters. Easy to say, not as easy to genuinely feel. Seems like your whole fam is feeling it!

Anonymous | 1:24 AM

Agh. There's nothing you need less right now than a feeling of instability.

At least he's given you lots of notice so you have plenty of time to find a new perfect place.

It's still the last thing you needed to ruin you your beautiful homecoming.

Anonymous | 1:44 AM

You made me cry! I am in a similar situation. We had a solid, happyhappy childhood home growing up and I just can't offer that to my baby. I live in London and buying somewhere is nigh on impossible for a first time buyer.
You are so right. It doesn't matter. We are together and ever so lucky, wherever we are.

Good luck finding your next place.

Sophie xx

Rosstwinmom | 1:49 AM

As we found out last January, home is where the family is. Our move from Texas to Poland has made us the strongest family ever! We are so strong now having done this together. I'm sure the same will be true for you!

Also, does Archer predict for other families with twins? I'm curious what kind of house we'll find when we move back to Texas in 2013.

Anabelle | 1:55 AM

Rebecca, what a touching post! I feel sorry for you guys that you have to move, but I too believe in signs, and I am sure it's for the better...
"Home is where you make it" that's what my man says (he knows what he's talking about, being an African-American expat in France for 25 years after growing up in the South side of Chicago). Home is where your family is.

Christina | 2:00 AM

Boo to owners for raining on your parade! That said, playing in the rain can be as much fun as whatever initially thought spoiled, right?

I think you just did too good a job of decorating the nursery :)

Good luch with your home relocation! And thanks for the inspiring parenting and living, as always. (Also - you rock, WWW, for helping scour the nets with our man Hal!!!)

Unknown | 2:08 AM

You guys will be fine! You already have everything you need...and this just means that the RIGHT house is still waiting!

annabelvita | 2:13 AM

Oh! You have such a wonderful soul, to see it like this so quickly. I'd still be cussing for a week!
Fingers crossed that next time is forever!

Virginia-Ann | 2:35 AM

I am so sorry that your landlord dropped such a bomb on you all. I can tell you that you will get past this and will find a wonderful and even better place to call home. I remember when on a beautiful spring afternoon I pulled up to our home of almost a year, after picking Emilee and John from school (we had stayed as they wanted to play on the swings for awhile) only to find an eviction notice glued to the front door! Turned out the our landlord whom we knew was having financial issues, had not been paying the mortgage and was being foreclosed on. This in turn meant that the bank was evicting us. This for us could not have come at a worse time, as in the 30 days that they gave us, John was scheduled on the 27th day to have 7 hours of Neurosurgery. We got lucky and borrowed enough cash to pay additional monies and along with a doctors letter got a additional 60 day extension. This still meant that I had to come home from the hospital and be packing and looking for another home to rent in an area that at that time of year was not known to have many affordable 4 bedroom rentals.
You are so strong and between you, Hal, and your mom will find a even bigger, better, and less expensive home. It is meant to be!

Lindsey | 2:38 AM

We own our home but live in a crappy school district and we desperately want to move. We considered renting, but I will tell you that I really worry about the owner calling and saying they want to move back or they are selling the house. I know it's their house but that is still a douchebag thing to do! I'm sure it happened for a reason and you're going to find a MUCH better place, especially with Archer on the case! (that rhymed)

Allyson | 2:46 AM

What a bum h of bullshit, Rebecca. I'd love to see the positives here, bit it's just not my nature. Loved you and the kids for YEARS, Yes, I am glad you're all home and healthy, but what an utter and complete kick in the ass. Dear Landlord, fuck off. I hope the house is a money pit and gets termites. There.

Chiara | 3:03 AM

lots of love to you and your family. i echo the others who applaud your for your levelheadness and positive nature. this too, shall pass and be fine. hope the time from now until then is not too stressful. if anyone can find the beauty and joy in the small moments it is you!

Alex | 3:15 AM

Dear Rebecca,

originally I did want to email you but somehow I can not find a way to do it. Commenting it is then.

It has been years since I first stumbled upon you in a german magazine which did an article on female bloggers. I started to read, became a fan and have followed your stories ever since.

Thank you for many inspirational, wonderful and precious stories.

With my life taking a very unexpected turn 7 months ago I started a blog myself. I originally started to write stuff down for myself but soon with the encouragement from my friends I now post regularly and truly enjoy it.

You said on your twitter that you were looking for new, unknown blogs. So here is mine: twolineslater.blogspot.com

Congratulations on your girls. As you can read on my blog I will soon join the club. Holy sh~~. Haha.

Lots of love from Germany,

Anonymous | 3:41 AM

Dear Rebecca,

years ago I first stumbled upon your blog in a german magazine which did an article on female bloggers. I started to read, became a fan and have followed your stories ever since.

Thank your for many moments filled with inspirational, precious and lovely stories.

At the beginning of the year my own life took a very very unexpected turn and I began to blog myself. Originally I only wrote for myself and to cope with the madness surrounding me but now, with the encouragment from friends, I blog regularly and with great joy.

On your twitter you said that you were looking for new and unknown blogs. Well, here is mine: twolineslater.blogspot.com

Last but not least: Congratulations on your girls. As you can read in my blog I will soon join the club. Holy sh~~! Haha.

Lots of love from Germany,
keep writing.


Martha | 3:53 AM

I've seen this happen to too many friends - renting with a promise that it will last awhile, to find out that their landlord wants to move in. It really sucks to move. This place seemed so great for your family, but hopefully you will find a newer, greater place!

Megan | 4:15 AM

I don't think the little girls liked this house - they are the ones who are creating the family's next home. Hopefully they work quickly and your next place is perfect for ALL of you.

Allison | 4:17 AM

Oh my goodness, I'm having flashbacks....less than one month after my twin girls were born our landlord in formed us that she wanted to move back too! We loved our old home and neighborhood so much and were completely overwhelmed at the idea of moving with three young kids. I can tell you now that it was a blessing. We moved this month into a bigger, nicer home (for the same monthly rent) just two streets from our old place. I love our new home. But you're right...it's the family that makes a house a home! You'll make your mark on a new place just as you have on your current home, and soon enough it will feel just right. Allow yourself plenty of time to look and get on a good footing with your new little ones. Real estate listings can wait....just love on your babes and each other and everything else will fall into place.

Catherine | 4:17 AM

Oh, I feel so bad for you! Right after you decorated your nursery and everything... But such an inspiring post, good luck!

Tree frog | 4:42 AM

Landlords are almost always a pain to deal with aren't they? Bo and Rev are looking better and better. You all look wonderful as usual. I hope you don't have a hard time finding a new house. Isn't it a relief that "home" and "house" don't necessarily have to be one and the same?

sonja | 5:19 AM

You are handling a hugely stressful situation with immense grace - or at least, you're projecting grace here even if you're really screaming in your (small) bathroom out in the real world. I totally admire that and am sending good vibes into the universe that you and your beautiful family find the perfect house.

I'm sure Archer already knows - be sure to ask the Craigslist renters about the proximity to stoplights.

Chrissy | 5:22 AM

My mother always said that everything happens for a reason. I know it hurts now (especially when you're all feeling so new-baby-bird vulnerable and raw!), but once you're on the other side of things you'll feel better. So so sorry about it, Rebecca.

And definitely someplace with steps. Then you guys can get a slinky, and those are fun.

Noelle Spooner | 5:23 AM

The same thing happened to us. The day we brought our son home, our land lords decided to rennovate our apartment to expand it and asked us to move into another of their apartments. Of course I was hormonal and recovering from a csection so I took if really hard. But, it got us thinking and reprioritizing and before we knew it we moved out of state to be close to family, hubby got a great job working better hours and we love our new home. <3

erniebufflo | 5:25 AM

You are such a zen mama. You're right of course, home is where the people who have your hearts are. I feel ya though. I love our little rental house. I love our landlord. I look forward to bringing my babies home here this spring. If someone told me we only had 9 months here, I'd probably cry. And then my zen husband would reassure me that we're all gonna be fine. You're all gonna be fine.

Margaret | 5:30 AM

Oh noooooo Becca! What an awful thing of your landlord to do. Did he not realize that you don't evict a hormonal post-partum TWIN mom days after she's given birth? That should be criminal.

But you're right. Home is where the heart is, and your heart is so clearly with your many, lovely, beautiful children. You'll take all the things you did to prepare for them and move into a better home and make new memories. We moved when my son was days shy of 2, and it was hard to leave, but when the time came we had such a better place lined up that it wasn't as hard. Hugs!

Rebecca | 6:11 AM

Wow, that is total shit timing, but perhaps that means that this house just isn't the right one. Sending happy vibes to you, Hal, Archer, Fable, Boheme, and Reverie. =) Glad the babies are home and doing well.

Lia | 6:19 AM

1st of July is the official moving day here in Quebec, I think it's kind of a big f u to the rest of Canada since it's Canada day.
I hope you find your dream house before the deadline and that the move goes smoothly. If I had a spare house in LA I would give it to you! Because no one who seems so nice and has such a beautiful family should have to struggle to find a place.

Katie | 6:33 AM

Life is just so ... wild. Twins and relocation and, you just never know what's coming at you.

Which makes me think of this quote:

“An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.”

G.K. Chesterton

Brooke | 6:44 AM

you're so awesome.

Anonymous | 6:45 AM

You are such a good writer. Wonderful post! You're right- You will be fine wherever you end up.

MommyLisa | 6:45 AM

Wow. Quite a shock, but you always come out great.!

Unknown | 6:48 AM

I have tears in my eyes after this post. You will find the most amazing house that will be home, I just know it.

Anonymous | 6:50 AM

everything always seems to happen at once...
best of luck! you have a beautiful family that is a blessing in its own, and it appears that everything you touch turns to gold anyway, so i'm sure you'll find a great place!

Connie | 6:59 AM

Wow. Boom.

But you are so right! Home isn't the building around you-it's the hearts inside. And nine months to find a new place is a very long time in this market.

I've often found that even when we are mourning the closing of one chapter, we can't even imagine how great the next chapter has the potential to be. Who can say how perfect and gorgeous and wonderful your next place will be? It's out there. You just have to find it.

CarolineTurpentine | 7:01 AM

9 months is a long time. The owners could potentially decide not to move back and save you the hassle of moving. On the the other hand, you now have 9 months to figure out what about this current house doesn't work with your newly expanded family. It could be a blessing in disguise! Putting down roots is always hard in a place like LA, but I'm sure Archer will let you know when you've found the perfect house.

Jen | 7:02 AM

As always, you amaze me with your ability to handle life's curve balls with such grace. My life has been in chaos (not the same, but still, chaos is chaos right?!) and to have your gentle reminder that family is home is all I needed to hear. Much luck in a search for a new vessel to hold your family!

Haley | 7:07 AM

You are truly an inspiration! You will find a new home that will be 'better' in the sense that it will be the home than your now complete family will find and create together!!

Dana | 7:15 AM

That BITES! But you've got the right attitude already so I'll just wish you luck and send best wishes that you find everything you're looking for.

Anonymous | 7:24 AM

NINE. MONTHS. I think you will figure something out... in NINE months. Your poor granny probably didn't have to stay up all night, and enough with the drama.

whitney | 7:24 AM

i'm so sorry for the terrible timing on this news. but, i feel like your outlook is not only amazingly positive (especially for just having birthed two children and having wonky hormones) but it is also so true. you will be together. a family. no matter where you go.

the babes are lovely.

Lindsey | 7:26 AM

You wow me - always, but I mean right now - with your attitude and ability to notice what a HOME is. All six of you are such an inspiration!!

Bless with a Boy | 7:35 AM

Oh no! I know you and the family loved that house.

But, there are bigger and better things instore for you and your family.

I love that you got Archer involved. He is one in tune dude.

I have a feeling you will find a house that is even more perfect for you and your loved ones.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


Erin | 7:37 AM

Oh, I know that feeling! We just moved in July into a house we fell in love with, and the day before the move when I went to pick up the keys from the owner, I asked where she was moving to, and she *bam* told me she was traveling one year and then moving back in. During all our dealings with them, this was never mentioned. At least we found out a year ahead of time, but it completely ruined the move - nothing more stressful than being in the middle of it and knowing you'll be doing it again in a year.

Bad timing, but your twins are gorgeous and spectacular! Praying you find somewhere wonderful to live!

bbgHappY1 | 7:44 AM

Your positive attitude and genuine way of approaching this with levelheadedness amazes me.
Reading this post has inspired me with something I am going through right now. I will think with my head and not my heart..

Thank you,

Anonymous | 7:48 AM

I've never commented before, but had to today. Sorry to say that I had the same experience last year- a crappy landlord telling us that he was moving his parents into our apartment and we needed to find a new one- in thirty days. It was easier for us as we don't have kids. But in any case it's a horrible feeling to be reminded so suddenly that your home is actually not yours. I'm sure however that the next place you will find will be even better. And you are 100% correct- home is where your family is, that's what I learned!

Emily | 7:52 AM

So at the risk of sounding like a crazy person, I had a dream a few months back with you in it. Your were giving me advice as we walked down a tree-lined street, it was further into fall and the leaves were changing and falling around us. We were heading through a neighborhood towards a park - lots of kids and other moms and dads were all standing around as if they saw each other every day. You were telling me to take advantage of the parks and everything would be ok. You were also still very pregnant. I've been hesitant about sharing because...well...BUT, now I feel like I should, because your advice in that dream was spot-on. And maybe now is a good time to give it back to you, so you can use it in your next adventure. Good luck finding a new home, the neighborhood will be lucky to have you.


"We'll all be there together" is a big reason I stay married. It's a big reason I don't run away on the days when being a mother, being a wife, being a woman with other humans so wound up in her day-to-day feels like too much. But home is definitely where the people are.

I know you'll find somewhere wonderful to put around your people.

P.S. I too asked for stairs when I was Archer's age.

Anonymous | 7:56 AM

Congratulations! You have new babies! Oh, by the way you have to get out by July.

What a warm, welcome home, huh?

Anywho, I am sure that even if you end up in a barn it will be home and you will all be happy, so good luck and hang in there!

Clandestine Road | 8:02 AM

Oh man, Rebecca! That is so bad. I love your attitude about it and how Archer is the little sage.

Home is family. It is wonderful you six have each other.


Anonymous | 8:05 AM

Sorry you are dealing with this. Your family is just lovely. My son asked for a weather vane and proximity to a speed limit sign. BTW we were able to accomodate both. All those hours of HOUSE HUNTERS are being put to the test honey!! Good luck!

Grammacello | 8:08 AM

Hi Rebecca
I once sent you some Suzuki music info....just adding my two cents that when we moved here to our present city, we bought what we assumed would be our dream, forever/last home- it had a lake view which seemed to trump everything.... Then a huge and horrible hassle-too long a story and now it doesn't even matter! (amazing to write this, now!- three years later) we had to move- at the time it was inconceivable- really! we were WAY beyond devastated... but now our "new" house, 3 and a half years in- SO PERFECT and so much better we now see- I am SO SO GLAD it worked out this way- it can happen like that!
It sucks to be at the start of this sort of journey and all the work on the nursery - it all must seem so sad!
But you CAN take everything that matters with you!
Those babies are so themselves already- so beautiful!
Enjoy it - it truly goes so, so fast- my younger GRAND daughter is nearly 7... How can this be?
keep posting- I read every one!
Fondly, Grammacello

Andi | 8:12 AM

We've had a similar experience - we moved into this place for (get this) TWO MONTHS and then our landlord was like, oh wait, I'm selling the house instead of renting. You need to be out by December.

I was pissed.Before my son's second birthday he had lived in three homes. Ridiculous! But anyway, things worked out amazingly for us in an unseen way and we have a new house that we're closing on in two weeks.

So, even though it is sucky, you know you will find some place new and that will be better for you some way some how. Your family is tough, you are strong, it will happen just because YOU want it to. That's what makes it so.

oh, jenny mae | 8:13 AM

oh, damn, girl. totally rotten, but you all know what's important, don't you? sending good vibes to you all that you'll find a more perfect place for the 6 of you.

Jen @ RamblingRenovators | 8:13 AM

Your landlord has horrible timing. But maybe this is an opportunity for you in disguise? This is a house you picked when you were just a family of four... now you have a chance to find something perfectly suited for a family of six. Wherever you land though, you're right, you're home, together.

Sarai | 8:14 AM

'fuck a house, this is home"

I hope your next house is an even better place to make a home for your family.

Also? That picture with Fable pushing doll babies in double stroller? Precious.

LBC | 8:38 AM

You've got great perspective, and your next home will no doubt be exactly where your brood is supposed to be.

But damn, landlord, what shitty timing!

Anonymous | 8:51 AM

Yuck, sorry for the bad timing. But, at least they did give you PLENTY of notice. I've only had 30 days notice, EVER. Nonetheless, that's annoying to have to move.

Re: looking for places, as you do have until July, the place you want might not even be listed yet, you know?

Glad the girls are home though!!

And thanks for blogging/keeping us posted, though you certainly aren't obligated to keep us readers updated on every single thing, I have definitely looked forward to your updates!

Welcome home and I would say, just relax for a little bit, get used to being home, then later on you can start scouring the real estate listings like a crazy person (as a fellow house-hunter, that is my advice). You do have some time.

Also - can you get it in writing that you do in fact have until July 1? Because they could still technically change their minds and say "never mind you have 30 days" - know what I mean?

Anonymous | 8:58 AM

I'm sorry you have to leave your beloved house! Thank you for writing about it the way you did. I really needed to see your perspective. I am 19 weeks pregnant with my first and trying desperately to find a job so we don't have to move from a home we love. We can't afford it on only one salary. I feel like time is running out and it seems like the worst thing in the world. I guess it's not that terrible though. My new little family will be home wherever we are. I have faith that you'll find your perfect new home too!

Lindserannie | 9:06 AM

Oh my, that is a bummer...but you & yours are so great - all my luck & good wishes coming your way for finding a new place to fall in love with all over again. And hell yeah - the 6 of you are a HOME.

Also, I prefer www.padmapper.com to Craigslist when searching for homes because you can see where they are on a map as you view them. It's great!

Kim | 9:07 AM

Just to let you know, I lived in 3 different houses before I was 5 years old. By the time I was 8, I'd stayed in 9 houses and a hotel. Finally we settled in the house my parents still own. My first move was cross-country at age 6 months. I don't remember the house I came home to, but there are pictures. Those aren't the pics I love, though. The ones I love are where my big brother is holding me with a big 6 year old grin on his face. A house is just a house. And esp. in L.A. it seems like everyone is moving all the time.

Issa | 9:14 AM

We lived in rentals my entire childhood. Even when my parents re-married, they both did. Heck, I once lived in six different house on the same block in Culver City.

Home is where your heart is. This I know to be true.

Jeannine | 9:30 AM

Aww I adore you.
I'm so so sorry that you guys have to leave your house, but here's to you guys finding your home.
Archer always seems to have the greatest perspective on things. He's such a wise (Sage!) little man. =)
And as far as I'm concerned? Your landlord is an asshat.

Lara | 9:48 AM

Awww- tears. What a sweet post. Amazing what doesn't matter when you have your family.

Anonymous | 9:50 AM

Our biggest blessings come when we least expect them and sometimes they don't look like a blessing at first.
I'm sure your new house will be so much better than this one and you'll be really really happy with it.
And your family is gorgeous! :)

Glenda | 10:04 AM

That's right...together... all 6 of you... your family...your circle no matter what house it will always be HOME as long as you are all together.

Beautiful post... beautiful pictures of a beautiful strong family.

Best always to the 6 of you!xo

Leanne | 10:15 AM

My fav (somewhat modified) mantra:

When one door closes, another one opens. It's just the hallways that are a bitch.

Here's to focusing on the two new lights you have to make this hallway less scary!

Erica | 10:17 AM

So sorry. We rent too - we also love our home and I would be devastated as well. I know with Super Archer on the detail that you'll find something even better.

Aimee | 10:19 AM

Seriously? I'd have cried. Lots. But, you're right, your family is your home. And what a gorgeous family it is. I'll be praying you find juuust the right fit...and soon!

Magdalena Edwards | 10:36 AM

When it rains it pours! An avalanche of ill-timed lemons... You guys are already sipping lemonade, laughing, telling each other jokes. Your family is inspiring. Congratulations and good luck with the search. xo m

Molly | 10:52 AM

I'm so sorry you have to deal with this right when you got home from the NICU! That was really lame of the landlord. He should give you plenty of notice, but he should also have some respect for what your family is going through and told you earlier or a bit later--and he should have done it outright.

Kara | 11:01 AM

I'm so sorry. What terrible timing! But as you said...home is wherever you are all together :)

Sarah | 11:39 AM

Wow, that is a shocker especially given the love and time you put into your new home. But, your perspective is bang on, even in your post-delivery-no-doubt-hormonal state. Home is where ever you and your family are living! You will find a place that is even more perfect for you bigger family. Maybe a blessing in disguise getting that phone call, but you just don't know why yet!

Jaelithe | 12:03 PM

Well that SUCKS. (The mandatory relocation part, not the awesome loving family filled with gorgeous children part. But I'm sure you knew which part I meant.)

I've been in love with your house from a distance and frankly, unfairly, jealous that you get to live in such a lovely space in such a lovely state. I've been feeling trapped lately in my own, bought house that we can't sell because the neighbors across the street couldn't sell theirs and walked away and left an empty, unkempt shell still listed by the bank at half price. But damn, girl. I had to move with one baby and I can't imagine moving with infant twins.

I will visualize your new make-me-jealous house right along with Archer. Stoplights and stairs and doorknobs that turn but don't break.

Alex | 12:23 PM

I know exactly how you feel. My husband & I have only ever rented & thus have moved a ton. When my son was 1 1/2 the last house we lived in was being sold & we were in the process of deciding to move to LA so we packed all of our things up & put them in storage & moved in with my parents. It was hard because I felt like we lost our home, but quickly realized home is right where my two boys are.


Laura Holskey Chavous | 12:36 PM

UUUUUGH!!!!! THat stinks so bad!!!! BUt I so admire your optimism! :)

Expat Mom | 12:50 PM

Wow, I go on vacation and come back and find you've had your little ones! Congrats, a bit late, but they're both gorgeous girls and I love the names!

Tricia | 12:54 PM

awww that stinks but your are right where ever your family is together is home. i believe there is a more perfect house in your near future.

Meg | 1:13 PM

All the luck to you and your (newly grown) family! I love that you are able to realize that it's the people who make the home, not the walls and floors. I'm sure wherever you find yourselves next will be right, because you'll all be together.

Denise | 1:21 PM

I want an Archer. He just seems so...so...awesome.

Good luck with the house search!

Sara | 1:41 PM

I love this post so much. I just went back to my old home to visit my friends and family and it made me realize how much home really is about family. I wrote a post on it today: http://momentsofexhilaration.com/2011/09/28/on-being-home-in-which-i-wax-philosophic/.

Good luck finding a new place - I'm sure, as you said, it will be just perfect when you're all there together.

Unknown | 1:44 PM

Great blog, I am excited to see what awesome new place you all end up in, it will be perfecr.
Have you checked out padmapper.com, it makes craigslist searching much much easier.

Heather | 1:50 PM

I'm so sorry you have to tackle this now. Is your landlord at least allowing you to leave earlier if you find something that suits your family sooner than July 1st? That is the right thing to do for you.

Amanda | 1:51 PM

I give a hearty "hell yeah," to your "fuck a house." Home is so much more about the moments, then it is about the literal place.

This isn't going to be easy, but damn if you aren't going to wow us with you make your way through. How serendipitous that you all get to pitch in to the next step you make together.

Cindy | 2:04 PM

Look at those babies! I just moved my husband and dog to a whole new state. Moving is hard, but moving with those you love makes it easier.

I have a friend who is looking for a new place in New York City. I had more fun yesterday looking at apartments online and sending her links. Let people help you. They'll think it's fun.

Kim | 2:16 PM

This brought me back to early summer when we learned our landlords were moving back into the condo we were renting. I was crushed. Absolutely crushed. It wasn't perfect; I wasn't in love with it, but I was definitely not interested in leaving. My then-boyfriend (now-fiance) didn't quite understand my devastation, but he eventually got me to see the light...that it was just a condo. Just a house. We were still us, we would just be in a new place. Even if I was upset about moving.

And you know what? Our new place is way more awesome.

Chuck n Jess | 2:27 PM

Inspired Attitude. Isn't it funny how sometimes we need to live in a place of what we don't want (splintering decks, etc) to learn what we actually do want/MUST have. And to be thrown a curve ball at the exact moment when the sun comes over the wall and is in our eyes. You are remarkably strong.

Unknown | 2:30 PM

You have remarkable perspective, girl. Your family will clearly prosper wherever planted...In the meantime, Shana Tova.

duck | 2:32 PM

OK OK OK. Now i am super glad you sound all calm with this new route your guys are taking but honestly lady. I wanna be clear. That is super super shitty. You deserve a solid chunk of time to be right pissed and not a happy camper. I can not imagine how your hormones are handling the promise of upheaval. But this as everything is something you can handle. I just want to make sure you throw a hissy fit when you need to. Your 4 kids are your four walls, and Hal the roof or foundation, which ever you wish, but man moving just friggen blows.
P.S.I can not wait to hear about Fables reaction to her babies and stroller!

Elizabeth | 2:40 PM

I'm so sorry that losing your house put a damper on the arrival of your babes! As always, I'm impressed with your ability to find strength from within and to work together as a family. Best of luck in this double...triple transition time.

Erin | 2:54 PM

great perspective. Very encouraging. Glad you are all together!

lisafoose | 3:22 PM

I'm so sorry about the house situation...but I'm so ecstatically happy that the wee ones are HOME and they are just pure love. The pics of Archer and Fable with them (well ALL of you with them....) are just as you put it - home. Here's hoping for an Archer-inspired new place to land...

Unknown | 5:00 PM

beautiful post...and encouraging to me because we're in a transition phase & living in a temporary house, and all i want IS a home...but thanks for the reminder that my family is my home!

Diane | 5:26 PM

you'll be fine.....you will work threw it....the walls change lots of times in a lifetime ...its the foundation that really matters. Its quite obvious your foundation is sequre enough to carry you all beyond this....best wishes Diane

Anonymous | 6:06 PM

Such a sweet way to look at the situation.
I'm kind of in love with your family. :)

Anonymous | 6:36 PM

I love everyone's positive attitude. Having said that, it is okay to feel like this just SUCKS b/c there is a silver lining in the form of the lead time.

You spent a ton of time nesting in this house. You are already worried about dividing attention and energies between your older two and your younger two. Not to mention you are a visual person who isn't going to move just anywhere, or live surrounded by boxes for months on end. All that adds to the stress. I know about this stress (a little) because we just bought a house and moved with a 2-year old and 2-month old. It was hard on me because I hate mess and feel anxious when my environment isn't settled, peaceful, and put together. I was exhausted for two months getting our house in order while managing the children, but finally I can relax and say things are great. You will get there too.

The part that sucks the most is that this should be your HONEYMOON period with the twins, and now you are having to think about this major instability. But the silver lining is the July 1st deadline. The first three months of having new babies is SO hard (especially on the marriage), but you can get through that, enjoy your children, and STILL have months to find a great place, pack in an orderly fashion, etc.

I have been worried about you all day after reading this post, but after seeing your positive attitude all through your pregnancy, I know you will come through this with flying colors. Here's to the twins taking your mind off of this house thing for awhile!

Adrienne | 7:06 PM

Your landlord is clearly not intimidated by karma... that being said, one day not too long from now you may look back on this news as a lucky turn of events. But for now, a little cursing and crying is definitely called for!

eskimojo | 8:41 PM

I'm glad you're all looking on the bright side :)
I'm not sure what your laws are like there but here in Sydney the landlord only has to provide 60 days notice before you have to move out, so 9 months is incredibly generous. Yes it will be a massive hassle but you have time on your side as far as searching for the perfect new house for 6.

clarejp | 8:49 PM

A home is where your heart is. Its too daunting to focus your energies into it just yet. Priorities and positivity will get tou to you the new door. And that will be exciting. Doesnt lessen your shock and disappointment and for that im sorry. Buuut congratubloodylations.
Breathtaking babies. Stunning. Perfection. Im so happy im reading your blog again. Beautiful soul.

Anonymous | 11:48 PM

I've been reading along your journey for... well, for so long. And this, THIS is the entry that makes me weep. You are so blessed, and you know it, and this move will be such a surprise! A surprise at how much more wonderful a new home can be than the one you never thought you'd leave. Bless you and all your babes. xoxo

Anonymous | 11:58 PM

Bad news. I don't know how things are in the US housing wise (but from what I see on the news I expect it's almost impossible) but why don't you try buying?

Jo | 1:14 AM

You and your family are so beautiful, I'm sure you will be happy no matter where you are! But I'm so sorry about your lovely house. Here is to many new beginnings...

Also I've been wondering, are you absolutely sure the girls aren't identical? Maybe this has been discussed elsewhere (sorry I don't read all the comments), but I used to be a nanny for newborn twins and many times when there was a pound or more difference and one had more hair, they looked so different, but grew up to be completely identical. Have you sent for an analysis? Just curious, because I think they look so similar! Gorgeous girls.


Anonymous | 3:21 AM

This reminds me...once I spent nine months house-hunting (to rent) and averaged 500 miles a week on my car, just looking. Though I'm no artist, one night I sketched my dream house. Months after I'd found a home and moved in I ran across that sketch. It was exactly like the home I was in except where I'd drawn a meandering creek there was a pond where I lived. But water energy, nonetheless!

Give it a go (or have Archer!).



Unknown | 5:09 AM

I'm not sure which post surprised me more. .. the announcement of you having twins or your moving. Such crap timing. But as always you are handling it with a sense of humor and keeping the bigger picture in perspective. Sending good luck vibes your way.

Abbey | 8:45 AM

You all are amazing. Great attitude for a very hard situation times at least six. Good thing you have four awesome kids, Hal and a great support network. You all will work it out. I know it!

Anonymous | 12:05 PM

Shitting timing for sure! Our landlord told us the same thing when my daughter was two months old...we had 30 days! Asshat landlords!

Angelique | 3:30 PM

I feel your pain. We had several bad rental situations and many moves with our babies. We first moved to MA when our son was 4 months old. Then, almost two years later, we moved when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant. We left that rental 6 months later (due to crazy/threatening neighbors) and then moved one more time 4 months after that. We purchased a house with my parents, and, even though it presents challenges at times, it's been good to finally settle down. My grandparents also live with us, so there are four generations under one roof. It's the only way we could afford to buy a home north of Boston. I'm a a long-time reader, and I really enjoy your blog. I hope things work out smoothly with your next move.

Rachael | 5:50 PM

So sorry about the house situation, I understand the issues with 'not buying a house' and all that comes with it. However, even in such a situation, you really do have such a beautiful family, your new babies are quite an addition!

Mama Cas | 8:14 PM

I haven't been in the blogging world for a few weeks....so I was surprised and excited to see that your sweet little girls had been born already! Congratulations to you all...from our family of six to yours. I hope you're all feeling well and I'm sure your housing situation will be resolved soon. Much love and luck to you!!

Ray | 11:54 PM

"…that someday we'll remember this night as the night we all came home, not to our "house" but to each other."

Love, love, LOVE!

You exude love, confidence and hope always. I love your blog. Love your family and the beautiful way you paint exactly who they are, through your artistry of words. Of who you are.

You are awesome.
Your family is awesome.

May you find an even bigger house, to hold the gargantuan amount of love you're now housing. <3<3<3<3<3<3

French Kate | 6:24 AM

Hi, I've only been reading your blog for a month or so, but what a month....! You have such a beautiful family.

I just wanted to say that I moved from the UK to France when my children were 4 and 13 months. We left a home we'd spent 4 years lovingly renovating, and where my son was born. The day we left I honestly thought my heart would break. But you know what, we're five years on, and although I do still have moments of nostalgia for the house, I do also see the advantages of being where we are now. I also learnt the hard way that however beautiful your home is, it's the love those walls contain which is by far the most precious thing. It looks like your family would be happy in a tent! Good luck with finding somewhere new.

Sheila@Chinaberry | 10:50 AM

I love that what matters -- what is your house -- is your family. What a good point. And what a positive attitude to have, especially when you've just had twins. Who are lovely by the way. Not just the twins: All of your children are beautiful. You've given me an opportunity to think of gratitude today, so I thank you!

rachel | 2:38 PM

i love your blog! your family is beautiful and your writing style is so fun to read. keep up the good work mama!

J | 8:44 PM

Hi Rebecca, I have been lurking here for many years, and have been so excited about the twins coming. I just wanted to say I admire you very much, and reading your posts, I have tears of happiness for you and your beautiful new family members. You guys are great parents who are going to raise great people in this world. Congrats and lots of love.

Riss | 6:46 PM

I'm so glad I found your blog. What took me so long!?