Thirty-Five Weeks

We are over. it. yo.

Thirty-five weeks pregnant and I'm done. I mean... I still have eighteen days until my scheduled C-section (September 30th!) but physically I am feeling like the above photo suggests. I've put myself on partial bed-rest aka "home rest", leaving the house only to pick kids up from school and schlep up the block to my favorite sandwich shop. Other than that, I'm keeping it local because this? Is not what the public likes to see waddling down Melrose.
The babies are both six pounds, already, or so I'm told, and even though everyone is convinced I'll go into labor last week, I'm starting to think I'm going to go all the way to the end, here. Which is awesome for the babies, don't get me wrong. I want them to bake as long as possible but also, FUCK ME IN THE UMBILICAL HERNIA, this much baby does not so much feel fabulous on my body. Especially when operating on zero sleep, which, until Friday was the situation around here. Sleeping on my sides with tons of pillows sufficed two weeks ago but not anymore.

Being that my belly is the size of a small country, it's been quite the task trying to come up with comfortable sleeping positions. Belly? Impossible? Back? Too much weight on internal organs such as spleens. Sides? I have a head on each hip and fetal heads do NOT like being pressed into mattresses I now know. And so? I slept against the wall, sitting up for two weeks. Which is not the most comfortable way to get rest, I'll tell you what.

And so? I've spent the better part of the last month sleep-walking through my days.
Finally, after confessing to my mother through tears that I HAVEN'T SLEPT IN DAYS I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO I AM ANYMORE, she picked up the phone and without so much as asking me, rented me an adjustable bed.

At first I thought she was kidding and then Friday morning, two men and a mattress knocked on my door.

"Are you Ms. Woolf?"

"Why yes, Sirs, I am."

"Where should we put this?"

I told then to stick it in the nursery and there it now dwells: ye olde Electropedic adjustable bed complete with remote control so I can fold my body in a million and one ways and then put that shit on vibrate for maximum sexy-time. Thank you, mom.

(vid via, Ashley)

I've been sleeping incredibly well these last few nights and napping daily which I have been unable to do until now, so the bed, I must say, is a huge success. Not to mention.... fun for the whole family! Every morning the kids have woken me up with a "Hey, mom! Do you want me to put your feet up higher? How about we fold you in half like this?" and then I wake up screaming because my knees are against my shoulders and my kids are laughing like "Whua ha ha ha!"

Screw a bounce-house. There is nothing more entertaining to small children than an orthopedic hospital bed. Circle of life, man. Circle of life.
(Thanks again, mom.)

Edema has struck with full force this week. Flip-flop indentations on the feet and the whole nine. I swelled terribly with my last two pregnancies so feel lucky that it's taken until now to get the itchy-mads. I salute you, ye watermelon, for getting me through relatively unscathed. (Watermelon not only cures reflux but helps keep swelling to a minimum... until, you know, it doesn't.)
For those asking about the desperately sought-after diaper bag, here she is. Twas an impulse buy because sometimes one becomes so obsessed with the perfect something, she ends up old and alone, surrounded by a thousand cats. The alternative? Buying a bag... with a thousand cats. on. it:
Marc Jacobs via Nordstrom

Some other exciting things that happened this week: Hal got a new job. Interesting timing that he'll begin four days before I'm scheduled to give birth but nonetheless a huge deal here at Casa de Hospitalbed. Dude's been working makeover shows for the last zillion years and is finally, after paying many dues, moving on... Look for his words coming to a Ryan Seacrest's mouth near you.

And speaking of Hal, I would like to take a moment to thank him for being such an amazing man, father, husband, human these past few weeks. Every Saturday and Sunday since I've had a hard time getting around, Hal has taken the kids out on adventures just the three of them... happily and without me having to so much as lift a finger or fill a water bottle or pack an extra pair of underwear. He even spent his lunch breaks last week picking Archer up from school so I didn't have to do two trips back and forth with both kids. That's a man right there. Team Helmet Lang!

P.S. His giant TV is kind of growing on me. I may have spent last Tuesday night watching The Rachel Zoe project in 3D and it may or may not have been Bu-Nyenahs.

Speaking of 3D, here's a flattering angle:


The other day Fable asked me if I needed tummy rubs. "Your tummy looks like it hurts, mama." she said.

"Well? Kind of sort of yes, as a matter of fact."

"Here. Let me help you."

Fable ran to the freezer to collect her stack of princess-themed ice packs and placed them one by one on my belly.


Not really but, "SO MUCH! Thank you, Fable."

I'd say misery loves company, but it's kind of impossible to be miserable with companions like this:

counting down...





BubbleTeaResa | 10:52 AM

I have to say you make carrying two babes look awesome. Seriously. Also, I was actually looking over my blogroll and remembered it's Monday! Where's GGC?? Maybe she's having her babies!! One click later and you had uploaded your post 41 second earlier =) Wishing you comfort and relief these next few weeks.

Anonymous | 11:00 AM

I can't believe you're going to have TWO MORE! You look incredible and are going to rock the shit out of motherhood, yet again. I'm such a fan of you having babies. :)

jessica ♥ The Fevered Pen | 11:00 AM

I feel incredibly bad for complaining now LOL! You still look amazing <3

agirlandaboy | 11:00 AM

Oops, that was me.

-A | 11:03 AM

I'm so excited for all of you. And thank goodness for mom's coming to the rescue with foldable beds!

Alecia | 11:03 AM

Full moon tonight! If you believe any old wives' tales, then tonight might be the night the twins make their appearance! (Fingers crossed for you.)

Bria | 11:06 AM DO still look awesome! I know it's best if the babes cook all the way, but I really hope they come soon. Oh, and I love your diaper's super rad.

marlene | 11:07 AM

These posts are awesome. And today's pictures are super awesome. Thanks for the smiles today, Fable!

Heather | 11:10 AM

Fabulous belly, fabulous bag!

Anonymous | 11:11 AM

Just when I thought I couldn't love your mother any more, she does something amazing like that. So glad that someone is taking care of you while you grow your babies.

CP | 11:12 AM

You have an awesome mom!!!

Home Sweet Sarah | 11:17 AM

Bow-chicka-wow-wow, check out that bed!

I mentioned this on your Babble site, but I have that diaper bag (except in plain black.) Praise be to Marc Jacobs for designing something for the ladies who don't want to carry lame bags!

Sarah Dubs | 11:18 AM

Man those babies are uber-dropped! And hey, maybe the full moon will come through! It IS the 12th (not Sept 22 but still close!!)

I can't wait to meet them and learn their names and learn their personalities through your writing.

I commend you on an amazing pregnancy, and you look beautiful even at 70 weeks of pregnancy!

Dana | 11:18 AM

I feel myself nodding everytime I read your Monday update posts. Yes. Yes. And yes. I remember it all. How lovely to have precious little Fable to care for you. I remember a day when I was first pregnant with my twins, back when my head spun dizzily and my body felt pounded by linebackers, when my oldest (about 16-18 months at the time) clasped my hand in silence and comfort. The little ones, they know!

melissa | 11:19 AM

Holy mother of god - I tip my hat to you a thousand times! You have been such a trooper. Into the homestretch now. ;-)

Whitney | 11:21 AM

That picture of you and Fable is adorable! You are almost there! I have 6 week old twin boys and when I hit about 34 weeks in my pregnancy I was miserable! I could not sleep, walk, breath, or get out of a chair. It was ridiculous! By 35 weeks I was starting to feel like I was going to be pregnant forever and definitely would go the full 38 weeks, which is great for the babies but I had prepared myself for 36 weeks and as I passed the 36 week mark I started to freak a little. I ended up having my two at 36 weeks and 4 days and they are perfectly healthy, no NICU, and got to come home with us! Who knows, it really could be any time now!

sarah doow | 11:26 AM

Oh three cheers for Moms renting adjustable beds! What a great idea. I get a little excited every time I see your blog light up in Google Reader - might THIS be the arrival of the babies?!

Berit | 11:29 AM

Cannot believe you're still pregnant! You're hanging in there quite nicely. Lookin' good. Really. And you are definitely almost there, though 18 days probably doesn't sound like "almost" at the moment.

My Bottle's Up! | 11:30 AM

oh jesus christ on a triscuit, rebecca!!!! you cannot possibly be this jovial and silly about everything when you're that full of baby, can you? really? because you really do look fantabulous and your smile is electric. and fable is rad.

Meghan | 11:33 AM

Kudos to you hanging onto those twins. I'm also scheduled for Sept. 30th, so we can be c-section pals. (That sounds creepier than intended.)

MommyLisa | 11:46 AM

I love the diaper bag and Fable's rain boots! Also, my friend went to nearly term and delivered her twins naturally - both over 7lbs. That woman is a SAINT she is very tall at over 6' but looked just like you at that stage in the game. It was just a year ago....

Tricia | 11:56 AM

Seriously, I know you feel moderately to severely miserable but... these photos of you and Fable are soooooooo beautiful! Also, your mom rocks! Keep on keepin' on-- those babies are kicking ass!

Ashley | 12:04 PM

Don't forget, the Craftmatic Adjustable bed comes with a FREE color catalog!

That's all I have to add to your already entertaining post.

Love you, Mama!

Glenda | 12:27 PM

You look amazing! Your mom rocks with your hospital bed :) Hal congrats on the new job! Fable = adorable with her ice packs. Love love Marc Jacobs and love your diaper bag ;)

Best of luck feeling rested until R&B make their entrance.

Rachel | 12:35 PM

You look beautiful Rebecca. I took my very pregnant friend to eat roasted eggplant and she swears it made her go into labor!

Sherri | 12:39 PM

You look great! But mother of all things, how the heck have you avoided stretch marks???!! My body gave up with my ten pound son and I now look tiger striped....sigh. Best of luck, won't be long now :)

CateyG | 12:42 PM

Thank you for all these posts & great pix. I am sure I am not the only one cracking up as you manage to maintain an awesome sense of humor about all of this -- in addition to your usual kick-ass style of writing! Love being along for the ride. Thank you!

Amanda M | 12:44 PM

You're awesome. I want to write more, but can't think of the words to do my feelings justice. I LOVE reading each post, and each week I am more and more impressed at this last pregnancy. You are kicking some serious ass there lady. Keep it up, I can't wait to meet R&B!

Anonymous | 12:46 PM

So cute. And the hospital bed is genius! Way to go, Mom.

From waaaaaayyy back here at 26 weeks, I salute you.

- Mary in PDX

Rose | 12:51 PM

You have the best Mom. Wishing you the best during this crazy time.

Anonymous | 1:07 PM

I know you probably won't believe me and I really don't care but you look GREAT! I mean come on. You are so blessed to have all that you do have and 2 more blessings on the way. Way jealous! I marvel every time I see pics of you and the updates. You look GREAT. Did I mention that yet? :)


Mom101 | 1:33 PM

The bed. THE BED! How many of us wish we had that bed, only you know...cheesy. And silly. And infomercially. And oh lord, you got the bed.

May you get more sleepful nights in it than you count.

(Thanks for the birthday wishes mama.)

Zoƫ | 1:37 PM

Awww, you still look wonderful. Archer and Fable are adorable, as always. And Hal - what a guy!! Oh, and your mom rocks!! You are one truly blessed gal!!

Lindsey Lazer | 1:58 PM

I also salute you! I am one day past my due date and not sleeping because of insane indigestion and heartburn (I wake up every half hour barfing in my mouth... ewwww). This is my first so I have no other kiddies to run after.

you are totally rocking that baby bump!

SewPo! | 2:34 PM

My middle boy, Gideon, was born on September 30--almost 7 years ago now. It's a good day for a birthday, and we get a kick out of the fact that our kiddo shares a birthday with Marc Bolan (and boy, do we love us some T. Rex around here!).

Ray | 2:37 PM

Yay week 35! Woohoo for September 30th's due date!! It'll be here in no time. Love the comedic photos of you and Fable. I think you look awesome. You rock, your kids rock, Hal rocks (yay for amazing dads and cool new jobs), and so does your mom (because who doesn't love sleep?!)! =D

I can't believe how fast your pregnancy has zoomed by. It's crazy! Can't wait to see photos of the girls and found out their names!! ^o^

Barb | 2:38 PM

You have a superhero uterus!!

Brooke | 2:46 PM

You look amazing...even if you don't feel so amazing! My diaper bag is from the same Marc Jacobs collection! I have a khaki colored backpack. Love it.

Anonymous | 2:50 PM

Wow! Girl, I read these posts every Monday and I almost can't bear it any longer! And I'm not even pregnant! Like everyone else has said, I rush to the comp. on Mondays to see how you are doing and if we have babies yet.

Major props to you for carrying yourself with such grace and style through the ups and downs of this pregnancy. Rock on with your (bed) self, Mama!

Anonymous | 2:51 PM

DAMN, girl. I am impressed. Love the stripy dress stretched over those babies!

veep veep | 2:54 PM

I just had to stop by and tell you that at 35 weeks you look better than I do... seven months postpartum. lol

Congrats again ... and yay! you are almost there. That "I'm done already!" feeling is the pits. But you truly are almost part of the mom of four club :)

Can't wait to officially welcome you.

whoorl | 2:55 PM

Damn, I love these posts. And that bed. And that little something poking out from the underneath of your belly. A shoulder? A knee? WHAT IS IT?

Mr Lady | 3:01 PM

My daughter was born on the 1st of october because she was due on the 10th, so of course I was going to take my sons to the Weezer concert on the 30th, because duh, and my daughter decided that she was sick of missing all the fun, so she tried to come out in time for the encore.

You look marv. WOO HOO BABIES.

Erin | 3:07 PM

You are impressive!

oh, jenny mae | 3:25 PM

you look awesome. keep cookin' until they pop.

Amy | 3:30 PM

You look gorgeous! I can't even imagine how you are feeling, I was huge and awkward and uncomfortable with one baby, let alone two.

Your Mum is the bomb.

Nancy Van M | 3:32 PM

You are a pregnancy warrior! Seriously, you are kicking major ass. Hang in there!

Angella | 4:08 PM

I know people have probably asked you this many, many times but how the hell do you not have any stretch marks? You are an incredible elasti-woman.

Becky | 4:22 PM

Mondays have never held such joy for me as reading your weekly updates. Your belly is so freaking amazing and you are incredible for not only carrying two babies but blogging about it with inspiring regularity. One of my closest friends delivered, via c-section, identical twins about six months ago and I just wanted to encourage you that the pregnancy WILL end, the babies WILL arrive, you WILL get your body back. Blessings!!

Blog Admin | 4:48 PM

You have my unending admiration for being able to move. Best wishes to you!

stacy | 5:03 PM

It's the Final Countdown (like the song, by Europe)! How sweet is your mom with that bed, and how awesome is Hal? Love this week's photos with Fable- I may or may not have laughed really loud in my cube at work. Here's to those baby girls making their grand entrances very soon!

Allison the Meep | 5:04 PM

But dear jeebus, you still look fabulous. And I find myself thinking about you every day (in the non-creepy way, of course) and wondering if you've birthed your ladies yet.

Fingers crossed for you, mama.

Manda | 5:16 PM

i heart you. and though we've never met and most probably never will, we would DEFINITELY be friends if we did. now that i sound like a full on stalker...just wanted to say rock on with your bad self, keep on keepin' on sister. the end is nye!ps - love that you watched RZP in 3D - I die. pps - God bless your mom!

AnnaBanana | 5:41 PM

I would just like to say that at 24 weeks pregnant with one measly little boy, my thighs are bigger than yours. So in the nicest possible way, "Suck it." Just kidding. Sort of. You look awesome, despite the fact that I am sure you feel awful. The end is near!

Amy J | 5:56 PM

You kick ass. I think that every time I come to your site. Go go go with your awesome babes!!

Kate | 5:59 PM

I birthed enormous twins (7 lb 13 oz, and 6 lb 7 oz respectively) at 38 weeks via c-birth. And I think at 35 weeks, they were estimated around 6-ish lbs each. Yeah, the clinic was a *little* off in their estimates, but then again, baby B was in an odd position, so the measurements weren't super-reliable.

ANYHOW, I say that just to relate that I know (oh, I know, I know, I know) the pain you're in. I carried mine pretty high, and so I look at your photo and feel like you look so much bigger than I did (here's my 35 wk shot, if you're interested: 35 Weeks), but all the same-- high or low, carrying twins to term is HARD.

I know that you are already parenting two and thus have a very good idea about what newborns are like, but I have to say that if I had known how crazy the twin thing was, I would have told my OB "no thanks" when he suggested the 38 wk c-section. I would have waited until I actually went into labor, just letting them hang out as long as possible! As miserable as I was, twins are hard enough, and those extra weeks of baking can make them that much easier to deal with! If only I had known! (I mean, 38 weeks isn't that much of a difference, but the extra weight would've been great for baby B...)

I just have to say that your mother is AMAZING. Seriously. How lucky you are to have her. Mine came to stay with me for a month and a half after mine were born, and it was awesome, and she rocks for doing that, but renting a hospital bed? Arranging it all for you? My mother wouldn't have even thought of doing that! (well, if I had asked, she would have gladly done it, but that your mother did so unprompted is awesome. Go, Mom!!)

Enjoy these final weeks. Twin parenthood is awesome and amazing and exhausting (just like regular parenthood, I suppose, but just MORE of all of that...).

mommica | 6:00 PM

Six-pound twins! Them are some healthy girls!

SoMo | 6:20 PM

I would leave a comment, but I am all...wah!...whoa!...

Anonymous | 6:51 PM


Katie of Cabbage Ranch | 7:44 PM

[cue music]
Did you ever know that you're my hero...? Sorry/curse me out for bringing up that song... But I couldn't help it. You seriously need a cape for carrying those babies and makin' it look that good. Nice job, Lady. (and kudos to the husband, too; way to step up.)

Mara | 8:05 PM

You make me laugh so hard. Love you becs....Marisa and I were 6lbs.4 oz and 5 lbs. 14 oz....we were only 10 days early! Beautiful women like you and my mom are angels. Love you...bring your twins and big kids down in your minivan soon so we can catch up. Xo

Anonymous | 10:15 PM

I had my second c-section 10 days ago. Someone told me to start taking the stool softeners a few days before the c-section. I didn't do this with my first. It made a huge difference!!! Please save yourself the pain and start taking them early (assuming you make it to the scheduled date). Good luck and hang in there.

Anonymous | 11:02 PM

Love the pouty pix! What grace you have for someone with 12 lbs hanging on your abdomen!

Congrats to Hal for his new job!

Jillian | 12:52 AM

So, I'm sitting here in GUAM...all the way ( well most of the way) around the world and you are cracking my shit up! Dude, you are so gloriously beautiful even when I know you must feel miserable! And you have such a great attitude, what with the jokes and the quips. I have a mite girl crush on your massively pregnant self! Lol'ing from a tiny island in the pacific.
Sending good vibes your way :) you're in the home stretch mama!

Anonymous | 2:57 AM

I'm in awe of you! You look incredibly good considering the circumstances, I mean honestly!!! I can't believe you've made it to THIRTY-FIVE WEEKS, woooowwwwwwwwwwww! If anyone deserves that amazing diaper bag, it is Y-O-U! (Now c'mon babies!!!!!!!!!!!)

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 3:08 AM

I just have to laugh- we recently got an adjustable bed (king size!) that we use every night. It's amazing. Who knew?!

You look fabulous. I am so excited you're at 35 weeks!

lola + oliver | 5:03 AM

Only YOU could be this massively pregnant and still be the sexiest mama on the planet... you look gorgeous, lady! Wishing you the best in the last few tortuous weeks :)

agirlnamedmel | 5:19 AM

I think pregnant women are beautiful and all, but seriously, you are stunning. I've never seen someone carry a baby and look that good! I hate you a little for it :) and there are TWO in there! you are a superhero.

also, your mom is pretty badass.

Bria | 5:20 AM

Just read on twitter that your water broke. Good luck, Rebecca! You are a rock star! :)

annabelvita | 5:47 AM

Oh my goodness, just when I didn't think it was possibly to admire WWW more, she goes and hires you a hospital bed. Good mamas make good mamas huh?
When my friend was pregnant with twins she inherited an awesome orthopaedic chair from her grandpa. She had a button to press and the seat would tilt to push her up and help her stand.

PopMommy Pam | 5:55 AM

You rock and you're the prettiest pregnant lady I've ever seen. And let's hear it for your mom for renting the bed! She rocks too!

Claudia | 6:20 AM

Wow. Just Wow! Congratulations on the new job and all the best to you all!

This Scientist | 6:29 AM

THEY'RE COMING THEY'RE COMING oh why am I so excited, you don't even know me, THEY'RE COMEEEEEEENNNNGGG!!!!!

AAWolf | 6:53 AM

Good luck today! You're an amazing mama. Bet you can't wait to see those beautiful babies. (We can't either;) Sending love and good vibes your way for a safe and magical delivery.

kristofer and ivy | 7:06 AM

Thinking of you lots! The last few weeks before a baby arrives are magical. The anticipation, the fear, enjoying the very end of "normal" before your new normal arrives... I'm so excited for your family!

And you look wonderful. =)


kristofer and ivy | 7:08 AM

That idea about taking the stool softeners ahead of time? Genius. GENIUS! Why didn't I do that??

And also? Stool. Gross!

Theresa | 7:10 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Theresa | 7:12 AM

Oh my. I SO could have used a bed like that a month ago. Sleeping (or doing anything) while pregnant with twins is...ugh. And my babies stayed in forever, so there was all the late twin pregnancy sex to try to get them out...

But it's almost over, and you look awesome! It's worth it in the end. :)

Glenda | 9:17 AM

Read your tweets. Best of luck with the babies. Congrats to you, Hal, Archer and Fable!!! Xo

Johanna | 9:48 AM

Wow, I am so enjoying your weekly updates! I totally remember those last few weeks of pregnancy and just feeling like I was going to burst -- from my belly, feet, hands, face etc -- and I only had singletons x 2. For your sake I hope those girls come out soon. And hooray to your mom for saving the day with the bed, what a wonderful thing to do! And hooray to Hal for being the best hubby/daddy!

Amber | 10:00 AM

I'm just seeing this as I was checking for an update seeing as how you're having the babies TODAY! Whoohoo! I swear, for your being so miserable, you're still pretty dang funny! LOL! :o) Hope the delivery goes well and you guys have a fabulous day enjoying those babies! Can't wait to see 'em! :o)

The Mommy Therapy | 10:09 AM

You really do still look phenomenal, though I am sure it is not a pleasant feeling.

So happy you found a way to sleep, it seems too cruel for you to not be able to sleep before you have TWO babies.

Best of luck to you.

Can't wait to hear about their arrival!

Tricia | 10:32 AM

last few weeks of a twin pregnancy are definitely the hardest. i rarely left the cave during that time either. fortunately i had a friend who came once a week for lunch. she always said i got noticeably bigger every week. you still look amazing and your mom rocks!

Forgotten | 10:33 AM

CONGRATS!!!! I can't believe they are here! Your mom totally called it in her last recipe post. :)

I can't wait to see these beautiful babies!

Bluepaintred | 10:41 AM


Gerry | 10:42 AM

I am amazed at you; your strength, your grace and your humor. You are my new hero! Here's to you and your new bambinos!

Mrs. Q. | 10:57 AM

GLORY BE! Oh, that looks like it hurts. But you are still gorgeous, WTF? My little girl was sideways and I thought I would die. I can only imagine how uncomfortable you feel.

I hope the days are easy going from here on out...

(And while you may have been up for Amazing Mother of the Year, sorry- your mom bumped you.)

pam from ohio | 10:58 AM

Every day I come here thinking, "today there are going to be 2 baby pictures"! But not yet. I'll be checking back again tomorrow. I know you're READY!!! My grandbaby twins were 6-7 and 5-11 when they were born 4 weeks early and they were awesomely healthy. You've got this one in the bag! Can't wait to see the pictures. I have a feeling you're not going to make it to Sept 30.

Anonymous | 11:51 AM

I love it that you still have your wonderful sense of humor.

KS in FL

No Drama Mama | 12:15 PM

Hey, you rock the twin belly like no one else! Fingers crossed that everything goes as planned for you.

nicole | 2:47 PM

They're HERE! Congrats! xoxo!

holly | 3:17 PM

All you need now the Clapper.

John | 3:25 PM

You are so incredibly awe-some and then-some Woooow baby you go

Kendra | 5:57 PM

I'm so glad Dooce tweeted about your twins, b/c now I have a fantastic new blog to read! A thousand congrats on your new baby girls.

Melissa | 6:12 PM

I saw on You Can’t Call It “It”! that you had your sweet baby girls. I must say that I am NOT surprised because I dreamed that you did last night. I know, kind of creepy for you that a stranger was dreaming of you but I dreamed I met you while wandering LA and I remarked that you were not pregnant and you nonchalantly said, "oh yea, had the babies but i didn't post it on the blog."

Jenn B | 4:20 AM

I totally get how miserable you must be, as I think I was that big with my nearly 10 pound baby boy, and I only had one set of toes flicking against my sternum, constantly. I can't imagine having four legs kicking all over the place.

However, I am trying not to hate on you about how flipping skinny you are, edema and all that. You look amazing.