Twenty Four Forty-Eight Weeks

This week marks my forty-eighth week of pregnancy, which is what I'm officially now calling myself when people ask. Next week, I will be fifty whole weeks pregnant, which will sound impressive to July 4th beach-goers.

At last week's appointment with the perintologist, I was told that the babies were kicking so much ass they were actually one week bigger than what singleton babies typically are at this stage... Which means... something EXTRAORDINARY! Or not. I feel like they're compensating for the fact they will be born early (Due date is mid to late October-ish, but because they're twins, the first week of October is the very latest I'll give birth) which makes me want to give my belly a high five. And also, take a long nap. Grow on girls/ouch my bod!
Twin babies, fetuses at 24 weeks - BabyCenter
Babies are the size of large "ears of corn" this week. That's twenty-four inches (twenty-seven, c/o growth spurt) of lady power! And hormones! Boom/Sob!

This week marked the beginning of my, "okay, I give up and am going to sit down/take a nap/fall down in a heap in the middle of the floor" phase. I worked from home last week (instead of my usual coffee shop writing on nanny days) and since today is officially our first day of summer and Archer's home from school and here with me and Fable I find myself staring out the window onto the patio wondering what the hell we're going to do for three months. Alas, I've been told by my doctors that although I'm doing great and the babies are kicking dat ass, I should be resting mine.

I gave the whole "sorry, guys but we'll be spending most of the summer here, at home, with the blow-up pool" speech. Which sounds idyllic now, as I'm typing, but is really only idyllic for one minute and then the kids are like, "I'm over it, now what?" and I'm lying on my back in the grass pretending to be asleep hoping they can figure that part out on their own.

Last night I took the plunge into "stuff-for-twins-ville" on Etsy and before I knew it had 78798271893 things in my cart. I settled on two - one for the nursery, one for the babies' newborn heads. Because, really, how could I not?
Tweedledee and Tweedledum Alice In Wonderland Silhouette Print
Tweedledee & Tweedledum print, found here
Then, out of the box came Thing 1 and Thing 2, Dr
Thing 1 & Thing 2 hats, found here

Spent the entire weekend watching Hal put together (one of the cribs) and move the bookshelf from the garage to the nursery, hang the curtains, use power tools... The room is getting close to being complete. My goal was to have it finished in the next six weeks, mainly because "thirty weeks" is the magic number when carrying multiples. I want to be prepared in case of early labor, bed rest and any other complication that may arise. I want to be at full capacity so I can shop, organize, tape decals to the wall... And right now, at twenty-four weeks forty-eight weeks pregnant I am perfectly capable of doing, organizing and telling Hal where to move things. And then move them somewhere else.
Last night, amid my flurry of Etsy purchases, Hal came into my office and placed a card on my lap. I had just emailed him the link to my purchases ten minutes earlier (while he was working on HIS computer in the other room. Ahhhh, modern love!)

"What's this?" I asked.

"It's a card I got you at the store."

I opened the envelope to find this:

And inside:


Doesn't this all just blow your fucking mind?...
Fuck yes, my dearest darling. Mindblownonadailybasisfuckingfuck.





Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 1:16 PM

I just sit here and smile and laugh for you and with you and wow, how awesome is this!


Kate | 1:17 PM

I can't wrap my mind around carrying two other bodies in my body. You are doublebrave.

The818 | 1:26 PM

You are doing double amazing, and I am not so secretly jealous.

Madeleine | 1:27 PM

I can't believe how huge you are, and so gorgeous. Can't wait to see the final nursery! I have a strange question too, as I am currently obsessed with all things baby. My sister in law was pregnant with twins and said at one point that she couldn't think too much about the fact that there were 3 people inhabiting her body or she'd get claustrophobic, do you ever feel like that?
Good luck in the next 3 months!


Heather B. | 1:31 PM

I have never been this excited about a pregnancy. Just going to ditto what Steph said, this is awesome. Very, very awesome.


Grow, girls, grow! You three look magnificent.

~ Noelle

Sarah | 1:36 PM

I think you need a maternity tshirt that says girl power in glitter.

No idea where you would get one, but there should be one somewhere and you should have it.

Glenda | 1:37 PM

I'm reading this with a smile on my face. How freaking cute is that frame for the nursery? and OMG the hats for the girls x2!!! and how adorable is Hal's card to you!? You guys are so cute! love modern love! :) You look amazing as usual! Grow girls grow! x2!! :) Can't wait to see the final production of the nursery!

All the !!! I'm so happy for you and excited!!! :)

samantha f. | 1:43 PM

I am so freaking excited for you guys! And dammit, woman. You are stunning; 48 weeks pregnant and all.

I'd get the kids into weight training so they can wheel you around soon. That's a good summer activity, yes?

oh, jenny mae | 1:46 PM

and 9.5 years later it still blows my freakin' mind.

i'm totally buying the tweedledee/tweedledum print for my girls.

Unknown | 1:46 PM

Your belly looks awesome. Sounds like the girls are doing fabulously as well. Such cuteness with the Etsy twin stuff. Especially love the hats.

You're inspiring me to get going on our nursery. Here I am at 30 weeks, just got back from the OB, and she said it wouldn't be surprising if I went early again since my first was early. Yay/Yikes!

Amy | 1:52 PM

You are awesome, you are beautiful, and I love the fact you use the word "fuck" in your blog!

Lisa | 1:57 PM

You look wonderful, all 48-weeks-pregnant of you! Hooray for those growing baby girls of yours!

Hal's card to you made me laugh: my mom used to put that exact kind of rollers in my hair every.single.night when I was little, to turn my stick-straight hair into Shirley Temple ringlets. What was she thinking?!? ;)

Amber_D | 2:06 PM

Holy crap! When I laid eyes on that picture of the babies in the Thing 1 Thing 2 hats I think I dropped two eggs instantly.


Also, I won't even begin to pretend I understand what it's like to carry two.
I hope you get all the rest you need!

vickichristine | 2:14 PM

awesome. love the thing1and2 hats!

Anonymous | 2:18 PM

You are amazing--healthy, fit (and young!). You could go to 80 weeks! Don't shuck that corn too early! The very last thing I want this to sound is critical--maybe I missed something on why early October is as long as you'll be pregnant?

I'm the mother of identical twin boys--each almost 8 pounds, born 3 days before their due date--it can happen!

Tara | 2:27 PM

Wow, you look amazing! Double amazing, at that. I can't even imagine carrying multiples, but you are doing it with such style and grace. High five!

mom2nji | 2:51 PM

I am 24 weeks with one, measuring a week behind! Lol
You look amazing.

Andrea | 4:01 PM

You look fantastic! Good luck finding fun things to do in the next few months.

Em | 4:01 PM

I just repeated to my husband how the babies are measuring ahead of a SINGLE baby at this point in your pregnancy and he replied with "Looks like we'll be having some mutant children entering the world pretty soon" (all in a positive way!). That's amazing!! Keep up the baby growing, Mama!! :D

Aimee | 4:09 PM

So, I'm curious if you get a medal when you leave the hospital with twins. Or at least a ribbon. Make that two!

Whitney W | 6:30 PM

That is amazing that your girls are growing so well! Our boys (we will be 32 week on Wednesday) are measuring big too! I always get so tired of everyone telling us that all twins end up in the NICU, all twins are small, or twin pregnancies ALWAYS have issues! That is so not true! I am on modified bed rest (and have been for 2 weeks) but the boys are growing perfectly and the pregnancy has been great (considering there are two babies growing inside my belly)! You can have a wonderful pregnancy with twins and have two healthy little girls that get to come home from the hospital with you! I am so excited for you! You look amazing and you can do it Momma!

annabelvita | 3:42 AM

I"m so thrilled the girls are measuring big. You're doing so awesome.
I can't wait to see the nursery. Actually, I TOTALLY can wait - you put your feet up - I'm guessing it's important not to hurry to do anything!

Jen | 7:15 AM

Good thinking on getting the room done early-- much smarter than my husband and I... currently 30 weeks (yay!) pregnant w/ twin boys-- living in my in laws basement- close on our new house in 11 days (and then we have to move in and unpack!) Oh- and i'm on modified bedrest since 26.5 weeks due to a silly cervix :( So yeah- work ahead- good thinking :)

(and my mom was 4 days late with my twin sis and I, though no dr I know will let you go past 38 weeks these days)

Leslie | 7:36 AM

A summer activity idea for children that I heard that sounds like fun (if you can muster the energy) is to go on "vacation" to a different country for a week or a day. So, for example, you tell Archer and Fable that you are going to France this week. You prepare fun and educational activities for them having to do with France. So, you could all cook crepes together, you could have them color the French flag or do paper cutouts of the Eiffel tower, you could play French music, show them photos of Versailles etc. Seems like something where you could adjust the activities to be age appropriate, the kids get to learn and have fun, and you get to stay home.

But the inflatable pool plan sounds good too! Rest well, lady!

annabelvita | 9:28 AM

about the staying home issue - my mum always said if we went to her whingeing about being bored she'd tell us to come back in 15 minutes. We'd always find something wacky and weird to do and become completely immersed in it and forget we were bored.

Ashley | 9:38 AM

I love you. And Hal. And Archer. And Fable. And the twins. Oh, how I love you guys.

Also, LOVE those hats. I'm due October 2nd with my first, and my little sisters helped me with a Dr. Seuss theme in the nursery, complete with a hand painted mural and everything. Amazing.

Rebekah | 10:15 AM

Gorgeous pictures!

I'm getting inspired to perhaps decorate my son's room with more than just broken toys and filled to the brim diaper containers. What a concept!

You mentioned that you have your whole weight loss /work out plan set up for when the babies arrive. I always see your posts on healthy eating and meals but will you do a post your work out / exercise plan? I imagine you do something flexible, creative given your busy schedule. It would be really interesting to read your tips, routines, etc around working out.

Are we allowed to do post requests??!!

sarah | 10:57 AM

You look gorgeous, and it is amazing to the twothousandth degree, isn't it? You will be a brave woman to do these posts bare belly until week... whatever (hopefully 38ish, my girls were born then and they were super duper healthy- don't let 'em scare you about alltwinsarebornearly blah blah blah)
I love following your progress, you & your awesome attitude rock.

Anonymous | 11:04 AM

Look, I love your site. I do. You seem to have a lovely family and a great life. But you've got to cut it out with the measuring double since you're having twins. Many doctors/MFMs will tell you that on average twins measure 6-8 weeks ahead (fundal height). So when you hit 30 weeks you most definitely will NOT be measuring 60 weeks. Unless you are the only ever twin mom to do so.

And if your girls are identical it is most likely a happy fluke that you are having twins, despite your family history. Though some versions of IVF (with ICSI) slightly increase the chances of identicals (b/c they pierce the egg to insert the sperm and perhaps weaken the outer structure) but since you didn't go through any ART, your chances of having identicals match any other woman's regardless of your family history. Only fraternal twins are linked with (maternal) lineage.

You should visit TheBump's multiples board. They have a lot of good info.


Dude, Anon. I am fucking. around. I know I'm not LITERALLY forty-eight weeks pregnant. Please do not take me too seriously. xo


Oh and hey, Rebekah! Totally okay to request posts. I appreciate it, actually! Helps me know what to post, here. I'm better at honing my diet than my fitness routine so when the babies are born (after the initial six months of recovery/possibly nursing/etc) I'm going to cut dairy (I don't eat meat, either, although I am currently eating turkey sandwiches and did through all my pregnancies - pregnavore that I am) and eat meat + dairy free as well as cut white carbs (pastas, breads) and am planning on doing Crossfit 2-3 times a week when I have my sitter. More on this, later, but my cousin recently lost all her baby weight using Crossfit (and eating very healthy as I typically do) twice a week. As a full-time working mom, she inspired me. (As she always does.)

Anonymous | 1:38 PM

Dude, Becks, I obviously know you didn't believe you were actually 48 weeks pregnant. But how about some perspective. Hormones and all. I get it. You're hot and you're huge. But you aren't the first person to ever be pregnant! Gasp, I know. Or pregnant with twins! Bigger GASP! Plenty have done it before and plenty will after you with a lot more humor and a lot less drama.

We get it, you're 158 weeks pregnant. With 2 vaginas. And???


But, Anon, I have THREE VAGINAS! Woe.

Rebekah | 3:50 PM

Crossfit! So scary - my in laws are addicted. If only there was a kinder, gentler way....


Anonymous | 6:39 PM

Dang, girl! Look how skinny your ankles are! You be looking good! :)Mine were already HUGE at that you have double the baby! GO you!

Anonymous | 6:44 PM
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Jen Bowles | 8:52 PM

My (identical) twin boys are going to be 11 next month and I still catch myself staring at them, marveling at the miracle that is them. Mind-blowing!

Michaela | 7:27 AM

Relevant (irrelevant?),

Twins born thirteen hours apart (on different days).

Maya | 8:39 AM
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Anonymous | 9:56 AM

Have you reached the "strangers-are-scared-to-sit-next-to-me-because-they-think-I-might-pop-any-second" phase?

Julie Prokop | 10:14 AM

I hope you plan on watching "Twintuition" on Nightline tonight!!!

Anonymous | 1:55 PM

Okay. You are crazy in love with yourself and you love to grace the internet with hundreds of photos of your favorite subject but please, I'm begging you, resist the temptation to post pictures of your hemorrhoids.

Emilouwho | 8:58 PM

I need to know as a pregnant person with bad taste who is so so jellies of your styles, WHERE CAN I GET THOSE LEGGINGS? I needs them so badly to go under a tunic I bought for my shower next week so my pale and horrid pregnant thighs aren't memorialized in photos. And as an OB nurse who has seen it happen enough times to believe in the myth- Please shoot for 39 weeks. There is not an MFM specialist on the planet who will admit such a thing is possible, or reasonable, or that it ever happens with no intervention, but I work on a Rez in the middle of BFE, and we have women out here with crap to no prenatal care who carry twins to term with far less physical stamina or preparedness than you have in your swollen little baby toes. Don't let yourself be bullied into thinking that twins have to be preterm, you and your girls deserve the awesome that is term twinnies!

Ray | 1:49 PM

Such an awesome card! Love it! =D

Anonymous | 10:28 AM

How can you be 48 weeks pregnant and say they will come early???