Nineteen Weeks

ED: I appear to have a penis in this picture but I'm just going to go with it.

Because the average twin birth delivers at thirty-six weeks and I'm optimistically hoping I'll go all the way to thirty-seven or eight... ish, I'm marking this week the halfway point. Happy half-zero'th birthday, babies!

Friday I went in for another ultrasound/appointment. My doctor's been having me come in every three+ weeks for the last couple of months because the babies are looking good and I've been feeling surprisingly fantastic.

I've put on eight pounds since my last appointment three weeks ago, (currently clocking in at 164 lbs) which is healthy for my size and considering I'm about halfway there, is right where I should be. Still. It's hard to put oneself in the mindset that gaining weight is GOOD! Pack on the pounds, sister! Healthy as it may be for the babies, I'm still a woman dammit.

The babies are flourishing - they look fantastic and happy, lots of kicking and flailing. They're positioned horizontally in my person, with their heads at each other's feet like yin and yang and baby A is backwards, so every picture thus far has been of her back. Baby B on the other hand, is face front so every time my doctor presses the ultrasound wand against my belly, this face appears like the ghost of Christmas future, her little hands waving around, like, "hello, folks!"
Baby "skeletor" B, saying hello. Check out her massive fetus brain!
Baby "nice spine" A, also brainy, although shy.

I decided against all amnios, neck fold tests et al because I was told they'd only produce an "almost accurate result" which means (to me) more distress than knowledge. Also, I'm allergic to tests. Also, I hate them. Also, no thank you.

Hal has started referring to the babies by name (by the way, they ARE indeed girls, doctor's sure of it now) which is terrifying for some reason... I think because I'm still sort of in shock every time I go to the doctor's office and there are two in there. It doesn't seem real yet even though I can feel them moving and kicking and I'm visibly Winnebagoesque.

Babies are the size of large heirloom tomatoes (six inches, head to bottom, aw) this week and according to Babycenter are trying to impress us with their extreme flexibility.
Baby, fetus at 19 weeks - BabyCenter
I'm getting increasingly excited that I get to mother three daughters. Girls are so much fun and although in the beginning, I'll admit, I was slightly disappointed not to have an equal penis/vagina household ratio (I love me some boy), I couldn't be more excited over the prospect of starting a Spice Girls cover band with my ladies (Zadie, our Boston Terrier has already dibbed Posh. The remaining four of us will have to draw straws).
Gotta get with our friends

It feels right, this soon-to-be-six-member posse, although, Hal and I recently had the "permanent birth control" conversation and Hal was like, "but what if we want five children someday?" and he was totally serious.

Don't worry. I slapped him in the face. Softly.

Having a big family will be fantastic, I'm sure, but four is PLEEEEEEENTY of children. For me, at least. I told Hal if he wants to knock up some other wife, he's totally allowed, but this one? Is happily retiring her uterus this holiday season.




Anonymous | 2:46 AM

You are looking great!!! And maybe you can have your equal penis/vagina ratio if you have twin boys next time, hehehe :-) I think you are hands down the best person on the planet to be raising children and you should have a ton more for humanity.

Anonymous | 2:58 AM

too funny

eli | 3:46 AM

wow ! you look incredible ! good for you for opting out of the first trimester screen and quad screen. they did nothing but cause me unnecessary worry and heartache. as my mom says, 'sometime i think you'd be better off giving birth on the back of a covered wagon !' and i mostly believe her.

Mammy P | 4:58 AM

You look MAHVELLOUS. My husband had the snip a mere few months after we had our second kid and I was overjoyed, as we had a scary time having him and all the quacks recommended us not having any more. Which fit our M.O. so was okay. My favourite part about it was announcing to Facebook: "Chim-chimminee, chim-chimminee, chim-chim-cheree, my husband is getting a VAS-EC-TO-MEEEEEEEEEEE!" :-)

Rosstwinmom | 5:47 AM

Look at that sweet little hand waving hi to her Mommy! uterus just sighed.

You're doing so great! Twins are fun and fantastic!!!

Catherine | 5:53 AM

Aww, you look great and glad to hear your babies are doing so well. Three daughters - bliss. *sighs wistfully... :)

Katie | 6:22 AM

You look beautiful. I am dying to know their names...and I am still waiting on the b-list names you didn't choose but still loved (boys and girls?) -- we are having the hardest time choosing a name and I adore Archer and Fable, so I'm thinking I'll love your other ideas. Anyway, yay for lots of girls!

whoorl | 6:35 AM

You look beautiful and DAMN, your hair looks lush. (Of course I would have to mention hair...)

Cam - Bibs & Baubles | 8:28 AM

so exciting! cute little tomatoes they are!


You rock pregnancy so hard, woman! That little waving hand slays me. And I have to admit to being more than a little envious of you gaggle of girls. So much awesome.

~ Noelle

marlene | 8:44 AM

your ed comment made my day.

MommyLisa | 8:44 AM

You look GREAT! So wonderful to be having a little Spice Girl posse.

Red Stethoscope | 8:46 AM

You and Hal together are hilarious. I love that he's so excited about babies! Also, you look adorable, but yes honey, four is plenty.

Donor Egg Mom | 9:21 AM

so cute!! i stumbled upon your site today and it's great! you are just shining of excitement and joy :) love it. congrats on getting half way...with twins!!! keep us posted.

Cave Momma | 9:35 AM

You are looking fab! Love the skeletor reference, we referred to our kids in utero like that too.

And I totally tell my husband the same thing about having more kids. He has got to find some other woman to knock up cuz this woman won't do it.

Melissa | 9:57 AM

I am always amazed at the overwhelming amount of happiness I have for someone I don't even know. You look amazing and your happiness just oozes off the screen. Again, many congrats to you and the rest of your clan. Cannot wait to witness the rest of your journey. Much love.

findingmagnolia | 10:07 AM

Will Archer be sound guy, tour manager, or perhaps opening act? All three? So excited about your amazing little (er, big?) family.

Sarah Berry | 10:08 AM

Twin Question... if you have two names, how do you decide which name goes to which baby?

Birth order? Something you decide after you meet them?

One of the thousands of little things you never think about with single pregnancies, I guess!


Scarlet Lily - we'll wait until they're born to decide which name belongs to whom. I know some people do birth order but we'd like to meet them and see who raises her hand when (her/her) name is called. :)

Shalini | 10:16 AM

Wow, I didn't look this amazing 19 weeks pregnant with one (or, er, non-pregnant). If you gained eight pounds, maybe you're carrying it all in long, thick hair?

Kerry | 10:28 AM

Ohh, yes- I'd be curious to know your b-list names too! My second is due in three weeks and I have yet to settle on a name.


Congrats, Kerry! Name post coming later in the week. It's taken me a bit of time to compile the list! It's extensive. (Thurs? Fri?)

Anonymous | 10:47 AM

Your penis pic has made my your hand placement that rally nails it and makes it super hilarious.

You look amazing! And I will add myself to the name post fanatics, excited to hear its coming up soon. I am 12 weeks pregs and coming up with nothing for boys names and only one girl name and its driving me crazy, I need new inspiration and you're such a great source of it!

Anonymous | 11:25 AM

You look fantastic, and you're tall, right? 164 pounds is a healthy weight for a curvy, non-pregnant woman who's around 5'8 or so anyway - so chill, baby, chill! ;)

GratefulTwinMom | 11:39 AM

Babies look fantastic. Happy "half-zero" birthday, indeed. You're going to be so happy to deliver anytime after 35 weeks. Think you're feeling "Winnebagoesque" now? You'll really be all babies by then.... Looking great!

Ray | 1:00 PM

Already full of personality, in the womb. Those girls of yours are going to be awesome! =o) Glad to read that everything's going well. You look great! Can't believe next week you'll be five months! Time is zooming by.

LOL at: "Is happily retiring her uterus this holiday season." =P But, Hal is so cute for thinking of a fifth baby. ;o)

Unknown | 1:02 PM

Oh, I feel you on the screenings and their almost accurateness. Even though our 1st trimester down syndrome number was significantly different than our 2nd trimester blood screening, we opted against the amnio. Talk about unnecessary stress.

You look fab and so do the babes! Which Spice Girl is Fable?

Glenda | 1:07 PM

You look amazing!!! and I'm happy that everything is going smoothly.

Can't wait until the name blog comes out! I agree waiting until they are born and deciding then what name goes with which girl not in birth order persay.

sarah jane | 2:06 PM

oh how cute. you 've popped. ;)

Anonymous | 3:18 PM

Can I just say, thank you so much for posting your weight each week. That might seem ridiculous, but we always hear stories of celebs, etc. who are "horrified" that they weighed 135 pounds at the END of their pregnancy and it's just not healthy for people to think that's, well, healthy. You look insanely fantastic and I think it's marvelous and inspiring that you're willing to share REAL numbers and show that a beautiful pregnant body still looks svelte and amazing while putting on important baby weight. So, thank you. It might seem like a trivial thing, but I think it actually makes such an important point and I personally appreciate it so much!

Avril | 5:11 PM

Congratulations!! I can't wait to see the names you had in the running.. my friend found out she's having a baby girl today.. she's going with Daisy-May.. so cute!

oh, jenny mae | 5:20 PM

hey hey, smokin' hot mama. you look fabs & you guys slay with your adorable bickering. "what if we want moooooorrrrreeeee?!?!" no way, jose. i agree. 4 is plemty.

Mom101 | 5:52 PM

I think your uterus has done its time. May it retire well and play golf on the weekdays.

(You look beautiful Bec!)

Anonymous | 6:16 PM

You have the absolute best pregnancy style.

A tiny thing:

"Et al" does not mean the same thing as "etc." "Et al" is short for the Latin et alii which means "and others" and is usually used in a list of names (usually authors): Regina Cooper, Thomas Jones, et al.

Haley | 6:25 PM

I just have to say that you are an adorable pregnant woman! Oh and I think for the first time ever, I may have understood the ultrasound screen. Wahoo! Congrats again, Mama!

Anonymous | 6:29 PM

Nothing ruffles my feathers more when people say, "we're trying for a girl..." or "we're gonna have one more, and try for a boy next time!" like! All that to say..happy to know you aren't blue about all the pink..also, girls rule. :)

Jack's Mama | 8:22 PM

My mom made it to 38 weeks 2 days me and my twin sister, you can do it! She had a scheduled c-section. Twin A, my sister weighed 6lb and she was a surprise because they could never get a good view. Then me, twin B weighed 6lb 6oz and they knew I was going to be a girl.
My friend just had her twins at 35 weeks via c-section on 5/5/11--a pretty cool birthday date for doubles! A girl and a boy weigh a little bit more then 4lbs. I just saw them this weekend, they brought them to our soccer game, they are still under 5lbs and so precious!!!! I seriously felt blessed being able to meet some of gods tiniest/latest creations.

I hope your babies continue to grow well, yay for being half way!

Abi | 8:23 PM

You look awesome!

I'm having a girl as well. Hubby thinks we need to try for number 4 so we will have an equal boy-girl ratio household. Umm... no thanks! And he's not allowed to get any one else prego either! LOL

I did the screening. My results came back 1 in 200 positive instead of the "normal" 1 in 300 positive for Down Syndrome. I worried and worried and worried and cried and it turned out okay in the end. Turns out only 1 protein level was off and baby appears to be as okay as possible.

Rusti | 9:48 AM

you look fantastic!!

Anonymous | 5:26 PM

I see Cooper lurking in the background of the photos. :-) He's like another older brother!

I've been reading you because I adore your writing. I turned my best friend on to GGC - primarily for the recipes - but the best thing happened! Oh! she just found out she is expecting her first! Reading CCG is like having a sister who wrote it all down for posterity!

Thank you, thank you for contributing to the collective community's wisdom bank. Rebecca, you and your family are the best and keep getting better. :-D

valarie | 8:32 PM

You look fantastic!
Thank you for your witty posts - I love reading your blog!
The way you are able to put your feelings/ideas/dreams into words is fabulous....

Anonymous | 6:35 AM

I love that you are telling us your current weight; perhaps we could guess your ending weight? Like a "How Many Jellybeans in the Jar?" contest, only with your pounds.

When I was pregnant, I turned my back to the scale each doctor's appointment so my ending weight was a surprise - I outweighed my husband by a pound. It was awesome.

Hammy | 11:53 AM

Hey Rebecca,

Some folk do pre-natal testing and screening so that they can be prepared for any issues as well as make decisions.

The blood screening is a little annoying as it's just a probability game (which has the odds shift once you hit 35). I had the screening done with my second pregnancy because I was 38. Nuchal fold resutls were fine, but the blood results came back with an elevated potential for Downs' - so I freaked out. The good news is that I followed up with an amniocentesis, which is a diagnostic test: answers not rolls of dice.

So, I had the giant needle to the stomach and it turned out all was well. My advice to folks is that if they truly want to know what's what (and they're over 35, skip the screen and go straight for the big scary needle.


Sarah | 10:00 PM

Softly. Hahaha.