Thirteen Weeks

Okay, so THIS is apparently the last week of the first trimester. The trimester gods must have changed the weeks on me because I could have sworn week twelve = the end. But no! I'm still in first-trimesterdom until Sunday. Neveerrrrending triiiiii-mester. La la la. La la la. La la laaaa.

The babies are three inches long this week and I feel like I'm already the size of a house (see above). I spoke to my OBGYN Kenobi about the fainting spells and light-headedness and he told me it's likely a blood-sugar issue so per his advice I've been eating six small meals a day (mainly fruit, cheese and hard boiled eggs, which are still my co-pilot and how interesting is this for you to hear? Probably not so much, but these posts are for posterity, they are).

You know how once you find out you're pregnant, everywhere you look another pregnant person appears magically from the fog? My life, in the last couple of weeks has turned into a Doublemint gum commercial. Deja hu...mans.

I had my third ultrasound on Thursday, which is my new favorite extracurricular activity. Hal has yet to come with me because of work so I get to come home with these blurry ultrasound pics and I'm like, "LOOK AT YOUR BABIES!" and he smiles and tells me exactly what I want to hear even though he obviously has no idea what he's looking at.

Next appointment, he'll come with me, hooray. In the meantime, here is our latest bab(ies) picture. That's Baby "B" on top with the huge head to body ratio. Cute profile, yes? (Just pretend like you can see a profile.) And Baby "A" on bottom with its back to us. (How adorable is its spine!)
The doctor says that if he was a betting man he'd bet one was a girl because he was able to get a good look at Baby B's goods and it wasn't very penis-y. I told him that if I was a betting woman, I'd wait a little longer. He says that in a month we should be able to know for sure.

Of course, a month in pregnant person time = decades.




K├Ąthe | 9:35 AM

So my (first, only) baby is now almost 13 months and full on toddler terrible twos no is my favorite word but you may not say it back to me, NO.

I miss my baby.

These posts of yours are making me terribly happy and if it helps, which I'm sure it doesn't, the weeks are flying by for me. I cannot believe it's already week 13. If that helps.

I'm sure it doesn't.

Keep on keepin' on. <3

Sydney | 9:38 AM

deja hu...mans!! You are back to your puntastic best Rebecca.

These posts make my Monday (afternoon/evenings here in London).

Unknown | 9:40 AM

What a beautiful bump!

sarah doow | 9:41 AM

Such a cute profile and spine! My twin nieces were born last Thursday and oh, finally meeting them is so much fun. I'm following your progress with great interest.

Anonymous | 9:43 AM

OK, this is dumb, but I don't even care. How do you keep track of Baby A and Baby B? It's driving me crazy that I don't know the answer to this and I'm not googling because google thinks I'm all smart with my googling of fun topics like "birth year of Chewbacca" and "world's fastest train."


Abbe | 9:44 AM

Maybe I missed this in a previous post, but are they identical or fraternal?

Glenda | 9:47 AM

Your bump looks adorable.

I finally met my twin niece and nephew (this weekend) who are 8 mos on the 18th.

Keep rockin' the bump!

L.L. | 9:48 AM

Love the belly pics and the u/s pics. I am pregnant too - 6 weeks! No morning sickness though, at this point in my first pregnancy I had my head in the toliet and implantation bleeding - now aside from the positive test, nothing is going on to indicate I am pregnant. I was comforted to hear that you didn't have any sickness with your first two...can't wait until my first appt to make sure everything is OK.

xc | 9:49 AM

I agree with pregnant women popping (pun intended?) out of the wood work. Ever since I found out I was pregnant (back in November), I notice EVERYONE is pregnant now. 2011 - year of the baby.

Elizabeth | 10:07 AM

Ok, NOW you've popped! I had to go back and look at week 12 to be sure, but the difference is definitely noticeable. I can't believe how fun it has been to follow along with your pregnancy progress. I woke up this morning and thought to myself; "Yay, it should be a week 13 baby bump photo today!" I'm not trying for #2 until 2012, so you're tiding me over 'til then.

Anonymous | 10:11 AM

I'm so excited for you and your family!!! Twins are going to change things hugely, but if anyone can handle it, you guys can. Anyways, can't wait to find out the sex/names... I agree that time is going to slowly here.

Serenity Now | 10:15 AM

You're so cute with your twin belly - this is all very exciting and since my hubs is on a campaign for baby #2 and our baby #1 is turning three this week - all your babyness is making my uterus twinge a bit for another one :) Keep it coming mama!

Jaelithe | 10:19 AM

That is a lovely belly. And I TOTALLY saw a profile in the US. Maybe.

marlene | 10:39 AM

these posts make my day :)


Hello, babies! (I'm crossing my fingers for one boy, one girl.) And I just want to kiss your gorgeous belly! That's not too weird, is it?

~ Noelle

Anonymous | 10:40 AM

uh oh, these belly pictures really are getting troublesome for look so awesome/beautiful/yes! I can't wait to join the ranks of preggos posting, keep em coming!!

Anonymous | 10:42 AM

Gorgeous Becks! Enviable bump!

Nicola Parkinson, Cape Town | 10:43 AM

Gorgeous Becks, enviable bump!

Love Nick in Cape Town x

Unknown | 10:57 AM

So fun going on this journey with you. Thanks for letting us!

RebeccaH1017 | 11:13 AM

Beautiful bump!

I have 6 month old twin boys, and it wasn't until I was prego with my own that I realized EVERYONE has a twin story! Their own, their cousin, the lady they sit next to at work... :)

Thanks for sharing your journey!

Steph | 11:14 AM

Hope you're feeling much less sick now. I found out the sex of my baby (boy, which might be a bit easier to tell) at 14 weeks, so you may only have to wait until the next visit. Looking fab!

jessica ♥ The Fevered Pen | 12:13 PM

I love that we are exactly on the same pregnancy track haha - I'm 13 weeks too, and Sunday is when I'm 14! woo! Course, I'm not prego with twins haha. ;)

You look fab, as always <3


Thanks, guys! I'm feeling MUCH better! The shitty stage has ended (knock wood) and my energy is almost back to normal.

And Leah/Anon - We won't know if the babies are fraternal or identical until birth (unless they are different sexes, obviously) They do not share a sac (and have different placentas as well) but that doesn't mean they can't still be identical. It depends on at what stage the egg splits (some identical twins share a sac, some do not) so there is a chance, they are identical. Chances are, fraternal because frat more common. We shall see!

Kayla | 1:31 PM

When I was pregnant with my son I use to come home with all of these ultrasound pictures and tell my husband the following words (this is not a joke, btw)

"Honey look at what a healthy spine the baby has"

SERIOUSLY!! BUT I tell you I am still fascinated with his spine.. I sometimes rub his back (he is 21 months) and I say "I made your spine buddy"..

WIth my daughter - I had three fainting spells... One worse then the other.. Two of them where outdoors while I was running errands alone and the third was in the shower.. She is fine and I was fine but it did scare me..

Hang in there..


Milla | 1:31 PM

Two girls, my bet!

Katy | 2:13 PM

Thanks for these posts. I've been counting my 'week' of pregnancy on Mondays, too.

Today, I'm 38 weeks. I remember being your size and convinced that everyone could clearly see I was pregnant.

Um, no.

Rebecca | 2:50 PM

Oh the first trimester, she does drag on and on and on.... Im two weeks into the 3rd trimester of my 3rd pregnancy (a mere singleton, I'm afraid) and now all of a sudden it seems 6 to 8 weeks is simply not enough time to prepare. Time is racing by while I do everything at least 25% slower than normal. Have heart, my dear, the lovely, productive, relatively comfortable 2nd tri awaits!

Anonymous | 3:12 PM

Thank you! I think I was just amazed that your Jedi Doc can look at the u/s and say "there's Baby B!" and be certain that it was, indeed, baby B (who is so totally a girl and I can't wait to hear your names and ZOMG IT'LL BE SO TOTALLY AWESOME!). Ahem.

(one of the old Mama Scribes if you remember them at all although K wouldn't like being called old and so I will not say that as she has taken up roller derby and could probably kick my butt)


Oh, Leah! Yes! Baby A/B are determined by their positioning. Baby A = closest to the "exit" and B, is above A... insinuating that A would come out first (via vag)... Although I've heard babes tend to change positions. So, who knows, right? xo!


And Katy, CONGRATS! Any day now, girl! Fable was born 38 weeks, four days! xo!

julie. | 7:36 PM

I'm excited for you! (& me, because I LOVE baby-centric blogging. It's my fave.)

Elizabeth | 7:56 PM

You're so right about pregnant person time being soooo much longer.

I was supposed to have my 20 week "find out what you're having" ultrasound today and I was insanely excited. can imagine how many people I was ready to kill when the receptionist told me that the schedule had gotten mixed up and they had put my appointment down for MAY 11th instead of APRIL 11th. I don't think I'd ever been so upset. So completely crushed. Because it was like her telling me that it would be another thirty years before the real deal. Pregnant months ARE decades. FOR REAL.

Perhaps this is needless to say, but we're switching health providers. We've had so much trouble with the one we've been going to.

I wish you so much luck with your doctors and all of their accompanying staff. Man, does it make a world of difference.

Katherine | 12:18 AM

So I just wrote this whole comment about how I've been reading since Fable was born but never commented because I always have the worst luck and in the process of commenting, I press on something and everything flies away and GUESS WHAT?! Blogger told me they couldn't process my command. Everything I wrote, down the pan, just like that.

I was pretty much just telling you how cool I think you are and how much I love your blog and everything about it but I couldn't possibly try to re-write the whole thing without it sounding re-written and that would just be stupid. So, suffice it to say that I DO love this blog and it's such a happy place to come to, even when you're writing about the harder moments, because you write so well and with such raw honesty. I love it enough to have overcome my fear of commenting because they always disappear to go ahead and comment, see it disappear then come back and comment again! Ha! That said, if this one disappears, I'm giving up and going back to being a lurking stalker ;-)

A Brilliant Life | 1:25 AM

You look fabulaous and you are so brave!! So excited for you. I was told all kinds of crazy crap about the genders including they were both both boys (sent me into a crying fit), one boy and one girl (really happy - that was my suspision) and then finally both girls (sad for husband and my father as there are NO boys in our families, but SUPER excited for me!). As an aside, here in Morocco they call it "le choix de la roi" One boy and one Girl equals the king's choice. Which is great if you are in that situation but annoying if not! I wanted one boy one girl, well let's say I was dead on convinced that is what it was - but having two girls has given me a view into sister hood that I never could have known otherwise. I imagine two boys would be the same. Anyways, whatever the combo is it will be PERFECT!

Anonymous | 3:32 AM

Can I ask something completely inappropriate?
Where did you you get your boots? They're fantastic!

Expat Mom | 4:47 AM

Holy smokes! I haven't read your blog in well, like a year, and saw your video on Heather Spohr's blog and came over . . . wow. Congrats on not only being pregnant, but with twins. I guess you were right about not having finished your family. :D Awesome!

Adrianne | 7:36 AM

Look at that adorable bump! I finally had my anatomy ultrasound last Friday, and yes, it felt like decades for that day to arrive!!

The ultrasound doctor told me at 12 weeks that he thought it was a girl because of the "angle of the dangle"....and he was right! So maybe your doctor is on to something. Apparently they can be very accurate with the whole angle thing. I had never heard of it but of course googled it after that appointment and discovered that for an experienced doctor, they can be be surprisingly accurate even that early. Anyway, can't wait to hear who's in there!

The Mommy Therapy | 8:17 AM

You look fantastic!

You also look amazingly calm for having twins. I feel like as soon as I found out I would be twitching constantly in preparation for two babies!

What an exciting journey. Thanks for sharing....can't wait to see how it all goes.

And yes, a month is completely an eternity in pregnant lady time.


Anon - my boots are BORN, and they're a thousand years old! I've had them re-soled twice. :) Thank you!

GingerB | 12:44 PM

How can you be so beautiful while pregnant?? Pregnancy was not good to me but you are resplendent . . . even if you are on an egg only diet and you say you feel lousy you look MAHVELOUS!!

You almost make me want some twins to go with the two girls I have, who are actually slightly more wonderful than your own lovelies(just slightly, no worries) but then I remember that I am 43! and I'll do menopause when two girls do puberty and I think OMG not no, but hell no. But you do make it all seems so glorious, and like a previous commenter, I really want to know how you keep track of A and B.

Unknown | 2:21 PM

It's been a long time since I've read your blog and, OMG, twins! How fantastic! My cousin just came home from the hospital with her twins! I went back through your posts to see when you found out and saw your 24/7 morning sickness references. I cracked up at how many food posts you have between the nausea musings! Too funny. The food looks delicious! I'm glad you are feeling better and I'm so excited for you!

jessica | 3:53 PM

i can't comment on your track tuesday post so i do it here:
thanks! never heard of him/them(?) very cool. i am usually not into the music you post but this one was great. i appreciate being turned on to something new. oh the other one i liked was that chinese guy singing a cappella ...hmmm can't remember. but this was really great so thanks. you are making fans of new people.

Shannon | 5:03 PM

Your pooch is still smaller than mine and I have no baby in there!

We found out Eli was a boy at some point during the 13th week. I had one of those special nuchal screens and the doc that did it told me had 100% accuracy in guessing gender after 12 weeks. I was totally expecting to have another month or so of dreaming about pink even though I knew in my core he was another boy. I think if I was having twins after already having one of each I would hope for a same sex set. We have good friends who are twin brothers (identical) and they can read each others minds. I cannot even imagine how cool it would be to have a human relationship like that.

Pretzel Thief | 8:16 PM

...I'm still cackling about "OBGYN Kenobi". Brilliant.

You rock on wit yo bad self! Looking fabulous! Yaaaaay! (WAY too many exclamation points, I know, but all apt.)

Allison | 8:45 AM

oooh, i am so excited for you and your beautiful family! i read your blog a bit when you were expecting fable, and just rediscovered it a few days ago via momversation. i just wanted to tell you that i'm 37 weeks with twin girls, and you are in for the most wonderful experience! i was scared in the beginning, and i will say this has been a more tiring pregnancy than my first (we have a 3 year old daughter too), but it is so exciting! congratulations. you rock a very cute twin bump. get ready, because it's gonna get big, and fast! (but you'll totally love telling everyone that you've got two in there!)

oh, jenny mae | 7:21 PM

dude! there's 2 babies up in there! (it's never not exciting!)

Very Bloggy Beth | 11:49 AM

Somewhere along the line, I lost track of all the Momversation ladies. So glad I still follow you on Facebook :) Anyhoo, currently 9 weeks along with my second pregnancy, and haven't been to my first appointment yet. You are the THIRD person I have heard in as many weeks that is pregnant with twins, and I'm so nervous that I am too, how stupid is that? Haha. Anyway, best wishes to you and your brood!

Anonymous | 7:29 PM

So excited for you and your family! TWINS ARE SO AWESOME- I'm almost jealous that I just had one! I just had my first baby (boy) in March. I saw prego ladies everywhere and I felt this special comraderie with them. They probably thought I was an insane person b/c some stranger wanted to talk to them about pregnancy/baby stuff.

How are you doing with two kiddos and morning sickness?

Go you super woman!

FallFromHeaven | 11:48 PM

13 weeks already? Time is flying right on by.

And I still say that the twins are going to be a BOY and a GIRL.

We shall see of course! ;o)

B. | 8:15 AM

I just found your fabulous blog, and want to say congratulations on your twin pregnancy! My twin boys are 13 months now, and though the first few months can be rocky, things get better fast and we're having a great time.