Since this is pretty much the end of Mix Tape, and I've been getting nostalgic these last few weeks, feeling the need to post old faves instead of new finds, this week's track = my favorite music video of all time. It's also the only music video I've ever purchased in my life.

It's been eight years since I first saw this video, in a museum in Queens with my old friend, Cheyne. We had the gallery to ourselves so we sat and we watched and we watched and we fell asleep, and then we watched again... Both of us equally stoned in awe of Bjork's ability to make out with her robot self.

Anyway, an oldie but a GREATie, this one is. To me, anyway. And my old friend, Cheyne, who I also purchased a copy for (which according to him, was incompatible with his DVD player).

Oh well. I tried.

99. All is Full of Love, bjork



ED: Eat Well will is on hiatus this week - my fault as I planned to post in WWW's place (later) today and ran out of time, oy. Tune in next week for some homegrown Fava bean action! Hell yes!