This week marks the 3rd anniversary of the death of my beloved friend, Mason. At his funeral I read the lyrics to the following song, a song he shared with me the last time he stayed with me for the weekend. He loved Bright Eyes and used to drag me to all his shows, sob triumphantly as Conor Oberst screamed into the mic. That was years ago, before life changed for both of us and we split each other's scenes seams.

I still have his number saved in my phone, still listen to his mix tapes, watch his videos, check his myspace page, which still exists, his bio a reminder of who he was:
I like to dream the day away... I nurse the coastline like a wound. Where is Marie Antionette? She'd liven things up a bit. Pardon the lethargic overtones, it's early, it's early. I love you all with all my heart.
I believe that Archer's right when he says that when people become too large for their homes, they die but its okay because they get to come back as babies again. I like to think of Mason when I see baby boys, holding hands with their mothers, fathers. I like to think that wherever he is, he's surrounded by the love he always sought so desperately and more than anyone I knew, deserved.
Love you, Mas.


98. Bowl of Oranges by: Bright Eyes