It's a... Twin Gender (Twender?) Poll!

Fable and the twins
? + ? + Fable + swings = swings + Fable + ? +?

So. Tomorrow (we hope) we'll have word on whether penises or vaginas are inside me. In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to see what YOU think. So! I created this handy little device/counter thingy-poll-situation for you to click on anonymously and guess! The winning group will receive.... knowledge that they are psychic!

So! Without further ado, a sex poll. (Not to be confused with "sex pole", which we can discuss at a later date or not. Probably not.)



Molly | 9:12 AM

I find it funny that at the time that I voted, there were more votes for turkey sandwiches than a pair of boys. If your husband has managed to impregnate you with turkey sandwiches, I have a couple of follow-up questions for you both.

Sarah | 9:28 AM

I'm not sure what I am more excited about for tomorrow, the royal wedding or the sex of your babies!

Good thing I have the day off to enjoy them both thoroughly!

If Archer doesn't get his two more baby sisters, I don't know what I will do!

Anonymous | 9:41 AM

One of each or two girls. You said archer said it was two girls, siblings usually know best.
Cant wait to hear the names you choose!!!

Amanda at

Nicole | 9:48 AM

haha I am DEFINITELY more excited to find out what you are having then to see the royal wedding ;-)

PS. my word verification is Horny .. this makes me laugh! (such a grown up I know)

B&B | 10:38 AM

i am a little too excited to find out what the sex of your babies, i will be checking your blog every ten minutes-excited. I voted one of each...but any combination besides turkey sandwiches would be fabulous!

Mickey Hanson | 11:30 AM

When can you find out if they're identical or do you already know they're not and that's why it could be one of each!
PS. I'm thinking mega pink!


If they're same sex (which everyone seems to think they're NOT- crazy! Interesting!) we won't know until they're born whether babes are fraternal or not - most likely they're fraternal because they have two separate sacs and placentas BUT some identical twins can have separate sacs (depending on when egg splits). x!

oh, jenny mae | 1:13 PM

i think it's identical girls! because that's what i have. i think. well, they're both girls, but we aren't sure about their zygosity.

and "we'll have word on whether penises or vaginas are inside me." cracks my ass up.

jill (smyth) | 1:15 PM

I want it to be one of each because hello! Even numbers of each.

But me thinks Archer is connected. And knows. Ladies ladies ladies is my official guess.

Cheryl Lage | 2:49 PM

Guessing boy/girl ('cause that's what we have, and as you'll discover, you want all future twin mamas to expel genders coincident with your own variety).

Secondly, while I ADORE the photo, you won't need two bucket swings for the twins. Twins fit back-to-back in bucket swings VERY nicely, for quite some time. Beats the lean-between-dual-push. Just sayin'... Congrats again!

sonja | 4:07 PM

My guess is boy/girl. I'm pretty bad at guessing baby genders even though it's a 50/50 chance, so this way I'm guaranteed to be right on ONE of the babes! ;)

Unknown | 4:10 PM

Two girls! It Is what I want to have so it is what I wIsh for people =D

Shuggins | 4:13 PM

I am indecently excited to find out the genders of someone who I have never met's children!

I hope they're lying legs akimbo so the doc can see their junk.

I think one of each - not sure why, just do!

Amelia | 5:00 PM

Yay! Good luck tomorrow, looking forward to getting the goods, tell them if they're cooperative you'll give them an extra hard boiled egg. :)

Anonymous | 6:28 PM

GOSH I guess all of us will be excited for the rest of ur pregnancy.... twins are so much fun... I wont be able to sleep tonight..

Kayt | 8:03 PM

First Of all, I'm sad I had to pick one answer on the poll. I really wanted to answer turkey sandwiches alongside my real answer of one of each. At the very least, I'm convinced there's at least one girl in there.

Bunny | 10:35 PM

I think it's one of each and have since you said twins. I just had this feeling. You have such amazing luck one more of each would even everything out.
Can't wait for you to tell us. I happen to be more excited about this than the royal wedding!

beyond | 3:20 AM

two girls! ... or one of each!

Hef | 6:49 AM

wtfunk? i take a short hiatus from blogosphere and your kids have grown AND you're knocked up with TWINS???

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! by the way!

i also want to tell you that i bought a minivan this month and i blame you for planting that seed. :)

wishing you and yours the best in this journey!

lonek8 | 7:47 AM

a boy and a girl! because that is such nice symmetry. Can't wait to find out!

emily | 9:32 AM

B/G because over 50% of fraternal twins are.. but 2 turkey sandwiches would definitely be easier. Just sayin'.

Diane | 10:12 AM

Sesame Street (on KOCE Los Angeles) was all about twins today. They even explained the difference between fraternal and identical twins and celebrated "Twins Day". It just made me think of you :)

Anonymous | 10:26 AM

Our twin girls had separate sacs and placentas (even though they told us at the first ultrasound that they were sharing a sac), and 13+ months later we still don't know whether they are fraternal or identical. They weren't able to definitely tell us, even after they were born, so we've been playing the "do we want to pay for DNA testing or not" game ever since. For the most part, my husband and I can tell them apart, but if they aren't together and someone asks me which baby is which, I sometimes have to look at both of them one at a time or closely study one before answering. I've heard that it isn't uncommon for parents of identical twins to think theirs aren't identical b/c they can tell them apart or pick out differences in them. So who knows. But it definitely makes me feel a little silly when people ask if they're identical (and you will get that question about a million times from now until forever) and I have to say "we don't know."

Can't wait to hear the genders!


Robyn | 11:07 AM

I came to your site at 11am EST to see if you'd posted results. It wasn't until 2pm EST that I realized that you probably had not even left the house as it was only 8am there. :(

Anonymous | 12:08 PM

One of each!

Janel | 8:47 PM

The second you said Archer thought they were both girls, I knew it would be. That kid really IS always right.

Amy | 9:44 PM

I have identical twin girls. Easy peasy 2.5 hour labor and delivery. So easy compared to colicky son that came first. All the best! Twins rock :)

Mine are 13 and 18 now and their younger years crazy busy but would not change it for the world.

izle | 11:54 AM