Fourteen Weeks

I'm not in front of the doors in my office the nursery to-be this week. Instead I'm in beautiful Warwick, New York, frolicking with the fam and my growing self. As of today, I've gained eight pounds (139 when I started, 147 today) and feel amazing. The babies are now lemon-sized and apparently this is the week they learn how to pee on themselves which is fun.

We woke up at 2:30am Saturday to board a 6am flight and managed to rally the troops for twenty hours until we arrived at my in-laws after ten years of traveling (most of those years were spent stuck in a turbulence c/o the storm from hell.) I have the most amazing kids on the planet for holding it together the entire time with nary a tear, both of whom were compensated handsomely with organic jelly beans and cotton candy from Whole Foods, both of which are absolutely terrible by the way. Still, if it looks luck a duck and your plane is doing a nosedive (like a duck), well then...

Now, I'm officially in my second trimester and enjoying every second of my Violet Beaugarde like expansion. My energy is top notch and I'm optimistic I'll be able to walk a thousand miles around New York City with nary a cramp or complaint. High five, self. Put 'er there.

...THIS is the trimester dreams were made of. Fade in on second act.
14 weeks x 2




Grumble Girl | 12:53 PM

I'm so excited for you... and you are SO beautiful, mama.

Happy Passover and stuff. Be well!

Glenda | 12:58 PM

You look amazing! I'm so happy that you've left behind the 1st trimester of sickness and hoping that it's all smooth sailing x2.

Can't wait to hear all about NYC and see the pictures.

Becka Robinson | 12:59 PM

HAHA. It's true, organic candy isn't nearly as good as the old school stuff.

You look awesome. Also, where are you getting these head to toe black leggin-style clothes? Not that I could pull it off (my very unpregnant belly looks like your second trimester belly) but I'm still curious. ;)


lonek8 | 1:02 PM

you look so gorgeous - glad to hear everything is progressing so well!

can I ask about your unitard? what brand/where you got it? I am kind of really wanting one for myself - looks so comfy!


Every monday I've worn the same American Apparel unitard (which must be five years old by now AT LEAST)... I wore it through my pregnancy with Fable as well... It's very comfortable, even though it sucks for needing to use the bathroom every ten minutes. But alas, a small price to pay for feeling secure and comf. And thank you all for kind words! Happy Passover backatcha!


Just posted about it above, lonek8. Its here:

Paula | 1:05 PM

Gorgeous. and so fun to keep up with you. Glad you are feeling so energetic--good timing with the trip! Have a wonderful time! Looking forward to reading about it!

jessi | 1:08 PM

Gosh Rebecca! You're so gorgeous! Cowering in shame over my scubby 14 week shot lol!


You look absolutely beautiful!

Becky F | 1:22 PM

wow there is so much difference each week! Amazing. Glad you are feeling good. Can't wait to see the whole process and to see the babies!

Kamel Perez | 1:26 PM

I love these updates. =)

They also make me think of my friend, who is currently in her 30th week.

Unknown | 1:33 PM

Beautiful! So glad you're feeling good and all is well with the little lemons. Enjoy your NY vacay with the fam!

oh, jenny mae | 1:42 PM

so glad all worked out well with traveling. that's always lovely when the kids do you a solid. you guys are probably poring over the haggadah now, but chag sameach all the same!! next year, in jerusalem (or l.a.) since you'll have 2 adorable babies with you & i truly couldn't imagine that traveling experience!

Katy F-H | 1:52 PM

What about these boots?
I want them!

Anonymous | 2:04 PM

I love this post, and every other one you've done so far on your journey. I seriously look forward to them every week! I'm 26 weeks pg with my first baby (a boy!) and can only imagine the excitement you're experiencing with TWO in your belly! You look amaaaazing and I'm super jeals. Have fun in the best city in the world. :)

Little Miss Moi | 2:15 PM

You look fantastic! (Where are your tights from? - you're wearing similar every week and they look so comfy!)

NY State seems to be lacking the sun of the West Coast. I hope you have a great holiday - Happy passover!

Liz | 2:49 PM

Oh man, the second trimester really is the best. Great time to travel! I just flew solo with my 16 month old... lemme tell you, not easy! I'm glad your kids were awesome on their flight!


Congrats, Annie!

Katy F-H, boots were thrifted! Fifteen bucks! Just had them re-soled. They're my fave.

And thanks, again, you guys! I love you!

Abi | 3:11 PM

We went on vacay last month with my pregnant self (I was 14 weeks then, now almost 18), hubby, almost 4yo and a 2.5 yo. Our no sugar while flying rule saved us so much. They traveled so well that hubby was able to read a book while the kiddies read their own books.

I love that unitard! Will have to convince my stingy self to cough up the $32. Can you wear it up to the last weeks of pregnancy?

Anonymous | 3:23 PM

You must go into the drive-in movie theater while you are in Warwick! I moved to the LA area 3 years ago and the drive-in is one of the few things I miss about back east. Bring lots of snacks, blankets and preferably a pick-up truck and have a good ole redneck time! Arrive about 30 minutes before sundown and play catch in the grass with the kids. It's 100% Americana.

Danielle | 3:41 PM

It's still sort of weird to me that you married someone I went to high school with, and are in my hometown right now. :) Oh, internet.

If Bellvale Creamery is open, I highly recommend the trip up the mountain.

Sara | 3:47 PM

If you find yourself in the lower part of manhattan, you MUST eat at Frankies 17! It's on Clinton street, between Houston and Stanton. I work at the one in Brooklyn, and I think you'll love the food :)

I'm an avid follower and manhattan is my home!!! Have fun here.


Allison | 4:18 PM

You look amazing, and you gestate like a champ! I'm 37+4 with twins, and I've been tired since the very beginning. So good for you for being able to enjoy this part of your pregnancy....all while caring for two other littles. You are so meant to make babies.

Lauren Knight | 4:19 PM

Oh my goodness you look amazing. I'm in my second trimester too, not with twins, but with my third boy, and NOT feeling as amazing as you look. Seriously! Pregnancy suits you. Congrats.

Anonymous | 6:13 PM

Lookin good & glowin <3 I miss it & I don't at the same time...

jessica | 6:17 PM

oh my god you're HUGE!! well, not really but compared to last week!! awesome!

L.L. | 6:29 PM

You look amazing! I am week 7 and I have now have a blueberry sized baby, like you did when you first announced the pregnancy on the blog. I am having completely different 1st trimester symptoms than I did with my first, a boy - I am wondering if this means I might be having a girl. Did you have different symptoms with Archer as compared to Fable?

Autumn | 6:38 PM

In Warwick! What a small world. I grew up in Pine Bush. Maybe Hal knows where that is (not too far from Warwick. My high school played against their high school, yadda yadda) My college roommate was from Warwick. Ah, New York. I fucking hate/love that state.

Unknown | 7:04 PM

I'm 15 weeks, so just ahead of you, but only with one. I've been waiting for the day you pass me up in size. I think we're there. :) Which totally tells me I'm way too big for how far along I am.

You look gorgeous! Enjoy New York

lonek8 | 7:05 PM

Thanks for the link! I'm ordering myself one right now!

pamela | 7:13 PM

You make me want to be pregnant with twins! Seriously woman, you're beautiful and making it look easy.

Ps... Is it like a circus act getting out of that unitard when nature calls?

pamela | 7:14 PM

Aaaand I just read your comment about the unitard...

Anonymous | 7:20 PM

Can I say you have the *cutest* baby bump ever? I don't remember my bump with my first because I was 17 and turned 18 while pregnant. I gained so much weight and was trying to finish high school that I don't really remember much. With my second (and last) baby, I was already kinda on the heavy side. And I lost 26 pounds in 15 weeks. So I kind of went from puking and losing weight to not puking and shoving everything in my face and BAM! I was huge again. Anyway, I'm loving these weekly pics. I look forward to them (I know I'm lame). I never did it with either child. My oldest, I was just too in the throes of teen pregnancy. With my second I was too sick and self conscious.

But rock that bump! I do admit to being anxious hearing the names you will pick. Because I *love* your kids names. I couldn't do anything too creative because a lot of names paired with our last name would make our girls sound like strippers. But whatever. Yay! for things going smoothly! I'll shut up now lol

Katy (the pregnant one) | 7:25 PM

Aw, your little "lemons" are making "lemonade" in there!

(Mine, too--39 weeks here and still pregnant...)

The Mommy Therapy | 8:00 PM

Seriously you look fantastic! Very impressive!

The second trimester rocks. Energy, enthusiasm for all things nesting and lots of joy for "private" time with the hubs...something which quickly disappears toward the third and on into the first at least 6 months of the baby's life. :)

Have a great time in NY!

Anonymous | 9:39 PM

You look fab but get out of that fucking black thing. It looks even worse with the boots, gah! Horrible, horrible, horrible.

CP | 11:01 AM

I just have to tell are gorgeous!!!

Dana | 11:08 AM

Cotton candy at Whole Foods? Seriously?

Erin | 12:33 PM

Warwick?! Ha, I'm in the next town over. Isn't Warwick beautiful? Just makes you wanna be a farmer and live off the land. Is the drive-in movie theater open yet? I think so. Have a great trip!

jacquelyn | 1:33 PM

you look beautiful! my sister is 14 weeks along as well (with just one babe- the first for our family) and she just popped. it's so interesting to see the similarities and differences between the two of you. enjoy ny & have a safe trip home!

Frau Nelson | 5:44 PM

I have been reading your blog for about a year now. Love it, loved your book, think you are pretty-darn-all-around awesome. I am not much of a commenter, but feel compelled to give a shout out, as I am but a few miles down the road (I live in Arden and grew up in O.C.). Anyhow, I wish you TONS of luck with your babies (though methinks you won't need it) and I hope you have a great NY vacation. BTW: Bellvale Creamery in Warwick is open for the season...GET SOME ICE CREAM!!! :)

mathilda Dunn | 6:10 PM

Never has a unitard looked so fab. You are glowing and gorgeous!

Anonymous | 6:25 PM

The Internet is indeed a mixed blessing. On one hand it enables us to keep up with important geopolitical events and to reconnect with long lost friends while on the other it allows self-absorbed women to post pictures of their positive pregnancy tests and swelling bellies.
Here's a newsflash: you are not now nor will you ever be the celebrity that you seem to imagine yourself to be.
Stop taking pictures of yourself and start saving for four college educations.

Zan | 6:28 PM

Well howdy neighbor! A small world indeed! You're not too far from our farm! I hope you're enjoying a good pastoral pesach (ha! pun intended) with the kids. Frolicking animals are good for the spirit.

KT | 6:34 AM

You look beautiful! Pregnancy suits you. (and those boots are to die for)

amybeth | 10:33 AM

WOW! I haven't been on here for a while (partly because I'm pregnant too, although only with one, 24 weeks with my first) YOU'RE PREGNANT! WITH TWINS! Wonderful!!! Totally made my day, now I have to go back and read you're weekly updates! God BLESS you and you're little ones!

pamela | 11:09 AM

I feel I have to acknowledge the nasty anon comment... Pardon us, but if you haven't noticed thousands of women have blogs. And not just for superficial reasons. We come here to connect with someone who is sharing her life with us. I can't count the number of times i've read this blog and said, "me too!" or "thank goodness we're all in this together". The Internet connects us in many positive ways. It's unfortunate that you don't see the beauty in that or the service it provides for many women that may not have people to connect with any other way.
Rebecca is a celebrity, but I don't think that's why she's on here. She's has a way with words that many of us wish we had. And if you haven't noticed this is also one of her jobs. Sooo I'd say she's aware her kids might want to ho to college one day.

Megan | 11:50 AM

At some point, could you re-post a comparison shot of yourself when you were the same number of weeks pregnant with Fable? Your belly looks (gorgeous, amazing, life-affirming)...not necessarily more than 14 weeks pregnant (IE, I'd buy that if I saw you in the supermarket), but definitely like there's something *more* in there. And I'm curious to see how a singleton pregnancy and a doubles pregnancy compares in the same body. Odd?

BTW, my captcha? "Petista" Sounds like "petite," no?

Anabelle | 2:54 PM

You look great!!!
There's nothing like a happy mother...

Also can I ask you what kind of camera you use for your pictures, apart from the fact that you are obviously a great artist (your pictures are beautiful) the quality is amazing... I am a very bad photographer and my lousy camera doesn't help...

Take care and have fun with your "petits pisseurs" (litteraly "small pee-makers" (it doesn't work in English!!!)

Jen | 2:21 PM

You look fantastic, and I really can't believe you weigh that much (before or now). I would have NEVER guessed. Way to rock the unitard. I really can't imagine going to the bathroom often in that thouh!

Anonymous | 3:59 PM

violet beaugarde. love the reference