Eleven+ Weeks

I popped this week. Well, to me anyway. I look pregnant these days as opposed to bloated-on-the-rag. People are touching the bump, which I'll forgive because I am a bump-toucher myself and life's a take and give operation. I'm finally starting to put on weight (two pounds!) and if my last pregnancies are any indication, I've got about a hundred more to go. (I gained seventy pounds with Archer and forty-five with Fable. Here's 200 pound me, two days after Archer was born. But I lost it! I lost it ALL and will... again!) I'm still in and out of nausea which is frustrating. We went to San Diego this past weekend and I spent the entire drive with my head out the window and most of both days napping on my parents' couch while my family frolicked on outings without me. Being that these are my last few days of first trimesterdom, I'm hoping that come Sunday I'll feel magically amazing. Especially since we're taking our very first family-of-four vacation to New York in three weeks. I'll be crushed if I can't run amok with my crew.

We test-drove minivans this weekend and decided on the exact-down-to-the-color-plus-features model we'll be purchasing at the latest, this summer. We fell in love with the Honda Odyssey (by far our favorite of all the vans out there) and I cannot WAIT to cruise the streets in our metal metallic party bus. My minivan phobia is long gone. That puppy is FIERCE, you guys.

The other night Hal got out of bed in the middle of the night to make me food. He asked me how I was feeling and I told him I was hungry. Starving. The hungriest I'd ever been in my life. And so? Out of bed he sprang like a superhero chef! Slippers on and "I'll be back in a few!" He appeared fifteen minutes later with THE most perfect grilled cheese & egg sandwich that ever was. Dripping with butter, Muenster cheese for miles... heaven.

I guess you could say I picked the right man to make 56754756 children with.



marilyn | 8:51 AM

This post is hilarious. You have a great attitude about all these (200 lb) changes!

Marisa | 8:55 AM

You look awesome. I was already rolling down the hill at our house at about 12 weeks or so.

Meg | 8:59 AM

Come on. That is not you holding Archer!

leel | 9:00 AM

you look so great! i hope the nausea takes a hike and you enjoy your family trip to NYC :) Lookin' good mama! And Hal? HIGH FIVE!

--ggm | 9:03 AM

you look so beautiful. i wish i could rub your belly!

BC | 9:04 AM

How did you lose the weight? Have you posted about it before? Link me! I'm trying to lose 30-baby-pounds and I feel like its impossible!!!!!!!!!! Inspire me!

Elly | 9:04 AM

Love your attitude about everything right now, hey. Even the less than awesome bits. Also, rocking that minivan? Right on!

Jen | 9:06 AM

Stop. Making. My. Ovaries. Dance.

Seriously, you are making me want to run home and make babies like crazy! Each weekly update is like pregnancy/baby making heroin to me. Here we are, a happy family of three, and you are making me crazy:).

That said, you look amazing, and I am loving this journey so much for you!

Unknown | 9:08 AM

I'm sorry, but that is not you holding Archer in that pic. So I have to ask how on earth did you lose it all?

You are lookin' great, and hope the nausea magically disappears soon.

Kait | 9:11 AM

With this babe, I found that my nausea was the worst at 6 weeks and 10 weeks after that it was night and day difference. Hopefully once I'm outta the first (I've always been told it ends at the end of 13 weeks. But who knows) trimester I'll be back to my old self. 5 more dayssss!

Anyway you look fantastic and I'm uber jealous of your swagger wagon. I'm trying to convince hubs that we need one. It's a losing battle.

robyn L. | 9:12 AM

Aw, that Hal story is so sweet!

Nannette | 9:14 AM

That Odyssey had me at Suicide Doors. Congrats again! :)

ShesAlwaysWrite | 9:15 AM

The Odyssey is a great pic! I sobbed the day I realized I needed a minivan... I knew it would be a minivan because my tree hugger soul just couldn't stomach an SUV. But after searching for ages (and calling vehicle manufacturers to complain about them not offering hybrid vans) I settled on the Odyssey and have never looked back.

findingmagnolia | 9:16 AM

I would definitely say you popped this week--I would never mistake your belly for just PMS belly or too-many-chips belly. I just love watching your pregnancy progress! You are beautiful!

Renee | 9:17 AM

Is that what twins do to you? Make you WANT a minivan? Fascinating. I want to have a total of munchkins, but I still refuse to come to terms that a minivan is in my future... The little bump is so sweet!!!

Kelly | 9:22 AM

I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with triplets, my first (and last) babies. I still alternate between freaking out and feeling incredibly blessed. At this point, though, I mostly just want them to get here safely, and I relax a little more as we reach each milestone week ... even though I am feeling more and more like a human clown car everyday. I am glad you are able to eat again and feeling better at least some of the time ... and most of all that you are beginning to feel some excitement, even if it is mixed with terror. :o)

If at some point you need to see a perinatologist and they are covered by your insurance, I HIGHLY recommend the Prenatal Diagnosis Center at Cedars Sinai. They are amazing. We alternate weeks between them and my regular ob/gyns and don't even mind driving an hour and a half each way because they are so kind, professional, and thorough. Even though the sonographers have probably done a bajillion ultrasounds, they still get excited over our babies and take the time to pause and just let us watch what is going on in there. Seeing the babies interact is incredible! They also make sure we get a picture of each baby every time; now we're even getting to see the babies in 4D. I know this is long, but I just can't sing their praises enough.

I wish you a healthy, uneventful pregnancy, and although I don't have experience raising multiples yet, I do think you'll be an amazing mom to twins. I agree with Heather ... you are a master at nurturing your kids' interests, talents, and individuality ... something I am going to strive to emulate with my triplets.

nemens | 9:34 AM
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mylittlebecky | 9:35 AM

awwww, what a super cute bump! i'm so happy for you!!!

i just have to say, though, your "200 pound me" picture makes me sad. is it a bad picture? absolutely! but! it's not a bad picture just because you weigh more than you'd like. it's just a bad picture.

stephanie Toole | 9:38 AM

It's so fun to read your new pregnancy posts.. I am 11 weeks pregnant today.. and I found out I was preggers I think the day before Valentine's.. So it's kinda like sharing the journey with you.. (only I am on number 2 kid and there is only one in there).. and lately we have been talking Vans.. especially the Odyssey... (freaky)...

Chelsey | 9:42 AM

Coming out of lurkdon to congratulate you on your twins and share this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ql-N3F1FhW4. I know it's Toyota vans and you're going with Honda but it's seriously the funniest video about minivans EVER.

how do you get pregnant | 9:46 AM

Odyssey all the way....Love 'em! The bump is nice. Looks like you're off to a good start!

Meghan | 9:49 AM

I am totally a belly toucher so I expect I will have to tolerate in others. I am 14 weeks and look huge to myself, but no one has tried to make a grab for it yet!

Ashley | 10:11 AM

LOVE the minivan. I cannot think of a more stylish woman to pull it off. And so love hearing what a superhero Hal is. I've got one like that myself. It's pretty much the raddest thing ever :)

Laura | 10:17 AM

Now I simply must have muenster cheese!

Anonymous | 10:29 AM

I have no babies and look like your 200 lb self. How did you lose your baby weight?

I'm so excited to be able to read along on your journey! Kudos to the hubs for being awesomely supportive!

Anonymous | 10:48 AM

cute belly, sweet husband, nice ride.

and i want to know how you lost the weight also! i'm still 15 pounds above my pre-baby weight (after three years), and i've been working my ass off!

Kailee | 10:54 AM

You look gorgeous! I love touching baby bumps too, and I secretly love when people touch my now-28-week bump.


First! 200 pounds is a lot for my frame. Not insinuating anyone else's 200 pounds! My healthy weight is between 140-145 and that's where I was when I started this pregnancy. (I'm 5'8.)

I was over 200 pounds when Archer was born - mostly due to water weight and pre-eclampsia. I lost the weight the old fashioned way - by staying active (daily hikes after Archer, gym 4x a week after Fable) and eating really well. (Eating well is a part of my lifestyle. High protein grains, fruits and vegetables = my usual diet. Some dark chocolate after dinner. The occasional ice cream, very little alcohol.)

Best advice for losing weight - don't eat out. Stay away from processed foods/bevs. Walk everywhere if you can. Do things that make you happy. (Most of us eat more than we should/are inactive because of lack of fulfillment in other areas of our lives. I gained tons of weight ten years ago with that in mind, fwiw.

Thanks to all, as always for kind words! The adventure continues! Onward!

elena from greece | 11:06 AM

all the best from the other side of the world!

Fat Bottomed Girl | 11:08 AM

I also want to know how you lost the weight! I also gained around 70lbs with my son when I was pregnant. He's now 2 and I still have 40 to lose. Tell us!

Glenda | 11:10 AM

Thanks for this ride on your journey. Hal is amazing. Way to go Hal! and you look awesome! So glad you're feeling better and eating. Loving the baby bump! ;)

Anonymous | 11:11 AM

Love the pics. And love the van. I'm hoping Honda will see or hear about your post (which is great advertising for them) and GIVES YOU THAT RIDE. Can you tell us some of the names you and Hal are throwing around. Also, would love to hear again how you lost weight. I remember it had something to do with raw almonds and quinoa, but I'm thinking it had to have had a little to do with starving yourself a bit. Which I'm not opposed to, I just wish someone would fess up and say, 'yeah, I ate very little to get my weight off, I was f#$@!& starving, it was hard'. But most say, 'oh I ate like a man, i have a fast metabolism, I run after these kids all day'. BS. Not saying you're full of shit, just venting, ha. You look beautiful.

Anonymous | 11:12 AM

Is there a way to look in your archive to find posts about how you lost the weight? Or can you repost? Thanks.

bunnis | 11:18 AM

I've been cruising the streets in my Honda Odyssey for 7 years. I LOVE that car. LOOOOOVE it! Only someone who owns that vehicle can understand it's awesomeness. I just wish I had twins in the back seat :)


I've never starved myself. Ever. That's not how I roll. One has to be patient losing weight. It took me a year to lose the pounds from both pregnancies and like I said, I did so by eating really well and working out. Mainly by eating well. I snacked on high protein snacks (mainly almonds) and ate Quinoa with vegetables, egg whites and goat cheese for breakfast, and very little sugar. I still do. That's what tastes good to me so it wasn't difficult to do. I cut gluten for a few months as well. That helped. But I went back to eating gluten and kept weight off so don't know if cutting gluten helped me lose weight after all.

Honestly! It's not about the quantity of food but the quality. I'll gorge myself on meals but they're full of veggies, grains, nuts. Those weight watchers frozen foods? DEATH. They're full of crap, all of that "low calorie" stuff. Cut out processed and frozen foods and you WILL lose the weight. Good luck! xo!

Lisa | 12:22 PM

Cute BUMP!!!!

If people are opposed to minivans, my co-worker, (a cool mid-30s art director) drives a Honda Pilot. It is so incredibly roomy inside, and we fit 6 adults and 2 car seats in there once. He dubs it the "man's" minivan.

Hoping that you feel better and the 2nd trimester is magic. I am gonna go make a buttery grilled cheese now.

Kate | 12:44 PM

Love you! Thank you so much for having such a healthy attitude about the weight gain. I feel the same way (I'm on pregnancy #3). It's like if I could give one piece of advice to the first-time-preggers ladies out there it is to not stress so much about your body changing and to just let it do its thing. I feel huge already but can't even tell you how much weight I've gained so far this time around, because I've got the confidence that whatever that number is, I'll get it off afterwards. (Easier said than done, but still, I do believe, your body's gonna do what it's gonna do. Which for most people means dropping all lbs. that they found during pregnancy. For some it means their body is gonna ferociously hang on to those last 5lbs. (or 10) forever, but I don't think it would matter if they gained 25 or 25 or 70 - it would still happen.)

Kate | 12:49 PM

Oh, p.s. I also went van shopping this weekend. : ) Odyssey all the way, baby.

Elizabeth | 12:49 PM

Hi there, you look fab!

P.S. Here's a little something to look forward to......


Marcella | 1:09 PM

Oh my god. I neglect from reading your blog for a little while and I pop back to find out that you're pregnant again?!

Sweet melba peaches am I ever happy for you! Congratulations girl!

Unknown | 1:20 PM

Adorable bump! I'm so curious to see how different the pregnancy with twins experience will be for you. I'm on my 2nd and have popped way sooner. As in I'm 16 and a half weeks and look more like 20+ weeks.

I envy your healthy food habits. I'm pretty good some of the time, but I love my bread and cheese. Especially now.

Cassie | 1:41 PM

Love this. I'm enjoying following along with your eleven+ week pregnancy while I'm nine+ weeks myself. My daughter is Fable's age and I loved being pregnant along with you from my opposite (less fashionable) East Coast and following the fun of being a mom as you narrated your story. SO exciting and SO much fun. Blessings on your little brood. :)

Anonymous | 1:58 PM


Like you I gained 70pds with my first, and 40pds with my second. With the twins I gained 65. Amazing I gained MORE with my singleton, than my multiples! 5 months PP I was down to fighting weight, albeit with skin that's a little "slacker" than I'd like it, and boobs that look like small pillows in large pillowcases, but the weight came off!

AND with the right undergarments it all falls back into place like nothing happened:)

You look gorgeous and you're doing great!


Little Miss Moi | 2:04 PM

Yes, well, I kissed the 65kg me goodbye when I started working for a food company but remained stable-ly overweight during and after preggo one. Hopefully will be the same with this one - and I will be able to get over newborn new mum jitters and get my arse into gear to exercise.

Not that you needed to know that. But, I am currently 16.5 weeks - and I just look fat. I have bump envy! I love your bump!

But I wouldn't touch it because I'm not a bump toucher.

JCF | 2:36 PM

You look gorgeous!

We drive an Odyssey and love it! I don't love that it is a 2001, and I'm drooling over the 2011, but I'll take a paid off car for a couple more years before I break down.

We have 3 (3 and under) kids in Los Angeles, and it is amazing what an anomaly we are! You'll get the most amazing comments with 4 kids, including twins, I'm sure! I met a new neighbor the other day while I was out walking alone, and when I told her I have a 3 year old, 2 year old, and 8 month old, she responded "Oh my gosh! I've heard about you!" The best is when people ask if we're done having kids and we say no. That really gets people going!

Mindy | 2:54 PM

So damn cute

CP | 3:45 PM

i agree with the other ladies...your baby talk makes me want to pounce on my husband! it is really refreshing to hear your attitude toward losing weight. I whole-heartedly agree with your advice - eating good quality foods and getting active (and being happy)...and those healthy habits naturally travel onward to our offspring. i lost my baby weight (and more) from eating good foods and cutting out most anything that's processed. i even indulge in sweet treats daily, but they don't have high-fructose corn syrup...just yummy, real sugar. anyway, just wanted to give you 2 thumbs up for having a great attitude and passing that on to other moms!

Unknown | 4:30 PM

As I am currently 12 weeks (with only 1 in the tummy), I am really excited to follow your story and pictures and see how we compare. I've always thought twins were exciting and very fascinating.

Congrats again! Glad you are starting to feel a little better.

oh, jenny mae | 5:36 PM

i'll say it again - i love my odyssey.

looks like you got a good one in hal.

and i'm rubbing those teeny babies (in my mind.)

Adrianne | 7:02 PM

Hal is awesome! This is my first pregnancy, but I've learned quickly that having a supportive partner makes all the difference in the world! High five for awesome men! I'd love to hear more about Hal's thoughts throughout this, if you're interested in writing about it. Also names! I'm obsessed with them and would love to hear some of the ones you all are considering. We need help over here!

Francesca | 7:52 PM

We recently bought our first family wagon a few weeks before our third arrived. Man it was fun, and you know what, driving around in that thing is the bomb. It's like we're all pretending to be a family we're not. Like a family that belongs to a family wagon.

Caitlin | 8:07 PM

This is a great reason to be excited about twins! So cute!!! http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-US&from=sp&vid=74df78bc-a25f-4ae3-a59b-c1a4b128d6e2

Bella | 8:19 PM

damn girl- how do ya' pee in that attire?

MEGandJEFF | 9:07 PM

You look beautiful :) and may I say Hal is fantastic!

Sam | 10:50 PM

Ooh, shiny pretty van!

The bump is lookin' adorable, and I hope the nausea goes away. :)

Althea | 5:24 AM

That egg and cheese sammie sounds amazing and I'm NOT pregs.
Here's to men that will jump out of bed to make you food.
PS-I porked up with my first kiddo and it was SUCH a struggle to lose the weight-you have been an inspiration, honestly. I didn't have pre-eclampisa or anything like that...I just got fat.
Hah, ho???

Anonymous | 6:34 AM

Well you gained less with Fable than with Archer, maybe this time you'll only gain 35 pounds or something. Not terribly likely with twinnies cooking, but it could happen!

Beth | 7:13 AM

I'm actually kind of jealous of twin mamas. Pregnant once, two babies!

And, is it bad that the first thing I thought when you announced the twins was, "Now she can write another book about this!"? I'd buy it.a

amanda L | 9:24 AM

in case you haven't already seen this twins video making the rounds... thought you might enjoy!


wonderchris | 9:57 AM

I thought you would enjoy this...



amity | 12:11 PM

just want to say you are awesome, very inspirational to me. keep up the good work. xo

Chelsea | 12:30 PM

You look adorable girl!!!!

Erin | 1:09 PM

We inherited a Honda Odyssey from my dad. Love it. Love. It. Enjoy!

Abi | 3:18 PM

You look great! How do you not have stretch marks? My belly looks like a Boston city road map and I only gained 20 lbs with each pregnancy.

Kate | 6:08 PM

Muenster (and munster, for that matter) cures all ills. In second trimester, GO FOR GOUDA.

(You look fab.)

jiff | 5:23 AM

the good thing about twins, is that breastfeeding two means the weight vanishes literally overnight, i swear. I fit in my not regular but skinny jeans three weeks after the birth. when two months before the birth i couldnt even fit in my prego pants anymore because i gained so much in water weight that you couldn't see my ankles, knees or SPINE. i was drowning in my own body. but double breastfeeding is the miracle wonder slimmer - you have NOTHING to worry about!!! not that you should be thinking about that anyway! and a grilled cheese and egg in the middle of the night - your man is the best!

rachel | 8:35 AM

I love the way you eat! I love the way your mom cooks! I agree that lifestyle will dictate health and weight - and happiness helps. This coming from an Eating Disorder counselor. And - breastfeeding two just melts that weight off. I gained about 70lbs with the twins; it's been a year and I'm back to my usual weight. I don't have time to go to the gym, but I walk everywhere, and wrangling babies is a good work out.

17 beats. | 5:52 PM

loving these updates ! we are just a week phase-shifted, and this is my first ... so i'm stoked to read your perspective.

lookin good mama !!

Unknown | 12:02 PM

you look beautiful! and congratulations on TWINS!!! I am newly pregnant with my 5th..and I gain a lot during pregnancies too for some unknown reason - I've learned to just roll with it and know that it'll come off after the baby is born! It was nice to see your laidback attitude about the weight too :) thanks for the encouragement!

Ray | 11:34 PM

"I guess you could say I picked the right man to make 56754756 children with."


And OHMYGOD you're coming to New York?! How awesome is that?! I wish I could get a photo with you. I hope your family-of-four visit is awesome and nausea free. ;o)