Thank you, Thank you

I feel like all I do these days is post announcements and thank you posts. Like, that's what this blog has become. Surprises and me collapsing at everyone's feet in tears, overwhelmed by the love. Because I am. I'm overwhelmed and so grateful. I have read every single comment you posted yesterday, Hal has too, and because of you, BELIEVE with all my heart that we can do this. Because we can. Because so many of YOU did.

Because everywhere I turn there's a friend with tupperware containers full of dinner or a mother with trays of homemade cookies and love notes or a sister who stops by after work to help me bathe the kids (Hal's been working late these last two weeks.) Because everyone cares. It's blowing my mind. I feel like I'm sleep-walking through my life will all these hands holding my limp body up while I dream of things that still don't entirely make sense.

Watching the tsunami coverage last night I was overwhelmed by nature and its capabilities, by the horror of disasters and how out of control we all are and how much we take for granted as we go about our days, making plans and lists, oblivious to the lines and how quickly they bend into question-marks. And I kept thinking, How can I possibly be afraid of life right now? Of lives? How can I not feel blessed to be safe and healthy and full of tiny faces?

Because I do. I really do. It's fucking scary as all fuck-a-duck, but it's amazing. I'm in awe of my body right now. Not that I wasn't before but this is just beyond insane. I've never felt to overwhelmed by every kind of emotion (hence my lack of eloquence here today).

This is what happens when one attempts to speak while speechless.


When I told Fable the news, she pulled up her shirt. "I ha da two babies in ma belly too, mama!" she said.

Archer's response: "No way. That's the most amazing thing I've ever heard."

I've never seen him so excited about anything. He's convinced they're both girls. Because he can see himself "surrounded by sisters" ... The love is palpable. And yes, the fear will linger on. I accept that. I accept that I will never be fully prepared for tomorrow. For life... I accept that this will be a challenge. But also, an excellent adventure, full of road trips as we'll never again be able to afford to fly!

There is nothing that brings me more joy than being a mother. NOTHING. And so, the truth is? I will likely explode with four to adore.

And do you want to hear what's crazy? My nausea immediately went away upon hearing the news. And as of yet (knock wood) has not returned. I'm eating again. A little bit but still. Huge difference these past few days in my ability to function.

And this morning?
I woke up happy. Like... REALLY fucking happy. Excited. Possessed by this crazy kind of love. For everyone around me. For everyone within me
. For petrified excitement. For minivans.
For life.

Thank you all from the bottom of my hearts.



Miranda | 12:58 PM

Ahhh, love & minivans! That right there is family. I'm so happy for you and to follow your adventures with these two new little loves. Grats!

In Due Time | 1:02 PM

Archer is a totally kick ass brother! Love his response.

Congrats again! xo

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 1:02 PM

Yes yes yes. So Awesome. PS You will love being mom to four. It only gets better!


Ange | 1:02 PM

Archer's response has to be the best thing I've ever heard.

(I have to go, my ovaries are screaming)

Lauren | 1:03 PM

I love this! Love. Congratulations!

samantha | 1:04 PM

It's a happy cry kinda day over here for me and this did me in. You have the sweetest and most amazing children (Archer's response? MELTED ME) and I am so excited to get to know these next two miracles.

You're loved Rebecca. And so is your blossoming family. xo

Amanda | 1:04 PM

Love you, girl! I agree with Miranda ... can't wait to follow along on this wonderful ride :)

Rachel | 1:05 PM

My husband and I were IMing about the possibility of "pulling to goalie" and trying to have a second baby literally the minute before I read your last post. It kind of freaked me out, the idea that two babies is always possible. But then I thought, I love my first child so much, and my life is so much better with her in it, that a second would only add to the party!

Congratulations to your new third and fourth addition. And to the future minivan, which is all but inevitable now!

Kelly | 1:06 PM

I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with triplets. When I begin to feel the panic wash over me, I remember reading on a triplet board that "the only thing scarier than raising triplets is the thought of raising triplets." I'm sure the same holds true for twins. We will get through it one diaper, one bottle, one day at a time. What an adventure!

Elle Vee | 1:07 PM

You amaze me. Your ability to maintain perspective and see things as they are amazes me.

Gratitude is just about the best thing you can have besides love, and it seems you have plenty of both to spare.


Unknown | 1:10 PM

Oh my gosh, I apparently didn't check my blogs as of late!

Congratulations on twins! I've always thought it would be a very exciting adventure to raise twins. How absolutely amazing.

And I'm glad you can eat again!

Stephanie | 1:10 PM

I think I've used the word "excited" a little too much lately - but I am! I'm so excited for you. Congratulations again and again!

Unknown | 1:13 PM

I love your attitude and Archer's sweetness pretty much melts my heart. For the record minivan's rock. Get the one that has doors that open with a button on the remote. You will love it, trust me.

Lindsay | 1:15 PM

I've always thought it would be so lovely to be a twin- to have someone so connected. Also, Archer's idea of being surrounded by sisters is so unbelievably sweet- I hope he still feels like that in 13 years ;) xoxo

Unknown | 1:16 PM

You've brought tears to my eyes with this wonderful (yet completely overwhelming) news. You can do it! The wonderful thing is that you're surrounded by so many people to love you and to love the new babies.

I have one perfect and amazing 2.5 year old and you've made me desperately want more more more.... :) AGHHH!!!!

Sharon | 1:17 PM

Long time reader...first time commenting. I couldn't NOT comment on wonderfully exciting! I wish you and your family the best!

oh, jenny mae | 1:18 PM

i was thinking about how archer & fable would react, knowing that they were beyond awesome, of course. when my twins were about fable's age, they would vacillate between 5 & 20 babies in their bellies. and the minivan - fo shnizzle. i love my odyssey, yo. and i agree with steph that 4 kids is da bomb.

Cheryl Ann | 1:18 PM

archer's response is seriously the coolest thing ever. what a proud big brother ;)

Brandy Jackson | 1:22 PM

THe news that you were having a baby made me want to tell all my friends "You know this girl, who i read online, she has two kids and now shes having another" then it was "holy shit she's having twins!" and they just look at me blankly.
At least thats how it plays in my head.
Of course you can do it, you are like a pro now,
best wishes, again :)

Sam | 1:23 PM

I am so very, very excited for you. Look, you're a beautiful family, and now there is just more love, right? The logistics will take care of themselves. A thousand happy congratulations!

Marianne | 1:25 PM

This is killing me, I just love it too much. I can't wait to see where this adventure takes you all! And FWIT, I come from a family of 4 kids and didn't fly until I was a senior in high school. But those road trips were FUN. And now we're all best friends and when everyone comes home it's an instant party.

Anonymous | 1:25 PM

Archer's response completely melted me. You've talked about him as your muse and now he's kind of like the leader of this pack you have and there's something so heartwarmingly (and tear-bring-ly) beautiful about his reaction.

Sheila | 1:27 PM

Huzzah! Sending lots of warmth and encouragement your way.

Leslie | 1:32 PM

Congratulations girl! You have a beautiful family and I'm truly happy for you all!

Unknown | 1:37 PM

I'm wiping tears away, so beautiful. Considering I have way too many hormones and I'm only carrying one maybe I should stop reading your blog at work.

However, "It's fucking scary as all fuck-a-duck" made my day.

Carlotta | 1:39 PM

I have followed your blog since you were pregnant with Fable, and have never commented until today. I was pregnant with my second son (born 18 months after my first son) at the time you were pregnant with Fable and it was fun to read along. I am now the mother of 4 (5 moth old boy/girl twins) that were the result of us going for a third too. So until a little more than a month ago when my oldest turned 4, we had 4 kids under 4. I just want to say that I love reading what you write and I love your personal style. I also know that you will be a great mother of 4. You seem to have what I think are the two most important qualities as a mother: common sense and love. Also you will be huger than you ever thought possible. Congratulations!!!!

And Kathleen | 1:39 PM

My heart is going all pitter-patter for you and your family!

Unknown | 1:40 PM

Aw, I just knew Archer would be excited! (And Fable, too, in her own adorbs way.) I got a little choked up when I read that he wants to be surrounded by sisters. Too precious!

And yay for feeling better!

agirlandaboy | 1:40 PM

I seriously startled fully awake from the edge of sleep last night thinking "Rebecca has to get a minivan!" It will make a fine chariot for The Continued Adventures Of...

Maria Louise | 1:42 PM

The crown prince and crown princess of Denmark had two kids - a boy and a girl, and a few months ago they had twins. Another boy and another girl. No it's not a fairy tale.
Maybe you should change the name of your blog to Girl's Gone Child Royal Style? You can check out their 'blog': - not as much fun as yours, though.
Congratulations! You are amazing!

L.L. | 1:45 PM

Do you know if they are identical or fraternal? Does this mean you have to have a c-section? My mind is racing and its not even me (I just love your blog so much!)) Archer's response makes my heart smile, I am watching my 10 month old son play as I type this and I hope to be the kind of mother you are to him so he turns out as awesome & loving. Thank you for allowing us to go on this beautiful journey with you and I cannot wait for your baby names post, since your last one gave me so much inspiration (Colette is my #1 girl name right now)! And since you are so stylish and Fable's "looks" are so awesome, I cannot imagine what kind of adorableness we'll be in for if you do indeed have the 2 twin girls that Archer foretold!!

Anonymous | 1:45 PM

So glad you are feeling better. Once I got my jaw off the floor, I've been rooting for you like crazy. You are going to rock the shit out of this pregnancy, and this whole "family of 6" thing.

Mammy P | 1:46 PM

Please tell us you're going to nickname them your Wombats until they are born. :-)

Jen and Suki | 1:48 PM

I have to say, and I wish I could do this in a not-so-public forum, but what the hell... I struggle with infertility (exactly your age, been trying for 3 years) and I am so inspired by you. When you're trying but not succeeding, you're surrounded by a sea of people who are clearly and obviously not up for the challenge of parenthood. But you are; you and your family are so full of love and joy, and you give me so much hope. You're exactly the kind of people that need and deserve an entire busload of glorious offspring.

Thank you.

JC | 1:49 PM

oh my word, Archer...those babies are lucky to be in his orbit

so, so glad you're feeling a wee bit better!

Erin | 1:53 PM

My goodness I am so excited for you!!!

Nannette | 1:58 PM

YOU inspire us to love like we do. SO excited for you and the fam. What an amazing surprise! :) (and yay for no nausea!)

Brandy G | 2:00 PM

Beautiful. Heartfelt is not always eloquent, but it is certainly poignant. :) You will have four, and you will wonder how you ever thought your life was complete without them. Congratulations.

emily bilbrey | 2:04 PM

i teared up reading this!!! and that is NOT normal for me, hahaha!

beyond, BEYOND happy for you. i don't know what else to say. you are amazing. can't wait to read along with your wild, love-filled ride.


Amy | 2:14 PM

Archer's response made me grin ear-to-ear!

Abbey | 2:17 PM

So sweet - love Archer's response and the love flowing all around. I think it is normal and good to be scared. You wouldn't be awesome parents otherwise. And we're headed for minivan town too -- maybe we'll all make minvans cool?

M. | 2:17 PM

I just about died reading that comment from Archer about being "surrounded by sisters." What a beautifully profound thing to say!

You guys CAN do this. I'm so excited to read your journey.

I'm also excited to find out what you'll name your new little loves!

Lex - @laprimera | 2:22 PM

I just heard. It is going to be awesome! Yes, it's scary and hard. But being a twin mom is amazing! You will love it! If I can do anything for you, let me know. :)

Charis | 2:27 PM

Congratulations :)
Can't wait to hear all about them!

Betsy | 2:28 PM

I LOVE Archer's response. How precious!!!!!

So excited for you guys. : )

heather | 2:28 PM

Even better than your news is Fable and Archer's reactions. Priceless and so so sweet. You're going to be an amazing mother of four. xo

Unknown | 2:30 PM

Congratulations on the expectation of twins. Can't imagine how daunting it will have been finding out - i was fearful just having the one!

But oh such a blessing :)
Hope the sickness stays away x

AimeeDesiree | 2:38 PM

Could archer be any more of a sweetheart? SO, if he's convinced they are girls, let's start hearing some girl names! My husband is stuck on "Aurora" if we get pregnant with a girl. I think he watched Sleeping Beauty way too much as a kid!

Erin M | 2:41 PM

I am beyond thrilled for you...I know it's going to be a crazy rollercoaster, but you've proven to the world you're capable of anything and everything.

Unknown | 2:46 PM

That's so wonderful! I am glad Archer wants to be "surrounded by sisters". That makes my heart smile.

I'm glad you are okay.

Anonymous | 2:52 PM

its a good thing Archer and Fable enjoy sharing a room!!!
Best wishes and cant wait to read about your journey!!!Diane

Raia | 2:54 PM

I couldn't think of someone better to nurture two souls through life. You have a beautiful family and the way you raise your children is amazing and inspiring.

hlmc | 2:55 PM

I completely agree with everyone that has commented on how amazing Archer and Fable are, especially concerning this topic. It really shows what a wonderful mother you are. I'm so excited for you and I look forward to seeing a baby names post!

duck | 2:57 PM

SO happy to hear you are felling better. What perfect responses from both your kiddos. Your post today in one swoop made me so excited for you and this great adventure, and I will admit, just the tiniest bit jealous that your story has had such a wonderful curve ball thrown. Its rare when the curve ball is as fantastic, wonderful and so fabulous as this one is. Again congratulations.

alicia lacy | 2:58 PM

You are so wonderful, Rebecca. This post brought a river of tears to my eyes. I have one daughter (and am terrified of how I'll one day do two). I am so excited for you, and so grateful for your honesty. Thank you, your journey is a big ray of hope. XOXO.

Brittany | 2:59 PM

I found your blog via Alli at It's a Wonderful Life. I've got 7 month old twins and just had to give you a BIG congrats! Twins are hands down the coolest thing to ever happen to me. You will love it!

Steph | 3:02 PM

A friend of mine gave birth to beautiful baby girls this morning... I imagine you will work through a whole bag of emotions in the next little while, but I'm so thrilled for you and your family. I've been reading your blog since Archer was 2 or so. This is just amazing. And you WILL be fab! (And, good work on the sickness, by the way... Hope it doesn't come back!).

guarros | 3:08 PM

cue tears/ Archer's response: "No way. That's the most amazing thing I've ever heard."

Laurie | 3:09 PM

Awww honey -- I am over the moon with excitement for you! I am a long time reader/admirer, but I've never posted. This is the perfect time to come out! You are such an inspiration in so many of which is the wonderful mother you are. This is an incredible gift for you, Hal and the kids and I am so glad that you will be sharing your journey with us. Huge, gentle, hugs to you, darlin'! Laurie

Anonymous | 3:12 PM

If one could choose- who better a Mom than you? What an awesome big brother, and you know Fable is going to kick ass as a sister. A dad who willingly dons ladies clothes. A Grandma who can cook some tasty sh#t. Gardening with Great grandma. All that and a twin sibling?? These are the luckiest of the lucky babes. Congrats to you and your big awesome family! Now sit on the couch and have your momma cook some Mimi cookies! Oh and think how freaky that wherever you eat you will be a party of 6 just by yourselves!

Laurie | 3:13 PM

I am a long time reader/admirer, but have never posted. This is the perfect time for my 'coming out'! I am over the moon for you. You are such an inspiration in so many ways -- one of which is the fantastic mom you are. What an amazing gift this is for you, Hal and the kids and I'm so grateful that you will be sharing your journey with us. Huge gentle hugs to you, sweet girl. xoxoxo

Unknown | 3:15 PM

LOL Yeah, I guess the minivan debate is officially over.

Sydney | 3:29 PM

I'm raising a toast.

To love, life and minivans!

Here, here.

You're babies are so lucky to have you and Hal for parents and Archer and Fable for siblings.

Sarah | 3:43 PM

I woke this morning to a huff post alert about the tsunami and I immediately thought of you. Life does go on, and thrive, even through the chaos. I'm so glad to hear today was better, thanks for sharing.

gabrielle | 3:44 PM

What a beautiful, wild ride you are on. You truly are inspiring as a mom- these babes are so lucky to join the fray.

Unknown | 4:07 PM

Whoa Nelly Becca! This is going to be one heckova ride and you're going to rock the shit out of it. So happy for you guys.

By the way, I can't wait to see how you dress them.

Carlyne | 4:27 PM

Long time fan, first time commenting. How could I not comment on twins! Im pregnant with my first and feeling overwhelmed so I can only imagine what you must be feeling, but how exciting. You and Hal are going to do great. Archer's response was perfect!

Mel | 4:28 PM


Liz | 4:33 PM

I love Fable's and Archer's responses!

I have always been in awe of you as a mother and I know you are going to be amazing as a mom to four (FOUR!!!)

Abbe | 4:33 PM

Toast with a glass of milk to Peace, Love and Minivans.

Jenna | 4:34 PM

This is all so nice to read. How exciting!

Best of health, best of luck and best of love to you.

Annabelvita | 4:34 PM

I've spent longer than I'd care to admit since your last update frantically trying to find a link to a story I read in the family section of the guardian newspaper where a couple agonised over whether to have a third child then ka-boom! Twins! But I couldn't find it. Long story short, they were happy!
So happy for all of you. Particularly fable's twins! X

Erin | 4:34 PM

When I saw that ultrasound, I literally laughed out loud. Not in a mocking or ha-look-at-you kind of way, but because it struck me how amazing it would be to have two all up in there. Totally crazy, but also awesome.

And there's evidence that you guys yield beautiful babies, so. Bonus.

Megan | 4:37 PM

Oh Rebecca! You will be amazing. And yes, driving a minivan all over the place, but you can rock it, if anyone can.
I will tell you this: you are one of the reasons I decided to become a mother. Reading all your stories made me feel brave and strong enough to take on this crazy life! So, I KNOW you will be awesome. What lucky babes you have.

lola + oliver | 5:15 PM

So so so so much love to you and yours!! Your little growing babies have no idea how much wonderfulness is in store for them.

P.S. I totally knew you were having twins. I guessed it after I read what a hard time you were having with nausea. I thought, it seems like her body is really being ravished. I thought: twins. A few days later you said: twins. Yes! It was in the stars for sure... :)

Archer | 5:31 PM

Me and my Archer are very happy for you. I am one of six. The middle child. My mom had twins after me and then 1 more. She was a busy mofo, but she made it! You will adore every second of it. Congrats!

LindaB | 5:44 PM

I love this post and am really happy for you and your family. Glad you're feeling better too!

mommica | 5:54 PM

Your story is getting better and better. <3

Also, Archer is so bad ass.

Anonymous | 6:03 PM

I'm a little behind- that's what you get for missing reading one day! Holy smokes!

I've never commented before but this news resonated with me. I had four children in 7 years (the last one an OOPS!). I remember finding out that I would have the fourth and it just about tipped me over the edge. My youngest is now 3, then 5,7,10.

Caring for children is like building muscle. At this point - caring for four young children must seem about as impossible as lifting 200 pound weights. But - you go slow, you get stronger, you get better. It will hurt. But you WILL get stonger. You will do it and you will ROCK IT.

Becky | 6:08 PM

this is wild-I don't usually comment on blogs, but ....I checked in on your blog a few weeks ago after a long absence because I couldn't explain it, but I just had a feeling you would post you were pregnant soon. after I checked in the other day, you HAD posted you were pregnant, and as soon as I read that post, I thought TWINS! How cool I was right. I have lately become psychic when predicting pregnancies and baby genders. I don't know you personally, but its cool I was right :-)
Congratulations! Wonderful news, a blessing and you will ROCK IT!

candace | 6:09 PM

What a really awesome attitude. You are one lucky mama! Congrats and I love (and plan to use) the phrase "fuck a duck!"

candace | 6:11 PM

Oh and my cousin just had two sets of twins 18 months apart when she was told she couldn't get pregnant. She was/is overwhelmed but so freaking grateful she gets to parent 4 instead of none! Whenever it gets rough I just think about how lucky we are to be moms!

JoannaRSmith | 6:35 PM

I've always told friends and family that were having trouble believing in themselves that it was okay to feel that way because I believed in them enough for the both of us. You rock Rebecca and you can do this, but on the days that you don't feel that remember that myself and the internet will believe enough for you. All the best to you and your family.

moplans | 6:42 PM

Congratulations Rebecca!

Connie T. | 7:14 PM

Wow, twins, now you will need the extra bedroom as a nursery. Eat healthy, you have two to feed inside you. Congrats. Will it still be 9 months or do twins come earlier?

Danielle | 7:31 PM

Aww man, you made me ball my eyes out with this post. I so wanted to congratulate you and offer my support in the comments to your last post but with 2 under 2 of my own, duty called before I had the chance.

I am so happy for you and your family. Nothing in life happens that wasn't meant to happen and you are such a strong woman and mother full of so much more love to give. You will do amazing as you always have because being a mother is what you are meant to do and being an inspiration to others as well.

Congratulations to you and your entire family!!

Karo | 7:40 PM

Congrats! What an amazing rollercoaster ride... kids always surprising us even before they're out and about.

yw | 7:41 PM

How awesome and exciting. I am 6 weeks along with my first (first ultrasound next week - there could be two in there!). So I'll be reading along watching your pregnancy as mine develops too. Can't wait to see your names!

Brooke | 8:05 PM

I love Archer's response! So cute. Minivans! You have to get that hip Toyota one, for sure.

Mailornish | 8:39 PM

Amazing! These experiences that remind us that we are not really in control of this ride make life so much more interesting, scary, exhilarating, emotional...alive. I'm so happy for you and your family. Enjoy the ride!
(and glad you're feeling better)

Stephanie | 8:46 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephanie | 8:57 PM

I am a huge fan of your blog... and also a lucky mama of twins (3yrs) and a 5 yr old. I will never forget the day of our ultrasound with the twins(your post brought me right back into the doctor's office and that feeling of "HOLY @#$%!"). I am not going to lie, in the beginning you will be in survival mode. You will just need to take it an hour (or a minute) at a time... BUT you are so lucky to be able to experience life with twins. It is amazing. Think of the bond between your other children and multiply it by ten. There is nothing like watching them snuggle together as infants, and now hold hands as 3 yr olds. It is priceless. Your heart will feel like it is going to explode from the love you feel for them AND you see they feel for each other... from the minute they are born. It is incredible. Congratulations, and welcome to the club! Enjoy every second of it.

Rebekah Wolf | 9:22 PM

Congrats! What an exciting journey!

Meghan | 9:29 PM

Yes! Eating makes everything doable. Glad you are finding the momentum in that direction. I am 12 weeks with my first. We saw it wiggling around during the ultrasound and I am already struck dumb with love. We can do this.

myfuckingeye | 9:37 PM

We love you, Rebecca!

alanna_migliacci | 9:58 PM

Even though you won't have three children, twins still fits into your three-theme because you will now be a family of six and a multiple of three.

When you bought that minivan, I thought you were crazy - you only had two, but now it seems perfect.

I know you are on a roller coaster of emotions right now, but I am so envious of you. You have these children and this family that you adore so much and you really are the kind of mom that I envy (rare). Reading your blog and seeing your amazing love and family is one of the rare times that I am sad I will never have children.

Raven | 10:00 PM

Well, I must say, THANK YOU for this amazing awesom4 blog. I swear, it helps moms like me manage day to day stresses much are a BLESSING!!

Be back soon :)


Colleen | 10:03 PM


I don't know you IRL, but I feel like I do know you... And you seem like an amazing mama, descended of amazing mamas, and I think you will do great with 2 more. Or 10 more, if that's what you want! I was telling my husband about your announcement and the reactions of your Archer and Fable. He loved it. I hope one day if we have children that we can raise them as well as you seem to have raised yours so far. You go girl! And you go, too, Hal! Go entire GGC FAMILY' :-)

Deidre | 10:42 PM

Congratulations Hal and Rebecca!

I missed the first announcement, so am a little late to the party. But yay for twins.

I adore your growing family of love.

Kendra | 10:43 PM

Bec. you make me smile. like, really really big! i love you tons and you are going to rock this shit! i can't wait for us to race in our minivans and scream at young kids "there is a dragon behind you" because we are soo freaking awesome. we are powerful. we truly are. you are! you can do this! love you to the moon.

Catharina | 10:51 PM

I have been reading your blog for a long time, definitely before Fable was born, but I am a total lurker (sorry about that). I just wanted to say congratulations! Archer's response melted my heart, you have amazing kids. I am the oldest of four and I can tell you: four is awesome.

Lucky24 | 10:53 PM

You are already an amazing Mama, and when you have these two beautiful babies you will be even more amazing! Honestly. I am SO happy for ya! Congrats again, and again! Heres to Mamas & minivans! :)

Jamie | 12:11 AM

I guess I'm a lurker...hardly ever leave comments on the blogs I read, but I just have to say that your writing is so totally beautiful. Have had more tears here than anywhere online. Was terrified with each of my three babes that there would be two instead of one - the twins thing runs in my family too :) Congrats and Congrats!! Such amazing (and f-ing totally crazy-scary) news.

Ray | 12:40 AM

We all love you Rebecca!

So sweet that Archer doesn't mind being surrounded by sisters. What a doll.

We all know you can do this! And I can't wait to read about your journey. You're such an awesome writer.

elle | 1:37 AM

I believe in you guys too. It's gonna be AMAZING.

All the love in the world. xo

Jess | 4:24 AM

Sounds like things are falling into place for you. My brother and sister in law became pregnant with twins when their first daughter was only 9 months old. It was an enormous challenge for them, but like you they are lucky enough to have a family who helps out a lot. I tell you, without family to help I imagine it would be an almost impossible task. Congratulations.

Unknown | 7:47 AM

Archer is going to be the coolest boyfriend ever. But, What a cool thing it would be if he had twin brothers. Then he would be the leader of the man pack.

I am the only girl of 4 and. Although I only have the sisters I have earned, having three brothers at my elbow certainly gave me an extra shot of confidence, because seriously, they are big and who wants to argue with a wall of men.

And anyone who thinks a minivan is not cool is not looking through the windows. We have so much fun in our "rv car".

kipker | 9:05 AM

Seriously, You just summed up what kept me going in the darkest of sleep deprived days with my twins so that puts you way ahead of me! I just kept telling myself, people have done this before and survived...lower expectations of yourself and chant I did it yesterday so I can do it again today. You will do it and it will be insane but wonderfully insane. I am lost without chaos now :)

Marie | 10:13 AM

so much happy! you make me excited to give my baby boy siblings someday. glad to hear you're feeling better! <3

i'm glad i found you blog.

Anonymous | 11:24 AM

Hooray! Your blog brings me so much joy and excitement and so much to be excited for! Archer's comment makes him sound like an adult! Glad to hear you're feeling better- hope you get to feeling back up to speed soon!

robin | 11:27 AM

Wow, congratulations! Scary, yes, buy if anyone can do it I'm sure it's you! And with a big brother like Archer, those will be the luckiest kids in the world!

Jaci | 11:36 AM

Listen up girl!!
I know you get so many comments, but please take this extra support b/c I too am a mom of twins (my #3 and #4).

I was in your same shoes....two great kids and we decided to go for number 3....but yes, we ended up with a #3 AND #4.

I spent nine months processing so many emotions...shock, fear, joy...etc. Not sure that even went away during their first year, as it was a complete blur.

But now Puck & Lulu are six years old, they complete our family in a way that never seemed possible. It wasn't always easy, but what sweet reward ever is?

My only advice is for you & Hal to lean on each other, remind one another that you're in this together because inevitably there will be times when you both feel like an island. You're amazing parents with more love to give than you even realize and that's all these babies really need.

Big families are a blast. Trust me!

loodles | 11:46 AM

Reading your blog has brought me so much happiness and inspiration that I could not help mirroring a little of that back to you. Your positive outlooks has lifted my spirit many a day, and it always reminds me of how much I love and adore my own partner, little ones, parents,siblings, and community.
You have and amazing family and you're so brave and wonderful and giving to share your love for them with your readers.You and Hal are great parents with amazing kids.
Congratulations again. I'm so glad that you're feeling a little bit better, physically and spiritually.
I always say that it is only when you're tested can you judge your true strength and the strength of the circle that surrounds you.

danika | 11:52 AM

You totally rock. Very excited for you guys and looking forward to following along on the journey. If anyone can do it, you and Hal can. And yes, you are very loved!

D. Gillespie | 12:53 PM

The exact same thing happened to us 2.5 years ago.

Twins are wonderful, twins are fantastic.

Don't be afraid, they will cover you with love and you will embrace every second of it.

Steph Burgis | 1:55 PM

Congratulations!!! I love your blog and your approach to motherhood. And ever since I read your last blog entry, I've been thinking back to how petrified I was when I first found out I was pregnant 3 years ago, how I was so scared by the whole prospect - but how I would never, not in a million zillion years, give up the perfect little boy who was born seven months later and became the best part of my life.

Within a year, I bet you'll have a hard time even believing that you ever felt so scared at the prospect of twins, because once they're born, it'll be the most natural thing in the world and they'll no longer be a scary theoretical concept, they'll just be your family, the ones you wouldn't give up for ANYTHING.

Good luck getting through the scary moments of preparation on the way!

Cori | 3:45 PM

Wow! Wow! Oh my God! Wow! Congratulations!

Anna | 4:49 PM

Oh, Rebecca, I'm thrilled for you. I'm one of four (with the youngest being twin brothers), and the greatest thing about four is that it's always a party. You can never be bored with that many people about. Hurrah for huge families and all the love that multiplies inside them!!!

BonJoey | 5:25 PM

So happy for you! So glad you're feeling happy and well! :)

You have wonderful, sweet and darling children. It's so amazingly awesome that Archer is relishing his role as big brother. Is there anything better in this world, seriously, than when your oldest doesn't have a jealous bone in his (or her) body and just loves on their sibling(s)?!! My 4 yr old Vaughn is the same way with his 5 month old brother and I'm sooo grateful every day for his kindness and love towards him. He's not always perfect for me (and sometimes far from it!) but at least he's always sweet to "his baby", as he says. And that's more important I think.

I can't wait to hear what you're having! And I can't wait for the twinsie baby names you'll come up with! (OMG how much fun will it be to name twins, seriously?!?! I'm almost jealous! hehe)

Hope you're still feeling well and please tell us about Hal's and your families' reactions to the news too!!!

koo' | 5:43 PM

4 kids is totally AWESOME! You're going to rock this!

p.s. I know its absolutely NONE of my business but after reading Katie Granju's blog recently... yall might want to consider some permanent birth control after 4?

Elliesee | 6:20 PM

I love this post. I have been through the same thing and I really want to inundate you with advice, but I'll try to wait until you ask. I was fine only after a whole week. We don't love minivans yet and went for a seven-seater Suzuki, the only times we caress the idea of the minivan is when the girls are loud in the car (yes, four girls, and we are not trying for a boy!) I loved watching online a video on birth of multiples that went well, since the info on twin pregnancies can be a bit depressing. I was very surprised and grateful to give birth at 39w 5 days to two 71/2 lbs girls, with no stretchmarks (but for a tiny one at the end that is not visible anymore)

Loran | 7:24 PM

I knew there was a reason that I have followed your blog since before Fable was even a thought. Now? It's awesomeness times two to the fourth power. Holy Wow you guys will totally rock it. No doubt.

Whitney | 7:36 PM

I hope they're born on 11-11-11. Much love.


Althea | 7:49 PM

You deserve every happiness that exists.
You are an inspiration constantly. There is SO much more joy to come.

My ovaries are also screaming.
***intertubes hugs***

Unknown | 9:22 PM

Hi....this is my first time commenting, but I have enjoyed getting your know your family over the years. I love that you will share this awesome, overwhelming and exciting journey with us...your loyal readers. I am in the mist of trying to start a family and your blog is such a wonderful source for inspiration. I hope I can pull it off.....Congratulations!

Stacey Degen | 10:06 PM

Congratulations, Rebecca! I'm delighted to hear the wonderful news for your family. I can't wait to hear about the exciting stories that are coming your way. I've been reading your blog for what seems like forever and I'm so happy/thrilled to read that you're expecting once more.
You're doing great :) :)

Unknown | 12:02 AM

You can do it! You've got the whole wide web cheering you on.

Am I the only one who can't wait to hear what you name them? :D


Anonymous | 1:06 AM

This, this is going to be epic. You and Hal and FOUR children. A great big monster Mazel Tov to you guys, because this is a ginormous blessing. So happy for you!

Tove | 3:56 AM

Hahaha 'for minivans'. This is so exciting, you are an awesome family and twins will make it even better!

Jude | 5:45 AM

From afar, Im cheering you on. Ive been reading your blog for a while now, as you are so brilliant with words of worldly wisdom and have captivated me all this time with your inspirational persona, style and joie de vivre.

Never commented before, but felt the need to cheer you on from afar (Europe) and say thank YOU for being mesmerizingly amazing in all you do. Now more than ever will you inspire the world and we will be here, watching, listening and rooting for you.

Jude | 6:08 AM

Ive been reading your blog for a while now, as you are so brilliant with words of worldly wisdom and have captivated me with your inspirational persona, style and joie de vivre.

Never commented before, but felt the need to cheer you on from afar (Europe) and say thank YOU for being mesmerizingly amazing in all that you do. Now more than ever will you inspire the world and we will all be here watching, listening and rooting for you.

Nicola Parkinson, Cape Town | 11:49 AM

Becks, I must say when I read your "ill" post, I had the thought of more then one pop in my head. This is such a beautiful amazing miracle, and this is just the way your story was / is supposed to go. You are an awesome mum, and I know that for you all, this is going to be such fun! I am so happy for you! I am also so glad you are feeling somewhat better. Now you need to eat and build up strength for three! P.S Did you have a small suspicion, or did this really hit you out the blue? Love Nick

Rachel | 12:44 PM

What Fable said totally made me smile. Adorable. I'm SO happy for you all.

Glenda | 12:49 PM

I am so happy for you, Hal, Archer and Fable. I can't wait to see the 2 new additions to your already beautiful family. I can't wait to hear the names you pick because Archer and Fable are so unique.

I'm so glad that you're feeling so much better (knock on wood).

Love. It's a beautiful thing...and having 4 lil ones to love unconditonally is amazing.

Archer... wow...he's amazing and a kick ass big bro! Way to go Archer!

Fable... awww so cute...she had 2 babies too...

Congrats again...and can't wait to follow your journey. You can do it! WooHoo you will be rockin' a minivan w/ your FOUR lil rockers! YES!!! :)

Anonymous | 3:29 PM

Hi Rebecca,

I live in Sydney, Aust and have been reading your blog for at least a year now. I really enjoy your writing style and can identify with so many of your trials and tribulations. Sometimes I feel like I know you - the amount you share about your personal life is so touching and heartfelt. To the point - I am 34 and have identical twin boys, Oliver & Elliot (now 4.5yrs) and a girl, Sienna (2.5yrs) and now I am waiting for another boy to arrive in 2 weeks!! (already have a name - Byron).
4 kids has meant we needed to buy a Toyota Tarago (brill car) and move all the bedrooms around, but its so exciting and so worth it. Twins are a different kettle of fish in terms of raising them, but an absolute joy. I am so happy to hear your news!
Romy :)

kasia | 5:46 PM

hey, not sure if you remember me- i used to blog at the silent k. it's krista. I have two boys aidan and george (to job your memory) Aidan is about Archers age. Anyway, I have always felt somewhat of a kinship with you, but don't much blog now, or really read blogs, then for some reason thought of you today and read this- which is cool because I just found out I am pregnant too! I am expecting my third. (Would be super freaky if I too, find out to be having twins!) I'm going to enjoy reading about your third pregnancy, a virtual friend in the same boat. My due date is near yours, 11-11-11.

Anyway, much love. Krista

Mandi | 6:07 PM

I've been lurking your blog and occasionally posting, but mostly lurking since before Fable was born. And I am so excited for you! :) and even though I'm not having any more kids, I am insanely jealous because I have always wanted two babies to grow in my own uterus. But mostly I'm excited and happy for you! Congrats!

GingerB | 6:21 PM

Yes!! A minivan!! I recommended one to you before, just because it is so handy to get strollers, bags, an extra booster seat for an older child's friend and all your groceries in back without taking up your seating. Now? It is more a question of when, not if. You'll will add coolness to the world of minivans - hooray for me, I'll finally be one of the cool girls. I recommend the Sienna . . . I am double excited for you.

chesapeake | 9:10 PM

Broken record here:

You are simply fucking amazing.

Thank you for being unafraid to say that you are happy. That you love your life. It gives me the confidence to say that, too.

*Thank you.*

Sahara | 10:38 PM

Archer's answer to the news is spectacular!

I grew up the oldest of four, all of us jammed into a station wagon for weeks at a time as we road-tripped around Canada. Flying is over-rated anyway. Cheers to love, minivans and more babies to dress in all those fabulous clothes you've collected ;)

Amanda | 6:38 AM

That is the most amazing thing I've ever heard too! I can't wait for the stories that will no doubt come!

Anonymous | 7:41 AM

I'm so excited for you and your family, but I totally understand the nerves and disbelief that come with such news at first. Trust in the universe, trust in your family, and trust in all the people you don't know out here in the world that are ready to support you and your family, and send lots of love.

Lara | 8:58 AM

Oh wow. I catch up on your blog every few days because I adore the way you write about your children and life, love, all of it. My daughter just turned 4 yesterday and I'm 23 weeks pregnant with twin boys. Shocking, terrifying, unbelievable news. Oct.-Feb. is a dark blur to me. I was so,so sick and overwhelmed and scared -- at the time we found out we were not in a position financially to take on twins, but lo and behold God knew what he was doing and we're going to be okay. It's been an amazing process to watch my body bloom with two babies. I really do feel superhuman some days. We will be 5 now. And you know what? I always wanted two kids. Now I'm thinking a fourth might not be out of the question. I still have days when I get overwhelmed at just the logistics of it all but now I know that our family wouldn't be complete w/out these two lives joining us in June. Good luck! I can't wait to read about your journey.

Nicole | 11:42 AM

Wow, Rebecca, wow. You have rendered me speechless. How totally fucking awesome.

Emma | 12:06 PM

I'm so glad you're past the initial HOLY SHIT TWO BABIES moment now- because two babies is going. to. be. amazing. Yes, hard work, but the most amazing rewards. I'm an older sister to twin girls, and they were the best thing my parents could ever give me, because right there I have two guaranteed best friends for life. So congratulations, superwoman. I've only been a reader for a few weeks, but already I know that not only are you going to DO this, you're going to be pretty fucking brilliant at it.

Slemonade Stand | 12:44 PM

Hi, Rebecca, I'm another Rebecca (well, Becky) and mom of twins. Had a 2.5 year old when we found out we were having twin girls. SURPRISE! It was a crazy pregnancy, and I cried for days trying to process the info and the risks of being pregnant with a litter. But we're just shy of their year birthday, and even though this whole year was fucking crazy, I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm so proud of my body and of my little family, and if I can do it, you can do it. be sure to rest up when you can-- I pushed myself too hard and paid a price. good luck!

Sarah | 10:52 AM

My grandfather died 8 weeks ago. If Archer is right, you will have a kid with big ears, a bigger heart, a gift at making things, and the love to tinker with anything mechanic.

I like this :)

SAHSHA | 6:28 PM

LOve you sweet girl. I am lurker coming our of the shadows to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! So stinking happy and freaked out for you. It's gonna be a wild ride. You're gonna love every minute. My SIL has twins and they are AMAZING. We're all here for you. Whatever you need.

sunshineincolor | 10:49 AM

Oh my - I just loved this "how much we take for granted as we go about our days, making plans and lists, oblivious to the lines and how quickly they bend into question-marks." You are such a great writer even on overwhelm. Congratulations on your new 2.