Weeks ago they were cells. And now your babies are the size of grapes until Monday when they become kumquats, feet and hands pronounced, tail no longer. This is where we all begin, big bang and BOOM -- life emerges from the wreckage of exploded stars.

It's a miracle every time, even in sickness. Even in fear and worry and doubt. There is a comfort knowing that these feelings haven't changed since humankind began, the unfathomable stirring of invisible beginnings. That everywhere and always women have pressed their faces against the same questions, harvesting hope and love with merely a touch and faceless dreams of bodies under miraculous construction. We are the lives of shape-shifters.
Every day equals ten million years until the cells become fish and the fish become frogs and the frogs wake up one morning with fingers, toes, a face -- tiny minds open, carrying with them every potential joy in the world. And fear and worry and doubt, yes. But not now. Not yet. In the beginning there is only peace and the thump of heartbeats, opening of eyes, symmetry.
I cannot feel them move but that doesn't mean that they aren't dancing. Together like partners, separate like individuals, moving.

Slowly they grow at the speed of stars and soon they will hang on the light of their exit, slither out of water and onto land, in and out of rooms on all fours, walking upright side by side until they're running in different directions...
...their hands full of the fruit they were once compared to when I sat down to write this post.



Anonymous | 9:02 AM

I always feel incredibly creepy saying things like what I'm about to say to people that I don't really know, but, what up 21st Century! Here we are...

I was thinking about you this morning, and thinking about the very thing that you're posting about here. About the gentle but explosive growth that's happening in tandem inside of you, and what it really means for people that grow up having shared a womb together. Your children will be able to say something to one another that no one else on the planet can say to them: I was in there with you. What a haunting a beautiful thought. This was a gorgeous post, keep 'em coming. xo

Sarah | 9:04 AM

This was beautiful. Congratulations.

Anonymous | 9:05 AM

just beautiful- they are your muses

The Dalai Mama | 9:05 AM

beautiful sentiment. It's truly a miracle every moment.

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 9:06 AM

Absolutely perfect. Love these photos.


oh, jenny mae | 9:09 AM

just as you can not imagine 2 of fable (well, another dear heart, not 2 of her, per se) you will someday not be able to imagine one twin without the other. my girls gut me with their absolute them-ness. (totally made that up, i did.)

minerrva | 9:10 AM

I've never posted on your blog before but I just had to say this is wonderful stuff. Your wordsmithing has always kept me coming back to read, but it's like you're really coming into your own now. You're growing along with these babes! It's no longer prose now, not just memoir, it's poetry, it's allegory!
I also can't wait to see what you will name them.

Glenda | 9:21 AM

Amazingly beautiful post x2 have a great weekend and hope you're feeling well!

Liz | 9:23 AM


Rachel | 9:30 AM

Wow. Thanks for sharing that. Your kids will absolutely love reading this sort of thing one day.

Amanda | 9:35 AM

Ugh...this was just what I needed. Absolutely gorgeous Rebecca! Wordsmith of the heart you are.

Mrs. Cline | 9:40 AM

Wow. You have such a way with words. And babies. <3

Wendy | 10:18 AM

Pregnancy is amazing when you think of a whole person just being created inside of you as you eat and sleep (and vomit!). And when you think of building 2 little people-even more so!
I'm so excited for you, I can hardly sit still. My Nanny (mom's mom) is a mother of twins, and she wrote me a letter just after I found out I was pregnant with twins,and I'll never forget what she said. She said that my twins will be the "joy of my life". And it is so true. My son is a part of me, but my girls are different.

And one other thing your post reminded me of...My first ultrasound was at 14 weeks, and the babies were quite big by then, we could see 2 heads, bodies, 4 arms, 4 legs. My second ultrasound was at 20 weeks, and the girls spent the whole time kicking and punching each other. They were di-amniotic twins, so there was a membrane between them, but they were still beating the snot out of each other. So far I haven't see that happening outside the womb, but we are only 17 months into their lives!

ElizabethsKindCafe.com | 10:28 AM


jnet liangster | 10:38 AM

beautiful. your words, you, your children. my friends and i read and share your posts daily. xo

Sarah | 10:41 AM

Wonderfully written! I hope these new babies inspire you to write another book so that I can read it!

duck | 10:51 AM

perfectly written. Even for those of us never gifted with more then one little fruit at a time can completely understand that wonder. I remember right after I found out I was pregnant with my first I had the sense of awe over me for months. Wondering how I could have detested myself so as a teenager or wondered where my pl,ace or point was in my early twenties. All along I had this super power, I was able to be part of this incredible mystery, philosophy materialized.
Thank you for taking the time and energy (which must be in short supply) to share this with us.

Abbe | 10:55 AM

The photos and words together is beautiful.

Katie | 11:47 AM

Can I just tell you how much I love reading your blog? This post was one of my faves so far. A great friend of mine and I go back and forth reading your blog and talking about our favorite posts, I can't wait to talk to her about this post. You're amazing and your words are beautiful.

Meghan | 11:52 AM

I have spent a good deal of time thinking about my little plum wiggling and dancing. Thank you for these beautiful thoughts this morning.

Andygirl | 11:56 AM

utterly gorgeous

Sam | 12:05 PM

So lovely, so true.

Do you know yet if they are fraternal or identical?

Unknown | 12:12 PM


sara. no h. | 1:06 PM

Just want to say congrats. You are going to be a wonderful mama yet again. x.

Ashley | 2:03 PM

So beautiful and so true. I'm thankful every day to be growing my little one. It was a shock, but my God, what a rush.

I've been writing weekly letters to my babe (and, in a way, to myself)on my blog. In one, I told the baby that he/she is steadily working his way through the produce aisle. Glad someone else notices all the fruit comparisons.

Mimi | 2:32 PM

These are the posts that made me a reader of GGC! Simply amazing!

Erin | 4:01 PM


elle | 4:33 PM

Holy heck, lady. This is astonishingly beautiful.

GingerB | 12:56 AM

The whole thing is quite earthshaking, isn't it? I still look at my girls now sometimes, in the 2ish and 4ish ranges as they are, and sometimes I think "I made that IN MY BODY!" or well, I did and so did she, but anyway, how amazing that we did it together. And when they were exclusively fed MY milk, I was astonished that I could keep an entire human not just alive but growing in a perfect way. How utterly amazing we are!!

You are beautiful and lucky and I love to read about it all.

Ida Mae | 8:20 AM

This excellent. I love the pictures you out along with it.

I can't wait to read all about your adventures growing twins!


Joelle | 10:05 AM

That was stunning, breathtaking, poetry. Thank you.

SAHSHA | 5:44 PM

AWWW.. that's a beautiful piece of writing. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.

Mom101 | 6:08 PM

I'm just so very happy for your grapes.

cara | 1:58 AM

sniff. You make me cry.


Sydney | 8:19 AM

Beautiful post Rebecca.

Sarah Dubs | 10:24 AM

I thought of you when I saw this!! Photographer Carolee Beckham is expecting as well and is posting this set of photos of her growing baby belly with the piece of fruit that corresponds to the size of her baby that week. How inspiring a growing belly can be, sigh.


Cheryl Lage | 2:09 PM

Way back (like when my b/g twins were 5-7 and I was working for ePregnancy and BabyTV), you graciously allowed us to excerpt some of your phenomenal writing for our content sites.

How I look forward to remembering the dual gestational amazement (and occasional discomfort), newborn duo fascination (and occasional---okay, frequent, but endurable--challenges) and progression of life with same-age progeny with your inimitable words to spur those memories.

All the very, very best to you...and yours....all of 'em.

clueless but hopeful mama | 5:05 PM

You've got a way with words. Gorgeous, perfect post.

Chrissy | 6:29 AM

Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous journey with us. Your writing has taken a turn for the amazing and poignant and sigh...

Sarah | 8:34 AM

I really hope we see more posts like this in the future. you really are a very talented writer.

Amanda | 10:27 AM

yay. wonderfully, beautifully and eloquently voiced. building a baby is glorious...I can only imagine the awe of building two at time!

Bless with a Boy | 10:34 AM

WOW that was beautiful! So glad you are feeling better. I hope it continues. What a great support system you have. You are truely blessed.

Leslie | 8:10 PM

Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so very much for sharing your life and your talented writing with us all.

spicylikeginger | 11:45 PM

This is an amazing post. Most creative you are, grasshopper. (pun intended)

Jen (and Audrey, too!) | 2:44 PM

This is a beautiful post.

I always loved the comparisons to fruit!

Jenna | 3:21 PM

Love, love, love this entry.

Ray | 10:09 PM

"We are the lives of shape-shifters."

I loved that. And the evolution of life is truly amazing.

Loved the (twin) Fable sequence as well. ;o)

Anonymous | 4:47 AM

How is Archer? I miss hearing about him. I'll bet he's thrilled to be a big brother again.

Betrice Smith | 11:24 PM

kids grow up so fast and this analogy is clear and cool for just what happens. Interesting angle for sure.