The other day Rachel came over with a box of saltines. I hadn't been able to stomach anything in days so she came to my rescue as she so often has these last two months and I devoured the entire box in one sitting. Later she took Archer for a bike ride around the neighborhood. I didn't have the energy so away they went. And last week when I had a terrible migraine, Rachel came over to squeeze the pressure points in my toes while we watched How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. I was in pain and couldn't take any Aleve so she drove over to my house and made me feel better. Because that's how she rolls. That's my sister.

I think of my life without Rachel, who like the twins, was my mother's third pregnancy, my parent's wonderful surprise -- how lost I'd be without her, how grateful I am that she's here.
Whenever I feel nervous or worried about having more children, overwhelmed (like I am today, oh man). I think of my siblings, how someday Fable may be pregnant, that one of these children forming inside me will come to her rescue in the same way Rachel has, does, always will. That Fable will say, much like I have, these past few weeks, "I don't know what I'd do without her/him, her/her, him/him." And it will be true.



verdemama | 9:16 AM

Beautiful. You've been making me rethink my decision to stop at two children. Sibling relationships are a special thing, indeed.

Anonymous | 9:21 AM

Darn it - your sister just made me want to rip out the IUD and have another go - three's a charm (or four in your case).

Amber | 9:24 AM

I've never known anything other than being an only child, so most of the time I don't wish I had siblings (because I don't know what I'm missing!). But your posts cut to the bone, and describe the bond that I've never known so well. It does make me wish I had siblings of some sort.

To top it all off, my husband is ALSO an only child. If we have kids they won't ever have first cousins or aunts or uncles, unless they are of the honorary variety!

Anonymous | 9:24 AM

waxing and waning about trying for a fourth baby. thanks for reminding of the beauty of siblings. hope one of those babes gets your sis' lovely curls. would love to have her hair. feel better.

GreerAnn | 9:25 AM

What a beautiful and touching sentiment... I adore my two younger sisters and can't wait to see the relationships that develop between my children... it's hard to imagine them as adults, but comforting to know they will always have one another.

Jen | 9:37 AM

As the oldest of four, I cherish the relationship I have with my siblings. Most especially my sister, 12 years my junior. I watched over her as though she were a baby of my own when she was tiny. We wept into each other's arms when I left for college (me 18 her 6). When our grandmother passed, it was her hand I held during the service, as no other would do. Even though she was only 12, I can't imagine who else would have been my maid of honor. Then when we had our son Jack, she was there. Just the other day, she sent me a photo of the note from her high school office from the day Jack was born notifying her my mom was coming to get her because I was in labor. Four years later and she still has it. She's off to Italy next fall to study abroad for college. I know I'll get fabulous shoes and jewelry in exchange, but will miss my baby sister as though my arm has left me for foreign shores. Siblings are the best.

Jessica | 9:38 AM

My mom always said my siblings (all 5 of them, yes) were her greatest gift to us. I didn't understand it when I was little, but now? It is so true and I cannot wait to give my little guy some siblings of his own.

Also, DAMN Fable looks like Rachel. Wow.

KateFitz | 9:43 AM

sigh..Love letters to siblings and parents are my favorites. Don't get me wrong romantic love is the bees knees but something about really seeing and appreciating people who have been in the trenches with you from the beginning. Makes my heart happy.

thatgirlblogs | 9:48 AM

You are so lucky, I don't have any closeness with my siblings.

Truly lucky.

sabrina | 9:57 AM

Everybody needs a sister, as sisters are the greatest. I love these pictures of her and Fable, how amazing the two of them are.

Anonymous | 10:02 AM

Very sweet. I love this post!!

Unknown | 10:38 AM

You are so VERY lucky. I'm an only and longed for a sibling. A big brother to beat up all the mean kids. A little sister to play Barbies with. But alas none.

Which is why I fought tooth and nail to make sure my son wasn't an only. My husband was the youngest of three and constantly picked on. He would have loved to be an only he said.

But now as he watches the boys play together and we help build that sibling realtionship, we both smile knowing they will always have each other. No matter what.

A big family is a blessing, even though it may be hard. You will do great, and the twins, Archer and Fable will have a bond that will get them through anything.

Glenda | 11:03 AM

Beautiful. I have a younger sister (4 yrs younger) and we are very close. She is my kids fav aunt. We are sister/friends.

I watch my kids (son/daughter) and they've always been best friends. It's amazing to watch their bond.

I'm sure your mama is proud of you and your sisters relationship.

Rachel | 11:12 AM

Well, well. My name is Rachel and I am the third out of three (with a sister and a brother) and I hadn't realized the connection until now, but my best friend in grad school is named Beka. She spells her name differently than you, but she's just as hip and smart.

Aaand I was telling my mom about your blog the other day, just like you are an old friend of mine, and she told me that she always prayed--PRAYED-- for twins.

Amy B | 11:16 AM

This post is the main reason I think about the possibility of someday having a second. I am an only child, and I don't usually feel like I missed out on much as a kid, but I see my husband and his sister together and know in my heart I am missing something. I want my daughter to have that someday.

Anonymous | 11:28 AM

PLEASE go for acupuncture!!! it will eliminate your migraines, I swear! and help with everything in general. i hope you will feel better soon.

mommica | 11:48 AM

True dat. Sisters are the bomb diggety.

Unknown | 11:54 AM

I love how happy Fable looks hanging with your sister. What a special relationship they must have.

You're lucky to have your sister live close by. I miss mine to death (I'm in Oakland and she's in Vegas).

L.L. | 11:58 AM

I am functionally an only child, in that I have a half-brother who is a decade older. We've never been close although he is a lovely person. My husband is the oldest of 4 and I am so envious of the relationship he has with his siblings. It was always love and fun times at their house (even when it wasn't) and they have eachother's back 100%. I want that for my children. Right now, I only have one.

SpillingOutBeautiful | 1:04 PM

I am number 5 of 7 (well blended family). I feel exactly the same way. I cannot imagine my life without any of my siblings. They have always been there and I don't even know how I could function without them half the time. Relationships between siblings are so beautiful.

HannahB | 1:08 PM

I'm new to your blog and I need to say I LOVE IT. Like verging on obsessive. (i'm not creepy, promise!) anyway....

I also have a really close bond with my sister and posts like this really resonate with me- like right to my core- so thanks.

Anonymous | 1:36 PM

I agree with the above posters, you are lucky you have that kind of relationship. Like L.L. I am functionally an only child because my only sibling is much younger. I have friends who just don't get along with or aren't close to their siblings too. I think only children tend to have closer, sib-like relationships with friends/cousins from a young age though.

Personally I hope you keep having kids because the planet needs more people like you. I can't say that for sure about anybody else in real life or Internet life!

eliza | 1:46 PM

it will be so true. as the 26 year old eldest of 4 with the youngest two being twins 7 years younger than me? it will be SO TRUE. my sister was my only bridesmaid at my wedding a month ago and is my soul twin. we often say the same thing at the same time in the same tone of voice, even though she's 19 and i'm 26 and we haven't lived together since she was 14. my little brother is a constant inspiration, someone who makes me so incredibly proud and makes me want to be a better person, because he is one. our little group of four siblings wasn't always easy to have around, but now that we are all adults? i can honestly say it is one of the absolute best things in my life, and it is at the core of my life. i wish and hope you have this sort of experience - and judging by archer and fable, it seems very likely :)

Renee | 2:23 PM

I wish I had a Rachel! My second pregnancy has been much harder compared to my first and this time we are 8 hours away from family and friends.

Liliana | 2:53 PM

This post so made me weep. I also have two amazing, huge-hearted sisters that rescued me during both pregnancies and lived with me for several days after the birth of my two boys. They drove from far away and came to take care of me and my family. They cooked for me, cleaned for me, took care of my older child while I was recovering from Diego's birth. They helped me move when I was pregnant with Diego and had to chase around a 1 year old.

I have always felt the same way: What would I do without them? They make my life so full and beautiful and happy. Also a huge reason for us to have two kids. I hope, hope, hope my boys love each other as much as I love my dear sisters.

jessica | 6:09 PM

that was great. i, on the other hand, thing of my annoying brother and say yeah, stopping at 3 is totally the right thing to do (for me).

Anna | 6:16 PM

It's so true that once people ARE we can't imagine the world without them. I was terrified of having my first child (not exactly sure why now) and was walking around the city and realized - wait - all of these people were born - babies are people, and I love people - and I felt better about my pregnancy after that. The way you contextualize the future - that you are having Archer and Fable's siblings - is a great way to make sense of these new lives and their places in yours. Thanks for writing!

mathilda Dunn | 6:44 PM

I love this! I am lucky beyond words to have a sister who I don't know what I would do without. She is also pregnant for the third time (just one babe, though) and I absolutely delight in taking care of my nephews so she can rest, run errands, have more than a five minute conversation with her husband, etc etc etc. As much as she thanks me for helping her, I am just as grateful that she has created these amazing humans who I get to love to death. In fact, on my way home from work as I was thinking about the time I had with them this weekend kicking soccer balls, riding bikes and creating art, my heart swelled so much that I called her in near tears saying how grateful I am for the love and connection.
Sisters (and brothers!) are the best!

Erin | 8:21 PM

So sweet. Makes me want to have more kids and move closer to my family!!

Mama Cas | 10:31 PM

You are so right. I have 4 children and it is enormously overwhelming sometimes....but I wouldn't change a thing. They have each other and I consider that to be the greatest gift I could have given them.

Heidi | 12:23 AM

Oh gosh, Rebecca...you're so lucky: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JmA2ClUvUY&feature=player_embedded

(doesn't have anything to do with your sister, by the way).

Binky | 7:15 AM

I hear ya. It's been my pleasure lately to watch my daughter finally forming a bond with her brother. It took a couple (two, tree) years, but that collection of months pales in comparison to the closeness that will follow.

Alex | 7:30 AM

You are so lucky to have such a loving, beautiful family. Bless you, and bless this blog.

As an aside, I noticed that the park in the pictures appear to have any high-quality play equipment. You can change that by contacting Maryland Materials, a national distributor of commercial playground equipment, today! Check out www.mdmaterials.com.

Mrs. Q. | 7:42 AM

That's beautiful. I feel blessed to have one of each, but at times, feel sad that my daughter won't have a sister. If I were younger, I'd be tempted to have a third-- and likely, triplets. :>) Enjoy!

Megg | 11:40 AM

Damn. You realize Im crying in a public library right now because Im studying or rather not, and reading things about sisters and missing mine right now, and she's only ten minutes away. sigh. Thank you :)

tori | 12:25 PM

Sweet. Life is so much easier when you have a sister to call!

Heidi | 2:12 PM

This post was beautiful. I have a sister older than me (3 yrs) and I really value our relationship now that I have kids more than ever.
Thanks for this, it made me both appreciate my sister, and love the fact my boys have eachother.

GingerB | 1:04 AM

This is why I wanted a second, and I was delighted eldest girl got a sister. They amaze me everyday - the 2 1/2 year old gets her cup of AJ and stands there saying her sister's name until I give her the cup of juice to deliver to big sister. Kills me every time.

And, I love how you love your people.

You look so lovely with your twinkle bump! Couldn't be happier for you!

Anonymous | 8:40 AM

Congrats on the twins. This is an exciting time for you and Hal. Enjoy it. Before you know it, you will have two more toddlers to chase after. :) I can really see the resemblance between Rachel and Fable in the picture where they both have their heads pointed down. So cute! Much love to all of you!

Sarah G | 2:33 PM

Lovely, lovely post.

Ray | 11:22 PM

Of course this post made me emotional. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful as always. Rachel's lucky to have a sister like you to write about her. And of course you lucky to have her.

I LOVE the first photo of Fable and auntie Rachel. You can tell she adores her. And that photo of them in an identical pose (looking down) and expression (smiling)...? LOVE.

Your children are going to be so lucky to have each other. That's for sure. =o)