Faces of Death First Trimester Hell

Week seven*: this is how my face permanently looks.

*I believe this is around the time I started posting "cute little" belly pics when I was pregnant with Fable because I was convinced I was showing. Closing in on eight-weeks now and I am in no way rocking even a partial bump. Not even close. I'm the opposite of showing. I look like I've been on a three week substance bender sans food, drink or shower which is partially true. Anyway, I figured, for posterity's sake, I might as well share the ENTIRE journey with you, mug shots and all, so here we are. This is what torture looks like. If I had the energy to cry, I would do so. But even that is far too much work for this pile of bleck that is me.
Signing off for now Collapsing in a pile of vomit and tears,



Liz | 8:32 AM

Oh man. Maybe I don't want to get pregnant again... thanks for keeping it real!

Anonymous | 8:34 AM

yayyyyyyyy, first to comment :-). yes, yes, yes, PLEASE take us on ur journey w/photos. good or bad, so fun and ur BEAUTIFUL evan whn u feel like ur at ur worst!!

Amy | 8:47 AM

Sadly (for me) you look better than I do on most days and my kid is two! I am sorry you are feeling so yucky. I went through that in the first trimester and it is not fun but then I felt like a super hero in the second and third.

If it continues there is anti-nausea medicine. I never got around to taking it during pregnancy but I took some when I got a horrible stomach virus when Nola was one and I needed something just so I could nurse her without needing to get up to puke and the medication worked wonders.

Sending you virtual saltines and ginger ale.

verdemama | 8:48 AM

Ugh. I SO feel for you -- I was the exact same way with my recent pregnancy. I didn't eat for, like, seven weeks in my first trimester. I'll lay off the helpful "advice" for now, because I'm sure lying in bed and moaning is just about all you can handle for now. I hope you feel better soon!

Amira | 8:53 AM

Oyi, the first trimester can be a real bitch. I almost died during mine too. But! You're getting closer to the second trimester, which is usually so much better. You just have survive the next few weeks!

Seriously though, hope you feel better :(

Decor Addict | 8:57 AM

lots and lots of ginger ale. Canada Dry worked best for me.
McDonald's unsalted french fries worked for me too.

HUGS...and i'm virtually holding your hair back.

keight dukes | 8:59 AM

oh gosh. i SO feel you. pure misery all the time. when i was there with my now 4-month old daughter i would rise from my zombie slumber, grab hold of my husband like grim death and growl into his face, "remember this! and remind me of it when i start talking about having a third. make sure my story lives on." and then his eyebrows singed off because i hadnt brushed my teeth of eaten anything for 4 days.

Jen | 9:00 AM

So sorry for your lack of ability to really revel in early pregnancy fun! Wish I had some words of wisdom, but I wasn't actually ever sick...just felt non-hungry and mildly nauseous all the time. Dr ordered me to consume milkshakes, which oddly, were the only thing that sounded good. Even ginger ale sounded like death to me. At least you are close to your second trimester. I remember that as the best one of all! Full of growing belly and glowing self. Much love!!

Unknown | 9:00 AM

I'm not sure which is more brave, a third kid, or documenting the bleck moments for the world. If it makes you feel any better, you still look a million times more gorgeous than me on most days. No, I don't expect it will make you feel any better. but it's true.

(P.S. My word verification word is "rester." Seems appropriate. Take its advice.)


Aww. You look how I looked/felt three weeks ago - although somehow I managed to be both nauseated and bloated. Awesome. Here's hoping you feel better soon!

keight dukes | 9:03 AM

also, my security word was "globnipp," which is a great etymological representation of what i imagine you feel like. or perhaps a suitable nickname for the little embryonic nuglet that is gestating you into oblivion.

Anonymous | 9:03 AM

It's kind of a wonder that something that brings us so much joy can be the source of such misery isn't it? I hope that this passes quickly and that this doubly means that you're going to have awesome subsequent trimesters.

Thanks for keeping it real, I always really appreciate the blogosphere telling the truth, us lady types have to band together and admit that sometimes shit sucks. It will get better, we're all right here with you!!

Unknown | 9:04 AM

Congratulations on #3! And I'm so sorry about the "morning" sickness. I'm glad your sweeties are attempting to look after you.

I had horrific morning sickness with my second. It didn't stop until she was born. So I wish for you the regular first-trimester kind. And Zofran.

Anonymous | 9:04 AM

And a little PS...
this sounds like a job for some pajama jeans. ;-) Feel better xo

SpillingOutBeautiful | 9:05 AM

I'll do a magically healing dance around a camp fire for you tonight. I'll even take the next step and sacrifice a goat for you.

I hope you start to feel better soon.

Kathleen | 9:20 AM

Wish I could offer some advice, but from my own experience, only time will make it better. I had such debilitatingly constant nausea with my second son, and mild nausea all the way until he was born, that the thought of being pregnant again throws me into a panic. (We're pretty sure we're done having kids.) If my pregnancies had been a little more easy-breezy, I'd be all for a #3 but it's overwhelming how awful that first trimester can be. Here's hoping the ickies go away in a few weeks!

Anonymous | 9:25 AM

Aww, poor thing! Thank you for sharing your journey with us, though. I hope ya feel better soon!

Abi | 9:32 AM

I hope you feel better soon. I haven't had any morning sickness, but had MAJOR hot flashes while food shopping with my 2 kids. That was fun. NOT. It felt like my body was on fire. It was hard to breathe and I had to stop walking. Ugh.

*gentle hugs*

Valerie | 9:33 AM

Oh SWEETIE :( Been there, hope you are feeling better soon. I second the Ginger Ale. It was all I could drink for a long time. Congratulations on your non-bump! xo

Unknown | 9:51 AM

If it helps, they say misery loves company and I'm surviving my first trimester right there with you. Maybe a visit to the doc would help. Good luck, and remember, every day that you survive is another closer to the second trimester (and eventually baby toes).

Margie | 9:54 AM

When I was pregnant with my kiddo and finally told my coworkers, one had the guts to tell me that she was relieved to know I was pregnant because she was afraid that I had some terrible illness because I had been looking so awful. I'm feeling for you, woman. Wish I could come and entertain Fable for you while you slog through the yuck.

Desi | 9:56 AM

Oh, man. Both of my pregnancies were total barf-fests, so I feel for you. I hope you're through the worst of it, and onto little bump photos, soon!

pdxhadey | 10:02 AM

You are all kinds of awesome for posting those pics. May the happy pregnancy fairies visit you soon!

Schnockered Mom | 10:05 AM

And yet you still look pretty cute.

Thanks for sharing all the ups with the downs and for telling it how it really is. Hang in there the mid-trimester honeymoon of feeling great is coming soon (or at least I hope for your sake it is)

L.L. | 10:08 AM

Thanks for keeping it real! On Wednesday (start of my ovulation days) husband & I are starting to actively try for #2 and you are reminding me of what I have in store...and its gonna be so much harder this next time around since I have #1 to look after and can't just lay in bed all day and moan...oh my! My sympathies are with you, sistah!!!

Unknown | 10:09 AM

WOW!!! That so totally sucks. Bleck...Here's to hoping the sickness only lasts the first trimester. Hugs...

W | 10:11 AM

oh Becca, so many hugs through the internets! I totally commiserate, as I was that way through first trimester with my son, and now I'm going through the same sorts of symptoms because of a stupid ovarian cyst. (all the symptoms of pregnancy, none of the fun results. WTF, yo)

I've heard that the ickiness tends to peak 8-9 weeks in, and then subsides. May you speed you way through!

Sarah | 10:16 AM

keeping my fingers crossed that I don't look like that when I get pregnant!

I love that you are all about the truth, pregnancy and motherhood are not a bed of roses!

Stina | 10:19 AM

Oh Mama!! I hope you feel better soon. Sending you hugs and love and anti puke through the internets. Xoxo.

Christina E. Pope | 10:23 AM

Man I sure feel your pain. I had horrible morning sickness with both my prenancies. It was so bad with my first that I had to be hospitalized for dehydration. Best advice I can give you is to force down as much Gatorade as possible. The headache you get from severe dehydration is defintitely not something you want to experience. Even if it seems like you are keeping none of it down, just KEEP DRINKING!!!! I hope this passes quickly for you. Hang in there!

Christy | 10:24 AM

If it's any peace of mind...consider yourself lucky that you can suffer at home. I had to silently suffer in a cube 9 hours a day in between my breaks to go barf in my office's bathroom. THAT was awesome.

Sharonrose | 10:30 AM

Poor Boo. I have been following your journey since your prego-with-fable days. You have always been an inspiration to me. I am 16 weeks today with my first and am only beginning to feel a wee bit better as far as morning sickness goes. Hopefully this sickness will lift from you soon!

Alex | 10:30 AM

:-( First trimester does suck. But it won't last forever. Good luck.

Christine | 10:30 AM

I felt like that for the entirety of my pregnancy (my first, and possibly last since it was so miserable, yet completely normal and healthy). Ugh. I still can't be around smells or places that I associate with those days without my gag reflex acting up. My husband and I moved just before my daughter was born and going back to visit the TOWN we lived in during the majority of my pregnancy makes me sick now. Memory is a powerful, weird thing.

Steph | 10:37 AM

I commiserate!! I also had 'round the clock nausea and vomiting and sleeping... Which was horrible the first time, but this second time was/is pure hell as I have my daughter to look after. I survived this time with Zofran. Ask your OB/GYN for some and good luck!! (When it's THIS bad ginger and crackers just don't cut it). Hoping it stops soon for you. (At 25 weeks the nausea has come back a little for me, but the crushing tiredness thankfully is a distant-ish memory). My advice is to call your Dr right now!

Amanda | 10:39 AM

I am so sorry! Poor thing. xoxo

PS Good for you for keeing it real though.


You guys are awesome. Am going to see my OB (for the first time) on Wednesday. Will discuss Zofran with him for sure, thank you for the rec!

Glenda | 10:50 AM

Hopefully it'll go away by the end of the first tri-mester and you'll be feeling wonderful once again.

Crackers. Water w/ lemon.

Feel well soon!

Michelle Nielsen MS BCBA-LBA | 10:51 AM

I'm so sorry! I'm pregnant with my first and in my 2nd trimester. The 1st trimester nausea was torture and now I feel great, just because that's over.

I don't have advice on food. None of it seemed to work for me. I just didn't want anything.

Hope you start feeling better soon!!!

Amanda | 10:55 AM

Oy vey! Sending all the energy I can your way! My first trimester was wrought with hardcore fatigue. Before I found out I was pregnant I was considering maybe I was narcoleptic.

You're lovely no matter what though. ESPECIALLY because you keeps it real.

Much love and lemon/ginger/saltines/

Unknown | 10:56 AM

Two words: Unisom, Vitamin B6.
Now here are some more words. Ask your doctor first, but almost all doctors prescribe this advice. You take them together at night time before bed and fends off vomit the next day beautifully.Worked for me, my head was in the toilet multiple times a day and this saved me.


Missy | 11:09 AM

Uuuuuugh...stay strong. Only a few more weeks til you're in the glorious 2nd trimester. You'll be glowing and sporting a cute belly and wearing adorable prego clothes! Remember it's all worth it in the end :)

And...peppermint also helps with nausea. Keep mint gum around or breathmints.

Danielle | 11:26 AM

Oh, yes. Unisom and Vit B. I took that my entire second pregnancy. It took the edge off.

First, congratulations! I grinned so hard when your post the other day, but I just hadn't gotten around to wishing you well. Three sounds like a great number.

That said, in my experience, first trimesters suck. SO BAD. Sending you my best thoughts.

Tasha | 11:31 AM

oh god that sounds awful..don't kill me for speculating but....i wonder if it's twins??? I've heard twins make you sicker (double the hormones or something)

I don't have any advice that hasn't already been given but I feel for you!

Anonymous | 11:31 AM

go see an acupuncturist! (if you can get out of bed) it did wonders for me. didn't take it away completely but lessened the severity and it was drug-free. thanks for sharing the reality of it all!!

A Serious Girl | 11:35 AM

Oh dear. I am considering adoption for all my babes. This does not sound like fun at all. Internet Hugs. (And High Five to you for keeping it real. Winning!)

Bridget | 11:40 AM

I'm close to 4.5 months, and I STILL look like that - except you look like to brush your hair.

I had a easy-breezy 1st pregnancy, and this one is kicking my ass. The nausea is starting to fade, I got smart and just carb loaded!

nmg915 | 11:49 AM

You still look gorgeous, even in first trimester hell! That is one lucky baby you're growing. Many congratulations, so very happy for you.

jenny of all trades | 11:58 AM

And yet somehow, you still manage to look cute and fashionable. Hang in there!

Ellie | 12:11 PM

mass amounts of vitamin B6 saved me when I felt like that while pregnant. you should look into it.

emily | 12:33 PM

oh, i commiserate! I had a horrible first trimester. I couldn't cry about it b/c crying made me throw up, so I had to bottle all my emotions until the second trimester. It's awful. Possibly worse than labor. Can you get a prescription for Dyclectin? It's totally safe to take and it curbs the nausea.

Raddit | 12:45 PM

Oh man I would just come and hug you right now were you not on the opposite side of the country. I'm about a week behind you, due Oct. 29, and OMG I feel like death. Only number 2 for us but still somewhat terrifying. I'm heading to the drugstore after work to get lemon heads and sea bands. Thanks for sharing.

Heather | 1:18 PM

Just so, so sorry! I've been there and it is so hard both emotionally and physically. I hope your doctor will have some useful ideas. A few things that worked for me in case they will work for you: zofran, chewing bland gum, sipping flat water, changing positions slowly, carrying a towel in the car in case I threw up and increasing the hours my oldest was at the sitter as I just could not care for her very well during the first trimester. I hope this lifts soon for you!

Unknown | 1:43 PM

I feel for you, lady! And I also find myself admiring your tunic - cute. Hope the OB appt goes great and you find some relief very soon!

Dory | 1:51 PM

get on the anti-nausea pill. That's how I survived. Oh and I was sick like that during my second pregnancy and it ended up being twins. Just sayin :)

robin | 2:25 PM

I am SO sorry you feel so bad this time around. I just had my 3rd baby a few weeks ago, and that pregnancy things also hit me harder than both my first 2 combined. Go figure. Maybe instead of getting easier the more you do it, being pregnant just gets harder? Well, no matter, I will send positive, feel good vibes your way, and hopefully the yucky won't last long!

Chelsea | 2:32 PM

wow! I didn't know you were pregnant! Congrats!

I'm pregnant too!!! yippee! *18 weeks now!

I have a little pregnancy series over on my blog! i always loved your cute pregnancy pics.


Anonymous | 2:36 PM

Oh man, that gives me flashbacks to my pregnancy. I don't know why it's called "morning" sickness when you're sick all day. Poor thing, hang in there!

Tanna | 2:41 PM

ugh! Good luck!

Shylo | 2:52 PM

Girl, you look bad. But you still look better than a lot of gals -- me included.

Thankfully, it sounds like you have good support and help, plus a sense of humor. Chin up, Becca.

SaraMinerva | 3:09 PM

Oh goodness, you poor thing. Zofran=greatness. It's hard as hell to care for a toddler and a morning-sicknessed self.

M. | 5:25 PM

I don't know if you've tried Sea Bands yet? You can get them at Walgreen's or CVS, but they worked wonders for me in my first trimester! Within 15 minutes of me putting them on, I could eat again!

I hope you feel better mama!

Janel | 5:35 PM

When I pulled up your blog and saw your picture, I said to myself out loud, "Oh, Rebecca" and frowned, simply because I just got done with the suckage that is the first trimester (plus a couple of weeks, just for good measure), and know that face and look all too well. I puked much puke and cried many tears and screamed many screams at my husband and girls. Hang in there; it will eventually end.

ecology | 6:46 PM

I am sorry you are feeling ill. Hopefully it will pass soon! I am sure there are brighter prego days ahead. Keep on keeping it real girl. It is awesome to see/read the truth.

oh, jenny mae | 7:02 PM

i'm sorry you feel so shitty. you get a baby at the end, though!!

Kayt | 7:20 PM

Here are hugs.


My first, and only, pregnancy was a pukefest for the entire time. I was pregnant with the same time you were with Fable, and I kind of glared at every single perky, happy pregnant blog post of yours. Now, I remember how that felt, and I sincerely hope you get over it more quickly than I did.

Erin @ Wild Whispers | 8:09 PM

Congrats! Mommy's Bliss Morning Sickness Magic works well... magic! It's full of ginger and b6 and changed my life. I prefer to go natural and my midwife recommended it... it was awesome! Just another idea to throw in the pile!

Nicole | 8:22 PM

Half a unisom and half a B-6 vitamin will seriously turn your world around. Ask your OB if you're nervous about taking unisom while pregnant, but I've heard it is totally fine (and I took it all through my second pregnancy).

Ashley | 8:45 PM

Holy Jeebus, you sound just like me. This is only my first pregnancy, so trust me: I am mighty scurrred to consider ever doing this again. I can't believe you're having such a crazy hard time on pregnancy number 3! I'm in week 10, and the vomit fairy doesn't appear to be visiting anyone other than me anytime soon. I wish I could offer lots of awesome remedies, but none have worked for me. Stay strong, sister.

Sarahenc | 10:50 PM

I TOTALLY feel your pain!!! I was right there with you with both my pregnancies. I wanted to DIE!!! And my cousins husband had the nerve to make a comment that I was dramatic!! It still makes my blood boil that he said that! He has NOOOOOOO idea what hell it is! Would never wish morning sickness on anyone (except him for payback!) haha! Hang in there it will get better!

Sarah | 11:23 PM

I feel your pain... both my pregnancies were endless, wrenching nausea for the first trimester. In Canada we have a pregnancy-specific anti-nausea drug called "diclectin" and it worked wonders for me (Sorry if someone has already mentioned this... have a baby crying and can't read all the comments but want to pass on the info). It's not available in the US (or Australia, where I currently live - I brought a stash with me from Vancouver for my second pregnancy!). BUT, you can get it's components - vitamin B6 and an antihistamine (doxylamine succinate). Your doctor can prescribe you the components. Slow-release antihistamine works best. Anyway, just in case the other ideas don't work. Oh - it's been used for decades in Canada .. not sure why it's not available in the US.

Hope things start looking up in the coming weeks...


Lies | 11:54 PM

Ouch. I definitely want a second kid, we'll start trying in a few months, but what I am most worried about is not the extra work of two kids instead of just one, nor the giving birth itself, but the second and third month of pregnancy. Hell!
Hang in there!

OrganicMama | 12:44 AM

So sorry! I had that with both my first pregnancies. I hated that people said illness meant strong pregnancies but for me that was definitely true. Sending you a little extra strength to make that baby!

Anonymous | 2:21 AM

oh dear, poor sausage,hope it gets better very very soon but you know what :you look so damn cute and young like this!

Megan | 3:53 AM

oh you poor love
sending you ginger related thoughts

Marianne | 5:39 AM

You poor thing, I am so sympathetic and sorry.

Anonymous | 6:01 AM

Your honesty is refreshing :)
But seriously, hang in there. Have some tea and just...keep doing what you're doing...you know, curling up in a ball.

Unknown | 6:32 AM

Hang in there, the first trimester will be over soon. When I was pregnant with my son I was so sick that I ended up in the hospital to get IV fluids. If you really feel awful talk to your doctor and don't feel badly about taking anti-nausea medications. I put it off not wanted to take any medication while pregnant and all I got out of it was a hospital stay. Thinking of you and I love that you are sharing your journey with us again...the good and barfy parts.

Adrianne | 7:45 AM

I kind of wish I had read this post before
I went and got knocked up. This is a particularly bad morning for me when I thought I was getting past this (14 wks), so maybe it's just the misery talking. But I truly don't know how to get through this:( The B6 and unisom is the only thing that has even kind of helped (ginger ale, crackers, lemon heads, sea bands, etc: NOPE!), so maybe it will work wonders for you. I really hope it gets better for you soon...and better for me too or I fear that my child will almost certainly be an only child:)

Maureen | 8:29 AM

Aww, you poor thing. I know just how that feels. I hope it passes soon.

Shalyn | 10:37 AM

I'm just getting over the stage you're just beginning...the Dr prescribed me Reglan to take 30 minutes before each meal and it's been working wonders...I can finally eat again!!! Congrats on you're miracle...We had the same situation on my Birthday...just found out yesterday the present my Hubby gave me on my Birthday is a Boy LOL I just keep thinking about the baby I will be cuddling with at the end of the pregnancy and it makes the horrible days well worth it :)

Lauren Knight | 10:39 AM

Oh you poor thing! Hang in there! I am 17 weeks prego with my third baby too... and I had the same experience. No nausea, nothing, with the first two, but I got SLAMMED this time. It ended promptly at 13 weeks. I know that seems like a long way away, but you will make it. Congratulations. I love your blog.

Unknown | 1:41 PM

I know the last thing you want is unsolicited advice, but I felt similar to you for the entire 9 (10?) months of pregnancy. It was like having the flu for an eternity, up until the moment my daughter was born. And then I spent the next couple of hours crying because of how rude I had been during those months, utterly frustrated with everyone and how they smelled, jealous of their ability to eat without vomiting & their energy to bathe. Everything made me sick, the smell of my fabric softener on my clothes and bedding, the smell of shampoo, even the smell of my toothpaste. Needless to say, I didn't leave the house unless it was absolutely necessary. Also, not surprisingly, my daughter is an only child.

But I did start feeling better after being introduced to the lemon heads trick, which you're aware of. I sucked those things so much, my tongue and the roof of my mouth was raw. Also, I stopped taking prenatals and started taking two chewable children's flinstone vitamins instead. It helped me; perhaps it'll help you, too.

Unknown | 2:30 PM

hang in there...I was soooooooo sick too. And if you can't do it, if being sick is ruining everything and you can't function get the meds. Zofran saved mine and my sons ass.

Bekah | 4:10 PM

OOOOOhhhhh Can I ever sympathize. I will be nine weeks tomorrow, and I have never vomited so much in my life. I wish I had encouraging words...I mean, Yes, we get babies in the end, YAY and all, but this here? This sucks.

spicylikeginger | 10:54 PM

I hope you feel better, and thank you for the two lovely songs in your last post. Hugs, G.

Elizabeth | 2:57 AM

I read an interesting chinese medicine theory that ginger only works if you are a 'cool' person (and I don't mean trendy/stylin'). If you are a 'hot' person (someone who feels the heat/sweats a lot etc you are better to try peppermint (eg: tea). Kinda the ying/yang thing since ginger is warming and peppermint is cooling

Charlie | 9:09 AM

I recommend to anyone experiencing bad morning sickness the motion sickness wristbands. They work on your wrists pressure points and help reduce nausea. I got mine at Walgreens.

Meg | 11:48 AM

Whoa, I'm due with my second baby on Oct 18! Nice to be on the same time line as you. Sorry you are feeling so horrendous, that's how it was for me last time. This time I'm feeling strangely mostly fine. Funny how the same process can make us feel so drastically different at different times! Congrats!

Salsa | 3:03 PM

Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Sorry to hear about the first trimester blues - can totally commiserate, I had shocking morning sickness with both my pregnancies (and hate to tell you that it lasted till 20 weeks for me both times...) Hang in there and grab as much help and rest as you can. Easier said than done I know. Also, would you consider anti-nausea medication? I took it with my second pregnancy and it helped heaps. Take care x

GingerB | 12:47 AM

Probably means another lovely girl - stealing your beauty and all that, as "they" say. I'm sending thoughts of non vomitousness. If you aren't afraid of drugs too much, Zofran does work well. I was scared but I did use it on occasion, like, on my wedding day so I would not puke on my dress. Good luck, honey.

vera | 4:12 PM

I am just getting all caught up on your blog (WOW!! Congratulations! Congratulations!) I am sorry, but I LOVE this post and these pictures - because THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW! I'm 9 weeks pregnant with my fourth, and I have never been this sick. No twinsies for me though ;) I'm really excited for you, and I know you're going to handle it like a rock star!

vera | 4:13 PM

Oh, and in case you're still feeling sick and haven't tried them - I JUST discovered those sea sickness wrist bands a couple of days ago, and they really do help a little. I was skeptical, but they made a difference. They just look super dorky LOL!

Anonymous | 10:32 AM

Oh my Goodness - I feel you!!! I'm in my 1st trimester and I feel like HELL!!! and my doctor has zero sympathy - I am to eat more and take Tylenol since I'm doing everything else and Go Back To Work - smh. Lawd Help Us!!!