Ten Weeks


Ten weeks down and minus a brief puking spell this weekend, I feel amazing. My strength is coming back and with it the motivation to pull this off and prove that FUCK YES we can do this. I'm elated even with the stress on new financial goals, space... Hal and I have already decided on two full names, one boy, one girl and will wait until we know the sex(es) before we come up with another boy or girl name we love as much as the two we've agreed on hands-down.

I go in for my second OB appointment on Thursday. Every two weeks I'll be checked, status quo for high-risk multiples pregnancies. And yes, I know. I'm aware of all of the risks and worst case scenarios but I'm keeping focused, as I do, on the happy. I keep reminding myself of my aunt's healthy pregnancy with her identical boys and my great-grandmother's surprise triplets she gave birth to only a few weeks prior to their due date. All healthy and flourishing today as twenty-somethings backpacking through South America, eighty-somethings living boldly.

Even in my weakest state, I feel incredibly strong. Stronger than I have maybe ever. I got in a fight the other day with a man who cut in front of me at the T Mobile store. He was a misogynistic asshole and I went off at his face, I did. Possessed by the same force I felt weeks ago as I raged against the orange thief. All those years of "girls kick ass" stickers on my middle school binder and I finally believe it in myself.

When I was pregnant with Archer I felt reborn. And Fable, even in utero, has always been my happy place. And now these babes, (twinch-worms, as they will be deemed this week), are my muscle. Even in sickness, I feel superhuman. Craving fish and eggs like some kind of bodybuilder. (And yes. I'm gorging myself on fish. Because vegetarian I am during normal body months but with womb mates in my person, I am Pregnavore.)

From what I can tell thus far, these babes are my biceps left and right. Finally an excuse to flex for the mirror, roll up my sleeves.



chrissy | 11:28 AM

You look so tiny and cute! So Exciting!!!

Liz | 11:28 AM

You go, girl!

(people still say that, right?)

You look amazing!

Whitney | 11:30 AM

You're as beautiful as ever. I loved how you distinguished between the relationships and pregnancies you've had with all your children - being reborn with Archer, happy with Fable and now finding your strength with the twins. It gave me goosebumps.

annabelvita | 11:35 AM

I love this entry.
My mum told me on my eighteenth that I'd always been her happy place (she used other words) and it was the most lovely thing ever. Fable's a lucky one. All your little ones are!

Glenda | 11:37 AM

You look so cute! I'm so happy for you and so excited to follow your journey. I'm sure you will do everything within your power and strength to do right for the twinnies. Can't wait to hear their names.

Live,love, laugh!!

Anonymous | 11:43 AM

i agree with Whitney!
also, i like the black leotard idea :)

Chicky | 11:45 AM

Beautiful beautiful beautiful...I can't wait to hear the names - you always pick the best ones!

Rockstar | 11:47 AM

I am actually pretty excited that I stumbled over this blog from Twitter since I am waaaaay past having kids of my own. (#1 and #2 are almost done being kids entirely) Now I get to live vicariously through this experience. Congratulations on the pregnancy and the multiples!

Meghan Elaine | 11:55 AM

Ah, I feel empowered just by your attitude- I LOVE it! So glad you are focusing on the good, because like you said, you're aware of the 'risks'/'what ifs,' but why not focus on the good? Because there's so much of it. So, so happy for you and glad you're feeling better!

Maggie May | 11:56 AM

twinches, i like it!

you can totally do it.

i can't wait for the names. i LOVE naming babies. i have four and we just named our newest- 3 months old- Ever Elizabeth. i'd have a truckload of kids just to name them!

Prasti | 11:57 AM

oh my gosh! i've been behind...i didn't even know you were pregnant...with twins! woohoo. congrats! and you look fantastic.

Robyn | 12:03 PM

Belated congratulations! I'm loving the pregnancy posts and you look amazing!

Claudia | 12:05 PM

Hehehe! I am so excited for you :D

Sarah Berry | 12:16 PM

I couldn't love this post more, I feel empowered just reading it.

My husband and I are going to start trying again soon and so much of my hesitancy comes from all the negativity that can surround babies (no sleep, even less money, even less time for yourself), so thank you for an alternate perspective.

LV | 12:19 PM

Beautiful!!! I love your enthusiasm and positivity. Truly inspiring!

I was completely vegetarian since I was a teenager, but just as you said, when pregnant, I eat for the baby. Fish, fish, fish. All I needed to hear was how fantastic the right kinds of fish were for his brain development and I was already signed up. For me, part of the joy of being pregnant was knowing that everything I was doing for my body, I was doing for his best start. (I have also been struggling with bulimia for ages and ages, and found that while I was pregnant, I was completely able to stop the behaviors for his betterment. It's too bad that sometimes it's so hard to believe that our own bodies should be valued and treated as tenderly as the little bodies growing inside.)

L.L. | 12:27 PM

You look amazing, so excited to see your evolving maternity style. Following your blog has caused me to do my own twin research, I had no idea that the more pregnancies you have, the odds of twins go up, also the older you are. I always thought late 30's & up women like JLo who had twins were probs due to fertility drugs, but turns out not necessarily. Makes me aware that maybe by the time I am ready for #3, there's a much higher chance it might also turn into 3 AND 4! The more you know...

Anonymous | 12:51 PM

Is that a leggings-leotard combo?? I would love to see this same outfit in 7 months :)


I'm only getting caught up now on your CRAZY awesome terrifying news! Looking lovely, those womb-mates really become you :)
I was in a craft fair earlier this year and spent a very enjoyable afternoon socializing and people watching. I was astounded by the number of families with multiples I saw that day! Dude, you can totally do this! I even saw one couple with 18 day old twins and the parents actually looked all calm and shit. It was mind blowing. Archer and Fable will be such great big siblings. I imagine twin relationships are very interesting, I can't wait to see it all unfold :)


PS: Will you be spilling the names before birth??

Unknown | 1:10 PM

I love that the twinch-worms are making you feel so empowered. That is beautiful. Speaking of, you look amazing!

Megan the Doula | 1:12 PM

Rebecca- there is far far FAR too much emphasis placed on the "high-risk"iness of having twins. Yes, there are concerns that don't apply to a singleton pregnancy, but really, your body will carry these 2 babes so well, just like nature intended it to.
:) Be well.

tori | 1:17 PM

When you realize you can grow human beings and then birth them and then raise them, the challenges of everyday life seem a little less tricky! You go girl!

Jasmine | 1:30 PM

Guurl! My grandma had thirteen kids with two sets of twins, my dad and his sister and then identical boys... I am excited for you! It is a strange world, the world of multiples.

Sydney | 1:39 PM

Glad to hear you're feeling so great.

You are a strong mama and you can carry these babies and see them into the world.

Anonymous | 1:50 PM

You are an inspiration. You can do this.


You ladies rock, as always, THANK YOU. Thank you for your girl power support fist to the chest ways. Big love!


Oh! And re: unitard. The goal is to wear it for every weekly post until it bursts at the seams. HOT!

Living Treasures | 2:00 PM

You look great!!

Amanda | 2:54 PM

Yes! Love the unitard! Love the "twinch worms"! And I looooved fish when I was pregnant. I was vegetarian for the first 3-4 months and then after that I ate fish out the yang. You ARE powerful! You're creating TWO people OMFGSUACE!

Anonymous | 3:51 PM

That is so beautifully sweet. You really put it well. Pregnancy is power & you have it double-time!

Missy | 5:04 PM

Looking great girlfriend!!!!

Jos | 5:06 PM

Love this description of your children. :)

Anonymous | 5:09 PM

I FEEL the positivity! It is so fitting that you come from a family of multiples - your kids are SO connected. So excited to read through this journey

Kait | 5:58 PM

You look fantastic! I have yet to say congrats so from one Oct 2011 mama to another congratulations!

joanna | 6:36 PM

I am so glad I'm not the only one this is happening to! I have a 4 y/o boy and 2 y/o girl, and now 22 weeks with (surprise!) twins. Mind blowing. Thanks for your perspective. Love your blog.

Jeanette | 6:39 PM

I love that you're getting more powerful from your pregnancies! Those little ones can wreak havoc on your body, but to pull strength from this time is amazing, and awe-full (that's not a word, but I feel it works here) good for you! Both my girls are my happy place, I love that you said that. I am so happy for you.

Dianne Adams | 6:40 PM

So stinking cute. My baby is almost nine months old now, and I think, I live in the San Gabriel Valley, how will I ever afford a second child, this one was not even planned. I love California but I do get down by the cost of living and how it impacts my decision on how many children I can have. But, when there is a will, there is a way. And I might just have to live through your will until mine is more stable. Thank you.

karengreeners | 7:34 PM

Dude, my food babies are bigger than that.

Stay well and enjoy, beautiful mama.

Julie | 7:42 PM

I have enjoyed your blog since I had my child almost two and a half years ago. But now I check daily for updates. Twins = blog crack. Mazel tov!

Anonymous | 8:10 PM

PLEASE do not leave us haning with the names. PLEASE tell us. how could you tell us you had two names that u and hal LOVE, THEN NOT TELL US WHAT THEY ARE. sorry, i don't mean for the ALL CAPS to come across as though i'm screaming at you, haha - just dying to know. you look BEAUTIFUL as always!

amy lou. | 8:23 PM

holy shit...i need to check my google reader more often! congratulations! you look outrageous!

SallyW | 8:45 PM

Love this post - you look fantastic. You're making me clucky for #3, there's nothing like that sense of promise, joy and wonder that a pregnancy brings (and in this case x2). Can't wait to follow your exciting journey :)

Bonnie | 9:28 PM

I love you.

emily bilbrey | 9:34 PM

HELLS YES, you ass-kickin' name-takin' baby-makin' machine!!!

you are amazing. no two ways about it.

hey! TWO! yay! i guess there ARE two ways about it, heehee!


Sam | 9:46 PM

I want to squeal a little bit with excitement for you all!

Mikaela | 11:12 PM

I've been reading your blog since *just* before Fable was born, and am tres excited about your current project. I'm on the same adventure, 10 weeks also! First time for me though, and only one in there (as far as I know). Looking forward to following the journey.

Ms Moreno | 12:18 AM

Omg its been so long since i have read any blogs I had no idea you were pregnant and with twins, congrats!! I had twin boys in january they are a blessing but twins are definitely hard work especially with a toddler. Don't be too proud to take any help that is offered because you will need it. Many blessings to you and yours =)

Suz | 12:47 AM

First time at the Girl Gone Child site and totally turned off with the F word in bold in the first paragraph
dont know if I'll be back

Unknown | 1:37 AM

You look great!

Ida Mae | 4:34 AM

this made me laugh so loud. You are one week behind me, and I too have been feeling all sorts of bad-ass, stick-up-for-myselfness, as of late. Now I see, it might have something to do with the little squiggle down in my tummy.

Keep it up Momma!

end | 5:01 AM

I seriously love you so much. I hope that isn't weird. You have inspired me so much for the last few years and i cant wait to continue to check in with you and the family.

Jess | 5:46 AM

You look fantastic! Good luck to you. So glad to be able to follow the story on your blog.

Jen | 7:35 AM

I would make babies all the time if I could, just because I loved what pregnancy did for my body-image, my self-image, and how it totally empowered me. Even now, four years post-birth, I love my body. Before baby I didn't worship it as the temple it is, and now when I glance at myself and feel a bit frumptastic, I remind myself that I MADE A PERSON. That person now runs, jumps, skips and yesterday mastered his scooter! He makes us laugh belly laughs, helps make scrambled eggs, and loves library time at school. How can I feel like my body isn't awesome for cooking up that muffin of a boy?! Enjoy this pregnancy as much as the first two, if not more. I live vicariously through your posts;)

Chicago Mom (Heather) | 7:52 AM

You look so skinny and amazing with your little preggo belly! I'm so excited for you! My best friend just had twin boys. It's a miracle and I love doubles!! :-)

Stefanie | 8:40 AM

I am so excited for you - what a beautiful family for these two wonderful gift. Congratulations - oh, and by the way, you look GREAT!

Sara B | 9:11 AM

Loving this. Love the photos, love the words, love it!

My Bottle's Up! | 10:45 AM

dude, you're having twins.



omg, i just can't... i dunno...


Little Miss Moi | 2:19 PM

Dear rebecca. I'm so happy for you - congratulations! Sorry, meant to leave a comment to that end aaages ago but the tyranny of workworkwork and internet restrictions at work means that I haven't been able to yet.

I'm another one who will stalk you during pregnancy - I started reading just after you were pregnant with Fable, and I was a month ahead of you with my Frankie. I believe I found your blog by googling "Pregnant" and "Scared shitless" or something to that end.

I'm now a month and a week ahead of your twin set. (Think about it - you'll have a full complement band when these kids are older).

Anyway, I just hope that you still feel free to talk about everything else on your blog - fashion, the world, politics - whatever the hell you want! I'll keep reading.


Erin | 3:00 PM

I'm so excited to watch you go through this journey!!!! You are amazing.

yvette | 8:28 PM

look at your tiny butt! i remember reading on a post long ago that you used to have a bigger butt and it flattened out once you became pregnant. i am hoping that will happen for me, at 7 weeks and counting!!

yvette | 8:29 PM

PS, Suz that complained about the F word? When you're having twins you can say pretty much anything you want... in your own damn blog!

Genevieve | 9:26 PM

I thought of you today when I was at my dentist. My hygienist walked in and she was about the cutest sassiest thing ever. And she was like, yeah, I've got four kids. It's awesome and it sucks but whatever la la la. Her kids were ages 6 thru 1. She worked two days a week there and talked about how she goes to bookstores and I was like she's TOTALLY FINE and normal and not a child-rearing machine AT ALL. And I thought of you and was like, I bet she'll be like this too.

Ray | 10:18 PM

I'm so glad that I get to read through this pregnancy journey of you carrying twins. I started reading here when Fable was just born. So I didn't get to read about your journey with her, or Archer (though I want to go back and read about everything some day).

I love the way you talk about how you felt with each pregnancy. Archer, Fable, and the twins are so lucky to be loved by you.

And I still think that you're having one of each (boy and girl). ;o) Could be wrong though. We shall see! =D

Elena (Running in Heels After Child) | 10:51 PM

I love the little baby bump. I am glad that you eat like a pregovore, feed that baby what it wants to grow. At least that is what I told myself when I was eating potatoes like a mad woman when I was pregnant with my daughter. There must have been something she needed in all that starch. Right?

Happy baby cooking,

oh, jenny mae | 12:20 AM

lovely, as always. and just wait til you have those babies! my biceps never looked better than when I was lugging my lady-babies their first year.

EMQ | 10:44 AM

I'm so happy for you and your family. The next adventure begins! And I'm loving your writing even more than ever these days. I can't wait to read your thoughts on a new kind of pregnancy, a soon to be large family, and all the changes that are on their way!

MJ | 12:20 PM

I have a 10 week old...ah, the miracle of life.

Given that you're having twins, have you heard of Eats on Feets? There's a SoCal chapter - allows mamas to exchange breastmilk. Those with excess donate and those in need receive. Among a thousand other things, I'm sure the thought of what your boobs are/are not capable of has come up. Just thought I'd share :).

Sydney | 5:36 PM

Will you take your weekly photos in front of that window? I think it would be amazing if you steadily blocked out the window with a belly full of awesomeness!

rachel | 8:30 PM

You are going to get a ton of advice from everybody, so I'll keep it short (from one hyper-ovulator to another): our grandmas (great-grandmas) did this with far less technology then we have now - and they totally survived and hopefully flourished. Our bodies made this happen - it must be because we can handle it!
Through my pregnancy I really tried to keep this thought foremost; and while I was more tired/hungry/sick than I was with a singleton - I didn't have a single 'high-risk' issue. Eat a TON of protein (what ever the source) and enjoy every minute. I'm so excited to be living this experience vicariously through. Twins rule!

Chelsea | 11:41 AM

you go girl! you look great!

andrea | 11:43 AM

I have twin girlies and felt like a total superhero when they were in my belly. You look beautiful and strong and will LOVE having the twins. Advice? Get a twin boppy. Fricking life saver.

Forgotten | 1:46 PM

You are totally going to rock this, mama. And don't you worry about whether anyone invites you anywhere. I take my 3 under 4 (for a few more weeks then its 3 under 5) with me everywhere and I'm doing it single now.

You can do this! You have the most awesome support system out there. A hubby who loves you SO MUCH, 2 beautiful, thriving children who are just amazing, and family who supports you. You've got this in the bag. Hang in there!

From one twin mama to one soon to be twin mama,



Lanie | 4:17 PM

OMG. I'm a little late here on the comments but I am newly pregnant vegan who hasn't eaten many veggies at all in the past month (I'm nine weeks today) I was feeling so guilty and gave into eggs and fish cravings too! Your post made me feel so much better. Thank you for saying pregnancy cravings are stronger than food ethics, I was totally beating myself up!