Found this next song while searching for something entirely different and getting lost (as one often does) in clickville dot com. I'd never heard of this band before yesterday, fell in love with the singer's voice and think you will, too. Enjoy:

94. Where'd all the Living Go by: Imaginary Cities

Several of you have asked what I'm going to do when I hit 100/100 of this little mix tape project I started... oh, a thousand years ago, and I don't have an answer yet. I was thinking I'd try something new? Possibly a "featured website" or cause or interesting thing? Baby name of the week? What do you guys think? Should I keep posting videos after we hit track 100 or give tuesdays something new?


*Today happens to be World Water Day. Click here for more information or to donate via CARE, here.*


Anonymous | 2:48 PM

Oohhh....definitely keep posting music. I love your taste! I wouldn't mind websites/baby names/book recommendations mixed in though. :)

kdogg | 2:55 PM

Please keep posting music! I'm always looking for new artists, and I like what you post!

NodToStyle | 3:05 PM

personally i read maybe 1 out of ever 10 music posts. it's not that i don't like your music it's just not what interests me. i would love to hear about issue/cause/website of the week...or more style posts!

Anonymous | 3:15 PM

I don't comment very often but I had to delurk to say please keep posting music. Some of my most favorite songs in the last year have come from your links, I would be sad and music-less without you!

Kathleen | 3:20 PM

Please don't stop the music posts! I fell in love with La Blogotheque because of you!

Katie Jane | 3:24 PM

Oooh, I say a new website of the week. I love that idea!

SpillingOutBeautiful | 3:37 PM

Am I the only one who would be totally pumped for name of the week?


Creativechaos | 3:40 PM

While I liked the music posts, I like the idea of having something new. I'm very drawn to the baby name idea. I wouldn't complain if it was a weekly featured blog/ website either.


Anonymous | 3:51 PM

I'm sorry, but I am not crazy about the music posts. I read your site while I'm at work and can't play videos here.

More style posts, I love oohhing and ahhing over your clothes and house stuff.

Glenda | 4:13 PM

Keep the music! I love the style posts too...and love to hear about baby names...book recommendations... or a link to a new website.

I love reading your blog because of your writing style, so no matter what I'm still going to read and listen to the music.

Hope you're feeling better this week. x2

A Serious Girl | 4:17 PM

Top 100 Favorite Movies?
Top 100 Favorite Books?
Top 100 Favorite Blogs?
Top 100 Favorite Charitable Organizations?

I vote for giving Tuesdays something new!!

AUSAcara | 4:31 PM

oooooo! You're right - the singers voice had me mesmerized! I love your video posts...100/200? If you can keep findin 'em, keep sharin 'em!

Anonymous | 4:40 PM

I think its time to shake things up. That doesn't mean you cant continue to post music you love from time to time, but I would love a new feature. Videos, websites,whatever.

Amy | 4:41 PM

Something new! I would be so interested in seeing name/new website/style posts. Honestly, the music posts aren't really my thing (just a personal preference, though, do what makes you happiest!)

Anonymous | 5:12 PM

Website of the week!!! Yes! Please!!!

Kailee | 5:19 PM

Selfishly, since I am due in June, i would LOVE a baby name of the week post. But, I'd also love more style posts or sites of the week. Some of my favorite style blogs come from your recommendations!

Martha | 5:22 PM

All those things! I love new music though, so I hope you keep posting music. But I loved it when you recommended style blogs (that's how I found Man Repeller), so you are welcome to do what you want.

Kait | 5:38 PM

I vote baby names of the week! I love hearing other peoples babies names!! Even if you didn't do it weekly maybe you could add a never ending side list of fantastic baby names. Hmm maybe I should do that after we spill the beans!

Kayla | 5:44 PM

I love your music taste and I have discovered so many new bands.. but IF you are going to try something new maybe the book of the week?

Michele | 6:49 PM

I like the baby name of the week. This could include guest posts about names that people did or did not choose. My girls both have names that happen to have album covers, which we of course had to buy and plan to frame. It's kind of like a baby name and music in one...

Anonymous | 7:47 PM

I vote for something new. I do like the music, but I often read where I can't listen, and I just know that you'd come up with something so creative.

L.L. | 8:33 PM

I love your music posts but I think starting something new would be good. I like the baby name of the week or since all this fun is build up for the big payoff - you could stave off the masses by doing a featured pregnancy and/or birth story by one of your friends or one of your readers, possibly tying them all in by the greater theme of the babies being fab "surprises" like the twins are! I just love birth stories, so the more the merrier. Personally, I didn't realized I was truly pregnant with my first until I was 5 months along because I was misdiagnosed as having a miscarriage when I was 5 weeks along.

Bonnie | 8:41 PM

Keep posting the music!

j | 8:47 PM

something new!!!!!!!!!!

Jen | 8:53 PM

You and I seem to have the EXACT SAME taste in music. LOVE.

Jen | 8:55 PM

Also- WOW. Lots of complainers about the weekly music posts. RUDE. IMO.


Thanks, everyone! And it's all good, Jen! I'm looking for honest responses! If music isn't someone's thing, or if readers would prefer something new, that's totally cool with me. xo to all.

Ray | 9:59 PM

Hmmm, maybe “A Serious Girl” has got something there. Top 100 Favorite Movies would be AWESOME! I love movies, and I’d love to know what your favorites are. Or: I’d love to know what your favorite, “Children’s Books” are. Though 100 is too huge a number. It would be great if you could do an entry on at least some of your favorites. My cousin just had a baby girl, and I really want to make her a great library collection, for when she’s older.

Ray | 10:01 PM

P.S. Please listen to this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLdp2OSFEys . It’s phenomenal in my opinion, and a (slightly) new favorite of mine.

nch | 10:13 PM

i love that song! Thanks for turning me onto a new band.

Desiree | 11:26 PM

I don't always listen to the songs you post, but when I do.. I always love them! :) Keep posting!

Liz | 11:58 PM

Something different! Though I mostly enjoyed the music posts, I tended to skim them quickly and I often don't want videos online because there's usually a sleeping baby.

I like website features or something similar...

Anonymous | 12:33 AM

I'm thinking something new would be fun. I would love posts/tips about your style, whether it be clothes, home, hair, how to dress on a dime and look as fabulous as you! Oh, and I would especially love tips on eating. Simple, simple, simple snacks and food that you eat on the go, etc. You are so trim and thin and look great! You must eat healthy because when I think about cutting out meat, which I would like to do, I worry the only thing left would be carbs. So I would love to hear how you keep your weight at such a great place. Also, I don't think you work out, other than chasing the kids of course. So would like to hear about that too. Love your site!

Missy | 4:51 AM

Another great band you turned me on to.. I so very much appreciate it and would hate to see it end... Keep the music alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do like the idea of charities, names, books, clothes, jewelry, anything babies or pets... but i would still like to quote Rihanna.... "PLEASE DON'T STOP THE MUSIC"!!!!!
Maybe you can have people send you music each week and you pick the top 3?? Or you can do that with any of the above things too.. GOOD LUCK... I'm sure whatever you choose will ROCK.

Anonymous | 6:04 AM

I'm a long term reader though seldom comment. Mostly b/c I'm totally supposed to be doing something else other than reading my favorite bloggers during the day, but - please keep the music!! I love it. I really dig that part of your blog. I would not have heard of so many great bands out here in mulletville, my own tiny midwestern town without you!! Anyways, just my 2 cents :)

Sydney | 7:30 AM


Meaghan | 7:57 AM

More music for SURE!! And a big thanks for promoting some great Canadian indie!! Great Lake Swimmers and Stars are 2 great bands, i was so excited to see them here! Check out The New Pornographers, another good one!
Love from Montreal,

Charlie | 8:15 AM

Being a musician I really like learning about new bands, especially good bands like Imaginary Cities, so please keep up the mix tape posts.

Kate | 8:28 AM

well, I need some baby names right now, so I'd be up for that! male or female, keep em coming.

Britta | 8:38 AM

Please keep posting music. It makes me feel cooler than I am. Introduces me to music I would not have sought out but end up loving.

Julia | 9:16 AM

I vote something new. Names are good, blogs, household website. Change is good :)

Unknown | 9:47 AM

Keep posting the music at random intervals because it is part of who You are - or at least a part of your identity for a part of your life. I have seen the 94 weeks to date and am less enamored than some other readers - probably an age thing. Also, Dooce just copied you - going to do Tune Tuesdays series - not that your respective music taste is comparable...just...do whatever feels good to you, we will follow.

WWW Wednesday is my new favorite feature. New weekly is already taken care of as far as I am concerned. I may even join the local CSA.

Also, I have to disagree with Jen, it is not rude to express an opinion when it has been requested.

Anonymous | 9:59 AM

Please, please keep posting music! You have introduced me to so many amazing new bands and singers these past couple years. I have been dreading #100 because I was afraid it would mean the end of the music. Go for #1000!

Megan | 10:08 AM

something new please!


You guys are awesome, thank you for your honest opinions and recs! I'm leaning toward doing "100 Cool Things" where I post on all of the above - sporadic music, favorite websites, causes, interesting things... A One Hundredspiration. I'll keep comments open so you can add your inspiring thing of the week as well and turn me on to cool new sites and things that I can share with readers, too. Thoughts?


Oh! And perhaps a separate "baby name of the week"... I certainly have pages worth of names we have considered in the past and are considering now. A warning, though. "Rocket" and "Paper" were on past lists. I'm definitely one in the Audio Science, Moxie Crimefighter camp. I like 'em crazy.

Little Miss Moi | 1:27 PM

I think cause/issue of the week... Don't know though... You're a pregnavore and i'm a currentaffairs-vore so that's just me.

Have you ever seen the site mamamia.com.au - she used to be a mag editor and now she has a mummy-blog that has more or less evolved into an online mag. Her variety of topics is really stimulating. (in fact, you have such a huge fan base in Australia that you could probably become the regular US correspondent for that website. No jokes!)

Personally, though being a music lover from waaaaaay back, I don't listen to most of the music posts for the same reason that I haven't commented on any blogs of late - my full time job has turned into super-full-time-midnight-emails-calls-all-weekend, and I can't stream at work..

christina | 1:39 PM

Puh-lease don't stop posting music!!

But feel free to spice it up with fabulous fashion (pssst...I miss the weekly fashion re-caps), philanthropic ideas/opportunities, or baby names :)

Abbe | 3:11 PM

I was right! Acoustics really do sound better in the bathroom. Love that those guys are playing tambourine in the shower. You know the guitarist is sitting on the toilet.

robin | 4:21 PM

I love the music, keep it up!!! I love baby names, too, but maybe you could do that in addition to?? You have turned me on to many wonderful musicians!
Now to return the favor (maybe?)! There's a band I personally love, but they aren't really well known/popular; The Jason Spooner Trio. Here's a link to a video, in case you want to check them out!


Molly | 5:17 PM

Wow. I love your taste in music. Snatched that right up.

Shannon | 8:18 AM

I love the music posts! Her voice is mesmerizing. Have you heard any of The Head and The Heart's stuff? This is my fav song but they are all amazing.

Anonymous | 6:55 AM

Baby bargain of the week, maybe? Like advice once a week about saving money when you've got little ones to provide for... Something simple. For example, when buying things like over the counter baby meds and diaper cremes, etc. Don't pay for brand names! If you look at the active ingredients in the big brand vs. store brand or other generic type, you'll see that they are mostly, if not completely identical. Often times, they are even produced by the in the same factory... Something like that, or website steals and deals on baby products, maternity clothes, whatever you wanna write about :) Just a thought.

Unknown | 7:47 AM

have you ever heard edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros? they're amazing, their song "home" is my current fav.


Mallory - Yes, I have posted Edward Sharpe & Mag Zeros, actually! And Shannon, I've posted Head and the Heart, too. :)

Shannon | 7:52 PM

How did I miss that? Now I need to go back through all the mix tape posts. I am seeing them next month. Once in L.A. and then 2 days later in Seattle just by pure luck! They are playing in L.A. that week too.

Shannon | 7:58 PM

Now I see why I missed it, we were out of town for Thanksgiving that week. I could have discovered them a full 2 months earlier had I been paying attention. That should teach me. LOL

Andi | 11:39 AM


I'm looking for a good mandolin.... Can you ask your mom what one she uses? I've broken the "fancy" black and metal OXO one twice now. I didn't like it much to begin wtih.

ANy advice?


Wendy Woolf | 1:11 PM

Hi, Andi. David has this mandoline:

It isn't expensive and it works great!

Nannette | 1:56 PM

Thank you SO much for sharing this. I have been listening to this album nonstop for days and days now and can't get enough. Don't stop sharing! :) I hate to think of never hearing of great bands/artists like the fabulous Imaginary Cities.