I was up all night last night, and yesterday, after my doctor's appointment I got lost. I got lost in the elevator on my way to the garage, and then again, on my way to the lab to get my blood work done. I sat in the waiting room shaking until finally I left. Because I couldn't be there. Because everywhere seemed to be strangling me. Because this can't possibly be happening. But it was. It is. This is happening. I've spent the last 24 hours chanting, breathing, reminding myself:

This is happening.

When the picture showed up on the Ultrasound machine I started to cry. I knew what I was looking at before the doctor said a word.

"Two healthy heartbeats," he said. "They look beautiful. Lots of movement."

And there they were... two tiny people. With tiny feet and tiny heads and tiny little everything. I had a panic attack. I thought I was going to die because I couldn't breathe. I spent almost an hour not breathing. I was alone in the waiting room with a picture of two babies, with three hearts beating inside me and no fucking idea who I was or where or how...

When I called Hal to tell him the news, I could barely speak.

When I called my mom I was crying, but barely.

By the time I called my grandmother I was okay.

Lost, terrified, still totally in shock, but okay.

"It's a blessing," she said, a triplet herself with twin grandsons.

And she's right. It's a blessing. A very, very scary blessing.
my wombmates, eight weeks, two days

This is happening and it's going to be okay.



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lisa | 10:08 AM

that is both terrifying and AWESOME! what a unique family you guys are building. i love it. congrats - i'm sure you're probably losing your marbles right now! no wonder you're so sick!

Jamie | 10:09 AM

OMFG!!! congratulations! and holy shit!

TKTC | 10:09 AM

HOLY MOTHER!! I can't even catch a shadow of what you must be feeling right now but this is exciting and very much worth celebrating from afar. What a tribe you are has to be scary but I can't help fast forwarding to all the fun ahead.

lisa | 10:09 AM

btw - i totally read "wombmates" as "wombats" - ha! your little wombats!

melissa.cureton | 10:10 AM


Congratulations! You can do this. If anyone can handle a challenge like this with grace, it is you.

Sincere congratulations.

(Also, maybe this is why you have been so much sicker? Maybe you feel better with an explanation?)

Suzanne | 10:10 AM

Oh. Oh my gosh! That's amazing! And don't worry, you've totally got this. Just keep your mind focused on tiny coordinating outfits.

karengreeners | 10:11 AM

WOW! Mazel Tov!

My Bottle's Up! | 10:11 AM

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

i just.... i've got.... nothin.

wow mama. congrats! sending you so much love.

Becky | 10:11 AM

Holy... oh my.... WOW! That is such exciting news, and not at all what I was expecting!

Congratulations times two. :)

Issa | 10:11 AM

Oh. My. Gosh. Holy cow lady. Congratulations. Truly. I can imagine it's scary...but it's awesome too.

lisafoose | 10:11 AM

WOW WOW WOW!!!! Holy cow!! As a mom of 7 year old twins (and a 3yo), I remember this u/s moment and will never forget it. I am ecstatic for you. Twins are hard at first but such an enormous blessing. I am happy to give you any twin advice you need (you will need the GIANT twin breastfeeding pillow and an abnormally large nursing chair). I'm so happy for your rapidly expanding family!!!

Jamie Elizabeth | 10:12 AM

Oh, Rebecca! That is so amazing. Scary and crazy but amazing. I secretly wish for twins but would never, ever dare to say it out loud for fear that my husband would immediately divorce me. He's still dealing with the fact that I want more than one.

samantha | 10:12 AM


You make amazing kids. And these two will be no exception. Congrats Rebecca and it WILL be okay.

Anonymous | 10:12 AM

HOLY SHIT! Congratulations!

Sarai | 10:12 AM

Rebecca!! WOW!! I agree with Melissa- if ANYone can do this, it's YOU. And you know we'll all be here cheering for you and supporting you the whole way. You can DO this!

Margaret | 10:12 AM

GET OUT. That's awesome!! And totally why you've been feeling sick as a dog. Holy smokes! Congrats!

Katie | 10:12 AM

This is terrific news!!! :) Congrats!

Amy B. | 10:13 AM

Wow! What an amazing surprise!

Alice | 10:13 AM

It is going to be more than okay. It's going to be fan-fucking-tastic.



Anonymous | 10:13 AM

Congratulations! I know it's terrifying, but as an aunt to 5 year old twins, (an the girlfriend of a twin) I can promise you it will be wonderful. Good luck!

Karen/Chookooloonks | 10:13 AM

SUCH fantastic news, friend. Congratulations. Just think: you're family is going to be that much more beautiful (who knew it was possible?).

Thinking really warm thoughts and sending them your way,


Jessica | 10:13 AM

Holy shit, Lady! It WILL be ok. You're awesome and surrounded by awesome people. Congratulations!!

mommaruthsays | 10:14 AM



Anonymous | 10:14 AM

Wow. scary and amazing and wonderful and terrifying all at the same time. i cant even imagine. you can do it and congrats!

Sarah Rath | 10:15 AM

WOW! New reader and tweet follower for a few weeks now and looks like it's going to be quite an exciting year to start following you! Congrats and as we say in the south "Bless your heart!"

Blair@HeirtoBlair | 10:16 AM

terrifying. awesome. amazing. nerve-wracking.

you got this. congratulations!

robyn L. | 10:16 AM

Oh my freaking goodness! That is SO awesome! You will do great as a mom to twins. I know you will.

carrie murphy | 10:16 AM

oh my god! i was so happy you were pregnant with your third, just saw your tweet, and can't believe it!

it will be an adventure, but i think you and your family are totally up for it.

congratulations! will be waiting with bated breath to hear the two beautiful names you'll pick out :)

Suzie | 10:17 AM

First off CONGRATS!!!! I know exactly what you are going through - had a very similar experience (from the morning sickness to the U/S discovery of twins). You guys are GREAT parents - sharing your world view with your kids has been amazing to watch. I'm sure the next two will be a great addition to the family! Once they are born it's all about logistics. Logistics and patience! Congrats you guys from a mom of four kids (with twins in my mix too)! It's a fantastic journey!

The Dalai Mama | 10:17 AM

Congrats!!! That is amazing, exciting and I'm sure scary as hell.

Now you don't have to worry about the whole room sharing thing.

You have an amazing spirit and you're an amazing mother. You'll weather this with Hal and it will be awesome.

Vee | 10:18 AM

I don’t think I’ve ever commented…or maybe once. But I’m a long-time reader and admirer. how incredibly scary but exciting. I’m so happy for you and your family. I wish you all nothing but the best. OMG! I’m so…shaky (is that a feeling?) for you!

Gen | 10:18 AM

Good things come in FOURS! 1. I'm sorry because it's probably really scary. 2. I am so happy for you. Congratulations.

Anonymous | 10:18 AM

Yowza! Am so happy for you, and ok, more than a little jealous. Take extra care of yourself lady! Much love!!!!

Eden Kennedy Onassis | 10:18 AM

Oh my God! Wow. But just think, you have like six more months to really wrap your head around it. So now is actually the perfect time to lose your marbles, lunch, etc. Congratulations!

Jett | 10:18 AM

You got this like POW.

CaraBee | 10:18 AM

Wow! That is amazing and wonderful! Congratulations!

pdxhadey | 10:19 AM

OMG! Wow, what a surprise! I think I would have felt exactly like you do. Congratulations!

gabrielle | 10:19 AM


Also, congratulations! I'm both excited and terrified for you. But mostly excited! :) It seems crazy right now, but you can do this! You will rock, girl.

phoebe | 10:20 AM

holy shit! this is so awesome!! if anyone can rock this, it is you and Hal. Super congrats! I agree, concentrate on all the cute clothes.

The Wh0le Story | 10:20 AM

Holy crap! This is incredible news, and should give you lots of wonderful and crazy material ;o) Congrats x2!!

Becky | 10:21 AM

Congratulations! And I agree that I initially read "wombats" instead of "wombmates." HAHA.

mrs.notouching | 10:21 AM

On a bright side - it could have been triplets, right? You don't do anything half-ass, go you! And congratulations!

karen jones | 10:21 AM

ha! Congratulations from a fellow twin mummy, remember THAT moment very well, as if it was just yesterday ! My twin boys are 6 yrs old now.
Good luck, get lots of rest while you can and make sure you have an army of support afterwards, never be too proud to accept help like I was. xx

Katia / Crazyfortrying | 10:21 AM

wow. I had the same reaction when I found out I was accidentally pregnant with baby #3. It took me the entire pregnancy and the first three months of her life to accept her existence. We're good now.

Mindy | 10:23 AM

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Um, congrats. And condolences, but mostly congrats. You know how many fairy godmothers you have out here, right? TAKE ADVANTAGE.

Nicole | 10:23 AM

Holy shit!! I have goosebumps... wow Congrats my lady!!

Kerri Anne | 10:24 AM

SO awesome, and exciting, and you will totally rock this.

chrissy | 10:24 AM

Wow! Wow! Congratulations!

Anonymous | 10:24 AM

HOLY GODDAMN WOW! Congratulations! I was so not expecting that. You had me worried!

Hey, four is a great number as well. Twins are fun too. My brothers are twins and so are my cousins. Good times!

kate | 10:24 AM

holy moly. guurrrllll. that is intense. i don't know what to say. except... you can do it! and it will be wonderful. and, of course challenging. but then again, when are truly wonderful things not challenging? at least some of the time (think: marriage, writing...)

Anonymous | 10:24 AM

whoa. And holy craziness! Congratulations to you and your family!

keight dukes | 10:25 AM

i always wished so so so hard that i was a twin. imagine you are suffering and stressing double to give them a completely unique and one of a kind sib-bond. you can do it! oh man.

Ewokmama | 10:25 AM

WOW!!! Lucky you! ;) You were obviously meant to be a mother, eh? Congrats and best of luck. I KNOW you can do this!

beyond | 10:26 AM

congrats! WOW! (i can't wait to hear what archer and fable have to say to that...)

Allie Rose | 10:26 AM


Anonymous | 10:27 AM

OMG congratulations! I would love to have twins! Although on top of 2 already I can understand the shock. Best of luck!

-A | 10:27 AM

Congratulations!! What exciting news!

Dana | 10:28 AM

I just knew from the way you were describing the nausea, the absolute way the pregnancy was knocking you out (compared to the others) that it was a twin pregnancy.
I felt bad saying it because I didn't know if it would flip you out.
Congratulations to you, woman! Really.
I've been there. Done it. It is a blessing.
And it is a lot!
Love and hugs to you from a fellow Mama of four (including twins)!

Anonymous | 10:28 AM

Holy shit, batman! I lost my breath when I saw the picture and I don't even know you...Congratulations!!!

Glenda | 10:28 AM

Wow!!!! congrats Rebecca and Hal... Archer and Fable.

That's scary and awesome at the same time.

I think Archer and Fable will have a brother and sister. (one for each) How AMAZING is that!?

I can't wait to read about your journey! You can do it! Your family is amazing! Hope you're feeling better with the morning sickness xo

QoB | 10:28 AM

zuwhuuua? wow! Congratulations:)

Amy E. | 10:28 AM

Congratulations! At least you know why you're feeling like hell. You can totally do this. Those are two very lucky little babies to have you as their mom.

Barb | 10:29 AM

Wow. Just wow. It is a blessing but that doesn't mean it isn't totally overwhelming, too. You can do it. I know you can.

Bekah | 10:29 AM

Holy Crap! Well congratulations, you baby makin' machine, you! (and Hal obviously)

Connie | 10:30 AM

Wow! I can understand the anxiety-cuz that's a lot to take in! But that's wonderful.

You can do it! Here's to you and Hal! :)


Anonymous | 10:31 AM

i started reading your blog when archer was 7 months old and have watched you grow and evolve (and have watched your kids grow and evolve) and i can't wait to see you raise two (!!!) more.

congratulations x two!

ps: lemon lentil soup saved my life when i was sick during my second pregnancy, good luck!

Mama Bub | 10:32 AM

OMG! This just keeps getting better! Congratulations.

sweetsalty kate | 10:33 AM

Everything will get bigger to accommodate. Not just your body capacity. Loving capacity and reasoning capacity and patience capacity and DOING capacity. You'll do so much. You're capable of more than you think.

So thrilled for you all. Thrilled and humbled, as I'm sure you are too. xo

Jesse | 10:34 AM

Oh, wow, so I almost never post, but I am a voracious reader, and this one certainly deserves one! My first reaction was a jaw drop...then a literal *squeeeeee!* (I'm sure my daughters think I'm nuts now...) That is SO exciting, and you guys will do GREAT...and, like everyone else, I certainly can't wait to follow along with this rollercoaster ride! :)

sarah doow | 10:34 AM

How fantastic, congratulations! I shall become aunt to twin girls in six weeks at the most and it's so exciting. In our family's experience, before long it'll feel entirely normal that you're having two. Of course there are two, what other number would there be?!

Kristyn | 10:35 AM

Wow. Deep breath. My husband and I were forever on the fence about a third. We have two amazing daughters. I was kind of afraid it would be a boy...or even...twin boys. We got pregnant and yes, it was a boy....the most incredible, delicious boy who blows my mind and my heart every hour..let alone day. The only thing that could be better in my opinion is if there were two of him. In a few years, when civility reigns again, you will have the bestest family dinner table and all the years after. A blessing indeed.

The Princess Of Forks | 10:35 AM

Oh my heck! I'm so excited to watch this process with you and your family. I love your honest and, sometimes, painfully honest way of sharing your experiences with the world. I'm so so so stoked for you guys!

What did the kids say?

Kathryn | 10:35 AM

OH MY GOD. This is doubly scary but also doubly awesome. Congratulations!

jive turkey | 10:35 AM


You can do this. You guys are amazing parents and you have an amazing family. It's all gonna be OK. But WOW -- I totally understand your shock. MY. GOODNESS.

Tiffany | 10:36 AM

WOW!! I can't even imagine how shocking that was! I've been following your blog for a very long time and I know with certainty that you'll figure out how to handle this. In the meantime, I think you totally have permission to FREAK OUT. :)

Rachel | 10:38 AM

Whoah! CONGRATULATIONS! Maybe this is just to ensure that you don't get that baby bug again later--you get two fer one now!

Heather | 10:39 AM

Holy shit! That is awesome!

JC | 10:39 AM

I agree with so many others who've said that, if anyone can rock this, it's you and Hal and your awesome family.

o.m.g. amazing

Sending you lots of love and feel-better-soon waves.

p.s. you're such a gifted writer -- this post so well-told!

Manda | 10:40 AM

WOAH!!! Holy Scary Awesome!!! Congrats!!

The Mrs. | 10:40 AM

Congratulations! From your first post about your insane pregnancy related illness my pregnancy telepathy was shouting TWINS! I'm so happy for you and your entire family.

Dana | 10:41 AM

though i don't know you aside from what you generously share with all of us here and on twitter, i'm confident that if anyone can do this and do it well it's you. many, many congrats and thanks for taking us along for this amazing ride. twins!

Zakary | 10:41 AM

Hell yeah.

This is going to be so rad.


kristna | 10:43 AM

Holy cow and congrats! You can do it. I'm not religious at all but I do believe that god only gives you what you can handle. And I'm sure Archer and Fable will be great helpers. Congrats again! Oh, and ginger for nausea.

guarros | 10:44 AM

well damn. I almost choked on my lunch as I was (just) reading... I can imagine getting lost in reality and in thought as it's all going down.

Keep on keeping on with your mantra... This is happening and it's going to be okay.

It will be. You don't me, I don't know you - but I KNOW these kidS are going to be loved something fierce. MUCH congratulations to you and your family.

Scout798 | 10:44 AM

This is just ... wow ... I couldn't imagine what you were feeling. Something in the universe found you such an extraordinary mother that they gifted you with a extra. Just imagine, an extra set of arms to wrap around your neck and whisper g'night ...

You guys can do this ...

dani | 10:44 AM

You had me scared for the first part. And totally excited for the second part! Congratulations. I guess you're getting that van now!

the bellyacher | 10:45 AM

Wow! Congratulations!!

Katie Jane | 10:45 AM

Holy cow! That is amazing! And scary. But if anyone can do it, it's you. Congratulations!!

Anonymous | 10:45 AM

Congratulations! What an adventure for you all. I've always heard that twins have an amazing bond. And the babies have a wonderful big sister and big brother as well as great parents.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah | 10:46 AM


I've got a sonogram that looks just like that. Call me if you need anything.

Tasha | 10:47 AM

Oh my god. I TOLD YOU!!!!!!!!!! and not to sound like an adolescent girl but I am so glad I documented it in the comments section!! LOL.

WOW. Congrats to you ;-)

Heather B. | 10:47 AM

I keep saying "HOLY SHIT" over and over again.

Christina E. Pope | 10:48 AM

WOW! I'm still amazed at how ingrossed I am in the lives of people I don't really know. Actually you are one of only two bloggers that I follow, but I am seriously attached to both of you lol. Anyway OMG I am so happy/scared for you. I can't even imagine what you are experiencing right now. All I can say is be thankful there weren't more :-)

Abi | 10:48 AM

Holy Shit!!!

I must say when the doctor said I only had 1 alien in me, I was so relieved (twins run on both sides of my fam, as well as on hubby's).


Get thee a bigger car! :)

Sara | 10:48 AM

holy congrats! that was unexpected with all the talk of threes

Anonymous | 10:48 AM

WHAT!? WOW! I just finished posting this quote, and I'm going to share it with you too because maybe it will lend a mental helping hand (and because it's from Gilda Radner and she's always good for a smile). "Some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next...delicious ambiguity."

Life is pretty durn ambiguous, isn't it? But there sure is a lot of beauty in the constant tango between known and unknown.

You're going to rock it, and congratulations, what a blessing. xo

Christy | 10:48 AM

No wonder you've been so sick. You have the morning sicknesss equivalent of two pregnancies!

So glad we get to come on this journey with you. This is so exciting!

Hilary | 10:49 AM

Wow!WOW! I can't even imagine your shock! Congrats - everything is going to be great!

Anonymous | 10:50 AM

Oh you scared me! The "three" crossed out made me think bad stuff. But TWINS! Lord have mercy. Hang in there girl! So much love to come into your house!

the bellyacher | 10:50 AM

Whoa! Congratulations Rebecca!!

Unknown | 10:50 AM

Holy Eff, that is amazing! It certainly explains why you have been feeling so darn sick. Congratulations!!! You are for sure right, it is going to be ok! You can do this and you have amazing family and friends who will help when you ask. I'm so excited for you!

Emma Jane | 10:51 AM


(That is exactly what I said out loud.)

Meg | 10:52 AM

Officially delurking to congratulate you! Holy cow!

Emma Jane | 10:52 AM


(That is exactly what I said out loud.)

Brandy Jackson | 10:52 AM

HOLY SHIT! Jesus.. I beer you strength.

FreeRange Pamela | 10:53 AM

Wow!! Congratulations!!

lauren | 10:53 AM

holy shitake mushrooms!!!! :)
congratulations!! have yourself a good freakout and then tell yourself that you've got this.
because you do!

Anonymous | 10:54 AM

After I read your last post, I thought that you might be having twins, given how wretched you've been feeling.

Congrats! And sorry, this one was totally my bad ; )

heather... | 10:55 AM

BEX!!! you are so much calmer than I would be! Now I definitely need to being you that anti-nausea care package.

I'm a twin, and twins are awesome. Congratulations!!

Emma | 10:55 AM

Wow! Congratulations again!

(When I wrote congratulations for being pregnant, I nearly wrote something along the lines of lets hope the threes don't run to triplets, but then thought that could sound like a bit of a dicky thing to say (although I meant it to be funny)... but I never thought it'd be even 2/3 true!!)

Julie Marsh | 10:56 AM


Considering what gorgeous children you and Hal make, why not double your pleasure? Congratulations!

SABRINA | 10:56 AM

Holy shit amazing and scary all at the same time. Congrats!

Lady Mama | 10:57 AM

OMG! You are going to be okay. You are going to be okay!

CateyG | 10:57 AM

I can only echo all the prior comments -- wow, OMG, holy sh*t! How crazy is this news!
You have a great community here, and we're all here for you! Congratulations.

findingmagnolia | 10:59 AM

It's going to be more than okay. It's going to be wonderful because you are wonderful, and your family is wonderful. I am so excited for you!!!

Jennifer | 11:00 AM

I completely understand every word in your post. I felt the same way when I had an u/s at 8-wk and found out I was having twins. It took months to get used to the idea, we wanted one more child and were blessed with two perfect boys who will be two in April. Congratulations!

Ivy | 11:01 AM

OMG!!! I can only imagine how you must be feeling, but congratulations! Yes, scary but also amazing :). You, Hal, Archer, and Fable will get through this together.

Christina | 11:01 AM

OMFG! holy shit. congratulations. you are the 3rd set of twins i know of this year. i blame the quinoa. lots of love and good vibes. this. is. happening. and it's going to be amazing.

April | 11:02 AM

how exciting, congrats :-)

neigh! | 11:02 AM

Holy shit. Wow. It will be amazing. And scary. And lovely.

NHmommy | 11:03 AM

holy shit! wow. congrats!!

Cassie Boorn | 11:04 AM

I think the best thing about reading a blog is there are never any clues about what is coming. You couldn't have hinted on the back cover that you would be the mother of four.

So when I was reading this I had the excitement of feeling that holy wow I didn't see that coming chills.

You are so blessed! Congratulations! Here is to matching outfits and lots of hugs. {{Cheers}}

Heidi O | 11:04 AM

That's crazy and amazing. Explains the wicked morning sickness no? Congrats to you and your family!!

Christine | 11:04 AM

oh. my. god.

Just picked my jaw up off the desk. Congratulations girl, you can do this.

Marie Green | 11:05 AM

I have twins and felt EXACTLY this way when I found out. (Though, I was almost 23 weeks. Heh.) I felt like the world stopped spinning, that the needle was pulled across the record, screetching, and I was left afloat in a world where there were no ticking clocks. My husband was there, too, and he was literally WHITE with shock and disbelief. We left, and sat in our car for I don't know how long, not sure what to do next. What does one do when one's world has stopped spinning?

I remember floating into my work (my car was there, so we stopped to pick it up), a string of ultra-sound pictures and our faces full of shock, showing my coworkers. I remember going to the mall to eat, and seeing stroller after single stroller wheeling by, and being so ANGRY. Why did SHE get to have ONE BABY, but I had to have TWO???

Yes, my first strong emotion after shock was anger. Next was anxiety. It really REALLY helped that EVERYONE around us was THRILLED-- their energy was contagious, and we got excited in short bursts too.

The best advice I got came (oddly, in this case) from my dad. He said "You just have to survive the first 2 years. Do nothing but survive; everything else is frivolous." And it was true; the first two years were the hardest (though they got progressively easier). I loved them fiercely all along, but it was hard.

My daughters are 8 now (and I'm pregnant with a singleton, HOLLA!), and having twins is the most natural thing. But I remember with 100% clarity that moment when I found out.

Sorry for hogging up so much space. I know we don't know each other, but I'd be happy to email, if you need. Also, CONGRATS! You're in for a wild ride!!!

Mary | 11:06 AM

Holy moly! I had goosebumps reading this post! I can imagine how terrifying it most be, but so so awesome as well! Congratulations!!!

Abbey | 11:06 AM

Whee! So excited for you. You are a strong woman with a great husband and support network. Those are some very blessed little babies. Hugs!

Alison | 11:06 AM

Congrats! Scary and amazing. I look forward to reading all about it from your perspective.

clueless but hopeful mama | 11:06 AM



Elisabeth@YCCII | 11:07 AM

*tears* of joy.

I couldn't understand why all these people on twitter were congratulating you days after your big announcement. I thought, don't they read her blog?

Yes, they read your blog. They do love you as they said. You are very loved, and so will those babies be.

Mom101 | 11:08 AM


Am sending you twice the hugs and twice the loves and twice the HOLY HELL REBECCA! TWINS!

You will now be an awesome mama x 4.

Unknown | 11:10 AM

OMG when I first read this, I squealed out loud. Archer and Fable are going to love the new additions! Congratulations and take it easy.

Amanda | 11:10 AM

It is going to be so much more than ok. Wow!!

Marie Green | 11:10 AM

Oh, and also, after I found out I was having twins, ALL I read and heard was preterm labor, bedrest, premature babies, incubators, etc. To say I was anxious is beyond the truth. NO ONE, not one single person, told me that I could have a totally normal pregnancy and deliver perfectly healthy babies. It was all FEAR and WOE all the time.

However, I carried my twins 38weeks 5 days, they were born 100% healthy and needing of nothing. They were 4lbs 15 oz and 6lbs 2oz, and both nursed like champions from the very first time. (And related to nothing, they are identical.)

I know your experience will be your own, completely unrelated to mine, but I just wanted you to know that sometimes a twin pregnancy can be normal and healthy, as I wish I had known back then.

Souphead | 11:10 AM

That is awesome. And scary (I bet). And totally AWESOME!
Double congrats!!

Sarah | 11:11 AM

HOLY SHIT! I'm crying reading this (also pregnant and hormonal). DOUBLE THE CONGRATS! It's scary as hell but WOW!!!! Have you told your kids yet?

Anonymous | 11:13 AM

I’ve never commented any post before, although I have been enjoying your blog for a long time. I guess I just wanted to say: If anyone can handle this, it’s you.

Cheryl Ann | 11:14 AM

omfg. i read often, comment never, but have been following this new path in your life with much anticipation! my jaw literally just dropped when i read "2 heartbeats." HOW AWESOME!!!!! i have no kids of my own, so i don't know how it would feel to know there would be 2 more on the way, but OMFG - you guys are going to have such a fucking blast.

Christine | 11:14 AM

Oh my gah. No wonder you are so sick. That is incredible! I can't imagine how you feel right now but I know you can do this. What an adventure.

Jess | 11:14 AM

Holy fuck a nut sister!

This is happening.

You're like the epitome of a chick designed to bear twins. You've got this on lock down.

melissity | 11:16 AM

Wow, congratulations! :)

Theresa | 11:17 AM

When I saw the title of your post, my heart skipped a beat. I thought the crossed out three meant that you had lost the baby. The sadness I felt for you was soon replaced with great relief when I read that you baby(s) were okay. I really felt joy for you.
I know it's going to be hard and scary, but there will be lots of joy too. Hang in there. We're all out here pulling for you.

Meg | 11:18 AM

Congratulations! Sending you lots of positive energy and support via the interweb. You will be the most amazing mom of twins! What an amazing family you and Hal are creating. We are fortunate that you share a small part of that with us.

Brittany at Mommy Words | 11:18 AM

Holy all kinds of scary awesomeness! Huge congratulations to your whole fantastic family!

Thomasin | 11:18 AM

Oh my! Amazing and wonderful and scary and beautiful. Congrats!!

Sarah | 11:19 AM

Well. If there was ever a time to throw down an OMG, this is it.

Yes, you can do this.

Sending lots of good vibes to you, and your family.

Karen Chatters | 11:20 AM

HOLY CRAP!!! Double scha-wing! I can't imagine your shock but what exciting news. Congrats!!

Lucky24 | 11:21 AM

So, I follow your blog. I'm a total creeper - never commenting, just there in the background but I had to comment to say HOLY SHIT woman, TWINS! CRAZY AND CONGRATS!!! I have a cousin, 2 girls and now pregnant with TWINS too!! Just, WOW I'm wow. Congrats Mama!! :D

Shylo | 11:22 AM

Awesome for your family! I hope your mom can move in next door, though!

Emily | 11:23 AM

WHOA!! Double congratulations.
Hang in there, Rebecca- I know that I am one of many readers that wish you all the best and are confident in your ability to handle this kind of surprise with aplomb.

Kiki | 11:24 AM

OMFG! Holy Shit!
I was totally surprised by the post. You wrote it so well. I can't imagine the surprise for you... I had to set the computer down and digest the information! lol

You are an amazing mother. Hal is an amazing father. Archer is an amazing brother. Fable is an amazing sister. Those two little ones are so blessed to be born into your family.

Congratulations! & Much love.

Meghan Elaine | 11:24 AM

SO SO excited for you! I have boy/girl twins and it is incredible! You can do this!

Liz | 11:25 AM

holy shit! congratulations! i am so excited and nervous and ohmygodohmygodohmygod for you!
kisses on your face!

Anonymous | 11:26 AM

Ho. Ly. Shite. !!!

Understandably overwhelming, but amazing news. And like previous commentors have stated, if anyone can do this, you can. You have a great support system.


Table4Five | 11:28 AM

OMG TWINS??!??? A brother for Archer and a sister for Fable, maybe? You are going to have the most awesome family!! Congratulations from all of us in the Edwards Family!

Jessica | 11:28 AM

OH MY WORD! That is so amazing and so scary. I'll start praying for you now my dear. Good luck with everything. Twinsies.. wow...

andrea.d | 11:29 AM

I knew it! I did! Congratulations! It's going to be amazing!

Liz | 11:31 AM

OMFG!! No wonder you're so sick, you're twice as pregnant. Crazytown. I can't imagine how you're feeling right now! Double congratulations, because you can totally do this.

Ashley Austrew | 11:32 AM

Oh, Rebecca, I know it's scary, but I am sooo happy for you! I am the sister of twins. My mom had me, then she tried for one more and got twins. She told me she cried for days after she found out. She was so terrified and overwhelmed, and my parents had no idea how they were going to be able to make it work. It all does work out, though. You'll see. You have a fantastic husband and an amazing family, not to mention all of us loyal readers who will be there every step of the way. I'm 24 now and expecting my first, my sisters are 19 and AMAZING, and none of us would have it any other way. Congratulations on your two tiny miracles! Remember to breathe, and know that you have about a gazillion people in your corner rooting for you :)

GreerAnn | 11:33 AM

holy CRAP. i almost cried myself reading this. how amazing and terrifying and wonderful and everything.

Nancy R | 11:34 AM

Well chumbawumba! Congratulations!

I read the caption as wombats too- HA!

marlene | 11:34 AM

mother to four. you are so awesome. those are some lucky kids you got there. congrats :)

Ida Mae | 11:36 AM

a huge congrats!!
I bet you are nervous, but you guys will figure it out.
It IS a blessing!

sarah marie p | 11:36 AM

WOWZERS! This is craziness! Amazing craziness! CONGRATS CONGRATS! You are going to rock this. Like others have said, if anyone can do this -- it's going to be you! You are such a wonderfully cool mama. So awesome three is now four! Eeee! XOXO

Beth | 11:36 AM

Amazing. I'm sure I'm not the first to say this, but I'm so dang excited to see the next (two!) names you choose that I can hardly contain it.

Nannette | 11:37 AM

SO exciting! What a wonderful surprise....the Universe loves you.

Kate | 11:38 AM

yay! i can't help it - I am just so excited for you, even if you haven't reached the excitement stage yourself. I imagine you will get there when the twins are 4 or 5 years old... ; )

Abbykins | 11:40 AM

Well -- I guess it's a good thing Fable and Archer decided to still share a room!! Now the newbies can share a room too! As scary as one sounded -- 2 is even more so, but somehow you will find a way to make it work! Get through the shock and then start to think about the fun -- MATCHING OUTFITS!!!

Elle Vee | 11:41 AM

Oh. My. God.

I just READ your news and felt like I was having a heart attack.

Cannot fathom what that moment must have been like!

Redneck Mommy | 11:42 AM


I so didn't expect this when I clicked over here this morning!!


I'm so very, very happy for you. Here is to a safe pregnancy, an easy delivery and a happy happy arrival of two beautiful babies. Whoohoo!

Unknown | 11:42 AM

Oh my! The strike though three in the headline had me a bit worried for a second before I continued reading. Congrats. Gonna need a bigger car.

Unknown | 11:43 AM

Oh my! I got a bit worried with the strike though three in the title before reading on. Congrats to all of you. Gonna need a bigger car!

lepisosteidae | 11:45 AM

So many congratulations!

You've often talked about how important sibling bonds are to you, and how amazing it is that Fable and Archer are so close, and now you're going to have the opportunity to be a parent to twins! I agree - totally a blessing, and you and Hal are going to rock this.

Just keep in mind that even if money is tight and you're feeling short on time and resources, you guys will always have enough love to go around. Mazel tov!

Lady Estrogen | 11:49 AM

Just got goosebumps. It's an amazing feeling to be laughing & crying & terrified all at the same time.
I had to get the technician to tell my mother because she didn't believe me. LOL

Heather Bauer | 11:49 AM

HOLY WOWZERS!!!!!! I can't even imagine how that feels...WWWWOOOOOOWWWWW!

I love following your journey through life and motherhood so very much. Thank you for being so transparent and letting us follow along. It's so strange, because I don't know you, but I care about you and your little ones! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Elizabeth | 11:52 AM

My girlfriend texted me asking "have you read GGC today?!?!" So I looked and found myself so excited for you I had to tell my coworkers. It's strange this feeling of elation and empathy that I have for a someone I've never met. I was so giddy in fact, that I then emailed another friend that is a loyal reader to get her reaction and she too was just as stoked for you and yours. You'll rise to the occasion. You always do.

Desi | 11:53 AM

OH MY GOD!!!! Congratulations squared! And thanks so much for sharing this with us!

Catherine | 11:57 AM

Amazing news, Rebecca.

I'm the eldest of four, the youngest are twins, and there are three and a half years between us all. We're each other's best friends and confidantes and I wouldn't be without them for the world.

You and Hal are going to make a fantastic go of this. Congratulations!

Barbara R. | 11:58 AM

I just checked your Flickr page and saw the ultrasound and thought, man, my vision is really blurry. Then I came here and saw all the traffic, read the post and realized that my eyes are just fine. You're gonna be fine too (two?). I love the idea of 4 kids for you and Hal. Such a cool family. Loads of love to you all. x-b

momoftwo | 12:00 PM

I am a mom of twin 4 year old girls and my ultrasound story is a lot like yours. I can tell you that it will have it's hard moments, but like everything in parenting, you can do it. You get by, you learn, your adjust and (to quote nike) you just do it. And for as hard as it may be at times, it's twice as rewarding and the good days are twice as sweet. Congrats and best of luck to you.

Salisa | 12:01 PM

I've been a long time lurker. I just had to comment on this post though. How awesome! Congratulations!

Jack's Mama | 12:02 PM

What an amazing time! Thank you for your blog. I was having tough day, financial troubles, planning our wedding after we already have one child :), etc...
I got scared reading the title- (three-crossed out) and thought it meant you had a miscarriage and then I continued reading...
I am a twin myself and its an amazing bond I have with my twin sister. Either way it goes, two girls-Archer is the king big brother, two boys-Fable is the princess, she already is :), one of each-two little pals for the both of them! You are so blessed. Thank you for reminding me too that some others are going through stressful times too--like everyone has been saying, no wonder you have been so sick!
Adjustments are hard and its key to remember that because sometime I wonder why isn't this easier?
Take care!

Amanda | 12:05 PM

OMG! WOnderful (and scary, I know - but WONDERFUL!)

Amanda | 12:05 PM

Holy shitballswtfyay! I mean, I can imagine how insanely scary it would be to be presented with the fact that not one but TWO babies are coming...but Rebecca, you are an amazing mom, a gifted writer and an all around badass. So the way I see it, the more babies you bring into the world the better! Congratsx2!

Anonymous | 12:06 PM

Unbelievable! Congratulations. That's absolutely amazing.

Unknown | 12:07 PM

Holy Sh-t! What incredible news! I have been reading for years. You're an amazing woman. Time to buckle your seat belt.

My grandmother birthed four sets of twins in a row, 2.5 yrs apart. She wouldn't have changed it for the world.

We are here for you.

The Velveteen | 12:08 PM

holllllyyyy ballllllls.

well, now you know why it felt different this time around, eh?!

Congrats dude, mega awesome.

Red Stethoscope | 12:08 PM

This is happening and it's going to be OK, YESSS! Congrats to you and Hal! You've already mastered life with two...what's two more? :)

Blair Stephens | 12:09 PM

I have been reading you forever and I delurk very occasionally and I just had to say that this is great news because if anyone can pull it off, and be honest and crazy and messy and awesome and raise a passel of interesting humans, it is you and your man.

You're going to rock this.

Sheelah | 12:10 PM

OH MY GOD. I've never commented here before, but I figure if a post makes you say OH MY GOD out loud, it deserves a comment :)


Michelle | 12:10 PM

Wow! Congratulations!

kristofer and ivy | 12:11 PM

I absolutely understand the panic of finding out you're going from two kids to three kids. It took me a good trimester to get over that. Going from two to four??? Holy shit. But... YOU CAN DO IT!! Congratulations!

Rusti | 12:17 PM

a friend of mine recently went for the ultrasound for her 3rd pregnancy... and also was shocked & terrified to discover TWO heartbeats... a few weeks later she & her hubs have recovered from the shock, have started preparing for FOUR kids instead of three, and are starting to be excited (as well as still scared)... hopefully in a few weeks you'll be adjusted and excited as well... but WOW - what a shock!

good luck, you're going to rock this :)

Kailee | 12:21 PM

I just woke up my dog when I read the post with a glee filled, "WHAT?!?!"

I know you must be experiencing a whole cocktail of emotions, but a very big congratulations to you and Hal! I'm so happy to hear their hearts are beating strong. And, also, um, TWINS!! Wow. I'm just very excited/nervous for you!

Anonymous | 12:21 PM

Just think: two names! You get to keep two names from the list!

Katie | 12:22 PM

Oh, oh, oh my gosh. My hand flew up over my mouth and I got chills when I read your news. That is beyond great. Scary as shit, yes, but oh so amazing. My husband is an identical twin, and I have to say, it's something really really special. CONGRATULATIONS!

Leball | 12:23 PM

OMG!!!!!!! Hugs! I can't imagine how you may be feeling. Thank you for sharing. Yes, a scary blessing. But this is awesome.

lizbaker | 12:24 PM

That is crazy and awesome and terrifying. You are a great momma. I actually was thinking the other day, "I wonder if GGC is so sick because it's twins. She's already had a boy and a girl..."

Good luck lady! I can't wait to read about this little journey.

thursday | 12:25 PM

holy fuckballs!! I started tearing up when I read that. Congratulations x 2 (million)!!

Caitlin Carroll | 12:25 PM

Oh my. I just teared up a little at the thought! I always wanted twins, but then after having my son I decided to stop wanting it because OH MAN, HOW INTENSE. I have so many friends that are getting pregnant with twins though... must be something in the water?

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