GGGiveaway: Olliegraphic Plate Set

**Updated with winner, below!**
A few weeks back the lovely Meg from Olliegraphic sent Fable a personalized plate inspired by her new 'do. (See above.) Fable (and I) loved it so much I asked if she'd be willing to give away one of her plate sets here on GGC and she was delighted to. (Thanks, Meg!) So today, care of Meg at Olliegraphic, I'm giving away a personalized plate + dish set for a child in your life to enjoy. You can check out more of Meg's awesome stuff like these pillows (adorbs), growth charts, art prints and more, here. Everything is customizable to look like your child. Very cool.
To win a plate + bowl set? Tell me good news. Something happy. (My good news = I feel good! Sickness has left the building! Am almost fully functioning again! Knock on wood!) I'll choose a winner via on Monday and post it here. (Please don't forget to include your contact information so I can track you down!)

Thanks to Meg/Olliegraphic for the giveaway and everyone for participating! Much love.


Updated: Congrats to commenter #103, Erin who wrote: "Today is the eve of my 32nd birthday and it feels great! The sun is shining, my little one is napping and life is good!" Thanks to everyone for participating! Was wonderful reading about your good news and happy days. Love to all.


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Megan | 9:41 AM

Good news....It's sunny and warm and I can play outside with my kids. Contact info:

Christy | 9:41 AM

My good news is that today it's supposed to be in the 60s! Holla for spring!

caitlin | 9:44 AM

What a cute set! My good news is we are expecting our third baby boy in June, and so far this pregnancy has been a breeze (unlike my pregnancy with our twins)! If I win I will have to buy another set so each of the twins can have one :)

keight dukes | 9:49 AM

good news(?): my boss had no green on today and when he asked me where my green was, i said, "no i'm not wearing green but i can see you arent either, so i'm safe." he said, "oh yes i aaaaaaaam." lots of laughs. keight8(at)gmail(dot)com

DeAnn | 9:49 AM

Good news: I feel less overwhelmed today than I have in months.

Martha | 9:50 AM

Hmm, my good news: Only three weeks left to the semester, then I'm done with the coursework for my master's and I can focus on my thesis!
Bad news: I have to do a lot of homework between now and then.

Abbie | 9:50 AM

My good news is that in Aug. I will welcome my 2nd child...a baby that we have longed and prayed for:)! And my little man, Max, will become the greatest big brother:)! Thanks for the chance to win this super-duper cute plate!

Amy K | 9:50 AM

What a nice giveaway! Let's see, my good news is that my parents and in-laws got along at my daughter's birthday dinner last night, so I didn't have to kick anyone out and we're all still speaking to one another. Good news, right?

A | 9:51 AM

My good news is that in two weeks I can quit my job and stay home with my little one for good and two weeks after that, we are moving to sunny SoCal!

Mrs. Kate B. | 9:52 AM

Something good? I only have 50 days left of grad school! 50!!! After 2 years of doing grad school, work, and two kids (one who was born when I was in the thick of it), 50 days is the light at the end of the tunnel. I can do this! (And you can too. Honestly, when I was in the thick of it all and going completely batshit crazy, I kept thinking about how you mused that you could have it all, why couldn't you have it all? Was this in a blog post or in the book, I don't remember. But I swear, you helped me get through school, as crazy as that sounds. And you'll get through twins too, I know you will, and you'll love it.) (Also, my email is katebfpl at gmail dot com).

Heather | 9:53 AM

Happy: I'm heading to Vegas for the weekend to celebrate my girlfriend's 40th birthday. I'm now just 4 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight! Wheeeeee!

charlsie | 9:53 AM

I only have 30 days until my second daughter is born!!!

maribel | 9:53 AM

Good news: I can stand to eat and cook hot foods for dinner now. with mornign sickness attacking me that is GREAT news.

maribel camarillo

megan | 9:53 AM

Good news: I had a great "date" with my little man Nolan. We went to the museum and had a treat at the coffee shop:)

Alaina | 9:53 AM

It's a beautiful day, and we are almost all unpacked after moving into a new house. That seems like pretty good news to me :)

MissMolly | 9:56 AM

My good news is that i have NOTHING that i have to do this weekend! That is a great feeling! Molly

Rylee | 9:57 AM

Good news! The weather is beautiful and tomorrow is Friday!


Laura | 9:57 AM

My good news? We had hail months ago and are getting a new roof and AC unit from our insurance because if it. The roof is being done as we speak and the kids are so engrossed watching the guys work, that I get some computer time :)

J. Murray-Szarvas | 9:58 AM

I did my first spin class yesterday and didn't die. In fact, I kind of owned it.

Amy W. | 9:58 AM

Oh the WEATHER. We can actually leave the house! Feed the ducks! Play in the rocks and grass! Woo hoo!

KateFitz | 9:59 AM

Going to go get a haircut and facial for my birthday!

Not as big as not being sick, having babies or finishing grad school. But it's good enough for me!

Liz | 10:00 AM

Good news: almost done with a big project at work. Whew.

Tori | 10:00 AM

I'm officially 20 weeks along in my pregnancy today...Half way there!!

Liz | 10:00 AM

Almost finished with a big work project. Whew!

Sable | 10:02 AM

Good news! My oldest son is NOT croupy today!

Kate | 10:02 AM

good news: it's lunchtime for me! (I'm a pregnant lady of the uber-hungry variety.) Also, it's 60 in Chicago, which for March is GLORIOUS.

Heather | 10:02 AM

My good news is that I think I found a wedding dress! (You know it is a keeper when it even looks good on you when you have a cast on your leg!)

Congratulations on the babies!

Kristen | 10:04 AM

It's finally warm out!!!

Sarah | 10:05 AM

Good news: Almost the weekend, basketball tourney starts today, one day closer to April 18th!

Anonymous | 10:07 AM

It's almost Spring Break and my little sister's overlaps with me and my twin's. My youngest sister is in high school and still living at home so we all 4 get to be together again soon :)

Heatte | 10:07 AM

This is such a cool giveaway!

The good news is that this summer my husband and I are both going back to school! Him to fix a few grades and then start on his Master's, and me to start working on applying to our college's school of nursing. It's going to be crazy while we both work full time and alternate schedules to keep Jack out of daycare... but I'm so ready! :D

Nicole | 10:07 AM

Good news...I've been home for a year with my daughter and we are still managing to pay for groceries...success!

Glad to hear you are feeling better!

SpillingOutBeautiful | 10:08 AM

Good News: Tonsillectomy isn't as terrible as I perceived! Day 3 and I'm goin strong!


Anonymous | 10:08 AM

We finally got a sitter for our 3 year old and the hubby and i get to for the first time ever go all out for St. Patricks Day! bring on the green beer!!

April and Roel | 10:09 AM

A year ago today, we were leaving Children's Hospital Boston because my son had just had surgery to correct a congenital heart defect. The good news? He's doing great and it looks like he won't need further surgery! And his baby sister had an echocardiogram earlier this week and her heart is healthy!

Margaret | 10:09 AM

Good news? Tomorrow we'll hit 70! In Philadelphia! Hallelujah! I actually ate lunch outside with my one-year-old today.

Christina | 10:10 AM

So glad you feel better!

My good is my parents' wedding anniversary. 21 years! Way to go mom and dad!


Liz L | 10:11 AM

Good news......I have more/less 6 weeks left in my pregnancy!!!!!

Breezy | 10:14 AM

Good news=my hubby started his job last week (after 4 years of school and the past 10mos searching/no job). We can pay the bills! Never thought I'd be so happy to pay bills.

Roxanne | 10:14 AM

Those are adorable!

My good news? It's pay day tomorrow and, for once, the money is not ALL GONE before I get it. Which means? Buying the kiddo a totally awesome race car bed that I've been promising him since FOREVER.

Anonymous | 10:15 AM

after years of trying for a baby and many losses, i am celebrating my little one who will be turning two on the 31st! his name: Ollie

famousamy | 10:16 AM

Good news - I had a meeting with the Sr. Director (3 levels above me) today and went surprisingly well today. :-)

Fat Bottomed Girl | 10:17 AM

good news... I still have 3 weeks until my in-laws return from Florida, woohoo!!

samantha | 10:17 AM

My good news? My mom got a second interview at a place she REALLY wants to work after looking for work for over four years. Hope she gets it!!!

samanthajocampen at gmail

Laurie Ann | 10:19 AM

My good news is that the dogwoods and Bradford Pear trees are in bloom, and while I still miss my great home state ~ California ~ my time here in the south is a-okay and someday I will return home.

cora d | 10:19 AM

My mom and spring have arrived in time for Baby 2!

Love these- thanks for sharing.


AudreyC | 10:20 AM

Good news: I leave for a week in Maui, no kids, with my husband on Sunday!

emily | 10:23 AM

Those plates are so cute! The good news is that I started running again this week for the first time since becoming preggo with my son a year and a half ago AND it's the first nice day this year so I'm heading outside today!

The Kellys | 10:23 AM

Good/bittersweet news: I just ordered the party favors for my daughter's 1st birthday! I'm excited that I found something I love. :)

Robyn | 10:25 AM

Good News? I didnt have to wear a coat to work this morning & I'm thinking about breaking out sandals this weekend?

Contact Info:

Hiker - Kelly B | 10:25 AM

My good news is I got an adorable picture of my 22 month old and 2 week old in their green shirts this morning with both of them looking at the camera!!

Kacy | 10:26 AM

Good News:
*We get to find out the sex of our baby next week!
*Today is the last day of school before spring break! We are both teachers and can't wait to spend this break with our wild two year old!!

Kacy | 10:27 AM

Good News:
*We get to find out the sex of our baby next week!
*Today is the last day of school before spring break! We are both teachers and can't wait to spend this break with our wild two year old!!

KneuroKnut | 10:27 AM

Good news. I am 35 weeks pregnant and today I did 55 minutes of cardio and feel better than ever!

ste | 10:29 AM

The sun is shining and I will be able to meet my new baby in two weeks.

Marcela | 10:36 AM

Good news:

My house is clean and toddler and I are off to the park!!!

Sarah (mrsgryphon) | 10:38 AM

So cute!

My good news? I think I convnced my very skeptical and too-wise-for-her-years 5 year old that the leprechauns came and turned our milk green last night with leprechaun magic :)

Kerry | 10:39 AM

I am pregnant with twin girls due in July!

Samantha | 10:40 AM

Oh I love reading everyone's happy news!

My happy news is that work has flown by today, I've finished a lot of writing and my fiance and I are going to a hockey game tonight. Yay happy! at gmail dot com

Caitlyn | 10:42 AM

My good news is that I'm almost done with finals week and should be on dean's list for this quarter! Excited.

Glad you're feeling better and I'm so, so jealous of your pregnancy. TWINS! Oh, how I want multiples. Congrats and good luck!

Maggie | 10:42 AM

I love that I need to write something good, because frankly, I've been having a little pity party today.

After a terrible conversation with a family member last night in which we were forced to talk about uncomfortable issues, I had very graphic and unsettling nightmares, which today, I can't stop replaying in my head.

SO what's good? I'm going to rise above it. I'm actively deciding that I can only control what I do and what I say. So I am going to DO and SAY what I believe is right, no matter how uncomfortable it makes others (because they refuse to address issues head on and instead decide to be the mother of all enablers) Whoops, okay, really rising above it now!

Jen | 10:44 AM

My daughter's first birthday is a week from Friday! And I've been able to nurse her for a whole year. And a week from Friday, I'm storing the pump in the basement and NOT looking at it again until I have another baby a really long time from now.

Unknown | 10:44 AM

I live in Chicago and I went outside today WITHOUT A COAT. All hail spring!

Lisa K. | 10:45 AM

2-year molars and the time change have combined forces to cause our 22.5 month-old to revert to two naps a day :D

suzanne | 10:46 AM

If you see the thermometer finally break the 60 degree mark and you need your sunglasses to go means spring is finally arriving in the cold, snow beaten Northeast and that is GREAT news to me!

Navigating the Mothership | 10:48 AM

My good news - the snow is FINALLY melting here in Mpls and we can go out in non-winter coats today. I'm thrilled.

Jen | 10:50 AM

While I may be home with a sick boy today, it is warm enough to crack some windows open, air out the winter stink from our house, and hear the killdeer chasing each other in our back field. AND we found a nesting pair of bald eagles in the trees on the back of the field! Yay for spring!

Erin | 10:52 AM

Happy news??? I LOVE my job and am realizing everyday that I am actually good at it!!

Jilly | 10:56 AM

My good news is that I feel content. No worries about money, marriage, or kids. Everyone is FINE. (also, my husband is adorable so, you know - WINNING!)

SAHSHA | 10:58 AM

Good news: Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!! This weekend is one with no plans, lists or anything. PRAISE BE TO GOD!

SAHSHA | 10:58 AM

Oh I'm at:
calypsorodeo at yahoo dot com

Jennifer | 11:02 AM

The good news is the exterminator is here dealing with my termite infested house. Yay!

Philippa | 11:02 AM

We had a completely shit winter for a variety of reasons, and today the sun is shining and I am finally ready to say that the horrorshow that was Winter 2011 is DONE!!!!


Melissa Faye | 11:02 AM

Good news: Green Beer

Aw yeah.

Laurie | 11:03 AM

Good news: my parents are babysitting Saturday night so I get to go out with my husband!

Katie | 11:04 AM

Good news - my baby girl (10 weeks old) is sleeping through the night! Yeehaw! :)
contact info:

Anonymous | 11:05 AM

Good news is that at 15 weeks, I've FINALLY stopped randomly puking! (Of course, bad news...I've likely just jinxed myself very badly.) So excited that I get to have you as my blogger belly buddy!

Unknown | 11:06 AM

My good news: In exactly three weeks I will find out the gender of the babe in my belly!

Katie | 11:06 AM

Good news is my baby girl (10 weeks old) is sleeping through the night! Yeehaw!
contact info:

Sarah | 11:06 AM

Forget good news, I have great news . .my son recently was okayed to stop wearing his brace. After 2.5 years and major surgery, we are without a brace! WooHoo!

jessica k | 11:07 AM

I'm not pregnant. Here's why: I want another child (I have 2) very badly, but we don't have medical coverage on our insurance plan yet. So me not being pregnant right now is good, unfortunately.

J | 11:07 AM

I am so happy about the weather! My husband is a teacher and spring break is next week. We aren't going anywhere so I'm looking forward to enjoying the nice weather while we are off of work. Also working on our son's room so we can move him out of the nursery to make room for his baby brother coming in July!!

Catherine | 11:07 AM

When I was pregnant and didn't want to send a "real" picture of me for our Christmas card, we had Olliegraphic Christmas cards made that were perfect! We still love them.

Good news? it's 80 degrees in Tallahassee today and I get to spend tomorrow home with my fabulous little girl.

Meg | 11:10 AM

Good news for today - I'm wearing a skirt and a sweater, but no tights and no coat! Hooray for spring :)

Ariel T | 11:10 AM

it is in the 60s here in gloomy Columbus and the sun is finally shining!!!

Anonymous | 11:11 AM

Well, we've had a bit of a tough month in these parts, but this week has been an awesome turning point (gorgeous weather, spring blooms, future's so bright gotta wear shades kinda days) AND...a dear friend just called this morning to say that there's going to be one more bright little soul in the world round about Nov 2011! What's better news than a new babe (or two?) :)

Kayley Maybe | 11:13 AM

The GREAT news: Expecting my second child in November. I can't think of better news than that.

Kari582 | 11:15 AM

Good news- my daughter is napping! Yea! And I'm going to go take a nap very soon too!

Lisa A | 11:18 AM

Good news is that spring is here and our weather is beautiful! So glad to be able to take my little guy outside to play on the swings! =)

ERO | 11:19 AM

My husband has been out of work and now has not one, but TWO job offers! They are both great possibilities.

Anonymous | 11:20 AM

I just made dark chocolate/orange cupcakes with fresh-squeezed orange juice frosting <3
Before my daughter was born in '09, I couldn't even boil water.

kerrie | 11:20 AM

I bought a pair of skinny cords around Christmas that were too big and with all the chaos I never had time to return them. Now, 4 months later and 10 lbs later I can fit into them...yeah...good news! Right? It's called looking on the bright side :)

Anonymous | 11:21 AM

My good news - I only have 10 weeks of pregnancy left! I can't wait to meet my little baby bird. :)

Diane | 11:24 AM

My daughter is getting a reading medal tomorrow!

Daina | 11:24 AM

Good news: I finally took the plunge and bought Peeps and Cadbury mini-eggs. Yum. And I tried out my first vlog post this week!

Love those plates! So cute!

Mary | 11:27 AM

Absolutely adorable! Best news: We are on the potty training bandwagon! I can see the light at the end of this very very long tunnel! Good news: It's supposed to be in the high 70's tomorrow! YIPPEE!


Anonymous | 11:28 AM

I'm going on vacation tomorrow to Washington DC!

Stacey | 11:31 AM

Good news: We were at the park this morning and I have a sleeping child and a tired puppy.

Kelly | 11:32 AM

Good news...its St.Patrick's Day and I can see the parade from my office window!

Anonymous | 11:32 AM

good news? I'm successfully smiling through adversity!

Megan | 11:34 AM

My good's spring break for my husband and 60/70 degree weather! So lots of family time and enjoying the beautiful weather! :)

Julie | 11:34 AM

It's sunny and 60 degrees and we played outside for a few hours today (We're in the northeast so this has been a LONG time coming!)

Anonymous | 11:35 AM

Today is the eve of my 32nd birthday and it feels great! The sun is shining, my little one is napping and life is good!

Kate | 11:39 AM

GOOD NEWS! The sun came out today!

Sarah | 11:41 AM

I finally met the man of my (better than I could have ever imagined) dreams. :-)

Unknown | 11:47 AM

Good news = our new baby girl is so sweet and edible and her big brother is in love with her. Congrats on your big news!

dawn | 11:47 AM

We get the keys to our very first house tomorrow. We will be broke forever but at least we won't be paying rent anymore.

orngpikkle (at) sbcglobal. net

Caitlin Carroll | 11:47 AM

The good news is I don't have to tweet/blog/facebook this giveaway in order to enter! :)

But actually... my real good news is that we're moving to a HOUSE in two weeks and I am thrilled to have two bedrooms and a backyard! (we are in a tiny one-bedroomed basement apartment now with our toddler... it's cramped).

caitlinpcarroll AT gmail DOT com

Caley | 11:48 AM

Good News! My husband is on his way home for the weekend! Oh, and my 6 month old FINALLY figured out how to get from his tummy to his back, so no more screaming on the floor!

caley22 @ hotmail . com

Unknown | 11:49 AM

Good News! This month is my sweet Stella's adoption day! One year ago, she officially became my best friends daughter, and my new best friend.

MJ | 11:51 AM

My blah news: My husband is going to China for 3 weeks for work and leaving me with our 3-month-old baby.

My good news: My (working/very busy) parents are flying out for 1 1/2 of those weeks to visit, cook, and take care of us while hubs is away. Yay!

contact info -

Christy | 11:52 AM

My good news is that I am as pregnant as you are, and it is only one little baby! :)

SassyCassie | 11:52 AM

Good News: My son is gaining weight and kicking cancer's ass! :)

Jack's Mama | 11:53 AM

I love that your new posts having been showing up during my sons nap time :) It nice to take a break for a minute and read great blog posts!

Tasha | 11:54 AM

Good news--my brother and sister-in-law are coming for a visit tomorrow. Great weekend to come!

reena | 11:55 AM

My baby is napping and given that she totally skipped her nap yesterday this really is good news.

Amber | 11:59 AM

Good news: After a challenging day with my 3 yr old yesterday, he's back to his sweet self today and his 7 mo. old brother slept relatively decently last night. The combo of these two things equals one very happy mommy.

Unknown | 12:00 PM

my good news is that everyone in my household is well again. And Spring is almost here!

Lauren | 12:00 PM

Good news is that my son (20 years olds) has suddenly turned the corner from mostly defiant and whining to being very happy and go lucky and (mostly) listening.

Claire | 12:03 PM

I learned how to make reusable snack bags. They are super easy and so cute! Adios, ziploc bags...

And my in-laws are coming next week and they're building my son a swingset! Hooray!

B&B | 12:03 PM

Good news: The weather is beautiful outside, I have a fun, busy weekend to look forward to, and the baby is taking a nap so I can space out on the interwebz for a little while!

ariel_johnson at hotmail dot com

Annie | 12:04 PM

Good News: my husband was offered a great new job, and our baby girl turns one tomorrow!

LiciaLee | 12:05 PM

good news:Spring is here! We got a lawn mower! I'm done with all my laundry!

Emily | 12:09 PM

Some good news from Cleveland is that I can see the sun today!! I guess it's the little things that make me happy! :)

Elizabeth | 12:17 PM

My good news is that I am taking the big leap and will be marrying the man I love in June! Those plates and pillows are tre magnific!

binreddy | 12:19 PM

My good news is when I told my daughter, "I love you" this morning, she answered back "I love you more."

Sarah | 12:35 PM

It's Spring Break next week, so my husband will have an entire 10 days to relax and not think about nursing school.

And he might even clean the kitchen too.

Serenity Now | 12:36 PM

My good news is that after spending last night in the ER with our 2 year old running a 104 fever - TODAY, he is feeling much better and I'm so relieved!

Thanks for the giveaway - super cute stuff!!

Andrea | 12:43 PM

I can actually see the bottom of my desk at work today!

Andrea | 12:44 PM

Good news: Only 51 days until the Kentucky Derby! (we love it here in Louisville :) )

Cat | 12:46 PM

My daffodils bloomed this morning! BOOM! They were just buds yesterday. Spring is here, and it smells SO GOOD.

And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils

WasStephHere | 12:47 PM

It is 65 degrees in Omaha, March!! It's a beautiful day and my daughter finally gets to spend some time outside. Makes us both happy!!! Tomorrow is my 28th birthday AND Monday we leave for San Francisco for a whole week!!!
Can't get much better than that!!



Rachel | 12:49 PM

My family who I rarely get to see are coming to visit next week! I can't wait!

The Brullooly Family | 12:49 PM

I finally got my voice back after being sick! Yeah me!

amber dot mullooly at gmail dot com

Jenny | 12:51 PM

My good news - my daughter's birthday is coming up. after years of only planning boy birthdays, i finally get to plan a cute girly one. so fun! :)

Deidre | 12:51 PM

My good news is that I am finally below my prepregnancy weight!

Rachel | 12:52 PM

My good news is that my family that I rarely get to see are coming to visit next week! Yea!

The Hojo Family | 12:52 PM

My good news! I am 40lbs. lighter!! I have reached the 40lb. mark after 8 weeks of hard work. A lot more to go, but I am well on my way!!! :-)

AngstyJen | 12:56 PM

Good news: Our 4-year-old daughter has moved out of our bed and into her own! Woo-hoo!

j | 1:01 PM

good news is that my mother in law is coming into town today and my husband an i will get to leave the premises for 2 nights!!!! sleep!!!!! we have 3 smalls and i'm massively pregnant with #4

Anonymous | 1:04 PM

Can I tell you how much I love that you're having twins?! You are a mother I totally admire! Congratultions! My good news is that I'm 46 days sober and I'm really effing happy!


Anonymous | 1:05 PM

I have battled some demons and am getting some work done on my dissertation! (

Mo | 1:05 PM

GOOD NEWS: I was able to take a walk outside with my kids today. Spring is so close I can taste it!

the king of carrot flowers | 1:07 PM

Our son is finally starting to eat proteins and vegetables after living off of only cheese for the first (nearly) 5 years of his life. Real food like tofu and chicken and salads. Ahh the light at the end of the "picky eater" tunnel- wouldn't this make the PERFECT reward.

Lea Wenski | 1:07 PM

My son is in a good mood today! contact is

Elizabeth | 1:14 PM

good news: the sun is shining, my wife and I both have jobs we love and find rewarding and challenging, my son is happy and healthy and hilarious, we are surrounded by lovely people... so much to be thankful for on the first beautiful day of spring!

contact: Elizabeth at

And HOORAY that you're feeling better! That is really great news!

Katie | 1:14 PM

Good news? My husband, a medical intern who works 80 hours a week, is off today and we're gonna go see Rango! katrinamarsh1[at]hotmail[dot]com

Melissa | 1:15 PM

yay for feeling better!

Good news of the day: every meeting/interaction of the day has ended with laughing. Can't ask for anything better than that!

PS the captcha for this comment was "bless". I'll take it!

Janel | 1:15 PM

I just found out my third child is a girl! I'll have three sisters to raise by the end of the summer, and I couldn't be happier :)

Unknown | 1:18 PM

Good news! My husband just got a promotion and an awesome raise! I'm on cloud nine and so relieved.

Kelly | 1:19 PM

Good news? TRIPLETS!!!
Better news? I have three sisters eager to be aunties. :o)

Margaret | 1:19 PM

My little guy turns 3 on Saturday! We're throwing a truck party. It's going to be a great day!

Lindsey Smith | 1:20 PM

I found out today my little girl, Epperly, is growing good according to her ped & my stepdaughter will be here tomorrow! Yay! :) contact info:

karla | 1:21 PM

I love this cute little plate set!
My good news is TODAY, I finally got a diagnosis for my son after 5.5 years of dr's visits. Now, I'm running my first marathon this Sunday to benefit Autism Speaks & it means SO much more <3 Stop by my page to see!

Anonymous | 1:23 PM

My 1 year old son and I were in a drunk-driver caused car wreck yesterday and both of us are 100% fine. Feeling very thankful and lucky today!

EB | 1:25 PM

My good news is that three weeks of strict bed rest are done. Only nine more to go before we get to meet our little dude!

andrea.d | 1:29 PM

It is a happy day for me since it is my little guy's first birthday! This Olliegraphic set would be such a lovely gift!

andy-dj (at) shaw (dot) ca

emily bilbrey | 1:29 PM

so much cute!!! love this!

my good news? poppy has started potty training (her own idea with little prompting from her dad & i) with 100% success - zero accidents! never in a million years did i expect this to happen at under a year old, so this is a very pleasant surprise! (;

super glad to hear you're feelign better! that's wonderful news. xoxo!

Courtney | 1:31 PM

My husband was able to feel the baby kick this week (we're expecting our first, due in early August)

chicdeac *at* gmail

Hespyhesp | 1:32 PM

My good news is... I've had fun pinching my coworkers today, but nothing is better than getting to pinch your boss! hehehe

Allison | 1:33 PM

Good News: My hubs is back from a year in Iraq. Safe.

Sara Cunningham | 1:34 PM

It's sunny outside!

the monkeys' mama | 1:35 PM

My Good News is constant every day when I read it in the Gospel (literally "Good News"!) but specifically today my good news is that my daughter was sick through the night but hasn't been sick at all today--I was thinking it would last 24-hours and it was only 12--now that is awesome!

L.L. | 1:35 PM

Weighed myself this morning and I am down 2lbs so far this week, which is particularly exciting because I am not on a "diet," I just made healthy adjustments in what I feed myself & my family (including many WWW Eat Well recipes!!). The only thing better than losing weight is losing weight without trying/deprivation/killing yourself working out.

Kate | 1:36 PM

The laundry is all done!

(For the moment at least)

fallgirly | 1:43 PM

My good news is I got laid off last week (with a severance) and now I get to spend some time with my almost 2 year old before I hunt for a new job!

Unknown | 1:45 PM

my good news - I recently moved to a new city and have already found 2 great sushi places. loving it!

bryn | 1:48 PM

my good news? the sellers accepted our offer on their house and submitted it to their lender for approval. all that's left to do is wait and hope! :) ADORABLE plate, btw. bryn(dot)hollis(at)gmail(dot)com <3

Sam | 1:50 PM

Good news...I am going to New Orleans to see The Civil Wars next week! With my best friend forever! I haven't been to NOLA in I'm excited.

These dishes are the cutest! My 3 year old would LOVE a plate!

Unknown | 1:50 PM

great news: spring might actually be here - enjoying taking long walks both on my own and with friends

Christy | 1:50 PM

My good news is my 2 year old is napping. Daylight savings time is killing us, so this nap is such good news for me.

jinxy112 at gmail dot com

Tanna | 1:51 PM

I get to be a stay at home mom because of my lovely and loving husband! tannanye[at]hotmail[dot]com

Whitney | 1:56 PM

My good news? For the first time in months I have a little clarity about my job situation. And I feel great.

Yoga Susie | 2:05 PM

Good news - my 16 month old slept for 7 hours straight last night without waking up once...which has never happened. I feel like a million bucks today!

Sarah C. | 2:06 PM

Spring has sprung here in San Diego. Yipee!

chisparoja | 2:09 PM

My good news - I am (finally) pregnant after trying for 18 mos! :)

Kristen | 2:15 PM

My good news...My cute husband teared up at our daughter's preschool conference (I know...preschool conferences!) when the teacher said, "L smiles a lot."

Proud mama, happy wife, sappy hubs, happy kid. Good news.

Rachel | 2:15 PM

My good news...Saturday night we are hosting our first monthly Taco Night for friends and family. We don't get to see them so often and now that we have space to entertain we are making it happen. So far 42 people (adults and kids) have replied yes. Can't wait for the fun!


Anonymous | 2:18 PM

my good news, spring is here, which means we can play outside and tire the kiddo out!!! also means she sleeps more. ftw!

Alyssa | 2:21 PM

Meeting deadlines!

wonderchris | 2:25 PM

Neat-o!! Good news - it will be dry outside next week for at least one day!! :D Also, tulip are favorite. :)

Love her work - those plates/pillows are TOO cute!

Unknown | 2:30 PM

My good news is that I'm in my 2nd trimester and had dreams about a baby girl last night. So even if I have another boy, the girls dreams were fun!


Greg and Alyssa | 2:30 PM

My good news is spring seems to have finally arrived in Michigan! Those plates are too cute.

christine | 2:32 PM

good news = I finished all my work and can now go enjoy a hot shower while my son naps :)

Molly | 2:33 PM

On Sunday I am going to Haiti to work on a literacy project--making me feel like my work as an English teacher really does matter to empower people in the world. Good news! You can get in touch with me on twitter @infarmol.

Christen | 2:34 PM

Good news... after 5 months, I got some much needed vitamin k! Thanks, sunshine!!

Anonymous | 2:38 PM

these are so cute! I love this - Great news, would be that the sun if finally shining and its a whopping +4 up here in the North!! bikes, strollers, and sunglasses come out! :)

Annika | 2:38 PM

We're getting our tax return tomorrow and I can finally replace my computer!

Sarah | 2:38 PM

Adorbs! I have a little nephew who's LOVE that!

t. | 2:41 PM

My son walked today! And on his 14 month birthday. Happy St Pattys all around!

K-dawg | 2:47 PM

Spring is here! Robins are singing, snow is melting, the bikes are out, and we are outside again for hours and hours after a five month hiatus....ahhh...
fridgeart at gmail dot com

JachiCue | 2:50 PM

My son and I are making shamrock cookies in honor of his Irish heritage. It's exciting to start traditions with him. So cookies = good news.

Rachel | 2:53 PM

My good news is that my husband found my W-2, previously thought to have been thrown away. Who knew I'd be so happy to get to do my taxes?
contact info:

Melt Momma's Heart | 2:57 PM

Our good news: after four weeks of feeling like pond slime, everyone in our house is healthy again! Yay!

- mUMmYkINs | 3:06 PM

Its my birthday!

Beth | 3:07 PM

Good news - my little girl is turning 3, her party is all planned with an Olivia theme! I'm a librarian, so fun activities from the awesome books - even some Pollack inspired painting activities - how that goes remains to be seen on Saturday!! I think I am more excited than she is!!


LC | 3:07 PM

for me: picked up a great new volunteer gig today helping families of oncology patients
for you: i know not one, not two, but THREE people who had 2 kids followed by twins (one currently has all four under age four!) and all lived happily, though hectically, ever after!

Melissa | 3:08 PM

The weather is GORGEOUS today!

Meghan | 3:15 PM

I am 12 weeks pregnant! So happy about this!
weskislow at gmail dot com

Abi | 3:18 PM

Good news... the snow is *almost* gone from my yard! The babies and I were able to play outside. The neighbor's son gave my soon-to-be-4 year old her first Lacrosse lesson and she is beyond thrilled!

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