GGGiveaway: Olliegraphic Plate Set

**Updated with winner, below!**
A few weeks back the lovely Meg from Olliegraphic sent Fable a personalized plate inspired by her new 'do. (See above.) Fable (and I) loved it so much I asked if she'd be willing to give away one of her plate sets here on GGC and she was delighted to. (Thanks, Meg!) So today, care of Meg at Olliegraphic, I'm giving away a personalized plate + dish set for a child in your life to enjoy. You can check out more of Meg's awesome stuff like these pillows (adorbs), growth charts, art prints and more, here. Everything is customizable to look like your child. Very cool.
To win a plate + bowl set? Tell me good news. Something happy. (My good news = I feel good! Sickness has left the building! Am almost fully functioning again! Knock on wood!) I'll choose a winner via on Monday and post it here. (Please don't forget to include your contact information so I can track you down!)

Thanks to Meg/Olliegraphic for the giveaway and everyone for participating! Much love.


Updated: Congrats to commenter #103, Erin who wrote: "Today is the eve of my 32nd birthday and it feels great! The sun is shining, my little one is napping and life is good!" Thanks to everyone for participating! Was wonderful reading about your good news and happy days. Love to all.


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lindsay | 7:52 PM

I got a job secured for the summer!

Rachel | 8:04 PM

My sister-in-law got married yesterday by the water in Florida, and it was beautiful!

amy | 8:51 PM

No bedrest this pregnancy, so thankful for a baby/sibling for brother to be born soon!!!

Bunny | 9:43 PM

Good news: I am done with school for the quarter and think I did really well!!!
Better news: My husband took BOTH kids to a museum today while I worked and everyone came home happy and in one piece!

Shuggins | 7:38 AM

The sun is shining for the first time over here. I ate my lunch in the park and not at my desk for the first time in 6 months!! Now that's as good a news as any

Anonymous | 8:15 AM

good news is that i had a fabulous weekend with my little family and we are getting new trees today. Hurray for Trees!

erin | 8:27 AM

my good news is that i'm done with an awful job and have prospects for a new (and much better) one!

Sally Mahoney | 8:34 AM

I have 2 wonderful great nieces and 1 wonderful great nephew! All beautiful and in good health! If I win one set I will have to buy two others -- this is good news for both me and for Meg! My contact information is

Leah | 8:47 AM

My good news from the weekend: My girl finally learned how to tie her own shoes--and she learned on a pair of pink, sparkly tennis shoes that she picked out herself. So I had the pleasure of watching her tie her sparkly shoes and run out the door to jump rope--and my heart was full to the bursting. Contact: Thanks. :)

Bea Bread | 10:59 AM

I am moving all by myself across the country!

Alyssa | 12:22 PM

Its really hard to find good news right now but the good news is that my child will be smart and cheerful and have a wonderful personality despite her recent diagnosis that will leave her wheelchair bound.

Alyssa | 12:25 PM

Its really difficult to find good news right now but my daughter will continue to be Smart and Cheerful despite her SMA diagnosis that will leave her wheelchair bound

Kristin | 1:54 PM

I don't know if this is closed or not, but today is my second child's due date and if he can't get around to popping out tonight he'll be arriving tomorrow morning!

michypete | 2:53 PM

My good news is that my baby cut his first two teeth and we made it through it! Yay!!

Melanie | 7:32 PM

I'm graduating from college on May 22nd, just 13 years after I first started!! Which is pretty awesome news and much, much looked forward to after all this time.
contact info: melaniecipher at gmail dot com

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