GGGiveaway: Olliegraphic Plate Set

**Updated with winner, below!**
A few weeks back the lovely Meg from Olliegraphic sent Fable a personalized plate inspired by her new 'do. (See above.) Fable (and I) loved it so much I asked if she'd be willing to give away one of her plate sets here on GGC and she was delighted to. (Thanks, Meg!) So today, care of Meg at Olliegraphic, I'm giving away a personalized plate + dish set for a child in your life to enjoy. You can check out more of Meg's awesome stuff like these pillows (adorbs), growth charts, art prints and more, here. Everything is customizable to look like your child. Very cool.
To win a plate + bowl set? Tell me good news. Something happy. (My good news = I feel good! Sickness has left the building! Am almost fully functioning again! Knock on wood!) I'll choose a winner via on Monday and post it here. (Please don't forget to include your contact information so I can track you down!)

Thanks to Meg/Olliegraphic for the giveaway and everyone for participating! Much love.


Updated: Congrats to commenter #103, Erin who wrote: "Today is the eve of my 32nd birthday and it feels great! The sun is shining, my little one is napping and life is good!" Thanks to everyone for participating! Was wonderful reading about your good news and happy days. Love to all.


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Kimberly M | 3:21 PM

my good news is that my sister is having her baby on tuesday!!! her twin two year-old's and i are very excited!

Cocktail Jen | 3:40 PM

My good news is that after more than a year of the "full-time work and daycare guilt-and-schlep" routine, I'm having my second son in June and I'm staying home with them both!

And I just love those plates and bowls! I think I see a lot of birthday gifts for my nieces coming from there this year...

Anonymous | 3:40 PM

Fantastic news: my daughter got into the alternative school we applied for. Core values: social justice, environmentalism, and community activism. I'm so excited and so relieved.

vlsp | 3:45 PM

Our first baby is due April 12, and I finally got the baby room all put together. Such a great feeling to have all those baby clothes cleaned and folded.

Unknown | 3:49 PM

"This will be an everlasting love" by Natalie Cole just came on in our kitchen - yes, indeed!

Christine | 3:53 PM

Good news... I painted my toenails awesome orange today! lol - it's the simple things that really rock!
christinestewart at msn dot com

Anonymous | 3:54 PM

Good news - it was the first beautiful spring day of the year, over in these parts... and I had the day off for it!

contact info - mdenise_mon@yahoo.@com

kathy | 4:09 PM

there was a hole in the bottom of my purse and I found 10 bucks in it!! contact:

robin | 4:19 PM

Yay for feeling better!!

Good baby boy is now at the age (1 month) where he can smile at me, and every time he does I feel giddy!

sweetb | 4:24 PM

omgeez. 209 comments already. that's a lot of good news.. hopefully someone telling you where the pot of gold is!! good news: only 10ish days till the new baby Heit is here!

Mrs. McKenna | 4:30 PM

I got a new job! I have 2 weeks vacation starting tomorrow! My kids are happy and healthy!

Becky | 4:34 PM

My good news is that we just bought our very first house! We are so excited to pack and move in next month. I've been having so much fun planning what colors to paint rooms and what vegetables and flowers to plant in our many garden beds!

Anonymous | 4:48 PM

good news=i didn't burn dinner today. | 5:08 PM

My 2.5 only vomitted 3 x today.....! Yesterday was 7 and the day before 5!:)

Kathryn | 5:18 PM

Some good news? My morning sickness has left too! Also, it's been nice enough lately I've been able to take walks around the neighborhood with my son and dog!

(booney209 at yahoo dot com)

Kristin | 5:28 PM

Good News- I am getting BACK into crazy good shape for the first time in, like, 8 years. I am FEELING so damn good! Woot!

e. | 5:30 PM

My good news? I quit the job that I HATED and I'm starting fresh and following my bliss!

Hoping For Hunter | 5:30 PM

My snow is melting. My preemie is finally crawling. My freelance writing is taking off. We move into our new house in five weeks. All good news. :)


Good news: I've finally got our household budget whipped into shape!

If I don't win this one, I may have to buy a set for my little guy. Too cute!

~ Noelle

Anonymous | 5:42 PM

I love it! My good news is my daughter Caden (age 7) and I were dressed head to toe in green today and went to the school early to pinch everyone who forgot. It was SO Much fun! Missy

kristi | 5:43 PM

my good news is that today i found a midwife to use! i'm very excited!!!

betsy | 5:43 PM

Spring is here! That's the greatest news ever after the longest Indiana winter ever!!!

Betsy King

michi | 5:54 PM

The plates are super cute! My baby is only 6 months old and can't eat on her own yet, but she can learn with this plate!

Josie | 5:59 PM

Adorbs for sure! Good news? I just paid off my car for the first time ever...(of course, that means it is due to break down and cost bazillions any minute now...but you want GOOD news!) josie_feen(at)yahoo

Amy | 6:12 PM

i got a full time offer from my work...working from home, with benefits!!!!! can i get a hell yeah!!! $800+ a month-out of pocket no longer leaving the building. major sighs of relief over here.

Anonymous | 6:15 PM

My friend is having her baby any day now!

Unknown | 6:20 PM

good news - I got to wear flip flops today and a tshirt without 3 layers on top.
It's a small victory... but seeing as I am JUST starting to see our grass again after MONTHS of being covered in snow it's GREAT NEWS!

TMW | 6:21 PM

Good news is I am hanging as best as I can after returning to work in January after having my third. The complicating factors being that I live in the suburbs of DC and my husband just got a new job in Philly. I'm tired but we are all healthy and dad rejoins us every Friday for the weekend.

Meghan Elaine | 6:31 PM

Happy here because...although I locked my kids in the car at the grocery store (I know, awesome Mom)...cheers for AAA because they got there in less than 10 minutes and my kids didn't even get what was going on.

hyatt | 6:34 PM

I went to the park today and watched the ducks with my son - it was so much better than just parking it on the couch after work!

Anonymous | 6:35 PM

My good boy has done a kick ass job at reading this school year and has now been released from Title 1 reading!! Go Ryder James!


The Jorgensen's | 6:37 PM

Good news... It's finally warm enough at our house to play outside. My kids are in heaven!

tonya | 6:39 PM

The kitchen is done! and with six weeks to spare until our first baby arrives... also, the swollen feet have eased up.

Anonymous | 6:40 PM

Prince William is in my city today! And my husband is making carrot cake!

Barb | 6:44 PM

Good news: I started feeling the baby in my belly move! Very fun.

Melinda O. | 6:47 PM

My good news? My sister is pregnant (first one at 40!) and we are planning her baby shower tomorrow!

melinda.oneill at gmail dot com

Andrea | 6:47 PM

My happy thought is that I'm really enjoying trying new fruits and vegetables. I love pomelos. Tonight, I picked up my first ugli fruit.

Ashley | 6:48 PM

Good news? I'm headed on a small vacay to see family. That's good right?

Tricia | 6:57 PM

My good news is that I got to ski with my 4 year old daughter today for the first time, and she did awesome! It's something new and wonderful that we can do together every winter-- so special! Contact: pmenzie(at)hotmail(dot)com

Margie | 7:04 PM

what a super sweet giveaway! I'm checking out the growth charts after I comment. Good news, you say? It was a truly beautiful day here in Indiana with sun and warm temperatures and a walk to the playground and grilling for dinner... just the thing we needed, and truly wonderful news for those of us who get the February blues. milagrobeancat(at)yahoo(dot)com

Unknown | 7:14 PM

My good news...well...I got watch GLEE all by myself the other day without any interruptions. Oh the little things...

The plate is adorable! And I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better. AWESOME!

Lin | 7:19 PM

Squee! How CUTE are these?!

Good news: We've finally got my 4.5 month old daughter's sleep situation figured out. Now I get time with my husband in the evening, the baby is well rested, and I'm starting to feel sane again! Plus I LOVE getting up to cuddle with her in the night when she nurses. Happy Happy!

-A | 7:20 PM

I start a new (full time!) job on Monday!

Anonymous | 7:27 PM

i co-chaired the carnival at my son's school and last night it went off without a hitch. aw yeaaah!

MadEnoughWorld | 7:32 PM

my good new is i have a job after a long time of un and partial employment and...i love it!!

kfoxman | 7:38 PM

I'm actually AHEAD on all my work projects (what?!?). Feels so good not to have anything hanging over me!

Anonymous | 7:53 PM

Good news: I have a delightful baby girl so I can participate! It's cheesy, but I love that girl like crazy. sheaemily (at) hotmail (dot) com. Thanks! Emily F

Kristen | 8:11 PM

Good news? I have Friday off!!!!!!!!!!!

e,c,e,m | 8:11 PM

My kids are both free of preschool viruses and the park near our house has been amazing. Love these!

duck | 8:11 PM

my good youngest first tooth (finally!!) broke through and he just rolled over back to front for the first time! He was so SO proud of himself.
contact info;

Cindy | 8:12 PM

My baby girl is finally potty trained!

denese | 8:12 PM

I took a pregnancy test today! And it was positive! I positively believe the test told me the truth. My husband and I are so excited to give our 2 1/2 year old daughter a little brother or sister. You are wonderful. Just saying.

Unknown | 8:23 PM

8 week old sleeping through the night!!

Mellie | 8:33 PM

Good news! My father-in-law is officially in remission!

Unknown | 8:37 PM

My good news is that my little girl is so happy and healthy!

Sarah | 8:38 PM

I am enjoying my first vacation in two years! Life is sunny.

Unknown | 8:44 PM

Good news: I gave my sweet baby girl her first ride in the swing this week. She is almost 8 months old and (along with her wild man 2.5 year old brother) fills me up with love, love, love.

p.s.thanks for the Stars video.loved it!

Francesca | 8:47 PM

Good news: we are enjoying weather in the mid-70s, after having snow on Monday. Work closed early today due to the holiday and great weather. Looking forward to the long, wide-open weekend!

Francesca | 8:49 PM

Good news is that we are enjoying weather in the mid-70s today, after having nasty wet snow on Monday. Work closed early today due to the holiday and weather. Looking forward to a long, wide-open weekend!

Anonymous | 8:50 PM

My good news: I'm leaving for a week on the beaches of Guam. I don't feel unsafe in Japan, just tired of the media and constantly anxious!

Liliana | 9:01 PM

Glad you are feeling better! That's great news! My good news- just found out today that my little dude is on the list for our fav little Montessori preschool in the fall. Woot! lildictators(at)gmail(dot)com

Greg Gandenberger | 9:14 PM

Good news: My sister is out of the hospital! Hooray!

Jenni C. | 9:23 PM

LIFE IS GOOD! I have a wonderful husband who works especially hard so that I can stay at home with our adorable, healthy, happy little boys.

writtenbliss | 9:32 PM

My happy news is that I'm starting to fit into my skinny jeans again! YAY!

Bea Bread | 9:41 PM

I am planning on making a major move across the country all alone! I am excited for a change and can't wait to start over somewhere completely different. And also, I am completely free and clear to make this decision for myself and it feels great! Yay for new everything!

Unknown | 9:45 PM

My good news is that I met a new neighbor today who has a daughter the same age as my son - finally another little kid on the block to play with!

Amanda | 10:00 PM

My GREAT NEWS- spent the day with some great friends and our cutie godsons! LOVE THAT FAMILY!

Kila Bell | 10:14 PM

~Good News~ I'm about to complete my 30 day whittle your middle challenge in TWO days and feel great!

Lindsey | 10:16 PM

Good news-- it's finally bedtime in toddlerland ;)

MrsHanna | 10:38 PM

My sweet angel baby will have a new cousin born the same year! YAY Cousins!!!....and he laughs in his sleep :)

Anonymous | 10:43 PM

I auditioned for a small jazz ensemble choir and earned a spot as one of the four sopranos - I just got back from our first rehearsal and am feeling sooo exhilarated and excited about the music and the people. Yay!

Unknown | 10:51 PM

Today is my birthday and I received a fabulous gift. My 8 month old son got his first tooth!

Unknown | 10:53 PM

My good news is I got 10 hours of sleep last night! In a row!

Amazingly good news.


Dassy Cotlar | 10:57 PM

My five month old daughter has not seen my sister since she was five weeks old. My sis is coming into town tomorrow! I can't wait for them to reconnect and bond!( Beautiful set)contact info:

Anonymous | 10:59 PM

My baby calls me momma. All the time now. And it's the best thing EVER. Achavez2007 AT gmail

Deb and Mike | 11:44 PM

My good news is that my husband bought me sweet new pajamas and a red velvet cupcake (my favorite) when I returned from an out of town trip last week. That's after 30 years of marriage!! We have an incredible three-year-old granddaughter who would love the plate.

Kari | 1:53 AM

It's Friday - so nothing but two lovely days of baby and husband on the horizon!

Katy L | 3:06 AM

So cute! I would love this for my baby girl, Rosie. She's 8 months old and is loving solids. My good news is I made chocolate Guinness cupcakes yesterday, and I had one for breakfast this morning. Whoops. (

Shaina | 3:35 AM

My good news is that i feel better today than yesterday, and also that i get to have lunch with my mama today, and also that the 6 month old baby i nanny got weighed yesterday and he's put on over a pound in a month! he's 15lbs 12oz now and he was only 14lbs 2oz on valentine's day! awesome. he's awesome. yup.

danizeye | 4:22 AM

super cute plate! good news = now work today, so i get to spend the whole day with my lil one & create some birthday presents for my mom's birthday tomorrow!

Karen Chatters | 5:00 AM

The weather here is fabulous (Atlanta), my kids are amazing and my baby boy will be FINE after his surgery Monday. I am going to enjoy every minute of this weekend to the fullest.

kqholder @ gmail dot com

Tatiana | 5:10 AM

My good news is that my back hasn't hurt in two days! woohoo. 2 more months till baby gets here ;0)

Tsciancalepore at gmail dot com

trista | 5:13 AM

Today is my baby's first birthday!

tristamj at hotmail dot com

Trista | 5:17 AM

My happy, good thing - I'm sitting having a coffee with my three-month old son on my lap and my two-year old sitting next to me on the couch watching cartoons. Everyone is calm, happy and healthy for the moment. And my husband is on his way home with take-out coffee & breakfast - a rare weekday treat. Things are good. Contact:

Michelle | 6:19 AM

It's Friday and almost all the snow has melted in my front yard!!!!! And my cheesecake turned out!

therese | 6:24 AM

My good news...My husband and I are having a date night tomorrow and I can't wait. Not just a regular date night, but an OVERNIGHT date night. That means I can eat without entertaining/cleaning up a child, I can sleep in, I can read a book. I'm sure my husband has things he wants to do as well, we'll see! :)

Cathy | 6:31 AM

My good news is that Halifax, NS is without snow!!

roni | 6:35 AM

Good news = I just gave notice. Will now be home with my 3 yo and 8 yo. Too excited to leave the commuter crush...

Shawna | 6:36 AM

Good news? I have decided to shed the stress of my (un-stressed)husband being unemployed since October. Whatever will be, will be. It will all work out. There are others who make do on less . . .I'm making it my personal challenge to make do on even less.

Britta | 6:41 AM

Very cute!

Mar | 6:57 AM

Good news...its sunny and warm in Toronto, Canada!!! No more snow!!!

Sarah Y | 7:07 AM

My baby is in the hospital with RSV. Fantastically good news: he's doing better.

Anonymous | 7:10 AM

My good news is that I get to see my brother & his wife this weekend as they move from LA to New Hampshire (ouch- long drive!). Good thing we're exactly halfway in between the two- in Oklahoma. Those dishes/pillows are SUPER cute!!! Contact info:

Angie | 7:10 AM

GGGood News - It is slooooowly, but surely, becoming Spring in Wisconsin! I can't wait to take my 3 year old and 3 month old outside every day!

Rachel | 7:14 AM

I have a new baby nephew! The first child in that generation for my family. He is exactly 8 days old. But I would get the stuff made in my sister-in-law's image--she's a beautiful (of course) 7-year-old. If I am chosen, my email is rkjfarmer at gmail dot com.

Danielle | 7:17 AM

My good news is that the spring is making me feel as though anything is possible! I love this feeling and I need to tap into it with all of my might.

Head table | 7:20 AM

My good news..the little one finally figured out how to crawl forwards instead of backwards. Or is that good news?! Now he'll he all over the place!

Aimee | 7:36 AM

I too found out I was pregnant on Valentine's Day and I'm due
Oct 24th with our first baby! We couldn't be more happy! This very minute the GREAT news is..for the first time in 3 weeks I don't actually feel sick today. I'm hoping this lasts and I can enjoy the rest of my pregnancy.

Danielle | 7:36 AM

My good news is that this beautiful spring weather is making me feel like I can do anything!

DCD | 7:43 AM

Good's Friday, and I have a great weekend planned with my husband and toddler!

Andrea | 7:57 AM

What a cute dish set! Good news = I'm officially a stay at home mom now and I get to be with my baby girl every day!!


leaner | 8:01 AM

Good news... this baby is very healthy. I am looking forward to an easy birth, any flippin' day now. :)

Anonymous | 8:03 AM

I lovey-dovey-dove this! My good news is that the hubs and I are setting up a swing set for our four daughters this weekend and the weather couldn't be more lovely :) Congrats on les bebes btw!

SJ | 8:04 AM

chicken parmiagiana for dinner tonight! lady gaga concert tomorrow!

caressa | 8:12 AM

My good news is that my hubby and I just shared our 6-year anniversary! Dating anniversary, that is. We still celebrate :)


Toraason | 8:17 AM

Good News: We are going on a family camping trip this weekend! can't wait to relax and let the boys explore:)

Rhia | 8:18 AM

Good news! I can see the end of the enormous unplanned reno that has had me out of hour house for a month!

Beth | 8:22 AM

My good news is that on Tuesday my sister told me that here and her husband are expecting their first child. My children will have a new cousin!

Whitney | 8:26 AM

my good news is that in may i'm going to start a new job... finally as a classroom teacher!

Whitney | 8:27 AM

my good news is that i'm starting my dream job in May!!! Finally going to be a classroom teacher!

jess | 8:30 AM

My good news is that a) it's Friday and b) the forecast is beautiful sunny skies and warm weather for me and the family to enjoy together!

Anonymous | 8:32 AM

My good news of the day=check in the bank.

Great Googely Moogely | 8:40 AM

Good is picking up for my husband....the sun is out for me and the kiddos to enjoy....and I'm NOT pregnant!

thisismomma at gmail dot com

Bless with a Boy | 8:47 AM

Good News... It's Friday and my son has asked his father(my husband) and I to go to a comedy club with him and his friends. :-) Oh and it's payday. haha

Congrats on the twin! Now the kids will not have to fight over playing with one baby. There is so much love in your house there will be plenty for all!! :-)

contact info:

Anonymous | 9:04 AM

Good News...I figured out how to get my CD player to work again and my 11 month old is just beginning to learn to dance. It's hilarious!

Mama's Got Moxie | 9:22 AM

Good News: So much! My son finally pooped in the potty and not his pants, I got to help ref a roller derby scrimmage, got me some quite girly skates and got tickets to the rat city bout on saturday! YEOW!

Emily | 9:47 AM

I just finished one of the largest, most in depth environmental reports I have ever done. It's awesome that it's done!

Tatiana | 9:50 AM

It's Friday! That's all I've got.

Katie | 9:56 AM

My 11 month old slept for 5 solid hours last night. Which is not common since his teeth started flying in.

Amy | 10:18 AM

My family has been hanging on a thread, holding our breath waiting for news that will either shatter or mend ... in the midst of it, we're going to the beach for five days, to watch the storms and the whales and the growling sea, to bake bread and just be. That's good news -- that no matter what's over the horizon, we have us. ermsmails [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Karyn | 10:28 AM

My good news, I'm a teacher so I've been home all week for Spring Break spending amazing moments w/ my 19 mo. old. Fantastic week! superkk at hotmail

VeggieDelite | 10:41 AM

My good news is that my boyfriend got accepted to UC Santa Cruz (after 4 years at a community college) and now we don't have to move from our house when he starts in the fall!!

Abbe | 10:58 AM

I'm thrilled for a reason I'm not yet prepared to shout from the rooftops. But it is a very, very good reason and icing on the cake of my life. Can I keep it a secret a little longer?!

sierra | 11:07 AM

sweet baby Zazou is cutting her first tooth! I am thrilled & terrified (for my nips)

the bellyacher | 11:09 AM

My good news is that I'm feeling better after feeling flu-ish for the last 24 hours. Hooray! I hope your sickness goes too.


W | 11:12 AM

My good news: I had an ovarian cyst for the past couple months that had been really bothersome symptoms, and I had a follow up ultrasound yesterday... and it's gone!

Unknown | 11:26 AM

My good news: my parents are coming to visit tomorrow! They haven't seen the kids since Christmas! My email is TheKileys at gmail dot com

Sarah | 11:28 AM

My good news is that I'm expecting my first baby in June, I'm 8 weeks from graduating with my PhD, and I got my first job this year as a professor after 7 years in grad school.

Sarah | 11:30 AM

Oops - forgot my contact info: [Sarah the eternal grad student]

Vela | 11:35 AM

Good news . . . it's 70 degrees in NY after a long, cold, dark winter. Hello Spring!

Katie! | 11:37 AM

I love it! This week has been full of good news for me - I'm a 4th year medical student and I found out that I not only have a job starting in July but also that it is in my current town, meaning I don't have to leave my husband and 2 year old son to pursue my career. Also, this means that I can finally start telling people that I'm pregnant with a girl - 25 weeks! It's been a tough secret to keep.

I love the idea of listing good news and happy tidings. I hope everyone has something to share.

Amy B | 11:41 AM

Great news: I got into a Masters degree program this week, and was finally able to announce to work people that we're moving back to Chicago in June.

Alyssa | 11:47 AM

Good news: I'm pregnant :)

Jenn | 11:56 AM

IT IS SPRING!!! That is some very good news to be.

patty | 12:03 PM

Great news... and proud moment, my kindergarten age daughter read me the entire book of Green Eggs and Ham. I almost cried I was so proud!

And, those plates are adorable!

Rochelle | 12:31 PM

Good news = today is Friday and tomorrow we are taking our little family to the Sherwood Forest Faire!

Anonymous | 12:34 PM

My good news is we finally bought a house and are moving out of our small apartment on a busy street.


Houpley | 12:58 PM

my good news is that my three-year-old is going to put on a talent show for us tonight. should be good. there will be much singing and dancing and fake-reading.

bek77 | 1:12 PM

My sister's first baby is due in June!! I can hardly wait!!

sunkissis | 1:16 PM

Goody News: My 9 month daughter, Olivia said her first words...Daa Daa and whenever we change her diaper she says Boo Boo!!
*if I don't win, I'm buying the set anyway, mega cute!!*
You can contact me via my blog. :)

Michelle | 2:36 PM

My baby's brain looks normal in utero! (I had a scary week; technology is amazing, but sometimes too much information is crazy-making.)

Nalas | 3:13 PM

my good news is that my hubby bought me and my baby boy plane tickets to go home to california for a visit! so excited to leave alaska for a while!

Stephanie | 3:55 PM

My good news is Hubby and I get to go on TWO dates this week! Last night was dinner at a South African restaurant, and tomorrow is Malaysian food for lunch!
stefpie [at] gmail {dot} com

norah | 3:56 PM

Its spring in Chicago and my baby is finally over her month-and-a-half-long-catch-every-sickness-known-to-babykind spree! Might not make you happy but it makes my day!


tlr | 3:57 PM

My friend just had a baby boy today, 2 weeks before her scheduled C. Both are and doing well. : )
Thank you for the contest and congrats on the great news!!!

Jackie Zimmerman | 3:58 PM

The surgery I tried in August failed....we just tried again yesterday, and it worked! I'm on the real path to recovery finally!

norah | 3:59 PM

It's finally spring in Chicago and my baby is over her month-and-a-half-long-catching-every-illness-known-to-babykind spree. Makes me happy anyway.

Congrats on the twins.


Miranda | 4:31 PM

In December I was diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri and was starting to lose my vision. I've been trying to lose weight which could treat the problem and I went in for a check up this week. They can't see anything wrong anymore and I haven't had any vision problems since January. Few more good check ups before they will say I'm "cured" but man is that encouraging news. Might get to see my girl grow up after all.

Anonymous | 4:40 PM

Good news: My sweet little girl is almost over her evil respiratory infection and high fevers that have made her (and all of us who are sleep deprived) quite miserable for the past week. (And her twin brother didn't catch it -- woo hoo!)

Meg | 6:11 PM

Adorbs indeed!! Good news? After a very long, cold, snowy winter, today we saw a flock of robins up on the hilly part of our yard where the snow had melted off. Yay,double yay, triple yay! I think we're out of the woods on this winter thing. Only 6 more weeks until I can plant the first hardy things in the garden!!
megoconn at gmail dot com

Anonymous | 6:25 PM

My good news: IT was a beautiful day today, so much so that we went to the zoo. When we got home it poured! (and we napped) PERFECT DAY! mb61105 at gmail dot com

LindaB | 6:32 PM

I worked out at the gym every damn day this week! Now I'm balancing out with pizza and wine, lol. My family is happy, healthy, and loving. My life is truly blessed and there's nothing happier than that.

So glad to hear you're feeling better!

Contact info = lindalee7777 at hotmail dot com

Unknown | 6:41 PM

Good news: It was finally warm enough and the snow was melted so we had our first day back at the playground since November!!

In other good news, my twins who are 3 and were also spontaneous have turned a corner when it comes to playing outside and listening!!

nicole | 7:39 PM

the good news: i'm putting the finishing touches on a playroom for my daughter. she'll see it tomorrow when she returns from a visit to her grammy and opa's house. she's going to flip!!!! i can't wait!

congratulations on the twins and feeling better! life is full of wonder.

Karo | 7:55 PM

My good news is that I have just finally gotten our little one to sleep after a very late night and lot's of crying.
Love the plates!

SWC | 9:19 PM

Good news! It was 70 in NYC today and I took my baby to the playground for the first time e-vah!

Monica | 10:41 PM

I finally got all our tax stuff organized and sent to the accountant! It's such a huge relief. We still need to meet/chat with him, but the hard part is done.

mydmailbox-blog at yahoo dot com

Anonymous | 12:27 AM

We are giving our diaper genie away because my youngest is now potty trained!!

JaimeLC | 12:32 AM

The baby and I got to Skype with my deployed hubby last night! That's twice in the same week!!!

Maria | 6:09 AM

Good news...right now both of my beautiful babies are sleeping and momma gets some free time to roam the nets...including here.
no_more_drama09 at yahoo dot com

Sarah | 7:38 AM

My baby is growing and sleeping well!

Autumn | 8:09 AM

I am visiting my mother's with the children who are no longer sick! Wopee!!

Ida Mae | 8:12 AM

Good news today... Hmmm, well you are pregnant, and SO AM I! haha. yep, it's true. I'll be having my own ultrasound Weds., and hopefully there is only one little bean in there.
Congrats again!
ida_mai at hotmail dot com

erin | 10:03 AM

Only 10 more weeks until the third super-hero-cape-wearing,crazy little princess joins the clan!
contact info:

Childlike | 10:59 AM

Super duber cute!!! My good news is... My daughter Olive is having her first sleep over with her bestie Meadow! They're having a blast and they went to bed last night with no problems... Whoot whoot!!! (By the by they're both 16 months)We might shoot for one more night :)

Rebecca | 11:00 AM

We moved into our new house in winter, and it has been a struggle to fall in love with it. Now it seems the spring is here and there's so much potential...the windows can be opened, the grass will turn green, and we can tackle some of those home projects that made us excited about the place last October. Not really news, but it's good.

Adrienne | 11:11 AM

Good news! The babe just woke up from her nap so I get to go love her some more! ...lazy weekends can be the best :)


Kiki | 11:47 AM

So adorbs!
Good news? I got a great new job & so did my fiance :):)


Mazhira Black | 12:21 PM

These are definitely keepsakes.

lyndsey | 12:30 PM

i am finally recovering from mono! yey! what 27 year old gets mono...ugh... but i'm recovering!

Lindsay Collins | 12:54 PM

The sun is out today.

Denise | 2:48 PM

It was just restaurant week here in Boston, so last night I had a very, very delicious dinner out with some really great friends!

Unknown | 5:08 PM

Good news is that the surprise 3rd baby is starting to sleep through the night and I almost feel human again

Some like it hot | 5:08 PM

Good News: Spring has sprung!

p.s. I have never commented your blog but have been a reader for almost 3 years and I cannot leave. Your writing inspires me!

Maleeha | 5:09 PM

My good news is that I get to lounge around our living room in pjs with my son and husband all weekend. There's no better way to spend my time :)

And congrats to you Rebecca! I've never posted before but love reading your blogs since Fable was born. Your writing is wonderful and you're going to handle this pregnancy and experience with grace and humor, I just know it. Congrats again!

Michele | 5:40 PM

My husband is coming home from his business trip tomorrow. Two trips back to back, while I take care of two little hooligan babies. They are cute little hooligans though.

BonJoey | 5:47 PM

My 5 month old, Sterling, just rolled over from his back to tummy yesterday! (He did tummy to back a few weeks ago, so this is the next big milestone!) Now, according to the docs, I can finally let him sleep on his tummy without worry!

Kristie | 6:54 PM

My good news is watching my 5yr old daughter play outside and dig in the dirt with a stick like a good American Citizen.
contact info:

zack & penny | 7:55 PM

with 2 kids, ages 2 and 3, i just booked a solo trip to spain!! finally.....after what seemed like ages, my first glimpses of who i formerly was, who i am! tiptoeing back into my life that was.

ACB | 8:20 PM

Good news: After two weeks with my husband gone on a gig, we left NYC to join him in sunny Florida! We introduced our 8-mo to the beach today, and thankfully he LOVED it! Loved the waves, loved the sand, loved it!

And that's good news 'cuz I prefer all my vacations to be in tropical locations... :-)

ling | 9:57 PM

My good news is my daughter is sleeping through the night these past couple of days which mean mommy is well rested.

Shannon | 12:36 AM

Amazing news- after living in Nairobi, Kenya for 2.5 years we are finally moving back to the states to be closer to family and friends. I can't wait for Sienna Bea to be closer to her grandparents, aunties and uncles.. and just in time for her to turn 1!

Jacey | 1:32 AM

Adorable! Good news is, I'm up feeding and babt slept 5 hrs!

Andi | 9:26 AM

My good news is that I'm getting a new camera in a few days!

Super Hero Girl | 10:54 AM

Good New for today is that tomorrow I get to celebrate my 2 year anniversary with the father of my Son, another fun way to celebrate the fact that we made it through the first year of our Son's life (he turned 1 on March 7th) do the math :)

Circus Daily | 11:14 AM

Happy to have a family who loves me and one I couldn't love more if I tired.

alissajansen(at) mac(dot)com

mandaA | 11:57 AM

Thanks for the giveaway! Our good news is that soccer season is underway again. With two out of our three playing, (and the baby loves to watch) it is a fun way to spend a warm spring Saturday!

Jen | 12:41 PM

The good news: I went out running for the first time since having Linnea 9 months ago. Wasn't sure how that was going to go; my body felt different and my body moved differently. I was slow and became winded very quickly. But being outside in the sunshine made me feel strong.

Zunders | 1:49 PM

My good news is that although I am still incredibly pregnant, my horrible, crippling back pain went away thanks to acupuncture!

Beck | 2:37 PM

Good News from Alaska: we are getting our daylight back! Makes the last months of winter pass quicker than the first 6. Ha.


Hubbard Family | 3:01 PM

My good news is I saw 8 deer and a woodpecker today. Happy Day!

Jewlzy | 3:15 PM

My 18 year old son is attending college and he actually has a job! There is a light at the end of this teenaged tunnel! LOL

LV | 3:34 PM

My son just stopped having diarrhea after a full 7 days of vomiting and filling his pants!!! It is a MIRACLE!!! (Still not back to eating as he was, but we're almost there!)

Val | 3:59 PM

I am happy that my 9 week old is starting to actually notice the world around her--cats, books, the sky--and it's amazing to see her processing this new world!

Lauren | 4:01 PM

My sister, now two years post-kidney-transplant, finally has a real shot at having a baby!! Yay!!! :)

Steph | 5:46 PM

Hmm, good I worked my ass off for nine hours digging in red clay soil to fix the front landscaping and plant some flowers which puts us one step closer to selling this place and getting the hell out of the South.

Myssie | 6:01 PM

Good News? My baby started saying "wuvah you!" We are melting and saying "wuvah you" To everything.

April | 6:02 PM

I feel good too! I'm due in June. Hope I win!

Jillian | 6:05 PM

I got a new job!! and my daughter would absolutely love this gift. :)


miabirdie | 7:02 PM

Yesterday my boyfriend told me for the first time that he loves me, and that I'm the first woman he's ever said that to!

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