Good Things Happen in Threes

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I peed on the stick on Valentine's Day. After which I promptly went outside with Fable and blew bubbles between tears and shakes and wtf, holy shit, wtfs. I told Hal the news in a card and when he cracked the envelope, I burst into tears. And then he cried because I cried and then we went to dinner at this restaurant where Charlie Chaplin movies are projected on the walls and spent the entire evening smacking each other in the face and saying "Fuck! Holy fucking fuck-fuck!"

We hadn't been "trying" but we weren't really not trying either. Pretty sure it happened on our anniversary. Art deco buildings are the keystones to fertility after all. I'm still in shock. Hence the waiting two plus weeks to break the news, here and elsewhere. Excited, yes, but also terrified. It's one thing to want a third child, quite another thing to conceive one and the guilt I feel for not jumping for joy has paralyzed me these last couple of weeks. That and the fact that I feel wretched, the kind of sick I didn't think was possible, especially after two nausea-free pregnancies. Sick and emotional and allergic to touch, smell, sound, et al. In short, I'm a disaster. Everything annoys me. The inner bitch I always wished would come out and defend me when I needed her has appeared with a vengeance and cannot be stopped. Just ask the dude I caught stealing shirt-fulls of oranges from our tree and somehow managed to tackle whilst holding a bag of groceries, my giant purse and Archer's backpack. (I'm usually eager to toss our oranges at strangers because they're so delicious and I like to share. NOT ANYMORE!)

The kids know I'm pregnant and are excited. I know many people wait before they tell their children but I believe in honesty from the get. This is as much their experience as it is mine. This is OUR family journey and I want them to be feel included, invited and welcome always, no the matter.

Archer has stepped up as head household caretaker when Hal's at work, tucking me into bed and administering me lemon heads (an apt cure for nausea I now know) like vitamins while Fable stands by as his assistant to administer me band aids on my face and hair.

I go in for my eight(ish?) week appointment next week. Estimated (via Babycenter) due date is October 23rd, or as Archer says, "My birth day and Fable's birth month." It's a sign, I think. Just like conceiving on our anniversary. Just like having unprotected sex once and, hi, here we are. All signs point to YES, this is right.

I'll be thirty years old when our third child is born, each child spaced three years apart. This is also the year of my parent's 33rd anniversary and we're already planning on naming this child Trinity. Just kidding.

My emotions are high octane forces to be reckoned with so if you could please keep that in mind these next few weeks I'd appreciate it greatly. I'm an insane person who hasn't eaten anything but saltines, lemonade and ginger root for two weeks. (Do you know how hard the Eat Well posts have been for me? I've literally been gagging through them because the sight and smell of food, no matter how deliciously sustainable makes me heave.) I'd also appreciate if you cut me some slack in the posting department these next few weeks. There may be days when posting a photo and some baby name ideas are all I can muster.

To recap. Are we excited? Yes. Are we shitting our pants scared out of our minds? Yes. Overwhelmed? Yes. Crazy? Totally. Already in love with our blueberry-sized baby-in-the-making? Yes, yes and....


*I just realized today is 3/3. Joey Lawrence whoa.


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barbara r. | 1:26 PM

whoa indeed! congrats lovely mama. xxoo

Tara | 1:28 PM

....And now we crash your website with congratulations! Seriously, though, congrats. Overwhelm and all. :)

UnCheyned | 1:28 PM

Congratulations! I don't even really know you and yet I am almost tearfully happy for you! How very funny this blog-world is.

Ellie | 1:30 PM

Congratulations! Sweet that your kids are taking such good care of you during your first trimester misery.

Kristen | 1:31 PM


QoB | 1:31 PM

Congratulations! How about Tertia for a name?:)

Steph(anie) | 1:32 PM

Glad to be along for the ride :)

Anonymous | 1:33 PM very excited for you, Hal, Archer & Fable!!

Whitney and Steve | 1:34 PM

Feel better! If it doesn't go away, email me and I can tell you the meds to beg your doctor for! Congratulations!

Amber | 1:34 PM

REBECCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you! Like beyond excited. Congratulations!

Heather | 1:35 PM

Insanely happy for you. Three sounds like it's going to suit you so, so well. xo

Mrs. Cline | 1:35 PM

Aww, congratulations!

Making it Lovely | 1:35 PM

Yay, yay, yay! (Times three, see?) Congratulations!

Cave Momma | 1:36 PM

Holy shit! Congratulations! And how awesome are your kids to be helping and taking care of you like they are?!

Unknown | 1:38 PM

So awesome! Congratulations! I can't wait to see the cute baby clothes you pick out. :-) So...are going to find out what you are having or is it going to be a surprise?

Three sounds like your lucky number :-)

Elisabeth ~ You Can't Call It "It"! | 1:38 PM

This is thrilling! I've been hoping you would have a third. October is a great time for a birthday.

Let the naming begin. :-D

lisa | 1:40 PM

Holy crap! We must've conceived on practically the same day. Now I feel creepy. Anyway - my estimated due date on Baby Center is the 19th of October so I'm looking forward to journeying with you, lady! And if you feel up to posting some "maternity fashion" types of material, that would be amazing. Congrats to your growing family!

Fairly Odd Mother | 1:40 PM

Many many congratulations!

As someone who found out she was pregnant with #3 while holding my still-a-baby 9 month old 2nd child, I can say with all honesty that three is a magic number.

Unknown | 1:42 PM

Congrats! I was just thinking the other day about you and your family, wondering if you'd made a decision on a third baby or not. Cause I'm that person - who thinks about the families of people she's never actually met...

Oh well. The interwebs bring us together!

Kit | 1:42 PM

Beautiful news honey! There's so much love flying around the blogosphere for you and your blueberry baby, you just rest up and grow a healthy human :)

You probably don't want any advice RE nausea etc. but I'm going to post you a link that helped me anyway. This woman is like that anaesthetist you fall in love with during labor...or was that just me?

arol | 1:44 PM


Erin | 1:45 PM

Congratulations! What wonderful and exciting news! It is so sweet how Archer and Fable are taking care of you, Fable is going to be a great big sister!

I am currently 25 weeks with my second and look forward to being along for the ride :)

Michelle | 1:45 PM

Congratulations! I am currently 11 weeks prego with number 3. Can't wait to follow along. This pregnancy was very much wanted but the morning sickness (24/7) makes it so difficult to be excited. Just remember it usually peaks around 9-10 weeks and hopefully, comepletely gone by 14 or so weeks. Oh, and the hormones, my god, I was crying before I finished reading the title of your post! Congrats again.

Rachael | 1:47 PM

I JUST KNEW IT when you said you fainted at the Farmers Market. Congratulations!

Abi | 1:47 PM

Congratulations!!! I found out I was preggo on 2/17. :) Same story, not really trying, but not preventing and hello, here comes the angry pregnant lady who hates everyone.

I'm due Sept 21. My kids are excited. I'm excited! My husband is scared. He should be scared. This baby has turned me totally psycho... very different from my first 2 calm pregnancies.

Mrs. Melberry | 1:47 PM

Congrats :)

Gen with a G | 1:47 PM

How wonderful! Congratulations to your whole family.

Red Stethoscope | 1:48 PM

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And yes, today is 3/3 :) Rock on, mama!

Jenn | 1:49 PM

Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit! Congrats, lady!

Courtney | 1:50 PM

Congrats! So excited for you and your family.

I turned 30 last week and am 18 weeks pregnant with our first. Looking forward to following your pregnancy alongside mine.

Amanda @ willful/joyful | 1:51 PM

Congratulations! Super exciting. Archer is such a cute big brother -- excited for little Fable to show her stuff :)

L.L. | 1:52 PM

Awesome! I also took a test on VDay because there was a possibility I could be pregs b/c my husband and I celebrated our team winning the Superbowl by sexing (and we don't use any protection because we are ready for baby #2 to come whenever) and I happened to be ovulating at the time, but it was a no. Maybe next month! CONGRATULATIONS MAMA!

dani | 1:55 PM

This is the fourth pregnancy announcement I've heard in the last month and it's making me incredibly jealous. But also, congratulations! Such great news.

Roxanna | 1:55 PM

Congratulations! Three is scary at first, but wonderful and amazing. Take care of yourself!

robyn L. | 1:56 PM

Ah, I'm SO happy for you! This is awesome news! May your pregnancy get easier as time goes on. :)

Asha {Parent Hacks} | 1:56 PM

So thrilled for you!

Glenda | 1:56 PM

OMG I'm so happy for you! 3... my fav #. I was born on the 3rd, my mother and my son... I have 3 JC's, my hubby, my son, and my daughter. My kids are spaced 3 yrs apart!
WooHOO... Congrats to you and your family! xo

How about Trey... lol...j/k

Amber, theambershow | 1:56 PM

Awesome! Congrats! I can't wait to hear what insanely awesome name you guys are going to come up with.

Jilly | 1:57 PM

Congratulations!! I kid you not, yesterday I though to myself, I wonder if they will have a third. 3 is indeed the magic number.

Tanna | 1:57 PM

Congratulations! If it is a boy... Trey! That's my bro's name and complete with your triple theme! So happy and excited to share this journey with you!

Sarah | 1:59 PM

So wonderful! My hubby and I are baby dancing this week, so maybe we will be baby buddies!

And I can't wait to see what names you come up with for this one, you are so good at picking names.

JC | 1:59 PM

Yow! Congratulations!!

Melissa | 2:00 PM

I was hoping this was the news when I read the title on twitter. Truly wonderful! Congrats to you and your family.

YAY for babies!

Boston Mamas | 2:01 PM

OMG OMG OMG. DUDE! Huge hugs and congratulations!

Also, I completely understand your guilt re: not jumping for joy. As I think you know, I thought my ovaries were dead and had made peace with it so when I found out I was pregnant, there was no jumping for joy -- mostly shock and scraping my hanging-open-mouth off the floor.

Sending lots of good mojo, luv. xoxoxox

Meghan Elaine | 2:01 PM

Congratulations!!! Not that I have any authority on the matter, but DON'T post at all if you don't feel like it. I had the worst nausea with my twins and I didn't blog for months. Mind you, I had two followers, including my Mom. But from a devoted reader and fellow Mom, I get it if you don't feel like blogging. But I can't wait to read this journey when you do :)

FreeRange Pamela | 2:02 PM

Wow, Congrats!!

Anonymous | 2:03 PM


Mammy P | 2:03 PM

Hurrah! Such brilliant news. I totally knew it -- farmer's market swooning the other day and blammo; here you are!

Heartfelt congratulations!

Barb | 2:04 PM

Congratulations!! I'm expecting my second and my mind is kind of blown trying to imagine a new normal of having more than one child, so I sympathize with the shell-shock. Hang in there through the nausea, it is just the worst. I hope that it is short lived for you.

gabrielle | 2:06 PM

Congratulations and here's to feeling more like yourself soon.

Sabrina | 2:07 PM

Congrats and don't feel bad for not jumping for joy at first neither did I 7 months ago when I discovered I was pregnant (after trying foe a month). Sometimes even when they are planned a new edition is still frightening. Seven months later I'm still saying things like yeah whatever we having another one.

I feel your pain with the nausea it sucks and I had it for the first 4 months. Hanging in there and I can't wait to hear all about this in the coming months!!

NotThisPie | 2:07 PM

Congrats!!! Couldn't be happier for you ... just finished your book and I'm busy cooking our first (little mango is half done on Monday)!! I would sign off "enjoy every moment" like I usually do ... but it seems you have no problem with that! YIPEE!

Kathryn | 2:08 PM

Babies are always fabulously terrifying, but this is fabulous news. I can't wait to read all about your adventures as a family of 5!

Sarah @ | 2:08 PM

Congratulations!! Such happy news =)

Carrie | 2:08 PM

Super great news, gal! I seriously can't wait for your maternity fashion posts. I'm 13 weeks and feeling stoked-yet-frumpy.

Little Dude's Mama | 2:09 PM

I love 3.
Congrats, Mama & crew!

Steph | 2:09 PM

CONGRATULATIONS! So many emotions and such an amazing thing! I commiserate with how you feel - I was nauseous through my first pregnancy and am 5 months pregnant now and the nausea which subsided 6 weeks ago has come back and it's a 24 hour bitch! Here's hoping that it passes quickly for you. I know those funny emotions you feel in the early weeks - we thought we were going to have a lot of trouble getting pregnant a second time but in the end it was a total and complete surprise (SHOCK!) when it did happen but I felt so HORMOTIONAL and nauseous that I also felt guilty for not relishing the fact such an amazing thing had happened. I still don't have my head around it! All the best.

Amanda | 2:13 PM

Three is the magic number...

It could be that I just got done posting about how my "baby" will be three in mere days and I've been nostalgia-abusing myself by looking at his baby pictures, but when I read this I teared up a bit out of excitement for you! So, so, so happy and excited for you all! Congrats!

jessica ♥ The Fevered Pen | 2:13 PM

YAY! Congrats Rebecca!!!! I'm due around the same time! (the 17th of October)!!!

Julie Marsh | 2:14 PM

No way dude!!! So ridiculously excited for you. Three is awesome.

Sending you much love and happiness.

christina | 2:15 PM

<3, sniff, <3

Janyne | 2:16 PM

Congratulations!!! What wonderful news for you and your family. Here's to bringing another beautiful child into the world. Thanks for sharing. <3

Anonymous | 2:16 PM

Could not happen to a more wonderful mom! Congratulations congratulations congratulations!!!!

Issa | 2:18 PM

I have to agree with Julie. Three is great. Congrats.

verdemama | 2:18 PM

Congratulations! You can't argue with that kind of awesome numerology! I feel your pain re: the nausea... I'm 28 weeks along now, but the first 14 or so were torture. Hang in there!

Anonymous | 2:19 PM

Oh yay! 3 is so beyond wonderful- just feels so much more FAMILY. Congrats to you!!

Traci | 2:19 PM

A million times congrats! I rarely comment on the website but read every post and have been following you for a few years now. I'm so scared to have children but reading your daily joy of being a mother and your book have helped me leaps and bounds to be less afraid of the whole process. CONGRATS. So happy for you, as I consider you a close blogger friend. Keep on keepin' on!

Willis | 2:19 PM

congrats! i also want to give you a tip for nausea...get zofran from your dr.! i had 2 very sick pregnancies and this is a miracle drug! happy 1st tri-mester!

Roxanne | 2:19 PM

Congratulations Rebecca! I am so excited for you and your wonderful family.

Anonymous | 2:20 PM

Yay! I already can't wait to hear what you decide to call this little one!

Alex | 2:21 PM

super awesome congratulations jumps for you :-)

Daisy | 2:23 PM

And you are the third person I know in the last day to announce a pregnancy (although the other two people know me back).

I'm so excited to see how 3 kids works out because I'm considering a 3rd as well.


Andrea | 2:25 PM

I am so psyched for you! When I saw the subject line, I was hoping this was the news. It is so sweet that Archer and Fable are already so supportive. Hope you feel better!

Tanya | 2:26 PM

Congratulations!!! I love every single thing about this post. I hope the sicky part of pregnancy goes by quickly for you! :)

Redneck Mommy | 2:29 PM

I am smiling from ear to ear for you. It's so wonderful. Congratulations to you and yours!!! Whooohooo!

sarah doow | 2:31 PM

How exciting, congratulations!

Chuck n Jess | 2:32 PM

Congrats to you all!!!!! Just get around some other ladies who are about 6 - 8 months pregnant and it will inspire you and excite you even more. Its going to be better than amazing. I think there is something undocumented about the rage phase at the beginning of all pregnancies. I was REALLY bad! Yay for big brother and sister and baby #3!

Kailee | 2:37 PM

Congratulations! I hope that the nausea gets better soon. I'm almost 6 months pregnant with my first, and reading about your little blueberry makes me so happy to have my little papaya.

Anonymous | 2:39 PM

Congratulations! I've been reading your blog since Fable was a baby and this is so exciting. =) I hope this doesn't sound weird, but your one of my favorite bloggers and the fact that your pregnant is more exciting to me than it should be considering the fact that I don't know you. Love and hugs you and your fam. =)

Allira | 2:40 PM

Reading this made my morning. Congratulations!! So happy for you. Love from Australia xx

Anonymous | 2:43 PM

wow, so excited for u!! i've been coming to your site since u were pregnant w/fable. i feel in love w/u whn i saw all ur pic's of ur pregnant belly and all ur ink. pls take us on the ride again w/pictures. LOVE the pictures. congrats! i CAN'T WAIT to hear ur name choices.

guarros | 2:47 PM

Joey Lawrence "WHOA" indeed! Mozel Tov. I'm excited for your whole family and the adventure ahead.

I'm also pretty excited about the name journey - because I'm pretty much name obsessed and your style / thoughts on names are right on (in my opinion).

I hope you feel better, as SOON as possible!

t. | 2:52 PM

Congrats, the best in life is often unplanned (but you learned that already).

Lemon heads are the best. As are sprees and sweet tarts. Hang in there. Excited to watch the journey.

Yotko | 2:59 PM

So glad you have that extra bedroom!!!!

Devon Wilson | 3:00 PM

Congratulations!! So excited for you guys!!

sam | 3:01 PM

holy shit rebecca! i am so freakin' thrilled for you guys! congratulations!! you're an amazing woman and mother and i can't wait to hear about this journey.

now send me some fertility dust!

Lauren | 3:01 PM

Oh my Effing G. That's some crazy 3 fate you got working for you there. I love that the kids are tending to you. And I hope the nausea goes away soon. Though perhaps not the bitchyness - you let the tiger out and enjoy the roar.

Kim | 3:06 PM

Congratulations! My daughter was due on the 23rd and I took that as a sign (being my favorite number and all). Even though she dropped two days after that. You are brave. I'm impressed when people have just two. : )

Anonymous | 3:09 PM

Congratulations! It definitely sounds meant to be :)

Anonymous | 3:15 PM

Three cheers!
and a billion congratulations.

Matt & Sabrina | 3:23 PM

I've never commented before, but I just have to now...Congratulations!

Matt & Sabrina | 3:24 PM


Amy | 3:24 PM

Hope that your worry is soon engulfed by joy, and that your nausea goes away soon. Archer sounds like a wonderful caretaker. :)

Emily | 3:26 PM

Your house is about to be even more full of love! Blessings on all of you!

Elan Morgan | 3:32 PM

Wow! Congratulations! And I feel terrible that you feel terrible. Find something that doesn't make you ill and love it for all that it's worth.

Claudia | 3:32 PM

congratulations! congratulations! congratulations!

Marcela | 3:33 PM

congrats to you!!!!

Heather | 3:33 PM


Kelly | 3:33 PM

Congratulations! I know exactly, exactly how you feel. I felt that way with my 3rd too. It was overwhelming and exciting and so scary all at once. And it was something we considered but likewise happened after ONE time. It's just meant to be.


ProudMomma | 3:34 PM

Congratulations! Lots of love to you and the fam.

RockandRollMama | 3:40 PM

WOOOOOOOTTTT!!!!! Am super super excited for you, and I'll join the chorus of I felt that with my 3rd too. Now my 3rd is 4, which is mind boggling and makes me think of a 4th, and makes my hubs verra verra afraid.:)

Joni | 3:41 PM

One of my tweeps is posting your news on twitter and thus... here I am. Congratulations. Of the most enthusiastic variety. I have 4 children. Just so you know... when I got pregnant with the 3rd one (and I had a one year old and a 3 year old)I was happy AND I.Was.Terrified. I thought I'd most definitely be the absolute worst mother ever. It eventually went away.

He's totally fantastic.

Kiki | 3:50 PM

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Can't wait to ride the ride with you again :) You'll be an amazing Momma to 3 just like you are to 2.

Kiki | 3:50 PM

Also? CANNOT wait to hear your baby name ideas. You have the best. Seriously.

Kerri Anne | 3:55 PM

Three does indeed seem sort of magic. Congratulations!

anna | 3:57 PM

congratulations! i had TERRIBLE morning sickness, etc. while pregnant. . .i feel for you. in addition to lemon candy & ginger, make sure you stay hydrated. dehydration makes it worse. ice cubes on your wrist's pulse points helps when you really feel sick, too. i hope you feel better!

katie | motherbumper | 3:59 PM

YAAAAAAAAYYYY! Congratulations Rebecca!!!

Heather | 4:10 PM

Congrats!! I am so happy for you guys. In my experience, the third pregnancy was the hardest - but the third birth was the easiest. Hope you feel better soon.

And lemonheads were always one of my 1st trimester necessities too.

k.chap | 4:11 PM

I'm so excited for you, kinda selfishly because I took a test on Feb. 12 and am pregnant with our first! I can't wait to read along, congratulations!!

AnnabelVita | 4:17 PM

Oh my goodness. I never comment because I always feel way not even worthy to comment but this!! So exciting!! So very happy for you, Hal, fable and archer and the littlest one. Eek! (I originally read the title as "good things happen in there" which, oooh, haha! They do!)

heather... | 4:17 PM

yay yay yay! I can't wait until you're feeling less nauseous so we can come celebrate with you - I'll bring very bland foods, I promise.

Anonymous | 4:22 PM


Nothing But Bonfires | 4:26 PM

Oh Bec, I'm SO EXCITED for you! Many many many many many congratulations. Can't wait to hear more! Yay! Go you! And your babymaking!

Shoshanah | 4:29 PM

Congrats Rebecca!! I'm so happy for you and your family!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife | 4:37 PM


I can relate so much to all of these feelings when I found out I was pregnant with our second (who is due in the next couple weeks!)

Best wishes with the pregnancy and all that comes with it!

Lindsay | 4:38 PM


I've been reading your blog since Fable was born, found through the Momversation website, and have fallen in love with your writing, your sweet kids, and your outlook on life. I am so excited for you!

I immediately bought a copy of your book when I found out I was (unexpectedly) pregnant. Your very real version of a surprise pregnancy helped me through my own.

I know it's probably weird to have a stranger tell you congratulations, but that's what blogs do--they make us feel closer to those we don't know, because really, we're both human, we're both mothers, and we're both women. Isn't that enough in common? So, from an anonymous friend, congratulations. You are an amazing mother, a real beauty, and a talented writer. Adding a third dimension to your brood will only enhance those things.

Also, I think you should continue with your (abandoned?) novel. If you were to publish a second book, of any sort, I would come to whatever bookstore you were releasing it and get a signed copy for me and all my friends. Thank you for sharing your inspiring self with the world, however difficult it is to shed your skin and do so.

Emily Jacobsma | 4:38 PM

Congrats! I love this! You had two siblings right? So excited for your family.

Heather (Laptops to Lullabies) | 4:42 PM

SO incredibly and totally HAPPY for you! Wow, what amazing news! What another gorgeous baby name you're sure to come up with! Yay!!! Congrats!!! xoxo

Mailornish | 4:44 PM

I love the number three game you are playing! Congratulations - can't wait to read about your journey.

Anonymous | 4:50 PM

Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! :)
I hope you will share this journey with your readers as you've done in the past!

Karen Chatters | 4:55 PM

SCHA-WING! That's AWESOME!! Congratulations, I'm so happy for all of you.

Cindy | 4:57 PM

CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so happy for you :D

Rachel | 4:58 PM

Woooo! Congrats! Ever since you talked about feeling like you wanted another one, I wanted that for you! I am #3/3 kids, and I just couldn't be happier for you! :)


Whoa is right - that's a lot of threes! Congratulations!

Elle Vee | 5:00 PM

Congratulations! We're working on #2 and hope to experience all of the wonderful terribles that you're going through soon! So happy for your family!

avb | 5:02 PM

My mom called to tell me this post was up. She had a problem posting a comment (because she's still mastering the art of copy-paste on a computer), but wanted me to convey her congratulations along with mine.

YAY! Kisses on your face as well as Hal's, Archer's, and Fable's. xoxo

Much love,

Rita & Ashley

Kara | 5:03 PM


apricoco | 5:05 PM


Annalise | 5:08 PM

Long time lurker-just wanted to say congratulations! Super wonderful news :)

Shelley Senai | 5:09 PM

EEEEEEEEEEEE!!! So excited for you! I loved following along with your last pregnancy... you're such an awesome mother, I can't wait to follow along again.

Congratulations mama! Hope the nausea subsides soon.

Drea | 5:11 PM

Please tell Fable from one middle sister to another, it's the best of both worlds. Congratulations!

Meghan | 5:11 PM

YAY! Our third was a bit of a surprise as well. Turns out, the third one is pretty awesome and fits right in with the rest of the family. Congrats to you and Hal! And to Archer and Fable...they're going to love the new addition to pieces! xo

Elena | 5:12 PM

Great news!! Congratulations! I'll never know three as my third pregnancy was with my twins, so four is a pretty great number too...

Ms. Smoochy | 5:13 PM

Dear GGC, I've been reading here since 2006. I was reading when you were worried Archer wasn't talking yet. I was reading when you announced Fable's pregnancy. I was reading when you triumphantly birthed then NURSED Fable. And I will be excitedly reading through this pregnancy and birth. Here's the deal: you rock. Three is nothing to be scared of. Sorry you feel like ass. Congratulations.

Unknown | 5:19 PM

YAY! Congrats! And crystallized ginger and watermelon. I was so sick I was on meds until month 6. They were the only things that got me through. I can't imagine going though that with 2 other kids.

Leslie | 5:20 PM

Congrats lady!! It truly is wonderful news!!

Lady Mama | 5:26 PM

Wow! Congratulations! Wow!

Jillian | 5:28 PM

Congratulations! I look forward to your baby name posts :)

marlene | 5:37 PM

Hell ya! Congrats to you and your whole wonderful family. Muh!

Kayla | 5:37 PM

Seriously CONGRATS CONGRATS AND CONGRATS.. YOu make it look so freakin easy...and you make a beautiful pregnant woman!! ROCK ON and your family is beautiful...

SAHSHA | 5:42 PM

WOW!!!!! Congrats!!!
I found that these ginger snap cookies with lemon creme inside were the best for naseau.

Leslie | 5:44 PM

Oh so so so very excited for you! The second I read your post's title...I knew. :)

LindaB | 5:47 PM

Wow, wow, wow! How exciting...for the stomach ickies with my 2nd pregnancy, Sprite and Saltines were the clear winners. McDonald's french fries (gross) also held the spotlight for a couple of weeks. Do not deny thy pregnant self.

Anonymous | 5:50 PM

Eeeee! Congratulations! As soon as I saw the post title on Twitter, I started squealing (well, internally, don't want to frighten my own little one crawling around).

So happy for you.

BuenoBaby | 6:01 PM

Awww! Congrats! We have three kids too. [We thought we were the one and done type, but alas!] Anyway, our first baby wasn't planned. Our third baby was planned. By far, the news I was pregnant with our third baby was much more sobering. Like, "WTF did we just do? One person doesn't have enough arms for three kids! This makes it official. We need all four of our arms. Together."


Amira | 6:01 PM

Ahhh! Whoa, Congratulations!!

Anonymous | 6:05 PM

Another Fable come 2 much of a roller coaster as it is...u spoke it until it came true...MUCH <3 2 your expanding family...i am excited 2 take the journey with u again...boy or girl I wonder...

Entwined Essentials | 6:11 PM

Congratulations to you and your family! I love that your kids are taking care of you while daddy's gone. Take care =)

Anonymous | 6:38 PM

Congratulations!!! I know what you mean about being excited and scared and unsure and elated and so many different emotions that it makes your head spin. I never had an "OMG YAY I'M PREGNANT!" pregnancy. I was 17 for my first pregnancy and I was terrified and sick for my second. My advice, if you are having trouble keeping things down, go to your doctor. Talk to them. I lost weight with both pregnancies, but with my second I lost 26 pounds by the 15 week mark. I had hyperemesis with both. I had to take medicine through the whole thing just to be able to keep water down at times. Actually, I had to take medicine throughout BOTH pregnancies becaues I was THAT sick for both. That kinda sealed the "Should we have a third?" discussion. No third here!

I really hope your pregnancy is awesome. I'm absolutely DYING to know what name you are going to pick! After Fable, I don't know how you can top it! Good luck and happy pregnancy and Yay!!

Heather | 6:39 PM

Lovely! Congratulations!

Connie T. | 6:42 PM

This is good news and hold out for having the baby until 11-11-11. That would be the best birthday ever, even 11-1-11 would be great.

Chris | 6:43 PM

Congratulations! Hope all is well!

Abbykins | 6:45 PM

Well wahoooooo!! And so exciting since I peed on a stick on Valentine's Day too and am expecting our 2nd Oct. 16th!! So awesome to be on a similar journey! I hope you feel better soon....

The Dalai Mama | 7:05 PM

Congrats mama!!! You all have come a long way.

Mrs. Q. | 7:11 PM


GreerAnn | 7:18 PM

YAY!!! I am so thrilled for you and your family and I've never even MET YOU! I am expecting number 2 in September and I can totally relate to the guilt of not having quite the same reaction... this pregnancy has all kinds of different anxiety for me than the first. But it's all good! And you're going to be just as awesome with 3 as with 2. Can't wait to follow along in your preggo journey. And I saw someone comment about maternity fashion posts and I give that idea a hearty HEAR HEAR and HELLS YES.

cora d | 7:18 PM

Holy, holy, holy, cow, cow, cow!!! Congrats! And I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous | 7:18 PM

YEAH!!! Congratulations, the world will always be a more beautiful place through well loved children, and certainly you guys are bringing that love to the table! Also, I'm gearing up for number 2 and am SO SO looking forward to hearing about your experience. Feel better soon, here's a virtual saltine and cold ginger ale for you. xo

BubbleTeaResa | 7:41 PM

Awesome! Congratulations!! I can't wait to find out the new name whenever you feel like sharing. I love Fable and Archer's names. They are both so unique and I love the story behind them.

Amanda | 7:42 PM

Congratulations!!! So happy for you!!!

Kate | 7:48 PM

Congrats! And hope the sick feeling is short-lived!

Mar | 7:55 PM

Congratulations, so excited to be included in your jorney!

Andygirl | 7:56 PM

oh my goodness congratulations! I can't wait to meet this new person in your lives. and I think we all want you to take all the time you need. we will all be here waiting.

Jessica | 7:57 PM

Hooray for you!! I'm so excited to go through another pregnancy "with" you - via the internet :) Fable was born shortly before my first son and now I am due Oct. 3 and like you, previously not at all sick, this time UUUUGGGHHHHH... I feel your pain!

Elizabeth | 8:02 PM

Yes! Yes! Yes! I am so excited for you. I was brought the joy of a surprise pregnancy on the first day of the year and boy, oh boy, has it been wild. Absolutely wonderful, though!! Our little ones are due about a month and a half apart. I know I will love following your progress. I am excited that my babe will have a little blog buddy his/her same age! Congratulations!!

Christine | 8:05 PM

Congrats! 3 are perfect! We welcomed our 3rd last year and it's awesome...

Nikkiana | 8:25 PM


Anonymous | 8:29 PM

Yay! Love and wonderful wishes to you and the family!

Jess | 8:32 PM

Holy balls sister this is amazing. Congratulations!

oh, jenny mae | 8:34 PM

seriously stoked for you guys. the kids are being entirely too sweet. soak up all that love, babe.

leel | 8:38 PM

congrats! I knew it! Honestly! When you tweeted about the 11/11/11 baby a way back I wondered, and then when you fainted at the market, I knew it! I wish you so well :)

Laura | 8:48 PM

Congratulations!! Looking forward to reading what adventures 3 brings.

Anonymous | 8:58 PM

wow! congratulations!

Kerry | 9:15 PM

Congratulations to you and your family!

My husband and I were trying when we conceived our second (currently 26 weeks along!) and I started to freak out the moment the pink line appeared. I felt so, so guilty for being scared and overwhelmed.

Just give yourself some time. I think I started to turn around when I started feeling the baby kick. It also really helped to talk to some friends and find out I wasn't the only one who wasn't blissfully happy all the time.

Kila Bell | 9:17 PM

My anniversary is on October 23rd...i feel like that number follows me...this is so cool! Congrats!

beyond | 10:11 PM


One Hungry Mutha! | 10:13 PM

I WANT ANOTHER ONE TOO! So happy for you, don't know you, but I love a good, happy story about babies. Did you do this for the blog? KIDDING!

Lindserannie | 10:28 PM

I was just checking out your book at the local bookstore where I live (Powells in PDX) and I was thinking, "Aww, she's such a good mama"and then I came home and read this. Congratulations muy muy! I'm so happy & excited for you & your family!

Hilary | 10:29 PM

CONGRATS to you and the fam!!!!! I started reading your blog when Fable was a little tiny baby, can't wait for another!!

Unknown | 11:48 PM

Congratulations over and over! I can't wait to hear about your journey in pregnancy, again!

Jay | 12:00 AM

Don't you worry about anything. The internets has your back.

Many congrats!

All the love,

Elizabeth | 12:04 AM

wow. Congrats.

I started reading your blog when my bubba was born, 3 months after Fable. I read with interest about her development, to see where my daughter might be in a few months. I'm pregnant with number 2 now, one month ahead of you, so will continue to see how bubbas of a similar age grow. I'd also love to see some 'gone style maternity' posts to get some inspiration!

Sarah Slaven | 12:31 AM

Congrats, hang in there through the icky sick bit. Can't wait to hear you name ideas the two you have already are just perfect.

JoannaRSmith | 12:53 AM

Congratulations. Sending feeling better vibes your way.

Layla | 2:05 AM

Congratulations from Bosnia!!!!I've been reading your blog for two years and I love it! Wish you all the best!

Sam | 2:11 AM

I've been waiting for this post since that post you wrote last year about wanting a third. :)
I'm so happy for you and your family, congratulations!

Wendy | 2:41 AM

Yay! And for the nausea, try these:
I swear they work - pressure points.

JB | 3:03 AM

I found out I was pregnant about two weeks ago and immediately bought your book From Wild to Child on Amazon! Now this!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU AND YOUR SWEET FAMILY!!

A Brilliant Life | 3:59 AM

YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!! I am soooo happy for you! I had twins and I was SICK from nausea for like 5 months. Could never know...

Anyways, they also say nausea is a good sign, a sign "it's sticking" with singleton and twin pregnancies.

So so excited to read this journey!!! I think I am living vicariously through you! I am still adjusting to mother hood with the twins but totally want a another baby one day.


Emily | 5:14 AM

Congratulations, Rebecca! I hope you'll be feeling well again soon and it sounds like Archer and Fable are taking wonderful care of you.

Althea | 5:17 AM we jack your shit with well wishes.

Christy | 5:36 AM

Oh woman, do I know how you feel. You're describing my first pregnancy exactly. Though, instead of chucking oranges, I was unabashedly SCREAMING at drivers during my commutes to work...every day. I was sick beyond measure and the whole world smelled like the inside of a toilet. Good times! By 3 months I was feeling much better.

Emma | 5:42 AM


Sarah | 5:46 AM

*Sniff* I'm so excited for you! Congrats and congrats and congrats. I've been reading your blog since 2006... I think, since my guys was about 2.5, he's 6.5 now, so that seems about right, and you are inspirational, your mom is a really good cook, and while it's so odd to have a friend I've never met that lives in the internet, it hasn't seemed to have lessened the connection. I look forward to reading about your journey.

Marcie | 5:56 AM

Congrats and I hope the yuckies wear off soon for you! I do understand your pain though. After a very easy, sick free, full term pregnancy with my boy, I had an awful pregnancy with my girl. Not only was I nauseas like that for my ENTIRE pregnancy, I also spent 9 weeks on bed rest and she was born premature at 29 weeks without any known cause. Totally opposite pregnancies. This is why I have a question for you. My midwife WARNED me not to get pregnant again and suggested Mirena. I thought that you were using Mirena as birth control (I remember you posting about it awhile back). Was it still in when you got pregnant or had you stopped using it?

Unknown | 5:56 AM

Congratulations! I'm due in October as well, but earlier (Oct 7). Here's to hoping for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Tasha | 6:12 AM

YAY! Congrats.

Connie | 6:18 AM

Grow baby grow!

That's so wonderful. I hope that those lemonheads do the trick.

October birthday is the 24th. It rocks having your birthday so close to Halloween (because Halloween birthday parties are super fun.)

So happy for you!

Sydney | 6:24 AM


So happy for the Woolf/Isaacson clan.

I was thinking about you having a third baby a week or so ago when you posted about Fable and Archer still happy sharing a room. What do you think the arrangements will be when there are 3 kiddiwinks around the house?

Jewlzy | 6:39 AM

Awwww...congrats to all of you. Another beautifully awesome and cool babe on the way!

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