Gone Style: Fable's Homemade Dresses

*updated with winner, below*
Several months ago, my mom happened upon a local fabric store she hadn't any idea existed a few mere miles from her house.

"Bec! You will not BELIEVE this place! You must come with me next time you come down!"

So I did. Our next trip to my parent's house in Encinitas (Hal, kids and I go down to visit every month-ish) my mom and I went a shopping. For fabric. And whoa-eesh, had fun. Hours later we returned to the car with a giant bag of fabric including small scraps.

"These would make perfect pockets!"

"And this for the trim?"

"Oh, totally. High five!"

"High five!"

My mother taught me to sew when I was pregnant with Fable, desperate to nest in a house where nesting wasn't really in the cards so she sat me down with my sister's sewing machine and taught me.

I've been dying to sew ever since but haven't had the time nor the sewing-without-my-mom-nearby-skills (not to mention a sewing machine) to do so. My mother on the other hand... can pretty much do anything and do it well so I gave her my blessing to sew her brains out without me (so long as she promised to incorporate some of my fabric choices/ideas.)

And she did. And when she finished our dresses she went BACK to ANOTHER (even MORE amazing) fabric store and made five more. Behold:

Nine Dresses, Three Patterns

1. First three dresses made with the easiest of all patterns. You can find it here. (It's called "Shoulder Tie-topper." Be sure to scroll down.) Great pattern for beginners and so effing cute.

<span class=

2. This next dress/pattern is adorable and so perfect for playing. It's a super easy on/off with no buttons or strings. You can find it, here. Also incredibly easy (or so says WWW.)

This green dress is my favorite. Fable's madly in love with birds and when this arrived in the mail Fable had a conniption of happy (these photos were taken on a very hot day at a very hot park, hence the not-so-stoked face.) She literally threw the dress in the air and fell backwards with glee.
3. My fave pattern is this one also available on Erica's. It's called "Macy Giggle Sundress" and you can find it here. (Once again, you'll have to scroll. I cannot link individual patterns unfortunately.)
<span class=
Okay so I lied about the green bird dress being my favorite dress. THIS is my all-time favorite dress ever to have hanged in Fable's closet period the end:
(My mom made it out of curtain fabric)
<span class=
I think it might be hers, too.

So! Because everyone has been so kind commenting on Fable's dresses both here and on flickr, my mother has offered you, my reader(s) one custom-made dress for your daughter/niece/future child? I'll be picking one winner at random next Tuesday PM. To win? Tell me about your favorite dress. (Mine is a little black number with ruffles on the chest.) Good luck and happy sewing!


*Congratulations to commenter #59, Emily! My mom is super stoked to make you a custom-made dress especially (and I quote her because she's sitting next to me as I type this) "because you live next to David!" (My brother ALSO lives in Somerville.) Email me ASAP and I'll hook you up with WWW to discuss size/fabric/pattern! To the rest of you, thank you all so much for participating! This was such a fun giveaway and my mom and I so appreciate all of your comments, stories, awesome.


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Steph(anie) | 8:57 AM

I LOVE that second pattern! But they are all beautiful, especially on that sweet girl.

MissMolly | 8:57 AM

Hi - What is the fabric store that you guys found? I live in San Diego and would LOVE to know. My favorite dress is a bright colorful dress that I picked up for like 20 and every time I wear it I get asked where I got it. It sure makes a girl feel pretty!

Chrissy | 8:59 AM

Ah, my favorite dress was one that wasn't mine; I borrowed it from a friend in high school endless times - it was a purple and grey wrap dress from Italy, and it was beautiful. I've yet to find anything exactly like it.

Whitney | 9:02 AM

My favorite dress is a blue cotton maxi. I wore it on my honeymoon with a scarf, two necklaces and a flower in my hair. And whenever I wear it, I think about how simple and easy and perfect and calm life can be sometimes. And I love that my dress makes me feel that way.

Creativechaos | 9:03 AM
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Anonymous | 9:03 AM

favorite dress ever...this was in 1999 and i was 17. it was this strappy,long hippie dress made from all different types of patterned fabrics in blues and greens. the top was corduroy with a star applique on the front and the back was completely open to show off my entire back and the tramp stamp. like i said, this was 1999! haha!

Margaret | 9:05 AM

My favorite dress was my wedding dress. I know, cliche, but it was gorgeous, and made to order, so it fit me like a glove. It sucked in all the right areas and had a huge silk skirt. If only I could wear it around town without looking like a total wack job.


Hey - MissMolly! Updated the post with links!

And CC - I want to know what YOUR favorite dress is - like, in your closet. :)

Marie-Ève | 9:07 AM

Seriously I'm dying. I have a sonogram in two weeks to confirm that we're indeed expecting a girl, and then I swear I'm getting the sewing machine out of storage and spend sleepless nights using it if I have to. (I used to sew quite a bit but haven't since my son was born 3 1/2 years ago). The cuteness and uniqueness of these (and Fable's little face above them obviously) is going to be motivation enough. Although there's generally more clothing options for girls than for boys, most of them just depress me/make me slightly uncomfortable ("diva" written in rhinestones, really?)

Heather | 9:07 AM

My favorite dress was a pilgrim dress that my grandmother made me when I was about 2-years-old.

It was actually a Halloween costume but I LOVED it. It had a little hat and a pinafore and I wore it until I couldn't get my arms through the arm holes anymore.

I wish I had paid more attention when my grandmother tried to teach me to sew. :(

Amanda | 9:08 AM

Those dresses are ridiculously cute. I mean really!

My favorite dress is a black kimono dress with a bright floral print trim along the chest. It's great in the summer, in the winter, pregnant, not pregnant, fancy dress, and casual event. It's the dream dress!

beyond | 9:10 AM

the chocolate brown wrap dress i wore to my city hall marriage!

Creativechaos | 9:10 AM

I really need to read more carefully! Ha. I live in dresses because pants never fit right. My favorite dress is a dark blue. With a ruffled chest, and little black squares under the chest. I'm doing a terrible job describing it. I'm not doing it justice! I got it at JCPenney's, shocking, I know. It is just so flattering.


Kim | 9:11 AM

I don't even have/want kids but I am in love with these dresses! Can your mom make one in me size? I love the funky prints and think my 18 month old niece would look adorable in one of them! I'm half tempted to learn to sew now.

My fave dress is one I just bought yesterday for a wedding I'm going to this weekend: http://web1.twitpic.com/img/140848245-6ef418aa4be012ee78c4522459626cd3.4c5ae000-full.jpg. On sale for $30. :)

Megan | 9:12 AM

The dresses are adorable. My favorite dress was an empire waist grey sundress that I bought at a used clothing store. It was made of a silky fabric that felt great next to my skin and the empire waist and spaghetti straps made it comfortable in even the worst summer heat.

Sarah P. Henry | 9:14 AM

those dresses are amazing. the last pattern is definitely my fav. the open back and buttons...to-die-for.

my favorite dress is light grey on top and dark grey on the bottom. it has split cap sleeves and is just the right length to show off my legs. AND it was $30! score!

molly june. | 9:14 AM

your fable is the sweetest thing EVER. the end.


hmm, at the moment, i think my favorite dress is this red sundress i scored for 19 bucks. it's super soft & i wear it way too much in this death heat. heh.

p.s. i have twin girls! your mom will totally make 2, right? ;)

Tammy | 9:14 AM

My favorite dress is a white spagetti strap linen dress that I changed into after our wedding to wear when we were driving away and saying goodbyes. So comfy and slimming. Loved just handing off my wedding dress for someone else to take care of too!

Muffin Cake | 9:15 AM

My favorite dress is burnt orange and navy blue empire waist. I wore it on the day I found out I was pregnant with my son and my daughter was going to be a big sister. It reminds me of summer and bliss.

Molly | 9:15 AM

My current favorite is a black cotton/silk dress with huge mauve and yellow flowers. Looks better than it sounds.

Catherine McNeur | 9:17 AM

Your mom is so talented!! I love the little green dress. What a sweet pattern!

Catherine McNeur | 9:17 AM

Your mom is so talented!! I love the little green dress. What a sweet pattern!

Christy | 9:22 AM

Your daughter is beautiful! I love the dresses your mom made! My favorite dress has to be the one I recently bought, it is a simple little black number, but the reason it is special is b/c I recently lost about 10 lbs. and now weigh almost the same weight (2 young kids later) as when I started dating my husband (over 10 years ago), within about 5 lbs.

I wanted to let you know I love reading your blog, it is a daily stop for me and I loved your book, it really helped me put a lot of the feelings I was having into real words, thanks for doing what you do!

Lindsey | 9:22 AM

May sound weird, but my favorite dress is an orange and black patterned empire-waisted 3/4 length sleeve dress from Target. I LOVE it b/c it not only looks good as a dress,but also over pants or under a cardigan. I wore it during my last pregnancy with Stella and after and I STILL wear it b/c it is just as flattering. LOVE!

Anonymous | 9:23 AM

I have purchased a few patterns from this ETSY seller, very easy and inspired.


Jen | 9:23 AM

My favorite dress is a smashing find that I found at a discount store - it's this unbelievable Ralph Lauren matte jersey LBD that has ties that go over the bust and wrap around the waist to form the perfect hour glass shape. It's like the perfect rap dress because you never have to worry about it falling open. It cost $20 and everytime I wear it, it looks like I just stepped out of Studio 54. My daugher will BEG me to wear it some day.

Unknown | 9:24 AM

My favorite dress is one I've worn for years whenever possible. Sadly it doesn't fit at the moment. It's a dark silky black that's pretty form fitting. It's a little low cut with spaghetti straps. The best part, though are the sides. On each side just below the boobs is a huge diamond shaped cut-out with little jewels on the edges. It probably sounds cheesy, but I kid you not it's the sexiest thing I've ever owned.

Jessi | 9:24 AM

My favorite dress is a red dress with big white polka dots I had in high school. I never, never wore it because I was too busy being grungy and wearing flannel and now it won't fit. But that dress is absolutely the best.

Unknown | 9:24 AM

First time commenter. I am in LOVE with all those dresses. As a child, my mom made ALL of my special occasion dresses--even a dress I wore to a school dance in high school. My all-time favorite dress was black velvet drop-waist with a red sash and white satin collar. My mom made it for my 2nd Grade Christmas program. I've never felt so perfect in a dress since.

Elisabeth@YCCII | 9:27 AM

These are super great. My favorites are the blue and white stripes with the red floral on the bodice, and the pink and green with the leafy pockets. Fable is once again, a lucky little girl!

megan | 9:30 AM

I have a favorite teal sweater dress from about 2nd grade. My mome tried to sell it in a garage sale but I grabbed it and put it in my closet. It has moved with me to my house where it now hangs in my daughter's closet (with the yellow $1 sticker still on it).

wumples | 9:30 AM

I have a dress my mom bought me at Target. It's by Isaac Mizrahi. It's a vintage styled dress, with a flared out skirt, but fitted bodice and boat-shape neckline. It's got an envelope back... which I fell in love with.

The be-all, end-all of this dress is that it has pockets. POCKETS! I love this dress so much.

When I gained some weight and couldn't wear it any longer, I set out on a crazed hunt and found another one in a larger size (but sadly, in navy blue and not black) on eBay. It still doesn't fit me, but I'm a helluva lot closer to a size 6 than a size 2! It's my goal to fit into this dress, and as such it's hanging in my bathroom. Lovelovelove it!

Emily | 9:30 AM

Even though I have a little boy, I couldn't help but comment on this post! Those dresses are absolutely adorable ... And, who knows? Maybe I'll have a daughter one day??

My favorite dress was a long, black, goddess-looking thing with crossed straps in the back. It wasn't meant to be a maternity dress, but I wore it to a friend's wedding when I was about seven months pregnant ... And I have never felt so sexy in my entire life.

Anonymous | 9:30 AM

Adorable dresses! My favorite dress is black and beige empire waist number from Fossil. I bought it right after having my son (3 years ago) because it's very forgiving and I was able to wear it during the beginning of this pregnancy (a girl this time!). Love, love, love it!

Mama Len-c

Dianne | 9:33 AM

If you would like my daughter to try out a pattern before you share with the world, this can be arranged!!! My fave dress at the moment is whatever I can squeeze my pregnant body into :) I am serious though about my Lillian trying the patterns first!

Beth | 9:33 AM

My favorite dress is the one I just got--the J.Crew super 120s wool Andre dress in navy (a grey mary jane pumps to go with it). Unfortunately, I found out I can't attend the wedding I bought it for, but it's awesome enough to wear to work, etc.

Annabelvita | 9:33 AM

Such beautiful dresses! My favourite dress is by emilyandfin, it's cornflower blue with White flowers and a cross back. I love it.

Greg and Alyssa | 9:34 AM

I think the green is my favorite.

MY favorite dress is a black capped-sleeve, full skirted number with a belt at the waist that always makes me feel like Jackie O. when I wear it. I should get some kid gloves to top it off.

Cave Momma | 9:35 AM

Those are adorable and your mom is awesome! I think that last one is my fav too! And that style would fit my skinny-minny daughter so well.

Anyway, my favorite (for me) dress is probably my little black dress.It is simple and just the right amount of sexy but conservative for my big boobie self.

Meg | 9:38 AM

I have two favorites. One, is my wedding dress. (It is hanging in my closet and I have worn it since the wedding - it counts, right?) It is by Thread Social and was not actually meant to be a wedding dress. It is floor length, empire waist, with an ivory lace overlay and white crochet trim. It is just says happy and care-free to me. It was perfect for my early morning beach wedding.

My second favorite is a gray wool dress. It is fitted, the neckline is almost boat neck, it falls just past the knee, and the sleeves go just past the elbow. It has a Mad Men aesthetic, but I bought it 2 years before the Mad Men craze. It will never go out of style.

Desiree | 9:39 AM

Oooh la la, those dresses are fab! I think my little girl would love a creation from your mama!!

As for MY favourite dress -- it's a little black house dress from H&M. Simple and I wear it with pants, or tights, casual or formal!

Amanda | 9:40 AM

OOooh I have two little girls!

My Favorite dress is my brown sleevless one with a crocheted front...hard to explain, but I love it to bits!

I hope I am randomly chosen!!!! My little girl would rock a dress like Fables'!!

MJ | 9:41 AM

Your mom is a force to be reckoned with! My favorite dress...when I was 19 (almost 20), I went on my first solo trip with my bff. We spent a month touring the entire country of Spain. I probably spent all of $1100 on the entire trip, which included a dress that cost me 500 pesetas (I think that was ~$5 at the time). It's a simple black dress, just above the knee, sheath style, knit synthetic material, washable, unwrinkleable, sheer 3/4 length sleeves. And nearly 10 years later it still fits! No doubt I will keep it forever.

Erin-bird | 9:41 AM

I think my favorite dress of all time is what I got married in... a linen skirt from Old Navy and a tee that my mom hand beaded for me to match my veil. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Lisa | 9:45 AM

First, I must have that ice cream dress! AMAZING!

I have this amazing black silk wrap dress that manages to fit every time and has gotten me through 8 years of events.

The Mrs. | 9:46 AM

Fable is a doll!

My favorite dress is the navy blue shutter pleat, cowl necked dress I wore last month to my brother-in-law's wedding. It was the perfect balance of sophisticated and sexy. I felt good in it, received lots of compliments, and it was flattering in all the right areas. Any dress that can do that is a favorite of mine!

Tara | 9:46 AM

I adore Fable's dresses. So gorgeous and sweet.

My favorite dress (of the moment) would be the one that I just bought. Calvin Klein, black, one-shouldered, and $40 at TJ Maxx. And, oh yeah, it's a size smaller than what I used to wear because I just lost 20 pounds. :)

Lou Lou Belle | 9:47 AM

all of those dresses are totally TO DIE FOR! wowza! Fable is just so darn cute!
my favorite dress is a little black number that I bought for some occasion around college graduation time - it's knee length, with a cute swingy skirt and has nice (forgiving) rouching around the waste and a wrap front style.

Vee | 9:48 AM

Fable looks amazing! I love her dresses. I was thinking as I scrolled throught the post "you better save every one of those dresses missy. They are beautiful."

My favorite dress is one I picked up on the sale rack at H&M a couple of summers ago, it's beige and has wide straps at the shoulders, it's a classic shape and I cich the dress at the waist and I feel lady like and the fabric breathes like nothing else in my closet. I love it.

kati | 9:49 AM

My favorite dress for me or for Penelope? For me, I can remember back to this dress I had when I was maybe 3 or 4. I called it my "turn around" dress because the skirt floated up when I twirled. It was blue with a frocked, embroidered bodice. I was so sad when I outgrew it that my mom had me pose for a picture in a small rocking chair to say goodbye.

For Penelope (13 months), I love simple cotton dresses that we get at Target. I haven't bought anything fancy for her. I have a few cute dresses coming up that my MIL had made for my SIL when she was little, but P hasn't grown into them.

Anonymous | 9:56 AM

My favorite dress is a vintage blue brocade number I bought many years ago in SF. I break it out for any and all special occasions. It's been to two graduations, and four weddings (the best being in Vegas when the bride walked down the aisle to "Ring of Fire"). You and your mother have inspired me to dust off my machine and get cracking for my 4 year old daughter

Teresa | 9:58 AM

I love them all! I would have to say that my favorite is the blue and white striped one with the flowers. Love the colors!

Single In NJ | 10:02 AM

My favorite dress is this cute little black party dress I have not enough occasion to wear... ahh, all dressed up with nowhere to go.

That green dress is perfection... I wish it came in my size!

Polly | 10:02 AM

i got married in a powder blue baby doll dress with a high waist. in attendance: my mother-in-law, our two dogs, and our cat (who is now in kitty heaven).

love that dress.

Kerry | 10:03 AM

Those dresses are ridiculously cute! No better way to dress a girl (young or old) in the summer heat.

Okay, my favourite dress my new red one that I got at Mexx on sale... for 40 bucks!

Kim | 10:03 AM

My favorite is a strappy cotton sundress that does not require a bra. Anything that allows me to not wear a bra is tops in my book during the summer heat.

I LOVE those dresses. I wish I had the patience to sew.

TexasBobbi | 10:05 AM

Mine wasn't so much a dress but a clown costume my Grannie made me when I was about 4, I wore it till I couldn't fit it over my shoulders anymore. Oh how I miss my grannie.

Christy | 10:07 AM

Man, I wish we were in your hand-me-down circle. My baby girl will turn one in September, and she would look awfully sweet in that bird dress.

My favorite dress is the one I wore to my bachelorette dinner five years ago. At 30, I was probably a bit long in the tooth to be wearing Betsey Johnson, but, fuck it, I did anyway. It's strapless black and gold lace with ruffles for the skirt. So sassy. Soon I'll send it to my sixteen year-old sister and hope that she'll take it to her homecoming dance and show it a good time.

LL | 10:07 AM

Did you and Nicole from Making It Lovely zone in on each others brain waves? Impeccable timing! (and cute dresses to boot!)

Melissa | 10:08 AM

My most fav dress is actually one of those skirts that can be worn as a dress can be worn as a skirt type deals. It is slate gray in color and has about 4 layers to it. I dress it up with heals and a cardigan or throw a tee over top with fun bracelets and flip flops.

Emily | 10:12 AM

Argh, awesome giveaway. I have a 11-month old girl who needs cute dresses! I like how this has become a multigenerational blog.
My favorite dress is a patterned green wrap dress from Banana Rep, via a consignment store. My bf bought it for me for my 26th (?) birthday (I picked it out). It was also worn by the guidance counselor in a Veronica Mars episode.

Unknown | 10:12 AM

These dresses are GORGEOUS!! Your mom needs to set up an etsy page so that I can buy millions of cute dresses for Ellie!

caramama | 10:14 AM

My favorite dress was my wedding dress. I'm sorry, but it's true. I felt like a princess in the dress, and it looked amazing on me. It had slightly off-the-shoulders/cap sleeves, a scoop neckline, an elegantly beaded bodice, a full skirt with an organza overlay with beaded pattern on it, and all those buttons going up the back. The top showed off my great rack and thin waist, and the bottom floated with every step.

I wish I could wear it (or even fit into it) every day. Sigh...

caramama | 10:14 AM

p.s. I'm totally in love with Fable's dresses. Yet another reason for me to find time to learn to sew.

Trina | 10:14 AM

My favorite was my prom dress circa 1991 - a black crepe sheath mini with black fringe accross the bottom - totally timeless, and I even wore it to a friends wedding a few years ago - unfortunately this no longer fits me after having a baby - sniff sniff!

Trina | 10:15 AM

BTW, these dresses are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. I'd love to see my little squirt in one of them!

Shawna | 10:16 AM

My favorite dress? The bridesmaid dress I wore at my sister-in-law's wedding last year. Yes, a bridesmaid dress. I was 7 weeks pregnant when I went to get fitted for it. After miscarrying twice before and with no one but my husband knowing that I was pregnant, I whispered to the seamstress "I'mpregnantandnooneknowsandidon'twantthemtoknowandiwanttoorderaregularsizeddressandbuyextrafabricbecausei'mscarediwon'tcarrythisbabytoterm". At 36 weeks pregnant I walked (read: waddled) down the aisle in that tent of a dress. I keep it in my closet still--looking at it now makes me smile every single time.

Unknown | 10:18 AM

Okay, I live in Encinitas, sew all the time, and never knew about this place! I just mapped it, it's .3 miles from my house! I'm going this weekend. And now I'm starting to wonder if your mom belongs to the same CSA as I do. I've been reading your blog for awhile but didn't know what part of SD county she lives in. I bet I've passed by her a hundred times in Encinitas by now!

abbiejoy | 10:20 AM

My current fave is a fabulous green print I got on a crazy sale from Anthropologie earlier this summer. It makes me feel very stylish.

candace | 10:20 AM

My fav is a dress I found on ebay. It is totally 60s housewife. Blue with colored dots, a zipper on front and a matching tie belt.

Sarah | 10:21 AM

LOVE these dresses, can't wait to make one of my own. :-)

My all-time favorite dress is the one I bought the year in between Kindergarten and 1st grade. I saved my allowance for months and months, sold lemonade, walked dogs, weeded gardens, and amassed an $8 fortune which I so happily traded in for a little maroon number with white flowers. I love my 1st grade school picture with pigtails and my beloved first-bought dress.

Cat | 10:22 AM

I am in love with your mom! First the yummy veggie recipes, and now darling hand-made dresses? You are a lucky girl.

My favroite dress was a white spaghetti strap sundress from Express that I bought back around 2001. It just fit me perfectly, and I liked that it hung fairly straight and wasn't too billowy and didn't have extra fabric. It was kind of a pre maxi-dress, it only came down mid-calf, but it was just so dainty and summery. Sadly, my boobs do not fit in it anymore now that I've had a baby. Worthwhile trade, but I miss fitting into that dress!

Leslie M | 10:22 AM

My favorite dress is my wedding dress - a tomato red velvet number from Anthropologie. Not your typical wedding dress, but I love it!

Tatiana | 10:23 AM

My favorite dress belongs to my daughter. If I could wear her Misha Lulu red-polka-dotted swimmer dress, I totally would. Probably wouldn't look as cute though

You're mom did an awesome job by the way! Go WWW!

krista | 10:24 AM

my favorite dress is a vintage 60s black number with a pencil skirt and black lace over rich ebony with a belted waist and a cut open lace back to reveal corset buttoning. so sexy without being revealing and makes me feel like i'm the best me possible.
my favorite dress for my daughter is a homemade job made out of vintage scarves that looks like a five year old sewed it. but i did it with such love that i think it hits her skin by osmosis because when she put it on, she walked up to me in all her two yr old glory and gave me a big kiss and said 'chank you, mommy. i yuv it."

mommymae | 10:27 AM

love your favorite dress. anna maria horner is my favorite fabric designer & i die over that home dec. line, drawing room.

hmmm. my favorite dress is an old j. crew crepe dress. it's got the tiniest straps and triangle top, kind of a mocha color with a floral pattern on it like damask, but crepe. my description does it no justice. i should have worn it for my wedding.

and i'd make miss molly dresses, but she won't wear anything but big brother's clothes these days. sad face for all of the cute clothes she inherited from her sisters that she won't wear.

Alexia | 10:27 AM

your mother needs to start a kids dress business! tell her i say so! my favorite dress is one i've been wearing too much recently. i celebrated losing 40 pounds so i'm more comfortable showing my arms. it's black, sleeveless, hit my knees, and hugs my top. the bottom is a more of a flowly shirt. love this LBD. mmm.

coolkids | 10:28 AM

new follower.:) Love all of the dresses! Makes me want to sew!

Lisa | 10:29 AM

My favorite was a red dress when I was around three or four years old. It wasn't the style of the dress that I remember, but the fabric. The fabric was a vivid red, and in white letters all over the dress it said, "I am a good girl". Loved it!

courtneyMetz | 10:30 AM

A teal wrap shirt dress I found for $20 bucsks last year when I had nothing for an outdoor wedding in August in Florida. It's equally cute with heels & pearls as it is in flats and my favorite casual necklace.

roni | 10:31 AM

i have to get sewing! so beautiful! my fave dress is a black sheath that my grandmother sewed while she lived in Cuba in the 50s. she let me wear it to a father/daughter dance in high school...was over the moon!

Stephanie | 10:32 AM

My fave is a black & white dress with three different patterns; one for the top half, the bottom and straps. Very cute and it has pockets. Gotta love pockets!

Raddit | 10:34 AM

oh man can I just say that those are all soo beautiful!! your mom is the coolest. my favorite dress is a black stretchy dress that always fits and feels good.

Kelda | 10:37 AM

My favorite dress right now is a simple jersey one with a wrap bodice. Perfect for beach coverup, play, hot HOT days or comfy casual work attire (and I still look the most dressed up).

Jessie | 10:37 AM

OMG!!! Please internets gods let me win this! MY favorite dress is a long sleeved black, kind of retro shaped, to the knee with awesome aztec-ey like embroidery in in white, blue, yellow and peach along the neck and the sleeves, super cute every time.

SpillingOutBeautiful | 10:37 AM

That third pattern kills me. All I can think of is how beautiful my little cousin would look in one of these.

I had a dress a couple years back that killed! It was white on top and the bottom was white and navy blue striped. Down the front of it it had anchor buttons. I had bought it at a thrift store and I loved it! Than my bff stole it when she moved away. I havent seen it (or her) since!

emily | 10:40 AM

oh, that's so kind! I'm having a little girl in October and have been keeping an eye on Fable's wardrobe for inspiration. I have to say, I'm still on a lookout for a great dress for myself, but I do like this vintage peachy housedress I found at a thrift store - just needs to be tailored when I'm no longer pregnant! But Fable's dresses - beautiful. I love that blue striped/floral one esp.

dana | 10:40 AM

I see a future in children's clothing design for you and your mother.
My favorite dress at the moment is by two star dog - a white-ish linen number with simple embroidered flowers. Perfect for this unbearable hot spell.

Shelly Pfeffel | 10:41 AM

So adorable! My favourite dress currently is a red one shoulder thick cotton dress I found for 20 bucks! It's fitted on top (and thick enough material that I don't need a bra, yay) and then pleated from hips to mid thigh with pockets. So fun!

Rachel | 10:45 AM

My favorite dress ever is still to this day my wedding dress. Beach wedding...perfect find on a Dillard's clearance rack when I was "Just browsing". $53

Trisha | 10:46 AM

Probably the prom dress that I wore my junior year - it cost $20 and I looked awesome! It had a long life, getting worn to several more school dances by friends.

Siobhan | 10:49 AM

I am the anti-dress girl. Especially since having my girls. I am not happy with the body I have at the moment and thus usually stick to pants. That is, except for this tres cute navy blue with white polka dot dress that my mom bought me. I just need to find a pair of red pumps and I could be on Mad Men! Well, the Dance Your Ass Off episode at least...

Cara | 10:50 AM

Mine was a simple linen sheath in the most gorgeous blue. With heels and jewelry, it was perfect for church, dinner out, etc. Or toss on flip flops and a head band, and it was a great sundress for after the beach. I wore it until it could be worn no more... and I still wish I had it.

Leslie | 10:50 AM

My favorite dress, aside from my wedding dress, is a little blue dress with an asymmetrical skirt that I wore on my 21st birthday. It doesn't fit anymore, but I still have it.

Fable is adorable, and I LOVE her dresses. :)

leila | 10:51 AM

Love all these patterns; thanks so very much for sharing. My fave dress is long, pink, patterned with gold batik from Indonesia, and I gave it to a friend in Croatia. My best clothes are friends' clothes.

Michelle | 10:52 AM


Not to metion your sweet Fable is so precious!

My favorite dress is a slimming black number I just got on clearance at target for $7. Love it! ;)

- | 10:53 AM

These are all SO cute :) .

My fave dress is this light teal/aqua flow-y dress I got at a random store on Ventura Blvd for maybe $15. I wear it *every* time we go to Palm Springs, which is maybe a couple times a year, as our friend very fortunately has a condo there.

I'm sure every time we go, the people are like, "There's that teal lady again!!!"

But...it's really cute!! Honest! I'll convince you of it! :)

Tanna | 10:56 AM

My favorite dress is a fun print teal and brown with the balloon hem. It is short and simple but so fun!

Melissa | 10:56 AM

my favorite dress is a black and blue one that I got at a swap meet in Palm Springs about 6 or 7 years ago. It is very figure-forgiving, I even wore it when I was 9 months pregnant with my son!

Sarah VM | 10:56 AM

I love her dresses they are so unique. She is looking more and more like Archer!

Jamie | 10:57 AM

My favorite dress is a white sundress. When my husband and I were dating, he went on a business trip to Miami. He stumbled across this little boutique and called my friend in Chicago to get my dress size. It's beautiful!

rachel | 10:57 AM

My favorite dress is from Target! So, easy on the budget AND fabulous. It sounds similar to yours, where it has ruffles in th front. it makes me feel extremely sexy, but doesn't show a lot skin. All I do is add a different thin patent leather belt and voila. It makes me happy, so that's good too.

Rowenna | 10:58 AM

Ahhh!! I love all of these dresses! I can't wait until I have a little girl to sew for!

My favorite dress is one I got at a thrift store - I had the hardest time deciding whether to buy it because it was too big and the armholes especially were too gaping, but the pattern was adorable and it had a ruffled neckline, so I bought it and did some easy altering when I got home and now I love it and wear it all the time!

Unknown | 11:00 AM

I LOVE the dresses with the buttons on the back! Your mom is awesome. My favorite dress is a "DIY" Wrap maxi dress in burnt orange. Need I say more? My favorite style to wear is a one-shoulder "goddess" look with gold accessories! I just love the (near) endless possibilities with this dress.

Abi | 11:01 AM

My favorite is a black Japanese-esque print dress. It has a vee-neck, a nice large sash for the waist and is just super super comfy! I get complements every time I wear it. Best of all? It was on sale at the juniors dept of Penney's 4 years ago. boo-yah!

Leah | 11:04 AM

My favorite dress is a black & ivory knee length dress. Somewhat similar to Fable's last dress... Empire black top, ivory flowy bottom. Wore it to a friends wedding and it unexpectedly came to my rescue 5 1/2 months later when I was 32 weeks pregnant with twins and in desperate need for a formal dress.

Veronica Vaughn | 11:06 AM

I LOVE them all!! But, If I had to choose, I would pick the last pink one. :)

Mariah | 11:10 AM

i never where dresses. my favorite dress is my prom dress from 20 years ago. and yes it's still in my closet. i remember loving the colors...black & fuschia...and the comfortable feel.

kswen | 11:13 AM

My fave is a plain white stretchy cotton dress from J. Crew that looks like a sack when it's on. I wear it every weekend. It's comfy and cute and I love it a whole bunch.

Cari G. | 11:14 AM

My favorite dress, is a tube dress that I purchased on a sale rake, its solid black across the chest, which is awesome for me because i have a large, large chest and it minimizes a little. The bottom is a bland and white cow print and it goes to about mid calf. Its super versitile, and I wore it to my rehersal dinner before my wedding and i also wore it about 3 weeks ago, as an 8 month pregnant lady (expecting a little girl!!). Needless to say it has been a go to, preggo or not!

I love the ice cream pattern :)

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 11:14 AM

I love that blue stripey dress with the colorful flower panels Fable is wearing (heck, I even emailed you about it!).

As for me ... I'd love to fit back into my dresses one of these days, after all the babyweight's gone ...

Jewlzy | 11:20 AM

i have a light blue sun dress with paisley pattern which has been my favorite for a few years....although it doesn't fit me at the moment because i haven't lost all of my baby weight from having my daughter 8 months ago...so, there's that. But i plan to wear it again someday, yes i do! All Fable's dresses are beautiful. I love them all.

Meg | 11:24 AM

So cute! My fav dress is a long, flowy white angelic sundress. Unfortunately, in the foggy SF Bay I don't get to wear it as much as I'd like!

Lis | 11:26 AM

I have a surf dress I got in Maui. It's green, flowy, and so comfy.

all of fable's dresses are TDF. (to die for)

Michelle | 11:29 AM

My favorite dress is a simple white sundress I wore for our beach wedding. I think it was maybe 50 bucks!
Is their anything your mom can't do? How fun for your little girl to have such an inspiring grandma (and mother, of course!).

Meghan Elaine | 11:32 AM

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE each and every one!!! I have boy/girl twins, and as much as I try to love boy clothes shopping, I'm always drawn back to the little girls. I don't sew, like, even a button. My favorite dress is a long, black, maxi dress. My favorite dress of my daughters is a baby lulu handmedown with beautiful vingage flowers.I will jump up and down and shout if we win!!!

Abbey | 11:32 AM

So cute. I love homemade dresses.

My favorite dress is a Milly of NY dress (http://www.millyny.com/). It's black with small white polka-dots, empire-waist, scoop-neck, hits just above the knee, and has a black patent-leather skinny belt. The selling point: it has pockets. I love it. It can be worn with black patent flip flops or stilettos.

lexi | 11:34 AM

my favorite dress ever was a paisley, flowy dress my mother bought when I was roughly 11. It was red and orange and in my mind perfection. I wore it as often as I could, imagining myself spinning and twirling in a prairie field and not in the hot Arizona sun. it's funny, but I can hardly remember what the dress looked like... only that perfect, happy, incredible feeling I always felt whenever I wore it.

blaabaer | 11:40 AM

My favourite dress is a light bue one. I saw it and had to have it. They had to undress a display dummy for me to get it.

Breezy | 11:41 AM

It's the most comfortable piece of aqua material on the planet. I bought it after my son was born because I needed comfortable clothes that didn't show how big my belly still was. I can still wear it, even now having lost the 50+lbs. It's been in lots of fun pictures over the past year of adventures with my husband and son (moving 3 states away from home, swinging at the park, dying easter eggs, etc.) I can't imagine ever letting go of it.

Devon Wilson | 11:42 AM

These dresses are amazing! I wish I had your mother's sewing talent! Fable is adorable as usual.
My current favorite dress is navy with blues impressionistically applied like a water color painting that's been smudged. It's hard to describe, but I love the shots of cobalt throughout and it makes me feel confident! I love wearing it with yellow peep toe wedges!

Amy E. | 11:43 AM

My current favorite dress is a dark pink maxi number from Old Navy. Not the most unique but it really got me through the last few weeks of a summer pregnancy, kept me cool, and made me look like I was at least trying a little :)

cora d | 11:46 AM

OMG - I could not comment fast enough!

This is going to sound hokey, but my favorite dress is my wedding dress. It's a Jessica McClintock, which made my teen girl fantasies of owning a dress by the brand come true (though I was 27 when I got married). It's strapless and tea length, white, covered in lace with white beading and shimmery sequins. When I first saw a picture of it in a catalog, I knew it was the one, but purchased two other, much cheaper options before finally taking the plunge.

And, after trying on the size I ordered, I had to send it back for a smaller one. I felt absolutely gorgeous on my wedding day.

I still have the dress - I hope to one day be small enough again so I can wear it just one more time.

jubilat | 11:47 AM

my fave was a little black and white number with little tiny french polkadots. it twirled beautifully. looked great with a parasol. and really set off my 6 year-old mullet. sigh. i wish i were joking.

my daughter will never have a mullet, and loves whatever she can run around in. www's dresses are amazing and i love the patterns she mixes!

Rachel | 11:50 AM

I don't wear dresses. I don't like how my thighs rub together (it's the same with skirts, though I wear them more). But if I had to pick a favorite, it'd probably be the tropical flower print dress (strapless but with clear straps) that I bought for my DH's Uncle's hawaiian themed wedding 3 years ago. I took me FOREVER to find something I really liked (I mean days and hours upon hours, dragging my friend to the mall in the wee hours of the night). But one of the straps broke so I have been bummed about not being able to wear it. Anyway, that's my pick.

Gennie | 11:50 AM

Those are SO cute! And I know my daughter would love one. Can they been made for bigger girls (age 6)?

My favorite dress as an adult is a long linen tank dress that I bought at Ann Taylor in 1997 or something. It's easy to dress up or down, and so cool in the summer.

As a kid though, my favorite dress was the one I wore for my fourth birthday party. It was white, the four red buttons in the shape of bears down the front. I remember being so impressed that *I* was 4, and there were 4 buttons!

This is MY Life | 11:53 AM

My fave dress is the blue and white striped one with the flowered accent fabric. I think I love it cause of the red star buttons. So clever!!!!

Rachel | 11:59 AM

I love the little blue striped one with the flowered bodice. I want one for myself.

My favorite dress is a very simple blue and white sundress that I got at Banana Republic two or three years ago. It has a matching sash that ties at the waist. The top blouses over and the bottom is just a straight skirt. I love it because it is easy, is fits so well, it always looks great, and it can be dressed up or down for various occasions. Love your blog, Rebecca. Thanks for keeping it real, always.

Ann Lienemann | 11:59 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ann Lienemann | 12:00 PM

My favorite dress is actually a maternity dress that I still wear that actually doesn't look like a maternity dress and has braiding on the seems. So comfy and totally cute! I am trying to learn to sew so I can make my daughter Penelope cute dresses but it seems like I never have a free moment...I need to just make time

theopenletterlady | 12:00 PM

Those dresses are adorbs! I know my three year old would look cute as hell in one- if I don't win I'm checking out those patterns myself!

My personal faveourite dress is a black jersey kimono dress, with a leather belt around the ribs, bought from Urban Outfitters in 2007 for about $50. Dress it up or down, and it is comfy as all get out.

Erin | 12:05 PM

My favorite dress was my wedding dress!! I kept spinning around the dance floor to make it poof up around me. Best dress ever... hands down. Hell, I think I'll go put it on right now. :)

Denise A. | 12:06 PM

Oh - my nieces would LOVE these dresses. The oldest (who is 5) is really into "twirly" dresses and will not wear anything else. :)

MY favorite dress is (and this is probably cheesy) my wedding dress. It was a simple tiered number that wasn't too expensive and was perfect for my morning, beachside, brunch wedding.

Peggy | 12:09 PM

Adorable. Fable is lucky to have such a talented grandmother!

My favorite dress is a soft cotton blue dress from Michael Stars that I wore as a maternity dress two years ago, and I now wear it to bed! It's a bit worn, but oh so comfy.

- Peggy

Jessica Peck | 12:10 PM

i can't read through all the comments, however i wanted to let you know the fabric in the last pic is home dec fabric from anna maria horner. love her stuff! and thanks to your mom for the pattern for macy giggle dress. it's much cuter in fable style than the pattern cover-never would have bought it before! :)

Michelle | 12:11 PM

I love these! My favorite dress is an "old fashion" Mad Men dress that is brown with a white design and pleated belt.

Debbie and Lane | 12:12 PM

My current favorite dress is an emerald green 50's style house dress that I picked up at anthropologie. It was a splurge and absolutely worth it.

Crossing my fingers I'll be the lucky random winner. My babe would look great in a custom creation by your talented mama!

Alyssa Jones | 12:13 PM

My favorite dress is one that my husband and I bought for my daughter before she was born, it is white and has strawberries on it and when we saw it we knew that we had to name our daughter Lucy because only a Lucy would wear such a cute dress

Melissa | 12:17 PM

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the three blue ones. I think they're just striking. But they'd be great because frankly, my daughter is on the spectrum and getting clothing over her head is sometimes ... problematic... we deal. Anything that is gorgeous, easy on/easy off, brightly colored (she likes to pick her clothing out) and made for play? Perfect!

MY favorite dress of MINE? (more of a pants wearer here) Pink Gingham I wore it when I was 2.... Still have the pics. Didn't everyone have one of those?

Caitlin Carroll | 12:20 PM

My favorite dress ever is a simple knit stretch fabric, three-quarter sleeves, gathered at the bust. It fits absolutely perfect, and doubled as the perfect maternity dress. It's super comfy, and the only sad part is I can't nurse in it so I haven't worn it in a year! But soon... very soon I will be slipping back into my favorite purple dress.

cadencequick | 12:21 PM

...and now I have a sewing girl-boner. My favorite dress is a smoky grey organic cotton strapless number, sweetheart neckline, cut above the knee, with a ruffly circle skirt. I wish I was 3 so I could wear it everyday and nobody would bother me about it!

tracey.becker1@gmail.com | 12:22 PM

My own favorite dress for myself is a red one that swirls out when I spin and makes me feel like an exotic dancer...

Anonymous | 12:26 PM

My favorite dress is an black 80s jumper that I got on Ebay. It's super versatile, and I can't help but feel super fab every time I wear it. Also, no one else has it!

Jess Flanigan | 12:29 PM

my favorite dress is a coral minidress that's covered in coral lace with bell sleeves and a high neckline, and it was on sale!

Tatiana | 12:32 PM

My favorite dress is so basic: and about 15 years old.
It's a black knit tank-dress, a line to a full skirt. It's so comforaable and easy. It's no longer in rotation for public display and mostly used now for garden lounging. I just love it, still. Oh: and it has pockets.

Unknown | 12:32 PM

Seriously--this is like a dream come true. I have been quietly coveting Fable's fab WWW dresses for quite a while now for my own wee girl. (18 months old and full of life.)
At present, my favorite dress is one waaaay outside my comfort zone. (I tend to be black and basic most of the time.) It is turquoise! With grey ribbon and jewel accents around the empire waist! (Exclamation points indicate shockingness of all of this.) But it is jersey and so comfortable, which is hard to come by in dress up occasion wear. I wore it to a dinner and felt like I was wearing my favorite tee-shirt, which made awkward small chat so much more bearable. Thanks, dress! You make introversion easier!

Kelley | 12:36 PM

My favorite dress right now is a grey sheath dress with a boatneck collar. Very Joan Holloway from Mad Men.

Love love love Fable's dresses. Your Mom should open an Etsy store...great fabric combos and designs.

jill (smyth) | 12:37 PM

my favorite dress ever is my wedding dress. i chose everything about it. the color (not white, friends) the pattern(s), and the fabric. i was half gone with our baby girl and just getting to that sweet baby bump stage.

my mother in-law hybrid those patterns and sewed it, while i suspect she has severe dislike for me - the dress turned out beautifully. even after i put it on at six am in the parking lot of a Kinkos.

what can i say? i'm a classy girl.

Carrie | 12:37 PM

I only had about two dresses in my closet when I first started dating my husband. I wore one when the weather got warm and he said that he loved sundresses. So I promptly went out and bought like six more. I have added to my collection ever since. My favorite? Hmmm. That's a toss up between a white cotton strapless with white crochet trim and a cute cotton spaghetti strap dress that is peach colored on top and a peach/gray/dark blue swirly pattern on the botton. And it has pockets! Both are short dresses. They are breezy and light and just fun.

Jenny | 12:41 PM

Oh wow, thats so generous of your mom! I've just been trying to sew again (my mom taught me as well) and successfully sewed myself two skirts and a mini skirt for our neighbor's baby girlr. My favorite dress I ever had was a little red velvet dress with a lacy white collar, it was my mom's when she was little and I got it when I was little. We still have it too so when I have a daughter I can use it! My fave grown up dress is a simple maxi I got from Target last year, its teal with huge pink flowers on it!

Vicky | 12:42 PM

They are all so cute. I would love to win one. My fav dress is also a green one, although a bit different than the bird pattern;)

Katiedidtoo | 12:42 PM

Orange and blue floral. I have a wild litlle 2 year old niece who would rock that dress!!!

Mandi | 12:42 PM

I just recently discovered how much I love love love dresses and leggings. After having my daughter (17 months ago!) my body just isnt the same and pants are no good. My fav currently is a cream colored flowery things. Sounds awful but the colors are beautiful and it's really comfortable! When I was little I had this white with red polka dots dress that my mom had to sneak off me in my sleep. My daughter, Emrick, loves dresses but doesn't have a favorite yet. Maybe soon?

Heather | 12:43 PM

My current favorite dress is a red and white boden sundress I bought a couple of years ago and then stuck in my closet and never wore. I have this idea that I don't look good in red. But this summer I pulled it out and wore it anyway, and got so many compliments on it that I decided maybe I can pull red off after all.

Your mom should open an etsy shop pronto.

Kelli | 12:43 PM

A plain black cotton dress that worked on my mother, sister, and me on a trip we took to the Dominican Republic together. It was like our very own traveling pants!

Katiedidtoo | 12:44 PM

huh. MY favorite dress was a black and white plaid strapless short little number that had crazy uneven pleats and folds pressed into it. It was the 80's, my hair was long and died red and I thought I was going to be the next Twiggy.

Käthe | 12:45 PM

I can't wait until my baby is big enough for hand sewn dresses.

My favorite dress? Hm. I can't say I really have one. But I have a simple black knit dress that I wore during labor. It's far from my favorite dress, but it now holds one of my best memories.

GrowingUpHappy | 12:45 PM

I love the fabric combinations used for Fable's dresses!

As for my favorite dress. . .It is from JC Penny :) and form fitting black dress with cream overlaid with black lace at the top and almost like black fish gill ruffles down to the knees. It definitely makes me feel sexy! That's what I love about it :)

Amber | 12:47 PM

I am so glad you posted these, I've been meaning to ask about that third pattern ever since I saw Fable wearing it twice in the pictures (I was afraid your mom made it up!).

My favorite dress is a black jersey wraparound that is apparently convertible but I only ever wear it one fabulous way.

Tiffany | 1:05 PM

My mother in law owns a quilt store. I work at it, I'm not much for making clothes but I quilt. I made my sister a quilt out of the fabric on the 2nd dress in #2. Your mother does great work!

meulemansy | 1:16 PM

I got married at city hall in San Diego in a J Crew cocktail dress that was off-white linen with a navy blue flower pattern throughout. Favorite dress forever.

Welcome! | 1:18 PM

My favorite dress would have to be my bright colored Lilly dress. Unfortunately my boobs haven't been able to fit into it since having my daughter.

Annika | 1:18 PM

My favorite dress is this reddish-brown stretch fabric with a cross-over front that fits me when I'm skinny and when I'm fat and even when I'm pregnant and always makes me look fantastic.

Jennifer Merrick | 1:27 PM

My favorite dress is one I got at Target. It is a black shift dress with jewels at the neck. No matter if I gain a pound or 10, the dress still looks great. I wore it to my God-Son's Christening as well as to the resort in Cancun. It is the perfect little black dress!

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 1:49 PM

Would love one for Ivy! My favorite dress is one I got at Anthropologie last summer- a knit tuxedo tank on top and flare dots on the skirt... I've worn the life out of it. And it has pockets.


Barb | 2:02 PM

I just bought a new dress for a wedding and I love it! Mostly because it has pockets!

Stephanie | 2:14 PM

My favorite dress is a cute orange and blue tank dress from Urban Outfitters. I definitely want to try sewing some things for my daughter. All of those dresses you made are too cute!

Kristin | 2:21 PM

My fav is a black dress with little flowers on it from Anthropologie. I can dress it up with boots or heels, or dress down with a pair of jeans and flats.

I was SO excited to read this post! I'd been wondering where your mom got the patterns. I've always admired Fable's outfits, and you inspired me to start making dresses for my own daughter way back when you first wrote about her clothes. Now she has some very cute, unique stuff! But I'd LOVE to have a WWW original! Please, please, PLEASE, random number generator, pick me!

The Hojo Family | 2:26 PM

I LOVE the dresses your mom made! Especially the last one!

My favorite dress is my black jewel pleated dress. Its a knee legnth black tank top dress with black jewels at the empire waist.

cbmama | 2:30 PM

my fave dress is and will always be the fabulous orange-and-green-and-brown-twirly-princess-esque dress that my grandma made for me in 1973. I wore that dress until i literally couldnt squeeze into it anymore. Now my 6 yearold niece Tillie wears it proudly!

Their Giant | 2:38 PM

Current fave: green polka dot maternity dress that I'm going to rock this spring when the belly gets nice and huge.

Anonymous | 2:41 PM

My favorite dress... Well my favorite as a small child- My grandma sewed me a silk, pink dress for when I was a flower girl in a family friends wedding. I wasn't a pink girl but I loved it because my grandma made it and I was so excited to be in the wedding (I was 4). Then I broke my arm after the ceremony and couldn't go to the reception because of the trip to the ER! When the doctors were plastering my arm up, I remember telling them "Don't get anything on my dress! My grandma made it special for today!" She's blind now and crafting has come to an end so everything she ever sewed/crocheted for me is extra precious now.

Unknown | 2:51 PM

I love all of those cute things you guys have sewn. I would love to try out some of those patterns... I am still a beginner as well though.

My fav dress is my Shabby Apple giraffe print dress. I'm crossing my fingers to win :)

Julie | 2:51 PM

Would love to see my 29 month old little girl in one of your mom's gorgeous creations! My current favorite dress is a simple baby doll, sleeveless number with a plunging neckline with ruffle detail. I'm 17 weeks pregnant and none of my regular summer clothes are comfortable. I'm practically living in this dress...good thing I bought 2 of them!

Adrianne | 3:01 PM

Holy cuteness, I love those dresses! Geez, your entire family is so creative and talented...your mom with her cooking and sewing, you with your writing and photographing, your grandma with her amazing gardens, your crazy smart brother, and I'm sure many others! Not fair; spread the talent!

I can't pick a favorite dress...there have been too many. My current favorite though is a simple dress I got from Target (of all places) for $20. It's a gorgeous pink, it's a halter dress, and the cut/fit is just perfect for summer. I wish I had more excuses to wear it!

Julie | 3:03 PM

My favorite dress...a tight little number with a geometric pattern- but it has to be a skinny day, because it shows all!

Unknown | 3:04 PM

My favorite dress is probably my junior prom dress. It was nothing fancy--from Dillard's, I think. However, wearing it, I felt beautiful. The most beautiful I ever remember feeling.

I'd love to win. My little girl would look darling in one of those dresses. And since I have no idea how to sew, I won't be making one anytime soon.

Anonymous | 3:06 PM

My wedding dress was my wedding dress. I wish I could learn to sew cute dresses like Fable's!

Chrissy | 3:16 PM

You're mom is amazing! My mom was quite the seasmtress and quilter and if she was still here I would be buying those patterns and asking her to make a few! Maybe I'll ask my MIL to help me make some cute dresses.

My favorite dress is a black one shoulder I got just a few months ago that I can't wear now due to a baby bump!

Melissa | 3:17 PM

I love many of my dresses, but for today I'll go with the beautiful white, gauzy, strapless maxi my sister brought me from Brazil. It has a lovely patterned fabric that forms "stripes" as you move down the skirt. I'm not doing it justice with my description, but it works wonderfully for casual or dressy wear, fits me perfectly (I'm petite and drown in many maxi dresses), and can even double as a skirt. Versatile and so pretty!

Sarah | 3:21 PM

My grandma sewed and made me a beautiful Christmas dress when I was about 10. It was a deep red shiny fabric, a thicker material. Off the shoulder and puff sleeves, with a cream sash around the waist. I loved it and wore it as much as I could until I outgrew it. My mom still has it, and maybe someday the daughter I don't have yet could wear it...

Amy K | 3:34 PM

They're all so cute! My 16-month-old daughter would love any of those, I think. My own favorite dress is probably a long black number with a bunch of crazy criss-crossing straps in back.

Unknown | 3:37 PM

M fav. is the Grand Island Dress. You can get it at anthropologie. Any dress by anthro I love.

Lin | 3:53 PM

Wow! Lots of comments already. Looks like my odds aren't good!

My favourite dress I own is my wedding dress. I had it handmade by a wonderful woman on Etsy and it was EXACTLY what I wanted. It had POCKETS before pockets were cool, and a feather trim. I adore it!

Hoping I win because this baby I'm growing is due in October and she needs her some cute dresses... maybe I should learn to sew!

Amy T | 3:53 PM

I have this shirt dress that is the absolute perfect fit for my frame (challenged in the hip area), and the color? I look at myself in the mirror and I think, "Ohhh, that lovely, creamy complexion? Where did you get it?" The deep sapphire blue is just ... so awesome, and just for me. Best part? I got it at Target (yeah, now boycotted, I know) for $35.

team stephens | 3:58 PM

my favorite dress was my wedding dress... my husband & i got married a month & a half after getting engaged bc he was supposed to deploy to afghanistan. i was trying to find anything that would work 1 week before-- in NOVEMBER. not an easy time to find an inexpensive white dress... i went in a store tha twas my last idea & found just ONE white dress, on the clearance rack, in my size, & it was EXACTLY what i wanted!!!!! kinda made me feel like it was meant to be. it'll be 6 years in november, and 2 kids, 8 moves, & 2 deployments later i'd do it all over again in a second... with the same dress, of course :)

Laura | 4:02 PM

My favorite dress growing up was a long, white empire waist dress, with little blue flowers and a blue ribbon that tied in the back. It also had white lace on the cap sleeves and along the hem. This was my "princess dress" that I only wore for dress-up. If only I had known about Jane Austen when I was six, I could've played Elizabeth Bennet all day in that dress! I still have the dress and I would love my niece to play in it one day - if I can get it cleaned up (it's a bit discolored after being stored for 20 years, which saddens me).

Abbykins | 4:04 PM

Those are just amazing dresses! Your Mom should seriously consider opening an esty shop - I would buy enough to keep all the quinoa she could handle on her shelves!

MY favorite dress is a Max Studio dress I picked up at Nordstrom's Rack -- It's great day or night and is easy to swap for the occasion with he right shoe and accessory! It is by far the MOST comfortable and flattering dress I have ever owed!

Milou's Mama | 4:17 PM

My favorite dress would have to be a cornflower blue max studio dress I got from their outlet store. My big boobs mean I can't fit into anything, but this dress somehow works. It has white piping and detailing and is super comfy in cotton.

I love love love those dress patterns, esp the last one out of the curtain fabric. It's truly lovely :)

The Jorgensen's | 4:21 PM

My favorite dress happens to be a sunny yellow one that I bought just a few months ago. It's a light-weight cotton perfect for the summer, and has cute asymetrical ruffles on the top.

Mary O | 4:24 PM
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Mary | 4:25 PM

Those dresses are just too much! I love every one more than the last. So sweet.
My favorite dress was my wedding dress. Cliche much? =)

Pellmer | 4:26 PM

Wow. Those dresses are crazy cute. I may even be inspired to pull out my sewing machine again!

My favorite dress is one I got at Target, of all places. It's a simple purple a-line shift dress with pockets. POCKETS! Once I realized my love I also bought it in black and turquoise.

Amber | 4:27 PM

My favorite dress is a flow-y turquoise one that I have been wearing a lot this summer.

Ann-Marie | 4:36 PM

My favorite dress I found at the Goodwill near us. It is black and very formal and I almost never have anywhere to wear it, but when I do i feel like Audrey Hepburn, which is unusual since I'm nearly 6'.

Jessica Rodriguez | 4:52 PM

My favorite dress ever is boring black, but it has colorful layers underneath the black, and stitching that looks like I did it, but in a good way. I prefer dresses and skirts when it's warm out, and for my someday-soon daughter, I'd like to pass on this love!

So cute!!!

Anonymous | 4:53 PM

My favorite dress is my wedding dress...aww...it is strapless, and mid-calf length. The skirt is lacey and flowy and it makes me feel like tinkerbell. BUT I don't know if that counts since it was a one-occasion dress, so my next favorite dress is brown with white flowers all over, strapless, just-below-the-knee length, with a yellow sash around the middle. It's a great dress to wear to summertime weddings!

Mrs. Q. | 4:54 PM

My daughter owns all my favorite dresses. Oh, to be three!

I wish there were decent fabric stores near me. I got a sewing machine last Christmas and all I've done with it is shorten some curtains and make Halloween costumes. Maybe this will motivate me to try...

M | 5:02 PM

These dresses have to be the most precious in the universe! Once I get my sewing machine out of rehab, I'm going to give the first a go. (Self-taught sewer = hot mess)

My favorite dress is a tiny, pink sleeveless number. It has a matching jacket and hat. VERY Jackie O. It's the dress I wore the day my parents took me to the courthouse to make my adoption official. When my mom found it a couple of months ago, I cried... knowing that my little girl (who is still incubating) will get to wear it some day, too!

EdenSky | 5:05 PM

I feel a little guilty entering another contest after winning the awesome Rusk set, but this is for my daughter and not me right? So that's not at all greedy? Whatev. those dresses are too cute to resist! My favorite dress is a super light summer dress that is beige with a ruffle at the bust. Sounds dull I know but it can be paired with just about anything and makes me look 10 pounds lighter so I love it anyway.

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