Gone Style: OMG + LBD + *MTV

Drooling Closet:
House nymph

omg. I love her.

Sweater c/o my cousin, Em: Brooklyn Market
Dress: Baby Lulu via: Resale shop, Encinitas
(ed: most of Fable's clothes come from baby consignment shops. They're my fave.)
Tights: Melton c/o my mom
Shoes: Simple via The Little Seed

green + pink +purple + Fable = love

Gone Style:
Little black dress + little brown 'do

Yesterday, Hal and I took Archer to see How the Grinch Stole Christmas at Pantages so I kicked it up a notch with a simple black dress (one I have worn three times in the last two weeks and will likely wear ten more times this season because I'm madly in love with it and that's how I roll with clothes, that is, until something new comes along.) This dress, I think, is a classic I'll likely wear for at least three years forever, such is the genius of the LBD.

headband: Fairfax Trading Post swap-meet
dress: Yana K
tights: Target
shoes: Seychelles

Seychelles are my favorite. My feet (and wallet) are huge fans.

found some cute feathered headbands, here, if you're a fan.


*Makeup Tutorial Vid:
Purple Shadow for ze Holidays
(ED: Hopefully you're not bored to tears! I tried to cut it down as short as possible!)

Featured Style:
Christopher Collins!

The creative director just happens to be my cousin but I swear I'm not biased!


Allison the Meep | 11:14 AM

Love the eye makeup tutelage. I'm always so timid with eye shadow, because I put it on and then fear that I look like a total prostitute. But the way you did it was really pretty and now I want to go play with shadows.

Marie | 11:40 AM

I love your outfits- I'm moving to CA from Boston in 2 weeks, and cannot WAIT to decide what to wear based on my own personal tastes, rather than just piling on layer after layer to battle the terrible weather here! Your style blogs are getting me so amped :)

Marie-Ève | 11:58 AM

My favorite look so far! You look divine, and tiny! The headband, the shooz, everything, wow! (My mama taught me not to gush, but can't really help it here).

Mrs. Cline | 1:01 PM

Why do you have to be so cute all the time? And that Miss Fable, she is to die for! Hugs & kisses to you both!

Amy | 1:09 PM

Cutest Fable outfit yet! And nothing beats a great black dress with the right accessories.

Sarah | 1:15 PM

what's fun about your makeup videos is that they make me want to play with eyeshadows and liners again.

And I do!

Thanks for sharing your tips...I enjoy them!

racher | 2:06 PM

I always have about six more tabs up on my computer after reading your GoneStyle posts. Thanks especially for including Fable shoe links, I have the hardest time finding little girl shoes that are not heinous. Rock on, GoneStyle!

Anonymous | 2:12 PM

If you're ever struggling for a topic, would you do a Kids in LA post? I live here and have a 10-month-old and would love to know where you shop (consignment!

sarah doow | 2:24 PM

There's something so relaxing about watching these tutorials. Seriously, I could watch them all day. Though I need to work on not sitting here pulling faces as if I'm actually putting on the makeup myself.

GreerAnn | 2:25 PM

um, yes, i have a question. can you please come to my house in the mornings and do my make-up? and if you feel like it you could also be my personal shopper and dress me while you're at it. i love how bold you are with your looks and your kids clothing as well! inspires me to go shopping... after i lose the baby weight from having my little 5 week old (who is going to be so stylish one day...)

Monica | 4:48 PM

I admire your ability to put on mascara with your mouth closed. :)

Ray | 5:54 PM

You look SO cute with that feathered headband! And I agree that, "green + pink +purple + Fable = love." ;D And OMG, Archer got a haircut?! So long rockstar hair. ;o(

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 7:27 PM

YOU are stunning. Fable is adorable. I just know she & Ivy could put some hurt on kids boutiques. LOVE consignment.

LOVE your style.


Anna | 8:22 PM

Bored to tears? Are you kidding? I'm a total noob to eye makeup and am trying to learn. Your tutorial was extremely helpful!

Brittany at Mommy Words | 10:16 PM

Fable is delicious! My little man Miles would love a date when they are older. He is quite the gentleman you know! I love consignment too - but I have not had a much luck for my little guy as for my daughter.

As for you - STUNNING! I so heart the dress and the headband and I am off to google the shoes.

Final thought - purple is the only eyeshadow I wear. Because purple ROCKS! So glad I am in style now!

Krystal | 11:58 PM

First of all you are beautiful!!!
Second, I am 27 years old and you are the first person to ever sit down and show me how to apply make up! Thank you! Keep them coming! God knows I need the lesions!


Glad you dig the tutorial! Anon - to be honest, I know of no solid kids LA resale shops - I buy all at a place called La Costa Kids in Encinitas when I'm down south visiting my parents. (Have exchanged some of Fable's old clothes for new there as well.) I will look into it, though. There's gotta be some good ones around here somewhere, I would think.

And Steph? Ivy and Fable together? Would slay me dead.

Carrie | 9:40 AM

Did I miss something or did you chop your hair off? Looks fabulous!


Nope! Just wearing it back in some bobby pins!

mommaruthsays | 9:43 AM

I love the GGC Style section! It's so fun & useful, too (which makes me feel less guilty about spending so much time creeping around here)!!!

It'd be fun if you'd do a GGC Style Gone Bad section, too! Your humor + outrageously bad outfits = fun time for all!

Unknown | 6:25 PM

Hey thanks for the makeup tutorial--It would be awesome if you'd keep doing these. One question--how do you prevent the makeup from falling under your eyes after a few hours of wear? When I wear eyeliner and mascara (esp. mascara) I have to keep reapplying concealer... Do you have any other suggestions?

Amber | 8:17 PM

Will you do a tutorial on your skin care routine? You have great skin! Or if not a video, just tell us what products you use? Thanks!

ERM | 8:23 PM

I love your make-up tutorials and the style section! Half the time I feel like I don't know what I am doing with make-up even though I love playing with it. It is so helpful to have someone so awesome show you tricks...

Anonymous | 6:52 PM

I built scenery for "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" It was so much fun, we had bright green paint and glitter and shiny mylar everywhere for weeks

And the best man at my wedding is the Assistant Lighting Designer!

Hope you enjoyed it

Anonymous | 6:54 PM

I work at the company that built a large chunk of the scenery for "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"!

We had bright green everything everywhere in the shop for weeks.

Also the Best Man at my wedding is the Assistant Lighting Designer. Hope you enjoyed it!