She be Bump'n

The days after the goose-egg incident Fable (who is fourteen-months today!!) rocks a bruise and a smile

...The thing about standing babes when they're not quite used to standing? They go bonk. Like, BONK. And then you pick them off the floor and they're screaming and OH GOD! Here it comes. HERE IT COMES! HER BRAIN IS HATCHING A GOOSE-EGG, NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!...
And you can almost see the bump appear and then grow in slow motion like some sort of Chia Injury. Ch-ch-ch-CHIA! And it grows and grows until finally it stops growing and you're horified on one hand but on the other (once she stops crying and you know for certain she isn't going to die from brain injury) that the bump is kind of a little bit hilarious. Sad and awful but also a wee smidge funny.
More, here. Hamilton Children's Garden, Encinitas.