When I first asked my mom if I could film her for a Momversation episode she was like, "of course! But, wait! Do my makeup? Is this shirt okay? What should I say? How about I write it all down, first? Yes, that's what I'll do. I'm write out some notes!"

And I was like, "Mom! You look fine! You don't need notes. Just say what you feel and if it comes out insane the editors will hook you up and make you sound normal!"

And she was still, like, "Ahhhhh!!!! Hold on, I'll write some notes just in case!"

"Fine, you silly thing. Go write notes."

Ten minutes later, my mom sat down, in my old chair, in my old bedroom, one full page of notes in her hand, like a little girl waiting to do her school report.

She's so cute. I want to be just like her.

I pressed record and sat there as my mother spoke into a camera and said a million amazing things, how proud she was... and how much she loves me... thinks I'm a good mom...

She's so supportive. I want to be just like her.

...And I sat there, listening to her cheerlead and tell the Internet that she doesn't care what anyone thinks about me based on my blog or her based on my blog ... and how liberating... And I'm watching her like we're in a slow-motion sequence in a movie and she's like "I LOVE REBECCA! Go, Rebecca!" and I'm like, "Oh my God. How amazing is this woman and she LOVES me?" And then I start thinking about my kids and trying to imagine them loving me in this same way I worship my mom like whoa and all of a sudden (because, my heart isn't made of stone, I mean, REALLY) ...

She's so badass, full of unadulterated love. I want to be just like her.

Tears. Down my cheeks. Behind the camera, but I can't let her see me or else SHE will cry and right now she's on a roll, all sassy-like and rad and never once glancing at her notes and if she sees me all emotional she will burst into tears because that's kind of her deal. That's what she does. And then we'll have to start over. And maybe this time with notes and new makeup and possibly even a new shirt (she cries BUCKETS) so I do the thing I do when I roll my eyes back and forth, tilt my head so the tears roll back under my eyelids and then pretend to yawn...

...But she doesn't notice because by now she's all "Represent! Bloggers in da house! Bec for prez!"

When she's done, my mom gives me a little nod.

I press the stop button and she lunges at me with slender hands. High-five!

"No notes," I say, sniffling.

"Didn't need them!" she says back.

So I take them. I take my mother's notes, and like I have a thousand times before, study them as hard as I can.

(I want to be just like her.)



Anonymous | 2:19 AM

I think you look exactly like your mom, especially the lips and lower face region.

holly | 2:52 AM

Your mother is the reason I'm reading your blog for the first time.
I've yet to watch a momversation due to VERY slow internet here in Oz, but I was able to today and your mom said some really amazing things about your style and angle of writing. I had to check you out and now I'm busy playing catch up!

Anonymous | 3:16 AM

Your mom is adorable!!!

Kelly | 4:20 AM

This is my first time commenting but I've been a reader for a couple of years. I just had to say that as I watched this Momversation, I was struck by how much your mom reminded me of you. And I linked to the video from another site - I only just read your post. I feel the same way about my mom and hope my daughter feels the same about me someday.
Yay for Mama's and daughters!

Lies | 4:23 AM

Amazing how similar your way of talking is! Beautiful woman, too, your mother...

Brooke - Little Miss Moi | 4:33 AM

Dear rebecca. I'm oblivious to any family resemblence in your's and your mother's faces. But you use your mouth to form your words the same way and you speak the same way, and as a communicator and a music lover (me! and you too I'd guess with your love of music, from rock and roll to opera etc) I see that as the most wonderful resemblence, it's beautiful.

Here's a merry Christmas song link for you... (I love this song) Take care.

Miss Monica | 4:33 AM

Making me cry at work :) Love is such a beautiful thing. And there's so much of it! How awesome is that?

mommaruthsays | 4:52 AM

I knew who this woman was the moment the camera pointed to her - it's befuddling how alike you two are! In your voices, your mannerisms, your faces. You two look and sound just alike; moreso than any other mother/daughter duo on this Momversation!

And, yes, I definitely felt the love from your Mom. You both should be very proud of each other.

Erin | 5:27 AM

That was great!!
Your mom is BEAUTIFUL!!

Kiki | 5:46 AM

Oh Rebecca!
I adore, love, and worship my mother in the same way you do yours.
This made me cry! Buckets!

I can't wait to be a mother and be just like my mother.

The love your mother has for you is so evident and so etched all across her face.
She's gorgeous. And watching that video I see where you get your gorgeous looks too. You two look just alike. Funny. So do my mom and I.

Karen Chatters | 5:53 AM

I hope to some day be the mom that I wanted my mom to be. I don't doubt the love that my mom has for me, I just wish we were close. I think these are wonderful words from your mom.

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift | 5:59 AM

I loved, loved, loved seeing your Mom! And Rebecca, you have such similarities in the way you both look and talk and she is fearless, JUST LIKE YOU!

You come from good people, it is obvious...Like Mother, Like Daughter and I can't WAIT to see those kiddos in 20 years and their fearlessness as well.

Thank you so much for sharing your life with us, I don't ever take the time to tell you that, but Thank You.

angie | 6:03 AM

Your Mom is gorgeous. You are twins!

Anonymous | 6:18 AM

You can't imagine how sad it made me to read this post. My relationship with my mother is horrid and I am terribly jealous of the beatiful love and adoration you and your mother share. My greatest fear when I decided to have children was that I never want them to feel about me the way I feel towards my own mother. A mix of hate and sadness and pity and hopelessness because she will never love me or appreciate me the way your mother loves and appreciates you. And because I feel she needs professional help that her pride will keep her from seeking.

Aims | 6:39 AM

Your mom is so beautiful - you look and sound so much alike! She's great on camera, too! Awesome love and support!

Aims | 6:40 AM

Your mom is so beautiful - you look and sound so much alike! She's great on camera, too! Awesome love and support!

Elena from Greece | 6:57 AM

your mum must be very proud of uou being so proud of her.. what a wonderful work she s done and how fulfilled she must feel...
hope we all young mums experience the same in the future...

AmyB | 7:23 AM

SNIFF. This right here is why I hope to be a mother some day soon. I obviously wouldn't be here if it weren't for my mother, but without her support, strength, and unwavering love, well, I might as well not be here at all. I wouldn't be who I am if it weren't for her gentle soul. You and I are both extremely lucky to have our mothers, but Archer and Fable are also just as lucky to have you. Thanks for always being such a great example of how fun and amazing motherhood can be with the right outlook and attitude, Rebecca!

Marie-Ève | 7:27 AM

Your mom is adorable and so I don't really know you personally, but still can see that a lot of the fantastic chick/mom you are, you probably are because of her.

yasmin | 7:32 AM

It's amazing how you look and talk just like your mother. Watching this video was like watching you in 20 years. It must be the love you feel for your mom. No need to want to be like her, you are already her. Love to you both, buckets full of..

Peach | 7:44 AM

I love love love this post. I feel the same way about my mom, sometimes my love for her just completely overwhelmes me...

Abbykins | 7:58 AM

Well this post left me a little sniffly too!! I can only hope that someday my little girl looks at me with the same adoration that you have for your Mother... Great post - I am sure your Mother will TREASURE this!

Heather @ Sellers Gang Mama | 8:03 AM

Ok I stinking love your mother!

I agree with some of the other commenters that you look a lot alike. And you talk very similar, it's super cute.

So I have a request, can we see the rest of your mom's video? I know momversation has to cut a lot of it out and I would really love to hear some more from her!

Annie | 8:11 AM

I missed the beginning of the video, so I saw no introductions. But like ever other commenter before, I knew exacly whose Mom she was. Your mannerism, and the way you shape your mouth and think while your tallking, you are like twins !

I hate to break it to you, but you are just like her.

kelli(q) | 8:19 AM

Just like everyone else said, I am really amazed at how similar you and your mom are! I never realized it from pictures.

Ashley, The Accidental Olympian | 8:26 AM

That was a beautiful post, as usual.

I watched the Momversation yesterday and even I felt compelled to cry listening to all these amazing mothers spew words of love, and encouragement, and pride about their daughters and the work they do.

I couldn't help but wonder what the very same Momversation would sound like with a sound bite from my own mother included in the mix.

Your mom seems like an amazing woman.

Andygirl | 8:37 AM

I watched this yesterday on dooce and I couldn't believe how much you and your mom look alike! It's kind of amazing. Now, I was adopted so I'm always amazed when moms and daughters look alike, but, dudes, you two are amazing! You both are so gorgeous.

amber | 9:01 AM

You and she have such similar mannerisms! The moment she was like, "I don't care!" I could see so much of you. So awesome.

Unknown | 9:30 AM

This is fabulous. Your mom rocks. I see where you get it from.

Kim | 9:31 AM

I too was on yesterday, and after reading your entry I absolutely adore your relationship with your mom. I was never close to my mother, and it's always great to see someone so encouraging and supportive.

Amanda | 9:40 AM

Your mom reminds me a lot of my mother-in-law. Yeah. I think it's safe to say that I have the best mother-in-law in the history of mother-in-laws. This was such a cute episode!

Estelle Hayes | 9:44 AM

Well, now I'm sitting at work with tears rolling down my face. Wish I could pull off your trick. I love everything you wrote about your mom. This just made me incredibly happy.

Jesse | 9:47 AM

It's so funny that others have already made the same comment I was going to - that you and your mom have similar mannerisms, especially when it comes to the shape of your mouths when speaking. Love!

AVB | 9:56 AM

SO beautiful! Your words made me cry, but the beaming faces of each mother made the tears flow. But I wish I could have seen these moms unedited, I'm sure their words continued on for several minutes, hours, days :)

Anonymous | 10:12 AM

You are a very lucky woman, Rebecca. I also had a rad mom but lost her to cancer 8 years ago. I miss you like mad and this episode of Momversation reminded me how crucial our moms are to us. Love to you and your family!

AlbertaMom | 10:25 AM

Your mom is amazing! I want to show my mom this to give her the courage to let her hair go 'au naturel'. Your mom looks so beautiful as a silver fox!


Thank you all for your kind words. I AM lucky. Crazy lucky and I know that x 79829103. You're all awesome. Blessings to all.

The818 | 11:14 AM

What a great episode - I really loved it.

Feast After Famine | 11:16 AM

I didn't want to write this on the Momversation site because I didn't want to offend any of the other women and their mothers but you're mother is HOT! She looks absolutely fabulous. You have good genes to look forward too. Lucky you!
And, of course, it was obvious how proud of you she is. You're very lucky indeed.

My Bottle's Up! | 11:18 AM

this was such a sweet post and beautiful testament to the relationship you have with your mom. she's quite the gorgeous woman. i bet she LOVED doing this so much for you.

*warm and fuzzies*

sarah doow | 12:46 PM

I'm nodding in agreement with everyone else. Seriously, it's uncanny how alike you two are in the way you speak. I'm sure you'll treasure those notes.

Anonymous | 1:38 PM

Totally wish I had this same relationship with my own mom, but sadly, I don't. You're very lucky.

jessica | 4:15 PM

i agree with everyone who says that you and your mom have the same mouth and move it the same way when you speak and pause in the same places while talking. it's crazy!

Anonymous | 4:52 PM

Honestly, your mom radiates when she talks about you. How lucky you are to have each other, and how lucky we are to have even a small peak into your relationship.

BonJoey | 5:03 PM

I love your mom too! And I have a sneaking suspicion that you are already just like her, the only difference between you being age and the extra experience and wisdom that comes with it, and your children will undoubtedly think the exact same thing about you!

Ray | 6:02 PM

I'll see the video another time but; what a beautiful post Rebecca on your mom. So sweet how you admire her so much. Also: there's NO DOUBT that Archer & Fable will hold you on up on the pedestal that you hold your mom in. ;D

Anonymous | 6:50 PM

I too know the trick you're talking about with the crying.. and found myself doing just that while reading your post.

And I just have to say that I love LOVE your mom's hair. I hope by the time I'm grey I'll look half that beautiful!!

mpotter | 8:31 PM

unfortunately, i can't get my stupid speakers to work, and hitting the computer (as per normal) isn't helping.... sooooo i'll miss this one.

however- from your post.
can i just remind you:


you're truly lucky- and so are your kids!

Kristin | 8:58 PM

You and your mom look exactly alike... and talk the same way too! It's so cute! :D

Sara | 9:25 PM

omg you and your mom have the same mouth!

spicylikeginger | 12:26 AM

Ditto - you and your mom have the same lip shape and move your mouth the same way AND you express with your eyes the same way. Eerie!

You are so lucky to be able to WANT to be just like your mom. This indeed has to be a huge aspect to your success.

I do not want to be like my mom. But your mom, from what I've read about her, seems like a very lovely woman.

Stef | 2:39 AM

Yep, you won the mom lotto for sure! It was great to see this clip of her after hearing so much about her on your blog. She seems very joyful; she glows. What's her secret? :-)

And ditto on the family resemlbances. All the gals in the clip favor their mom, but you and your mom *really* share looks, speech, etc. It's wild!

Susanna | 9:30 AM

Since I am never going to have a mother like yours I have decided to become a mother like your. OMG. Lucky girl. (If only because of how much I want my daughter to adore me as you do your mother when she is in her twenties.) Swoon.

Jennifer Manuele | 10:53 PM

i dont know you or your adorable mom personally, but I teared up at her monologue on momversation. Her love for you shines and she is amazing. You are TRULY blessed!

and you are just like her.

thank you! I appreciate you, your ma, and your beautiful family.

Michelle | 8:47 AM

Congrats on being named one of Babble's Top 50 mommy bloggers! In my opinion, I absolutely think you should have been the #1 best written, but I guess The New York Times is tough competition.

mommymae | 11:49 AM

while my mom & i don't have a relationship anywhere near what you and your mother share & cherish, i hope that my 3 daughters can look to me much the same way that you look at your mother. and i hope to adore them as much, in return.