Gone Style: Mix Prints + Incog(neat)o + Shop Homemade

Drooling Closet:
Prints Charming

Dress: Kaboosia
(a gift from my cousin via her BFF's clothing company in San Sebastian)
Cardigan: Splendid (snagged at consignment shop)
Tights: Happy Green Bee
Shoes: Robeez

pigtails! kinda?


Gone Style:
Baby, it's 62 degrees (and I'm standing in my mother's vegetable garden trying to pose while my entire family makes fun of me) outside.

Plaid Blouse: Mike & Chris (Sample Sale)
Vest: Anna Sui for Target
Jeans: J Brand
Boots: Thrifted
*no bangs c/o a bobby pin.

*The awesome thing about bangs? If you're in the mood to switch up your look, you totally can with a simple pin, clip, tie. Whenever I wear my bangs back, not even my friends recognize me at first. I feel like a double-agent spy.
Neato. Incog-neato.

Shop Homemade!

After all that talk about shopping in person, I ended up doing the majority of my holiday shopping on Etsy, including homemade owl hats for my favorite babes:

it's owl good in the hoot!



Planned on making a bang-trimming tutorial, yesterday. Spent the day watching my perfect son pick out his first Christmas Tree, instead.

Joy to the world.



Jasie VanGesen | 11:12 AM

I've been pinning my bangs back a lot lately... my one problem with doing so is that I was born with a threehead instead of a forehead, so I kinda look oompa-loompa-esque when I do it... but it's so nice to put off my trim, save some cash, and have that damn hair out of my face!

Also, Archer's shorter hair makes him look older! It's a little surreal.

Unknown | 11:24 AM

I check your blog almost every time I get to the computer (a few times per day) to see if there is anything new. It makes me so happy when there is! Thanks so much for sharing your life and family with us! Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah!

mommymae | 11:24 AM

i hope you wore that adorable outfit when you picked out your tree, 'cause it's a perfect christmas tree picking out get up.

as always, you are all adorable.

AND! i love your bangs back!

Rebecca | 12:45 PM

It could be that incredible vegetable garden backdrop, but I think this might be my favorite look yet. Bring on the bang trimming tutorial. I trim my bangs with OCD-like fervor (seriously - I cannot pass a mirror with out wanting to take a snip or two), so I'd love to get someone else's perspective.

Mandi | 12:49 PM

I just cut bangs a few weeks ago and could really use a bang trimming tutorial! I love my new bangs and the versatile look that comes with them. Yo uhave the cutest kids and I hope you had fun tree-picking!

Rebecca B | 12:56 PM

It could be that incredible vegetable garden backdrop, but I think this is my favorite look yet.

Bring on the trimming tutorial. I trim my bangs with an OCD-like fervor, so another perspective on fringe maintenance is always welcome.


Love the fashion, but--Archer! Wow! When did he become such a little man?

Cott | 3:44 PM

Dude! Your mama's vegetable garden is a-mazing... I would like a post featuring her veg. (London is envious of.... southern California.)

Corinne Cunningham | 4:34 PM

I adore your looks! I wish I was a little more daring for myself... you've inspired me!

Nancy@ifevolutionworks.com | 5:51 PM

Pin my bangs back...or botox. Tough call. These bangs are what hides that wrinkle between my eyebrows. SHHH.

Karen Chatters | 7:12 PM

I love the vest, is that at Target now? Of course, your CA Target will have MUCH cooler things than my GA Target...

Archer looks so much older with the hair cut!!

Meemo | 7:42 PM

I too love this look. Perfect for a beautiful 62 degree day.

I think I had a vest like that in the 2nd grade, which was sometime in the late 70's.

You really do look terrific. Being around great family will do that to a gal.

Krystal | 8:05 PM

Okay, so I was Archer's biggest fan before, but NOW... OMG, he is so handsome, just as he said. He looks so much older and grown up. I tell all of my friends about your blog and how when I start having children I want a little boy like Archer. You are so blessed!

Keegan | 9:14 PM

Your mom's garden is such an amazing backdrop! I just received an heirloom seed catalog in the mail and vow to make 2010 the year I finally start a garden (...even though I'm due with my first baby in May! Who says I can't grow veggies AND babies?). You and the fam are super cute, as always.

Anonymous | 8:51 AM

Nothing Fable wears matches!!

Sarahviz | 8:52 AM

I love the no-bangs look on you!

Anonymous | 12:09 PM

OMG! Your Mom's garden has started me dreaming!!

Ray | 6:38 PM

You look so cute with your hair down and your bangs pushed back. That outfit looks good on you. And ohymygoodness, Archer looks older with his new haircut! ;o) Love the photos of him picking out the Christmas tree. ^o^

spicylikeginger | 11:33 PM

How/Why did Archer decide to cut his hair????