Gone Style: My So-Cal Life (in the Midwest) + Dry Shampoo + Woolfs in Chic Clothing

(Ed: Updated with winner, below!)

Drooling Closet: "Miss Pinky*"

*"Pinky" is Fable's nickname, c/o Archer

Fable wears:
Pink Coat: (Gift) Hanna Andersson
Long-sleeved stripes: Baby Gap
Black Bloomers: I made them!
Star legwarmers: BabyLegs
Shoes: See Kai Run


Gone Style: My So-Cal Life (in the Midwest)

glove is a many-layered thing

When my sister told me it was going to be in the low 20's and possibly snowing in Ann Arbor over the weekend, I panicked because I'm not a winter traveler at all. Especially when plans called for so many outdoor activities (hiking, walking, touring the University.)
University of Michigan

On day one of my trip, this is what I came up with don't laugh:

(Phew! Where to begin with this one.)

In this picture, I wear:
Riding Boots: Vintage 70's Salvatore Ferragamo (belonged to my Nana)
Unitard (under my socks/dress): American Apparel
Thigh-high knit socks: (gift from Hal. He got them "somewhere in San Francisco.")
Mustard (long-sleeved, wool) dress: Anthropologie
Scarves: all mine sans for the hooded scarf which is my sister's
Wool(f) coat: Barneys brand (outlet)
Hat: Barneys brand (outlet)
Gloves: Dolce and Gabanna

Day Two, with a little help from my sister's closet, I found my dress-for-freeze groove. There may be hope for me yet in climates that dip below 65 degrees. We shall see.

Coat: borrowed from my sister (TJ Maxx)

Faux fur hat: Barneys brand (0utlet)
Knit Capelet: Anthropologie, borrowed from sis
Fingerless gloves: borrowed from sis
Blousey top: no clue
Leggings: American Apparel
Boots: (same as above)

I picked this Capelet out for Rachel last Christmas. Such fun, I think.

With my sister, Rachel/the only picture I have of snow c/o my brother's cell phone


Quick Tips: More Bang for your Buck

Okay SO! Let's talk bangs, specifically what happens after a day or two without washing them. Obviously everyone's different when it comes to hair washing, but for me? I tend to wash as infrequently as possible. My hair looks awful if I wash it more than twice a week. My bangs on the other hand? Get greasy by day two. SOOOOO! Now... (thanks to my twitter friends who recommended dry shampoo!) ...I spray a bit of dry shampoo on my bangs/scalp every couple of days and like magic: clean, oil-free bangs! (ED: I use Klorane but there are many varieties of dry shampoos on the market.)

Hi! I have greasy bangs. (That's what she said!)

Ah, but I also have dry shampoo, thank goodness!

Now I will spray it all over the necessary areas! And it will sit on my head for three minutes!

After three-minutes are up I will rub it in! (that's what he said)

... And then I will brush it, brush it, brush it.

Voila! Now I'm done. Fin.


Featured Style: Granny, Go!

My mother is a super-sexy 53 who, eleven-months ago, set-out on a year-mission to embrace age and natural beauty by letting her hair go grey. Her hair has since gone grey and (even she agrees!) she has never looked more beautiful in her entire life. I worship her everything:

My mom wears:

Velvet jacket: Alberto Makali, Tre
Skirt: Alberto Malaki, Nordstrom
Boots: Anne Klein, TJ Maxx

Love the way these boots look with the length of her skirt. Good call, mom!

my mother has a two-inch leg difference c/o the Polio she contracted (and almost died from) as a child so she's seldom able to wear fancy shoes. Unfortunate because she rocks them. (Immunize your kids against Polio, people.)

Glasses: Prada
Hair: All natural

Meet my sister, Rachel, flutist extraordinaire:

After performing her senior recital at U of M, in formal gown, she changed into this snappy number:

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Velvet Jacket: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: borrowed (from me)


Beer with the sibs, Ann Arbor


P.S. How NYE 2010 is this dress? I don't have the body nor the funds to pull it off right now but maybe you do? So modern and chic and feisty. Very make-out-at-midnight worthy me thinks.


This week I have a special giveaway c/o my friends at TOMS shoes! Just tell me in the comments how you describe your personal style and I'll pick one commenter at random to win a TOMS gift voucher good for two pairs of kid's TOMS shoes. (One pair for you, one pair for a child in need.) TOMS FTW like crazy.


*Updated: Congrats to commenter #17, Samantha, for winning the TOMS shoes voucher! Thank you all for sharing your style. Keep rocking, ladies.



Maria Melee | 4:18 PM

Holy shit I need that dry shampoo.

And possibly all of your clothes.

And a daughter.

My current personal style just went up a notch since I finally bought my first pair of boots. Now I need long sweaters and short dresses and cute leggings. Augh.

L.A. Stylist Mom | 4:18 PM

It's Salvatore Ferragamo ; )

Leah | 4:24 PM

I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and I finally settled on the following definition: A classic base with trendy trimmings (read: long-lasting, trend-blasting shirts and pants made good with interesting (well, my definition of "interesting," anyway) belts, shoes, jewelry, etc.)

And thanks for the tip on the dry shampoo. These new bangs are already driving me batty.

Clare | 4:26 PM

My personal style is all about picking through what I've collected at thrift store, rummage sales, outlet shops, and a botiques here and there, and finding new combinations that go with where I am at my current point in life.

Currently, my style is all about my super worn-in brown leather boots, tights of every color and pattern, plain dresses, cardigans and hooded sweatshirts, and lots of scarves!

Anonymous | 4:27 PM

my style? vintagey modern, always with some funk and a punch of color. it's evolving, for sure, as my body does as well. but, i mainly work on wearing anything with confidence and attitude, because that never goes out of style.

my tom's shoes are one of my favorites. keep the style inspiration coming :)

Anonymous | 4:27 PM

my style? vintagey modern, always with some funk and a punch of color. it's evolving, for sure, as my body does as well. but, i mainly work on wearing anything with confidence and attitude, because that never goes out of style.

my tom's shoes are one of my favorites. keep the style inspiration coming :)

Tatiana | 4:28 PM

Blah, the topic of personal style depresses me (not really). Why you ask? Because I really don't have any. I'm all over the place. Always have been. (same goes for my handwriting coincidentally). I've changed style (and handwriting) more times that I can even begin to count. As a kid it was glitter all the time, then a "no jeans" stage, then an ONLY jeans (and occasional pearl jam t-shirt) stage, followed by my "classic" stage of pearls and skirts, followed by jeans and --shirts again....well you get the idea. Anyway, it seems I'm now onto the funky/eclectic mix and match stage which has proven to be the most fun. woohoo! personal style! haha

divrchk | 4:36 PM

My style would be described as comfy. I can definitely clean up nicely though when I dress up. I have more shoes than I should but would love another pair.

Amanda | 4:37 PM

I was asked what my favorite types of clothes are and I answered-
"Something that looks like David Bowie had a love child with Jane Birkin, and then meanwhile Jim Morrison had a baby with Zooey Deschanel, and by chance those two babies met and had another baby- I'd rob that babies closet!"

So I try to make that my MOA on shopping trips, and thus my closet is a small by-product of that.

I completely understand your dilemma on winter dressing being an Arizona native. I just bought my first real coat this year. And I need to get that dry shampoo stat! Awesome style, foxy mother and adorable Fable. Kudos!

Andygirl | 4:39 PM

Your mom is ADORABLE! Now I see how you got so cute!

amelia | 4:43 PM

I don't know if I could define my personal style? It's pretty earthy/hippie/surfer most days. Yet I love a good excuse to dress up.

megan | 4:44 PM

I've always been too cheap to have real style. At 30 I have decided that it is time to up the class and style. I would like to say that I am working on a classic style. I've a ways to go though..

Meagan | 4:54 PM

I would describe my style as business-comfortable. Meaning.. I'm SUPPOSED to be business-casual but instead I try to be as sloppy as possible.

tlr | 4:54 PM

Hmm... Reading your blog has made me want a personal style. Seems like sitting in my home office does not really require style.
My only daily contact with people is drop off/pick up at pre-k where the other moms are in their gym clothes so actually, I am stylin' if I wear anything beyond yoga pants.
I feel my best in my fave jeans and boots and then accessorize with all types of things. My new purchase is a lime green wool winter coat that I pair with all different scarves and hats. Chunky jewelry is another fave.

Off-topic: where do you find boots (besides Uggs) for Fable? My 12 month old has been bitten by the "chunk monster" and I can not find winter boots to fit over the chubby top of her foot or her ankle unless I go 2 sizes larger. Please help.

tlr | 4:57 PM

Your mom looks hot!!! I actually like the gray much better. She's gorgeous.

beyond | 5:09 PM

my style is second hand shop meets h&m. i have been trying to dress more like an adult since i hit thirty. it's hard.
i love women with grey hair. they're so rare and beautiful. your mother is gorgeous.

samantha | 5:12 PM

My personal style? Comfy yet pulled together on the weekends (with toddler), J Crew on a budget with girlfriends, and corporate at work.

I wish I could pull stuff together like you do! MWAH!

samanthajocampen at gmail

Unknown | 5:16 PM

My personal style is mom-who-shops-at-Target-too-much and woman-who-reuses-her-old-clothes-too-much. I had style for about five years during after living in London. Sigh. I hope to get back to some version of the real me before my kid is actually ashamed of me.

You are definitely an inspiration for me.

Amanda | 5:19 PM

My current style (in the frigid Minnesota weather) is leggings, riding boots, and long, cozy sweaters. Can't wait to visit SoCal soon and return to (somewhat) warm weather clothes!

Tiffany | 5:22 PM

My style is sad. I am a now stay at home mom of a 6 month old girl and I know one day she is going to be so embarrassed to go into public with me. I coached gymnastics for 9 years and my husband worked with The University of Texas athletic teams. So the majority of our clothes are either burnt orange or say coach (no not coach bags) really large on the back.

So I would love some shoes to inspire me to step it up a notch and so that my child one day will not hide from me in public.

Abby Johns | 5:31 PM

You were in ANN ARBOR?! When you mentioned coming to Michigan I was going to comment, but then I was all, 'No, she'll probably be going somewhere across the state from where I am.' Oh, no, you come to MY CITY gosh darn it. I can't believe you were in Ann Arbor. le sigh. I so would have "accidentally" bumped into you, whipped out a copy of your book and asked for an autograph and told you how I absolutely adore all of your Momversation episodes.

Alright, now that I think about it, I'm glad I didn't know. Don't want to come off as a stalker or anything.

Oh, by the way, Fable's outfit=to. die. for.

Ashley | 5:38 PM

My style is Old Navy crossed with whatever I can fit into from pre-pregnancy, three pregnancies ago cause that was the only time I could afford to shop for clothes I loved. Before I had kids. Anyways, mine is classic, simple. Crisp white tailored shirts, great jeans, and lots and lots of flats and boots.

Allison the Meep | 5:42 PM

Right now my current style is maternity jeans and whatever shirt I can find to wear that fits over my belly, but doesn't look like a complete circus tent like most maternity clothes. Sigh. After Nutella Butterfinger arrives though, I will be back in regular clothes quickly. And by regular clothes, I mean stuff I find at thrift stores that looks really cool to me.

Anonymous | 5:57 PM

Ohhh.. I am very intrigued by the dry shampoo!!!!

Mmm.. my personal style these days feels rather all over the place. I have not been able to find my groove really since having my daughter 15 months ago. So these days I am a whole bunch of what is comfortable while still trying to hold onto to my old edgey style. In other words, I think I could use a makeover

end | 6:10 PM

My personal style now 4 months post partum is a jumbled mix of the last 6 years with a dash of maternity leftovers as well tying to stove my new body into my old style for sure.

Sarah | 6:26 PM

I'm not sure you could call what I sport a style. It needs help! Target chic?

Susanlee | 6:27 PM

MUST find some dry shampoo. I have the same oily bang problem that you have.

Moving on. My personal style is a little bipolar. I go back and forth between wanting to be a flowers-in-my-hair hippie chick to wanting to be a real grown up in fancy boots and fitted jackets. My husband is in love with TOMS and thinks I should have a pair...-grin-

Milou's Mama | 6:36 PM

My person style is a weird mix of casual and chic. Jeans, sweaters, scarves and the occasional hat are a must for these cold los angeles winters, but I'm most likely to pair some dark denim with a max studio (outlet) top. They're usually empire waist since I got stuck with huge knockers that don't fit into normal shirts. I also got some great dresses there that go great with some dark leggings.

Annika | 6:37 PM

My style = maternity schlub. At 36 weeks it is rare that I bother putting on real clothes.

Prasti | 6:42 PM

man i wish i had trouble dressing for weather below 65 degrees :).

don't know what my personal style would be. i like being comfortable w/out looking like a "typical mom." H&M is fun to shop at. I also like to check out thrift stores for vintage stuff. i'm loving the big sweaters paired w/ leggings & tall boots for winter...soooo comfortable!

Tbird | 6:46 PM

My personal style.. cowgirl meets Velvet Underground, we raid Granny's closet for some cozy hand knits and hit the town.

Love your blog and your style!

Nicole | 6:51 PM

Love the capelet to to cute..

I'm a jeans and tees kinda girl, but i have a pretty mean boho streak. I love pretty dresses and tunic tops, sparkles and girly details ROCK.

Unknown | 6:59 PM

My style is feminine frill with a casual edge. I like buttery (p)leathers, flowy tunics, chunky sweaters, darkwash jeans and somewhat weird accessories. I dream of being able to afford an entire wardrobe from anthropologie and other frilly, fancy stores, but I am glad to have a local vintage shop for sparkly things and broken-in boots.

meredyth | 7:10 PM

1. How is it that I live in a place that gets cold and you are my new cold weather dressing guru? I like that "fur" hat.
2. My sister's been using dry shampoo forever. She loves it. But I've never known to wait three minutes first. Thanks!
3. your mom's hair is great! I hope that I will be so fortunate.
4. your kids are so cute it makes me want them. I mean my own... which is a problem for my boyfriend. soo, thanks! again.

Natalie | 7:11 PM

Working almost as well as dry shampoo is baby powder!

My style is something I call "french nautical." Basically it's a lot of neutrals and a lot of stripes. So, PICK ME LADY!

You and those bangs, man. You make me consider getting drastic in the bathroom with the kitchen shears.

mfk | 7:15 PM

So maybe I've been watching too much Top Model buuuuuuut... I have to say that Fable's legs somehow look two miles long in that second photo!!! You have birthed a supermodel child and she is already workin' it.

My style = things I can afford + things I covet. I wish I had more money for clothes or I would totally buy that dress you linked to! Growing up my mom dressed us all (2 girls 1 boy, like your family right? :)) in Lands' End, solid colors, totally functional clothes most of the time. So it took me a while to develop a "style" per se, but I'm getting there :) I love your clothes and the fact that Archer calls Fable "Pinky" ... so cute.

Kiki | 7:15 PM

My style?
Hmmm I mainly live in jeans and graphic tees (think peacocks in green, purple & blue!).
I'm a big fan of simplistic too. But I'd love to turn more to classic and vintage.

I love accessories and shoes!!

Fable's outfit = darling!!

Kristin | 7:27 PM

Playground chic -- comfortable jeans, sweater dresses, leggings, layered t's and sweaters -- and sassy shoes (metallic ballet flats) and suede or Frye boots (love to rock the wedges at the park). Plus, fun jewelry. I try to never go out of the house in sweats though I did drive my kids to school this morning in my HO! HO! HO! fuzzy PJ bottoms. :D

tara nyc in the heights | 7:34 PM

I love the mid-west! My personal style is cute but cheap. Think Target t-shirts mixed with AA leggings and a pair of riding boots. Yeah!

Tara | 7:36 PM

I completely identify with the troubles of putting together an aesthetically pleasing ensemble in 20 degree weather. Living in MO, we experience all of the seasons to some degree, but winter is always the hardest for me to style up.
My style could be described as Amelie meets Joan Baez. I love bright colors and bold accessories mixed with simplicity and natural elements. Dynamic and seemingly opposing fashion always interested me. The symbiosis that can be created when mixing two completely different genres of style can be beautiful. We are all an amalgamation, our clothes are the most interesting when the show that.

AVB | 7:38 PM

I want Fable's shoes! Actually, throw in all the other elements of her outfit as well, thanks.

And, no love for Dad Woolf? After all his snappy "#shitmydadsays" lines, I think he deserves a Gone Style spread too.

Meagan Ruse | 7:49 PM

Holy crap. My style?...Where do I even begin? I turned 26 today. I have a 2 year old and a 7 week old, so when what I'm wearing isn't covered in Alimentum formula spit up, I call that a good style day. My pregnancy weight is coming off pretty well, I'd say, but uncovered, my body is a mess of stretch marks and saggy boobs. I'm desperate to look like a 26 year old who hasn't let themselves go. I go to your blog often for fun, functional, stylish fashion tips and plan on implementing your suggestions asap. Thanks for being my "go to" for fashion help!

Unknown | 7:55 PM

I would call my style indie/vintage/functional. I need some dry shampoo and I love all the clothes in this post! Looks like you had a fabulous trip!

theopenletterlady | 7:57 PM

Hmmm... my current style is "trying super hard not to be a suburban mum since I just moved the DC suburbs (which have to be the most unstylish suburbs of the most unstylish city in. the. world.)". If I so much as wear a dress to the playground, everyone in their Gap Outlet stretchy pants gives me looks. So I'm gunna say we'll call it "Desperate With A Hint of Toddler".

kim m | 8:05 PM

i would call my style casual structured with layers! (with a heavy handed dash of JCpenney thrown in, cause i work there!)

Babe in Babeland | 8:27 PM

Your whole family is so damn stylish!! Love it. Thanks for the rundown.

My style right now? Hmmmmm. I hate to say it, but I don't have much of any style right now! So sad, especially since I live in NYC where everyone is stylin' and I used to have style blowing out of my ass once upon a time. Ah well. I will get it back! I'm in need of a total make-over, actually. (I just feel so different after having a baby....)

But if I was to say what i would LIKE my style to be, or who i think I am and would want my clothes to represent....I would say that style is: funky but classy, dressy but casual, and unique with just a tad of sass and sexiness.

Morgan | 8:29 PM

On days when my Artic parka is unnecessary (UGH western canadian winters), I like to think it's very librarian chic, mostly vintage with a sense of humour.

Longtime reader, by the way. Free Toms are excellent any day of the week. I think you're fabulous!

Kelli Scott | 8:49 PM

My style? Lacking...totally and completely lacking!

mommaruthsays | 8:57 PM

My personal style is very basic, because I'm just now feeling comfortable enough as an individual to branch out and create my own style. I'm trying to take things slowly so I don't have to look back at pictures of myself and think 'WHAT THE HELL AM I WEARING'?!?!?! I'm a mom so my style has to be quick, functional and full of mix and match options. I'm building my style day by day!

And I do not have my own pair of TOMS yet, but I would love to win a pair! TOMS ftw, indeed!!!

vicky | 9:03 PM

My style would definitely be defined as evolving. I has a style, then I had twins, and now I am learning all over again what will work for my new life and new body.

Katie | 9:09 PM

walking the line between teacher and professional and 22 year old girl who shops at the many of the same places as her high school students. status: its complicated.

Margaret | 9:13 PM

My personal style consists of: jeans, slouchy sweater and flats. Since having a baby and quitting my job, I'm all about comfort with style.

Love that dry shampoo demo! I might have to get some too!

AlbertaMom | 9:21 PM

Right now my style is very much what doesn't look icky on a post-partum bod. Transitions are tough on style. I am very thankful it is -40C here so I can rock my many coats and boots! And scarves!

PS You are giving me the courage to try leggings!!!

Leta | 9:34 PM

My current "style" is lazy and sweat-panty and sad. Very, very sad.

amber, (theAmberShow) | 9:40 PM

Dude. The ladies in your family have A LOT OF PRETTY.

Now that it's cold in NYC I'm doing a lot of cute, casual dresses with leggings under. We go to a lot of parties and I hate being underdressed.

TOMS rocks my world.

Melt Momma's Heart | 9:49 PM

Earthy, cotton, Mom.... When I fit back into pre-pregger clothes: stylish and sexy.... It's gonna happen.

Amy | 9:54 PM

Fable is rocking that outfit. Love it!

Hmm...my personal style. Interesting because I've just sort of taken on a personal quest to revamp it in the coming year. Right now it's basically sort of hippy, sort of prep, sort of bohemian. But I'm sort of moving toward a more vintage classic look. Ready to start dressing my age, I guess. ;-)

mosey (kim) | 9:56 PM

Why have I never heard of dry shampoo??? I'm jumping in the car right now to head to Walgreens.

And my "style"? Jeans, clumpy boots or tennis shoes, jacket, scarf. Basic mom attire.

Leslie | 10:01 PM

my personal style is "buy things at Target and Old Navy on the clearance rack and mix them with more expensive pieces in an incognito way".

Barb | 10:10 PM

Classic, preppy, comfortable, with one or two on-trend pieces thrown in. I have recently embraced COLOR!

Trisha | 10:13 PM

My personal style is anything that can be purchased on sale at GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic, or J. Crew...bonus points if it is specifically made for tall ladies like me! As a new mom, I am also really appreciating tops that float awaaaaaay from my tummy at the moment.

B&B | 10:17 PM

My daughter has the same babylegs as Fable! And I love both of your outfits :)

My style is casual with a vintage accents---a good coat, scarf, and hat are usually my go-to things to look cute (that's why I love dressing for fall and winter!). My favorite pieces are always from thrift/vintage stores. Day to day, I'm a jeans kind of gal though.

Unknown | 10:20 PM

My personal style is a lot like Liz Lemon!

Sort-of sexy librarian. Layers and skirts and tights!


(My favorite place to show is H&M)

Unknown | 10:33 PM

Patty Smith meets making out in backseat of my boyfriend's car meets Nordstroms.

Meemo | 10:34 PM

Between my funky work hours and baby chasing, I end up wearing jeans, chuck taylors and a boyfriend cardigan. That's my momiform. I wish I could dress more like you or my rockabilly sister. How fun!!

Unfortunately, I've always dressed like a Gap commercial. So boring, but oh so comfy and so me.

Anonymous | 10:47 PM

I'm totally a weirdo so my style would be described as consistently simple. I wear a black v-neck a pair of jeans and a zip up sweater every day. The only thing that changes is which sweater I wear with my black v-neck and jeans. I actually have 5 of the exact same t-shirts.

Yep I'm a creeper!

TexasBobbi | 10:48 PM

My style ahs always been unique, I watch trends and work around them but never to obvious, I love to do my own thing.

Beanhead | 10:48 PM

Love your style.

I am personally working on my own style (bit by bit).

You see I found myself in a pit of hellish mom clothes for the last little bit,
then someone took a photo of me. Then I cried.
Then I had a glass of wine.
Then I cried some more.

Alas, finally I vowed to never let myself go like that again.

My style now is eclectic. I have a mish mash of vintage and new. I love it.
I wear what make me feel young, sexy and beautiful. I now have that photo a friend took of me framed on my mantle. Let's face it, it's awesome to look back and see just how far you have come!
I have 4 daughters who I know are feeding off of my confidence, and that right there is fabulous :)

RachelDenbow | 11:04 PM

personal style = in between pre-pregnancy and maternity clothes post natal.

So, making the accessories work really hard for awhile.

Keri | 11:05 PM

LOVE this stylish post! I'm not sure what my style is. Most of my clothes are from Banana Republic so would that make me conservative? I do dress down on the days I don't work to jeans, comfy tops, etc. I really need to get out of my comfort zone andlearn how to mix and match better. Too bad you don't live near me so you can be my stylist! ;)

r. | 3:41 AM

Unfortunately I have no style. However, I just wanted to comment on the fact that I am in a set of Rachel/Rebecca sister pairs as well! There seem to be a lot of them/us...

although generally if we're talking style i try to get things that make me look mildly taller. so that's that.

Sarah | 4:44 AM

My personal style is best described as Needs Help. (Reading Gone Style is helping...)

Unknown | 5:18 AM

I am just a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. Honestly, I need a stylist because I could use the help.

Jen | 6:13 AM

Current style is Maternity (twins) from Gap or Old Navy mostly. Normally is is pretty classic with punchy accessories. Vintage pieces whenever possible.

Anonymous | 6:25 AM

That first layered outfits of yours is hilariously crazy looking. The revised outfit is much improved (and, as always, beautiful).

My personal style is jeans, tees/sweaters, and Converse. My work style is office blah and needs total revamping (post pregnancy).

mommymae | 6:41 AM

i love all the stripes in this post!

my style is leftovers-from-before-kids-that-don't-really-fit-but-i-can't-afford-to-buy-anything-else.

seriously, it's kinda j crew bohemian. i have tons of great vintage items that are not meant for everyday wear as a mom of 4.


and yay! rachel! i bet she's excited to have that behind her. it was thrilling for you all, i'm sure.

Sara | 7:11 AM

My personal style is whatever I find first in my closet! Unfortunatley, I am not a fashionista...

Mary | 7:16 AM

My personal style has gone downhill since I had my son 14 months ago. Not he gets all the styling my brain can take. Mostly I go for comfort and practicality. I love your new style posts... Hopefully I'll pick up some tips! :)

Adriana | 7:18 AM

my style is whatever i can breastfeed/still fit into after the baby meets some splices of my former(childless) self. That (hopefully) includes lots of vintage and thrifted garments mixed with current pieces. If I could dress like anyone it would be Cyndi Lauper meets Carrie Bradshaw but spit up doesn't come out of tulle or Yves St Laurent anything...so ive learned the hard way. So maybe it's more Cyndi Lauper meets Super Nanny but hell! i pull it off well.

No Doi | 7:21 AM

Enviable as always! However, my personal style could probably be described mostly as lazy. There are many days where I simply cannot be bothered. And I don't even have kids or pets to blame! It's not that I don't love fashion, or know how to out together an outfit, it's just that I'm usually running late and simply have to wear whatever I can grab. Perhaps I should work on stocking the closet with things I like better...like TOMS!

Marie-Ève | 7:22 AM

You all look fab. It's nice to see your siblings for the first time.

You're so welcome about the dry shampoo! I'm totally psyched you like it so much. It's definitely my life-saver beauty product, the one that prevents me from having to wake up at 4:30 to wash my hair every day. And you know the funny story about how I came to find out about it?

My then 16-month old son had ear tube surgery (that was just a few weeks before we met you in LA) and we couldn't wet or wash his hair for 10 days. So the post-op pediatric nurse at the hospital suggested it as part of his aftercare. And I very quickly started to use it on me too! I use Klorane as well, but alternate between the kinds (the one you have is oatmeal, there's also one with nettle extract).

katten | 7:24 AM

After having my son 9 months ago, I realize I pretty much have a "mom" uniform. Jeans, t-shirt (sweater), shoes I can chase my little guy around in.

MommyLisa | 7:26 AM

My style is kind of "adult garanimals". I find pieces that work in silhouette on my body -
wide leg pants
straight knee skirts
tissue tees
cocoon style cardigans

then I buy those shapes in colors I like, currently greys - bright greens - bright blues - some black.
Then my wardrobe "works" every season. I just add a few pieces.

And ALWAYS big funky necklaces and scarfs in winter! They make the tissue tees from target and bannana more classy!

MommyLisa | 7:29 AM

AND my daughter gets NO charcter outfits despite my in-laws best efforts. She has a fun mix of rocker girl outfits...think vans and striped tees w/leggings.

I did get her a "Where the Wild Things Are" t-shirt the other day. But, since she is three and loved the movie I thought that was cool.

mrs. q. | 7:35 AM

Oh, I love your fashion sense. You rock the leggings.

I've lived in Massachusetts most of my life, but I am STILL NOT a winter gal. This time of year, I can sum up my style with a single word: FLEECE.

Jessi | 7:48 AM

I would describe my style as nonexistant. Well, you asked. Maybe one day I'll develop a style of my own. For now, I need a gypsy skirt and a long sleeved t-shirt and a big, big scarf. Thanks,

Jen | 7:48 AM

My style varies completely depending on what I'm doing. I swing from completely sporty on my rugby days, to being able to 'girl' it up with the best of them, a pair of cute boots and bright tights, a high waisted skirt and a tight top to show of the boobs.
I've found that these amazing styles that look good on these straight up and down people don't really suit me so I lean towards 50s style, a-line swinging skirts and sweet, low heels.
I love having the time to dress up, and if I'm not in a rush I love crafting an outfit.

Birdie | 8:00 AM

My personal style: Artsy Liberal Musician Bookworm crossed with Desperate 30-something Momma crossed with Hardy Wyomingite.

If that makes sense. :-)

Kendra | 8:24 AM

Dry shampoo is a great idea--especially for moms who can barely find time to dress, much less wash, dry, and style hair before the kids break down the bathroom door!

You and your mom are gorgeous. My mom (57 years old) still has no gray hair, so somehow I have this idea that if I go gray, I'll end up looking older than my mom. Looking at your mom makes me realize it can be really gorgeous!

And my style? Thrifty + time-starved + seems like I've been pregnant for years. Ends up being not great. My taste runs to classic with a tiny bit of adventurous. Not entirely conservative, but I like classic simple lines. I finally identified my taste in home decorations as Craftsman, and I guess my taste in clothes would be the same.

Anonymous | 8:59 AM

How in the world do you get Fable to stay still long enough to put all those layers of cloths on her??? It takes me 15 mins, to change my 15 month old daughter in the morning and it is just the basic cloths needed, someday I even break out into a sweat by the time I have her done.

mathilda Dunn | 9:10 AM

Augh...that NYE dress is to die for.

My sister recently described my style as "whimsical"...a co-worker recently described it as "brave"....and I just call it I Love Color/Every color really can co with any color!
Like you, I dig short skirts and leggings/tights...but unfortunately it is 29 degrees here today...so my legs are cold!

Balthazar | 9:34 AM

My personal style can best be described as...on the side of a milk carton missing...at best :)

The Lees | 9:50 AM

Personal style: unique, vintage, haphazardly thrown together most mornings. Must do something about this...

Lou Lou Belle | 9:54 AM

that dry shampoo is incredible, I'll have to check it out!
and I love to see the family photo - so much fun to be with your siblings, I miss mine like CRAZY!

I would describe my style as UBER casual. I always rock layers and jeans, usually with flip flops or cute flats. I sometimes wish I had the energy or money to throw something a little more trendy together, but jeans and a tshirt never goes out of style...

cheers, Lauren
(long time lurker - I ever got my baby sister (16) hooked on your blog when she visited and borrowed my copy of rockabye! <3)

Lou Lou Belle | 9:58 AM

PS I should add that I almost always wear a scarf - right now I'm totally in love with tie-dye circle scarves from american apparel - so many ways to wear!

and of course, I mean I *even* got my baby sister... <3

Jessica | 10:15 AM

My personal style is accessories!! I'm not at string bean that can wear a lot of the fashions i wish i could so i focus my energy on my accessories, purses, scarves, hates, gloves, earrings.... oh earrings! I could spend all my money and time shopping for the little details that dress up an outfit!

paula | 10:18 AM

Glad to see someone cool is using dry shampoo and bragging about it....my friends give me shit for using it. I LOVE IT!

My style is an eclectic mix of cheap trendy jewelry mixed with vintage pieces I have found at thrift stores or clothes I have made myself mixed with something classic. LOVE LAYERING...it helps hide some of the back fat put on with pregnancy. A woman's 30's are a weird transition phase for style I feel like. Don't want to look young and ridiculous but don't want to look old and frumpy either.

Sandra Pree | 10:33 AM

I would have to say my sense of style is business casual/corporate attire during the week.

On the weekends, I love to wear cute and comfy clothes! Layering is a must! I layer my sons' clothes as well as suggest layering options for my husband!

Katy F-H | 10:36 AM

I am a mom, a scientist and I only wear used clothes. We have clothing swaps- so my style is hodge podge. Honestly, I try not to dress like the undergrads, and not to look pregnant (because I am not right now!).

Mallory | 10:46 AM

my style is a bit of everything. preppy, hipster, skater, boyish, dressy.. you name it i've worn it. Love your style as it seems to be a mix of just about everything.

right now i too am in love with scarves- got this amazing red and black plaid one from Banana that I love. Trying to get the most out of it this So Cal winter

kelly | 10:51 AM

personal style: comfy urban bohemian. huh?

Brooke | 11:13 AM

Welcome to my home state! I love Ann Arbor too. I'm sure your sister has loved her stay at the University.

P.S. Do I even need to say you always look fab?

jodi | 11:23 AM

I live in West Michigan! I love the snow and you're daring leggings adventure, I must try it. But any way ... My style (as described by husband) is "preppy hippy" ... back in the dating days, all 9 1/2 years ago - that was one of the first things that caught his attention. :)

Andrea D. | 11:27 AM

I like sweat pants and scarves. Nuff said.

VV | 11:32 AM

A. klorane is amazing i just wish it lasted longer.

B. my boobs have totally impeded my personal style in the last year, so i have to work around them :( when i can get away with it, i go for a futuristic 1930's pin up high waisted pants thing with a cut off tee shirt, but that can look ludicrous if my breasts aren't contained appropriately.

that usually leaves me with: an oversized sheer-ish tee, spandex and over the knee socks, an opera coat, a big scarf, hippie rings, a long necklace, and NOOOO shoes because i dont own a single pair. when its hot, its denim cutoffs folded up, the same style tee, a comfy sweater, and bare feet, obviously ;)

the other day i was joking (much to my bf's shagrin) that i was going for the futuristic-robo/ninja-lipstick-lesbian look

Raia Runs Wild | 12:14 PM

Betsey Johnson meets a boho-chic snowboarder. Probably a little all over the place, but I like it that way:)

Happy holidays!

Petri Dish | 12:28 PM

slumber party-esque? I lay around in my pj's a lot since I'm a SAHM, but when I go out, I am just one high waisted pair of pleated pants away from becoming my mother. But, I'm pregnant and spending $$$ on maternity clothes isn't in the budget. I really want to have style and originality but lack the creativity to put things together.

satiate | 12:42 PM

I need some of that dry shampoo! I've never even heard of it! Anyway, I'd probably describe my personal style as elegantly laid back. By the way, love your scarves!!

Jessica Peck | 12:44 PM

My style is warm & comfy! I try to get dressed every day at home with the kids but its just into another pair of pj's! It's just not warm during these wisconsin winters to get out of fuzzy sweaters and leggings! In warmer months, I'm usually in long dresses and cardigans, thank you free people and anthro.

are these toms possibly sparkly? im eying a pair for my little one!

TeamPark | 1:01 PM

My personal style - somewhat professional blah, unfortunately. But on my own time, I like to mix Gap duds with funky thrift store finds.

jessica | 1:09 PM

when my hair was long i'd wash every day which was the only way to keep it looking good. now that i chopped it all off it looks better a day or two into things but the bangs! the bangs! oh how they do get greasy. so i'm sold.

Ashley | 1:30 PM

My personal style... jeans/corduroy pants/stretchy pants + some shirt from Gap or Ann Taylor loft that is normally vneck or big boob flattering + wedges or Kenneth Cole flats or my 1 pair of boots. Repeat!

TOMS shoes is SUCH an awesome concept. Thx!

L.L. | 1:56 PM

I have the same deal with my hair, I wash it once a week on Saturday and take the time to do a nice blowout, which lasts me all week, and I use dry shampoo rev it up during the week. I have hair very similar to yours - long, super crazy thick and brunette. I tend to keep my hair washing/dry shampoo deal on the low however, because people who don't have hair like mine don't get it. One time a classmate complemented me on my hair, and I was like "yeah, I haven't washed it in 5 days" and she was super grossed out :(

Katrina D. | 2:00 PM

My personal style is thrift store/granny chic! I wear lots of my gran's old stuff from the 50's mixed with 70's stuff from thrift stores. also whatever my super fashionable cousin Suzanne decides to throw my way!

Anonymous | 2:01 PM

i have an artsy boho hippie style-

ashley d! | 2:17 PM

i'm using bastiste from sally's beauty supply. a bottle is about $8!

leaner | 3:27 PM

I like to call my style mommy meets her former pop punk self, that means tshirts and jeans are the staple with a few nicer tops thrown in. Its pretty lame actually.

Candace | 5:27 PM

My current style is vegan, mommy-grad school, Brooklyn nerd. Now this might sound lame but really it is hot! I mean some days I throw on some boyfriend jeans, a sexy v-neck and some high top cons. While on other days I throw on a vintage 70s plaid jumper with cotton leggings and riding boots. All outfits are accompanied with a cardigan (usually vintage), a houndstooth scarf and of course the rockin' plastic frames. Unfortunately all of my outfits are covered by a woolen coat because it is freezing here in NY!

SinginMo | 5:43 PM

Short hair, no make-up plus thrift store vintage and anything that doesn't cost over $15 from big box stores. Add color (in shoes mostly, think yellow and purple flats) and clearance Target jewelry. Mostly dresses and skirts, even on lounging days. Also, one politically left-leaning pin on my person at all times.

eringremlin | 5:55 PM

My personal style is holy-shit-I'm-on-my-second-pregnancy-in-18-months. But shoes always look good, even with a giant belly-shadow hanging over them.

Kira F | 6:02 PM

Hi there,

So I have been reading for months now and have loved every minute of it. :) I am posting today because I LOVE TOMS Shoes and hope I can be one of the lucky ones. :)

My personal style is comfy/classic. I am a 3rd grade teacher so I am on my feet most of the day. I need my clothes to fit comfortably and not have to worry about "showing too much." (Unlike some of my other teachers who are pushing 50 and showing WAY too much cleavage for their kiddos.)

I like to be cute but and comfy and I think that I manage to pull it off. I am also very low maintenance. Not usually found in makeup unless I am going out.

Stefanie | 7:01 PM

First, I have to say again how great your mom looks with the hair. She is glowing! I read somewhere that as you age hair looks better lighter. I love the particular shade of silver hair she has, and I hope I end up with something as pretty when I go gray.

Also, thanks for the info about dry shampoo. I remember seeing a bottle my English step-father had, but it was a brand from the UK, and I never saw any available in stores here. I really could have used that when I had bangs like yours (I recently grew them out). But I can still use it because my hair gets oily at the roots but is rather prone to dryness so I don't like to wash it that often. When I had bangs, I would wash only the bangs at the sink, but that was a bit of a mess.

As for my style, I get experimental and like to have fun, but there are also days where I am more low-key and don't make as much of an effort. I usually feel a lot better when I am wearing something I have put some thought into, though.

I have a closet well stocked with basics, and I like to mix those in with things more expected or worn in a different way. I also love vintage things, and I have recently found the joy of having my pants properly hemmed. I think fit and silhouette are paramount in creating a look.

Sarcastica | 7:28 PM

I admire your style SO MUCH. I haven't found mine since Nolan was born :( course, I haven't had the extra money to go out and find it...I am trying to fit into my sister's hand me downs right now, because all my old clothes still don't fit *wail*

But you? Look amazing, as always. And so does your mom, and Fable!

Rachel | 7:42 PM

It must sound sad to someone who seems to have such an established sense of style, but I don't feel I have a real, personal style--as far as clothing goes. We have moved several times since getting married, including living in Africa/Europe for 6 months and hiking the Appalachian Trial for 6 months (out of an almost-three-year-marriage), and I hate moving stuff around, so we tend to go through our clothing and purge. Plus, I lost 30 pounds on the trail (hello skinny jeans!), then gained it back (boooo), so...My personal style in life? Enjoy :) Be comfortable. And surprise people every once in awhile.

Cassandra P | 7:47 PM

I would describe my style as light-hearted but functional! In any given outfit I like to:

1. Act like I'm about to be photographed next to an Italian fountain eating ice cream with Gregory Peck.

2. Be able to take my pups for a long walk and not look like a homeless lady when I do it.

*Thanks for the tip about the dry shampoo! I just got bangs, and been having the same problem :/

Renee K. | 8:36 PM

Personal style?

comfortable / chic / elegant / classic

with a little bit on MidWest thrown in for good measure!

Megan | 9:48 PM

My personal style is a little lost at the moment. (would love the shoes though!)
I really just wanted to comment because my three-year-old son saw the picture of you and your sister from your brother's cell phone and said "That is the so beautiful photo i eeeeeeeever seen Mummy." Cute!

Unknown | 9:49 PM

my style is simple, hip, a little classic, a little funky. in other words, i can't decide!

Stacy | 10:11 PM

You're adorable. And your kids are adorable. And your mom and your sister and...wow, your whole family is freaking adorable. I think I kind of hate you now. Unless the adorableness (word? sure, why not) rubs off on everyone around you, in which case I want to be your new best friend.

My personal style? Is nonexistent. Like, I never ever ever look stylish or cute. I'm 23 and wear a size 4 and I dress in a combination of shapeless jeans, whatever cheap t-shirt I pull out of my closet, a hoodie if it's cold, and my faithful nikes. This never ever changes. I'm a photographer and I'd love to dress all artsy and cute but for some reason I never do. Even if I try to dress up for church or to go out it always looks like I just pulled an outfit off of a mannequin or something. I am a total failure at fashion and accessorizing. Sigh...

Tami in NY | 11:09 AM

I don't have much of a personal style right now as I haven't lost the baby weight yet. I dress for comfort at the moment.

amanda h. | 5:50 PM

My personal style is way outta my budget! If I could only shop in one place for my entire wardrobe it would be Anthropologie. Such a great mix of eclectic and classic. Tons of interesting details that I love. In actuality, my "uniform" is something like jeans, flats or boots, cardigans paired with interesting patterned tops underneath, scarves... and I LOVE fun headbands.

zack & penny | 8:29 PM

my personal style is a bit conflicted. i buy cute things, only to find myself digging for the more "practical" items in my closet to wear to the playground. when i do dazzle it up, i'm out of place, trying too hard. but usually, i'm go with my good ol' "california casual" look that i'm most comfy in, spitup or not. (read: striped shirt, worn jeans and vans)

Samantha | 5:19 AM

Give me that hat, woman! Oh I'm in love. You look like a Russian princess.

Erin | 7:50 AM

Dry shampoo is an absolute lifesaver!
Your mom is darling. My mom also had polio as a child and almost died, and yes, YES, immunize your kids.

Leslie | 8:52 AM

Love the outfit on Miss Fable.

I was rewatching some of the fantastic monthly Fable videos, and I have to say...I miss them. She is such a cutie pie.

Chicken | 11:34 AM

my personal style? Unfortunately, it's called "whatever I can squeeze my arse into".

Anonymous | 9:13 AM

To the girl in those pics: Darn, you're beautiful! Marry me! :D

(some guy who stumbled across this page while looking for something completely different)