Gone Style (cont.) = Drooling Closet + Makeup + Shopping

Okay okay okay... SO. This is sort of a follow-up post to yesterday's post because many of you asked for makeup-tips as well as a third round of "Drooling Closet" (check out round one, here and two, here) so starting next week I will compose a giant super-post of self-style, makeup tips, drooling closet, inspiration, links and more?

In the meantime, here's this week's Drooling Closet featuring the fall fashion of Fable:

Peruvian Sweater: swap meet/gift from Auntie Roo
Organic Dress: Happy Green Bee
Tights: Janie & Jack
Shoes: Ugg, all the way from Sydney, Aus (thanks, uncle Russell!)
Hair clips: Homemade by a friend.

I'm edible.

AND... Here's this week's makeup look:

Get up and Go/Minimalist
(Prep time: 2 minutes)


Yes. I know I look like a man without makeup.

Yes. I know I need to get my eyebrows* done.

(listed in order of application)

1. M.A.C. Eyeshadow in Phloof! (any silvery shade will do) applied with M.A.C. eyeshadow brush
3. Benefit "10" two-toned bronzer
4. M.A.C. Studio Fix pressed-powder
2. (Black or Brown) Mascara: (I used L'oreal, here, but am promiscuous with my 'scara. I don't recommend anything particularly.)
5. M.A.C. Lipstick: Pink Plaid

The directions for this look are super simple so I'm going to skip an application** video.

1. Apply shadow to lid with brush.
2. Apply mascara to upper and lower lashes. Three or four strokes is all.
3. Apply bronzer from lower cheek up toward ear. If you're using a a two-tone bronzer (or blush) make sure the lighter shade is above the darker (shade) as to best accentuate cheekbones. Holler.


a little less manly.

Now with cheekbones!

Happy Makeup-ing, ladies!

P.S. Here is (not only) a swell momversation about shopping (do you prefer to shop online or on foot?) but also a great example of why one should always wear something tinted on her lips. I tried to go "nude" in this episode and look like I have no mouth. That being said, Maggie, Asha and Giyen's mouths look positively kissable:


*Perhaps next week I'll do a spotlight on the torturous world of eyebrow threading?
(I shot a goofy makeup-ap vid a few months back. You can watch it, here.)


spicylikeginger | 9:43 PM

No, you don't look like a man without make up. Also, I'm not sure if they are new, but I'm loving the layers in your hair. :)

Maggie May | 9:56 PM

What the heckit! We are on the same brain wave. I just logged in my brain the idea to do a post on daily routines including makeup the other day. It is amazing how a few simple touches add such beauty. It is varay comforting for me as mom of three, to have a ready made WAKE UP FACE bag in my car, which I put on at stoplights driving the kids to school.

Anonymous | 10:20 PM

WOW. Quick little bronzer application video, PLEASE!

Diana | 1:35 AM

You do know that you are a very beautiful woman, yes? Thanks for the ideas!

And also: All the ladies in this particular Momversation looked specatular - have to say that the camera LURVES the moms. I thought that Giyen was really having a beauty day (those days are so good for the ego)!

sarah doow | 3:12 AM

I have quite a girl crush on you and your makeup - I'm pretty sure that's half the reason I watch Momversation. It's certainly the reason I stood in front of a row of pink lipsticks at the weekend trying to choose one (but ultimately chickening out, because what does a test stripe on my hand tell me?)
So you'd get a hell yeah from me for more makeup tips/videos!

susan | 3:28 AM

You have no dark circles! I'm not a mom and I look like I've been punched in both eyes. Every makeup routine starts with: cover the damn circles.

M. | 5:19 AM

I need the headband you're wearing in the momversation video! Where on earth did you find it? I love it!!!

I liked your makeup video that you did a few months ago. I tried it out and loved the look! more plz!

You're little Fable is so darn cute! I love her dress the most and the hairclips!

Elena from Greece | 5:45 AM

You look great! Nice tips, such inspiration for other mums to know that yes, we can be good mothers and not looking awful. How about hair? any tips? do you straighten them?

Kerry | 5:53 AM

I sincerely appreciate your more "human side" (cause in every other shot you look FABULOUS!) and your sense of humour.


How do you choose what make up products to buy?

I don't wear make up, but I SHOULD. I no longer have the sun-kissed glow that I had a 20. Where would I start? How do I choose?

beyond | 6:19 AM

so cute! fable is one stylish baby.
i would love to see some torturous eyebrow threading. i do nothing to my eyebrows (i've been told how lucky i am) and all things that have to do with eyebrow shaping are endlessly fascinating to me.

Marie-Ève | 7:37 AM

You look totally beautiful even without a drop of makeup on, OMG.

And the "after" picture: with your strong features and chiseled cheekbones, for a second I thought you were Carla Bruni (foolish/rude/evil husband, but still absolutely my ideal of beauty).

Anonymous | 8:06 AM

Love the makeup video from awhile back! Also, did you know you have PERFECT skin? How do you do it, you dog?! I, on the other hand, have horrible skin, with scars and major imperfections all over. Ugh.

GeneseeJ | 8:14 AM

Your perspective on shopping, I couldn't agree with any more. I love the act of shopping, especially bargain shopping, even window shopping is great. But, I have not had the pleasure of strolling through a flea market in years. Must do that soon. Have you been to any in the San Diego area? Any good ones you've heard of down here?

Thank you, beautiful lady!


Hey, Anon!

Will absolutely do a bronzer tutorial. Do you have a two-tone bronzer? I really do recommend you pick one up! Like I said, Benefit makes a great one but you can find two-toned bronzers anywhere.

As for hair, I have no routine at all. Sometimes my hair looks like shit and I wear a hat, put it back? Sometimes it looks good down so I wear it that way. I have no patience with hair. Occasionally I flat-iron but seldom and I wash it twice a week if that.


As for San Diego Flea Markets, I have no idea. Will ask around. LA has tons, though, if you're willing to make the trek. My headband came from Melrose Trading post (a flea market Sundays at Fairfax High.) It was $9.


Also, Sarahdooh? You can try lipsticks on at counters! I suggest you do! I totally agree. It's stupid to put lipstick on your hand. It's like buying a perfume without testing it on the bod.

BobbieJ | 9:47 AM

I have also tried the torturous eyebrow threading after hearing how wonderful and painless it was. I breakout in horrible rash from waxing and plucking takes so much time! The threading was quite painful and made one eye water to the point of tears rolling down cheek and the lady repeatedly asking if I was okay, embarrassing much? Low and behold threading also causes an unsightly rash that lasts as long as the hair removal does. Back to plucking for me.

Amanda | 9:55 AM

I still think my lips were revolutionized when you recommended Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Watermelon. So simple, chic, and cheap.

Also totally with you on the whole shopping on foot instead of online. It's all about the physical hunt. The falling in love with something at first glance, trying it on and walking out of the store invigorated. That being said Target is our kryptonite. What masks itself as a quick essentials pick up inevitably turns into an hour long browse sesh and $50 extra on our receipt. The husband avoids it like the plague.

TexasBobbi | 10:16 AM

I agree with you I love in store shopping. Also with your nude lip add a bit of clear gloss and it makes it less washed out.

Anonymous | 10:46 AM

I actually really enjoyed your how-to video on applying make-up. We have similar bone structure, so it was very helpful.

Also, you are gorgeous and looking nothing like a man!

New to your blog, found you on dooce.com and enjoying everything so far :o)

tlr | 10:46 AM

Love the new fashion spot! Very jealous of you.
Just reviewed the Drooling Closet again - my how Fable has grown (commence tears).
My baby is turning 1 tomorrow (more tears) and I am not having luck finding cute boots for her. Problem: her ankles & calves are still nom, nom chunkalicious and nothing fits. If I go 2 sizes bigger, they are huge on the toes but still tight on ankle! Any suggestions besides Uggs since I don't have an uncle willing to spend that kinda dough???


Pretty! I'm a fan of the minimalist make-up routine. Eyelashes, cheekbones, out the door.

In theory, I'm an in-store shopper. Sometimes, when I know exactly what I need, I'll order it on-line if I'm completely strapped for time (and feel like the shipping costs are worth it) or I just can't find it out in the world. But Zappos? None for me, thanks.

Andygirl | 11:13 AM

okay, so even though I'm pretty sure I'm older than you, can I please, pretty please, be you when I grow up?

Elena from Greece | 12:35 PM

you are lucky with hair then! if i don't blow dry them they look awful! and i have to wash them every other day.. they look fantastic, very stylish!
Thanks for answering! looking forward to all your great tips

dgurl7 | 2:49 PM

hey...since you brought up 'story' in this episode, check out 'a million miles in a thousand years', by donald miller. it kicked my ass. (in a good way) hope u enjoy.


sarah | 5:11 PM

lolz totally off topic - it's really easy to read your (nudie) lips!

some people are easier than others

Rachel | 9:07 PM

I love the Happy Green Bee!! I bought my daughter a dress, top and pants from the factory store, can't wait to get them!! Thanks so much!!

Wendy | 5:54 AM

I would love to know what you think of Sephora's Makeup Forever HD foundation. There have been rave reviews but I am concerned that it might clog pores and be heavy. This is certainly my concern about the products that contain silicone. Through the summer I became a huge fan of the light mineral foundations that you buff onto the face with a round brush - they are cheap, quick and easy to apply, and absorb oil and shine without clogging pores. But now that winter is here, this option seems too drying. Please give us your expert opinion!

Sarah | 8:01 AM

Your eyes, from what I can see in the Momversation videos, are always gorgeous. And your eye makeup? Perfection.

As for me, I always feel like A Woman Attempting Eye Makeup. You've inspired me to give the liquid liner a whirl (again). (At my age - ohmygod, 38 - I've tried everything at least once.)

If at first you don't succeed, use some good eye makeup remover and try again. That's my motto.

Love your writing...thanks for creating a blog that is at the top of my Must Reads.

starflower | 9:15 AM

I also think you look gorgeous without any makeup at all! Always love how your makeup looks, though, too -- it's never heavy and always brings out your very pretty features. You've got great lips and teeth, too -- sigh. A car accident when I was 18 gave me three broken front teeth (since fixed, but still) and a permanently drooping lip on one side. So I am a little fixated on those areas. Thanks for sharing!

Loukia | 12:13 PM

You're gorgeous! Without makeup, too!

Beth Smith | 5:38 PM

You look great with and without makeup.

Fairly Odd Mother | 6:15 PM

OMG, you do NOT look like a man without makeup---your gorgeous! With makeup, you're gorgeous +, but you are wayyyy too pretty to think you look like a man.

I've never considered silvery eyeshadow---actually, I don't really wear any eyeshadow---but this sounds interesting to me. May have to play around a bit.

Jewel | 8:33 PM

Thanks & keep it up. I need all the help I can get!

Anonymous | 1:18 PM

In love with yourself, aren't you? I really don't see why. You're okay-looking but nothing special. I'm afraid your teenage glory days are over, honey.
No wonder you have no money to buy a house, you blow it all on clothes and makeup.