Gone Style: Threads & Threading

1. Drooling Closet
Week Two:

Yellow Dress: Decaf Plush
(sidewalk sale)
Orange under shirt (formerly a dress but she outgrew): Imps and Elfs*
Tights: Janie & Jack
Shoes: Robeez
(hand-me-downs from Archer.)

2. Gone Style:
Saturday Afternoon/Evening Momsemble

Black dress: Fluxus
men's overshirt: Fluxus
Leggings: American Apparel
Shoes: Nine West circa '00
Scarves: Anthropologie/no-name*
(the white/grey scarf has become my security blanket, apparently. I seem to wear it almost daily even if it means doubling up with other scarves, jewelry, etc.)

3. Face Forward:
Eyebrow Threading


this is what six weeks without a threading looks like:

extreme close-up = yikes!


*musical credit: Metallica, Master of Puppets


With Ainun! (Makeup under my eyes from crying because it hurts.)
**I get my brows styled at Vinitas on La Cienega btw. The ladies there are dolls and do great work!

4. Featured Style:

Rachel from Detroit!!!

... What can I say? I'm a sucker for a wolf shirt and a good bang.



Anonymous | 3:41 PM

Love love love the shoes. And the scarves. I am developing a bit of a scarf addiction over here. It is having a serious adverse effect of my bank account.

Also, Fable's clothes are to die for.

Chantelle {fat mum slim} | 3:50 PM

Ouchy! I always thought threading was something completely different... I couldn't watch the whole video... it made me want to cry for you!

Can I ask: Why threading, and not waxing? What are the benefits?

Love your style as always. And little Fable is ever so cute! xx

Rebecca | 5:19 PM

Love the 2 scarf idea, never though to do that before. Loving the whole outfit.

I would also like to know why threading and why not waxing.

Also Fable is freakin' adorable. As always.

Unknown | 6:33 PM

I LOVE threading it is GREAT. I don't think it hurts anymore then waxing but it just makes you tear up.

some reasons people use threading over waxing:
it does not irritate the skin
more accurate eyebrow shape with cleaner, straighter lines
hair is removed from the follicle

Meagan Ruse | 7:31 PM

Thank you for the style help. I absolutely love your suggestions! I'm a stay at home mom of two little boys and most of the time I feel like a mess. I'm 26 years old and don't know what's in style anymore. Sometimes I wonder what happened. Keep the pictures comin! What's a closet "staple" you suggest?


Definitely a good pair of jeans. I'll do a jeans round-up one of these days. I'm a fan of skinny jeans, personally but a good pair of boyfriend jeans are just as cute.

And boots! Definitely invest in an AMAZING pair of boots. xo!


Oh and also re: threading! What KKG said!

v | 7:51 PM

I tried threading once. I had never heard of it and the woman told me it was painless.


I cried the whole time. I will deal with the irritation of waxing because it's over in a few minutes.

mommaruthsays | 7:59 PM

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. is RIGHT! That looked awful; how long do the results last?

I love your style, and your kids style! I can't wait to see how selective Archer is about his clothes, seeing as how he's so independent about his hair!

ThePAK | 8:23 PM


Are American Apparel leggings your favorite? I'm in the market, so I'd love to hear every ridic detail on your favorites.

The Beckster | 8:23 PM

Gotta say -- I'm sticking with waxing but god bless ya!! ouch!

Elena from Greece | 9:11 PM

I love Fable's happy outfits. I wouldn t dress a child in a dull colour or pattern. they are very imaginative!
you look fantastic as always! Love the scarves. I am jealous of your leggins!!! (can't wear them, my legs are a bit chubby so i prefer to wear clotthes that flatter me).
Also, how about a homewear part? do you dress all day long?

Amanda | 8:02 AM

Love the scarf idea! It's weird how sometimes we develope clothing "security blankets". I've been wearing this vintage Dior cashmere sweater that my dad bought my mom in the 80's and I will wear it until it is in threads.

Good thing I inherited my mother's barely there flapper eyebrows because threading- OUCH! Still, I wish I had more brow to work with- hence I cut my bangs to cover them up.

And Rachel from lookbook is one of my favs! Her hair is so lovely and her outfits rock.

mommymae | 9:07 AM

i love the alexander henry strawberry fabric from fable's dress. totes cute!

i don't bother with my eyebrows (although i might should do it) BUT i do have to wax my lip. i do it at home since i can buy a whole box of strips for half the price of one trip to the salon & it lasts for a billion times.

http://ladiessilkscarf.co.uk/blog/2009/08/scarves-wraps-and-shawls/ | 11:48 AM

scarves have always been my passion and reading about them is my hobby....enjoyed your post and looking forward to more!

Alyxherself | 12:43 PM

so, if you don't already know this, i'm old. and lazy. and i think i have found the best thing ever when you suffer from either one of my conditions. it is a 3cm long eyebrow shaver on a handle. I get a pack of em from walmart and i can use it as often as i wish. cheap. no pain. no mess. no chemicals. no salon. just precision eyebrows.

that said i do admire the tenacity it takes to endure pain for beauty :) i just left it in my 3rd decade!

and yes you and Fable are tres chic. this style thing is great.

Unknown | 2:11 PM

I love these in the same way that I love watching a professional painter -- it's a skill at which I would dearly love to have some level of proficiency, but which is totally and completely foreign to me. Your style ROCKS. If I ever have any, I may copy you.

And I learned a new term. Threading! I didn't know that was something you did to eyebrows.

Now I can sound like a bona fide girl. Maybe. Sorta.

Kat | 2:18 PM

It looks like she's threading against the hair growth! OUCH. I think I'll stick with my obssessive plucking. (I also like how when you are twitching in pain, she's going "hummm". I think stylists laugh inside a little.)


Love the outfit, but I adore your wavy hair! So, so pretty!

I'm a BIG fan of the AA leggings--the high-waisted ones, specifically. Kind of shapewear-y under dresses without being shapewear.

ERM | 3:43 PM

Hi Rebecca!

I love your new style section--I'm totally gonna wear a pair of scarves together tomorrow!

thank you so much for your blog--I love it. Your loveliness radiates through your words.

You are a light!

foodiemama | 4:25 PM

man, fable is the cutest!

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 5:36 PM

Wow. I don't own even a single scarf. Am I helpless?


Monica | 6:54 PM

Coveting your leggings/dress/double scarf look! Very reminiscent of the early 80's...in a good way. Of course you were still in utero then, and I was already a freshman in H.S...blargghh I feel old.

Never heard of threading...maybe it's not an east coast thing. Looks like brow flossing! Great results, you're stunning as usual.

Monica | 7:02 PM

Also, Fable is precious in that outfit (of course, this goes without saying...) The pic of her with that folksy dress and the toadstools has a real enchanted forest vibe!

Meemo | 10:57 PM

I had my eyebrows threaded once and I must say that I didn't like the feeling of all the little hairs all over my face. That's the good thing about waxing, no little hairs all over your face. Either way, beauty is pain.

I'm inspired by your scarves. I think I'll start with one though.

If you weren't real...I'd make you up | 8:05 PM

I have to give you serious kudos. I don't have the balls to even TRY threading and now that I watched how it's done...I just can't do it. LOL. I just want to let you know I LOVE reading your blog, you are funny and whitty. I find myself going to October 2005 to read from the beginning. I CAN'T WAIT to buy your book. I read the first 4 pages and MUST own it. Thank you for writing! You make my day a lot of the time.

Chelsea | 10:25 PM

Lovin' me some ggc.


Stef | 9:18 AM

I like threading for the super straight lines it can make. I have tried doing it myself at home with OK results (there are youtube vids showing how). I think it's more thorough done by a pro though. My problem is I could never allow enough new stray growth to justify paying someone to do it.

I usually maintain my brows with a tweezer on an almost daily basis (they are fuller than yours, but still nicely shaped/arched). I have a tweezer in my bathroom, one at my makeup table, and one in my car, for those times I am stuck in traffic and the sun is setting and the lighting is so good (classy, I know). I think since I tweeze so frequently, I have deadened the nerves, because I don't really feel pain at all there anymore.