Hair Thursday

Archer rocks the over-the-face-uber-angst look for Fall
“He needs a haircut.”
“I know.”
“So why don’t you cut his hair?”
“Because he doesn’t want a haircut.”
“But you’re his parent. You’re supposed to make the rules.”
“I do make the rules but he doesn’t want a haircut. What am I going to do, hold him down and cut his hair?”
“No. Just tell him he has to have a haircut.”
“I tried. But then he told me he wants to grow his hair long and I have to respect that. It is his hair. And it isn’t hurting anyone.”
“But he looks sloppy – like someone who needs a haircut.”
“Maybe but who am I to tell him how to look?”
“You’re his parent...

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*post title a reference to Whoorl's Hair Thursday blog which rules.