My Parents (Are) Awesome

I was going to submit this picture to My Parents Were Awesome but decided to post it here, instead.

Wendelin Welsh and Lawrence Woolf at UCSD, Summer 1976

The following winter, they married and five-years later, I was born, but in this picture (which currently resides on my fridge) Wendy and Larry were just two crazy college kids in love.

Thirty-three years, three children and two grandchildren later, they still are. As a married person who knows how hard it can be, that's some seriously inspiring shit.

My parents were awesome. They're even cooler now.

Eating fish tacos with the grandkids, Moonlight Beach, Summer 2009



Chantelle {fat mum slim} | 11:21 AM

That's a beautiful tale. I hope to be the same in our years to come. xx

All Star | 11:24 AM

How lucky for your kiddos!

LucyCooper | 12:33 PM

God, that is fantastic. Although we now have digital cameras and photo shop and can take some really great pictures, there's something magical about pictures taken in the seventies.

mommymae | 1:06 PM

your sister looks just like your mom.

Anonymous | 1:31 PM

I love my parents too...btw I thought you were a vegetarian? What's with the fish tacos?

BonJoey | 3:25 PM

this post made me tear up... and I'm still trying to figure out why! You're posts are usually so beautiful and touching and raw they make lots of your readers tear up, but even though I enjoy them immensely, this is not my usual reaction! I'm like "WTF, am I extra hormonal today or too much sleep deprevation/caffeine or what?!" The tears were b/c it made me happy and sad at the same time I realized, double whammy. So truly happy for you and your family, so amazing and cool that you have such wonderful parents...they seem so incredible (I've read lots of your other stories about them too)...and also such profound sadness that...that was not my experience growing up, nor is it today with my own marriage, which is ailing and discordant even though it's only a few years young!(although we're workin on it...have a little one to work though it for). I know it's not easy for ANYONE, and your parents are inspiring to say the least. It does give me hope to see other couples work through their issues and stay together and learn how to stay (or fall back in) love... so honestly you and Hal are very inspiring too! I can definitely picture you two together when you're old, together with your grandkids! You two are fab!

Anonymous | 5:38 PM

what a cool post!


Love it. Truly awesome.

Anonymous | 9:10 PM

Just wanted to tell you I found your blog a couple of days ago and really have enjoyed it. I really want to get your book... it looks fantastic

Meemo | 9:55 PM

Truly inspiring. I will be married 18 years next month and that just blows my mind.

Your Dad looks like he hasn't aged.

How lucky for you and your kids to have such an example.

Anonymous | 3:49 AM

can your parents be any cooler? you're right that they look even cooler now.

I love your blog


Glenda | 10:24 AM

Great post! My parents were married for 28 yrs when my dad passed. My mom was faithful to him till the died she passed in 2004. Truly a love story! They were my role models...and I'm sure you're parents are yours. Marriage is a lot of work...but when you truly love and have beautiful kids... it's definitely worth it.

Carolyn | 2:44 AM

Such a lovely post! As a recent expat to Indonesia, I found myself feeling a similarly incredible love and inspiration and comfort from my parents, translated across the universe.(in case you're interested, here they are...)

Also? You and your beautiful family have followed me to Indonesia, too, and I can't tell you how sharing in your joys and hoping for the ease of your struggles has helped enhance and temper my own. Keep it up, please!

GingerB | 8:14 AM

Wonderful as usual, Rebecca. Now that I am married I am better able to value how hard it is to stay married. My mother was widowed then married my step-dad 37 years ago, which seems so remarkable. Your parents are amazing. It is sad how few people I know come from a family without divorce or separation, and yet, I feel conflict saying that as I'd hate to see a return to not allowing divorce, but still . . . it is sad. I am delighted hear more stories of success, because sometimes I need some motivation!

Ray | 8:31 PM

That's so sweet. Thirty-three years of marriage? Wow, that's awesome! ;D

Mama Cas | 6:59 AM

My father passed away 3 weeks after he and my mother had their 49th anniversary. I think it was my mother's biggest heartbreak that he was gone and her second heartbreak was that they didn't get to celebrate their 50th anniversary. I love this post.

And I miss my dad.

Lauren | 1:00 PM

That beach picture makes you want to jump in and be a part of your family.

Rebby Lives | 6:56 PM

This is a lovely post. I also read the post you linked about how tough marriage can be. Again, your life has offered me encouragement. Your family is so beautiful and you and Hal seem great together. Its nice to read about the struggles. I am 22 and am in the middle of an unexpected pregnancy. My boyfriend and I fight just like you described with yelling and crying. Except we do not yet have a newborn in our midst. I just hope that we can be happier and get through the struggle, and I congratulate you for being where you are now.

Amie Simmons | 8:36 AM

Love it. Made me teary.

Leah | 8:48 PM

Wendelin. I love it.