Gone Style: Momgyver + Sparkle Fingers + Good Jeans

Drooling Closet: Week 3
Festive Fable, Thanksgiving:

Corduroy "Fairy" Jumper*: Janie & Jack
Barrettes: Handmade, local boutique

fairies + stars + smocking = love

*I fell in love with this jumper when I found it on sale whilst pregnant (with Fable). I'm not usually a Janie & Jack fan. Stuff's too precious for my taste but this one-piece slayed me.


Gone Style:

Shirt: Lux, Urban Outfitters (purchased a million years ago.)
Pants: Fluxus (this store is my weakness. Clearly.)
Scarf: no idea
Booties: Nicole
Beanie: Grace Hats (Barneys Outlet)

The pants are super trendy and most of you will likely hate them (as evidenced by my first style post) but I think they're fab. And they're super flattering from the side and make me look like I have an ass. Kind of.

P.S. Know why I never leave the house without a scarf?

Last week, Archer's shirt became a casualty of the Pacific ocean and I didn't have a spare shirt in my bag (damn me!) BUT I did ( obvy) had a scarf on.

So? I Momgeyver'd dat ass.

Not ideal but certainly better than nothing.

walking into town with the fam, Encinitas

Archer's jeans
: Ben Sherman (sidewalk sale)
Shoes: DC
Belt: Target
Shirt: My scarf!


Girl's Gone 'Cure:
Festive Fingers
(because after six weeks of chipped nails, it was about time.)

Five coats of polish later... Gold sparkly spirit fingers!

Bonus? They match my favorite sparkly Toms (for a good cause!) which, I mean... who doesn't love that?


Featured Style:
(my cousin) Emily from Brooklyn!

I'm a big fan of boyfriend jeans, especially when they're actual boyfriend jeans. Emily wear's her boyfriend's lovah's (ahem) "friend's" jeans with black flats, cardigan and gold jewelry. Simple. Sexy. Rarr.


Maeby | 8:10 PM

I actually really really like this look. I def wasn't a fan of the first two, but i think this one is pretty great. You look fantastico!

Missy | 8:19 PM

I'm addicted to scarves too. I love them WAAAAY too much - my neck feels naked if I'm not wearing one!

Jennifer | 8:44 PM

I love Archer's Ben Sherman jeans. How cute! And you look amazing as always. I can't forget Fable either; she's adorable!

Sharnanigans | 8:49 PM

love the scarf on your boy, and your get-up.
Could I interview you for my blog?
Let me know over at my blog - doing a series on inspirational women -
eg: http://chroniclesofsharnia-sharnanigans.blogspot.com/2009/11/grist-almighty-inspirational-new-author.html

Maggie May | 8:54 PM

I love all things scrunchy and baggy and loose, until it veers into Olsen girl territory, which doesn't work unless you have the eccentric millionaire thing goin on. I love the brown thick belt with the baggy jeans, sexy, sexy, sexy. And flats are my GROOVE, baby. As mom of three they make me feel cute but able to tear round.

I like your pants, AND your ass.

As Austin Powers says, GRRWWWWWOWWLLLL

Creepy? I think not.


Amy | 9:01 PM

You guys are all so cute.

mommymae | 9:07 PM

while i wouldn't wear the fluxus pants, i think you look fabu. thanks for sharing, mama!

AVB | 9:39 PM

I really love your look this week -- inspiring! Also, a scarf can double as a dog leash when you need it (like I did this past weekend). xo

Meemo | 10:57 PM

You've inspired me to try wearing more scarves. I'm such a plain Jane, I'm sure it would add a little something. Now if only I had your creativity.

BonJoey | 11:19 PM

LOVE your outfit! I love trying new trends, but I don't think I have what it takes to pull off the harem pants. You definitely do, though - awesomeness!

ps - Archer's hair is so rock n roll, I super HEART it!

BonJoey | 11:31 PM

ok, so I was wrong. After reviewing Fluxus' website (I wish they had this store in Vegas!) I see your pants are "trousers", not harem pants, as I had called them. Sorries, obviously they are like fall/winter 2009's updated version of the harem pants that were in for like a minute in spring, right? I do have to say they look a bit more wearable.

Mama Cas | 4:51 AM

You, too, are assless like me? I'm a *ahem* full-figured lady everywhere EXCEPT my ass. There is NO junk in my trunk. Matter of fact....there's no trunk. Got that from my Dad. Thanks, Pa.

My Bottle's Up! | 5:55 AM

well done!!! my credit card thanks you (hates you) for introducing me to fluxus... tis fantastica!!!

Marie | 6:31 AM

LOVE those Tom's. Adding those to my Christmas list immediately :) Or maybe adding them to my shopping cart immediately. We'll see how good my self control is early on a Monday morning.

MommyLisa | 7:26 AM

Okay - I had been waffling on sparkly Toms...now I need them. On my list with a new pair of black knee boots, a pair of Frye's and a new pair of black flats - cuz who doesn't need more?

Elena from Greece | 7:52 AM

I love your outfit. really cool. I also like how you mix and 'recycle' clothes you already have with new. And how you combine clothes. You have a photo wearing the same hat earlier in your blog with different clothes and it was very nicely combined too.
I think it s an art learning how to make old clothes looking brand new in different combinations. it s like giving them a new perspective!

Marie-Ève | 8:27 AM

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

I like all the looks, especially your cousin's, which is closest to my style I guess... But what's the deal about the BF's lover and all? I'm wildly curious, please dish!

Abi | 8:28 AM

Very cute! Love the holiday nails. :) I never would have thought to wear a black shirt with brown belt and black shoes. It looks good!

Sarah | 9:29 AM

Those are cool pants - they look great on you. (Let's hear it for BootyPants!)

Um. Too weird? Sorry.

My ultimate wardrobe would be a combination of your stuff and the clothes worn by Natasha McElhone (Karen on Californication).


Unknown | 10:33 AM

Love the Fluxus site, and your new style posts! Thanks for sharing. :) You rock!

Amy | 1:11 PM

While I would look like an ass in this, you kick ass in this. And of course, Fable is adorable. And love that Archer wore the scarf. Awesome.

Anonymous | 3:30 PM

What happened to Cousin Emily from Brooklyn? Did she fall down and tear her pants? Look how the knee is ripped! Fuggedaboudit!

Heza Hekele | 5:08 PM

Wicked Style! I love the fairy smocking and the momygyver and the boyfriend jeans! Priceless! And thumbs up to any pants that make one's ass look good!

me | 5:42 PM

Fable's outfit is so timeless, very cute, and that scarf thing is genius

Ray | 9:10 PM

You are definitely a stylin' family. ;o) Fable's fairy jumper is too cute. I loved your ensemble. Archer is just adorable in anything that he wears (smart idea on the impromptu scarf-shirt). And I love that your cousin is actually rocking her boyfriend's jeans: "So HOT!" ;D

TexasBobbi | 7:49 AM

I really like your sister's look.

Allison the Meep | 8:02 AM

Hard to tell by the picture, but are your pants jodphurs? I like 'em.

Lauren | 8:32 AM

Fable's Thanksgiving outfit needs to come in adult sizes. Now I'm going to be on the lookout for a cranberry jumpsuit for the rest of my life.

sam | 9:07 AM

gosh. those pants & boots are pricey!

i like emilys look. very weekend casual.

Desiree | 9:53 AM

Brillllliant shirt, mama!


Marie-Eve - no story! Emily just refuses to call him her boyfriend. Or lover. He's her "friend!"

I was just giving her a hard time. :)

Chelsea | 12:32 PM

get the hell out of here with those adorable sparkly toms. LOVE THEM! I will be featuring them on my blog, and featuring you, cuz you're so darn cute and all...

Anonymous | 1:24 PM

So I'm sure if you've said it somewhere but I've missed it but what does the tattoo on your arm say?

BonJoey | 3:15 PM

Still laughing about anon's comment "what happened to cousin emily's pants?" OMG seriously?!?!? What century or planet is that alien from?! Wowza. I came back to comment on your music post about Yan Tiersen b/c you don't open comments for your music posts and I had to say YAAAAYYYYYY! I LOVE you! I absolutely bought the soundtrack/score to Amelie right after I saw the movie as well (huge Francophile here!) and immediately fell in love with his music!!!! It is sooo incredibly beautiful and moving and atmospheric - I've popped that cd into my car practically everytime it's rained here in Vegas in the past however many years since it's come out- to drive around listening to "la valse d'amelie" to have a little Parisian-reminiscing sesh. It always makes me happy.


Lovingdanger - it says "tell the story until it comes true."

my MO, yo!



Sharnanigans | 3:17 AM

I don't want to come across aggressive here, but maybe a little hurt.
Have sent you various messages since August requesting an interview for my blog - cos I like your style. I like to write about those whose style is inspiring, But when you can't even write me a "thanks but no thanks" it makes me wonder why I follow...
I wrote about it here:

Little peeved aussie blogger

Unknown | 8:33 AM

I love your Toms shoes, such a great company! My daughter Isabel wore that same jumper last Christmas when she was 2 months old and I wish I could have found it in a larger size for this year.

Emery Jo | 5:22 PM

uuuugh you are so beautiful. I love the hat. and shirt. and scarf. and pants. and boots.

Also, I am so impressed with your macgyver skillz. Recently we were out and about and had to use Chris' shoelace as a belt because Ezra has NO waist. haha.

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