It isn't often Cooper (my eight-year-old Boxer) and Zadie (my seven-year old Boston Terrier) get to make cameo appearances on this here blog. It's a shame Momversation producers felt the need to cut the story about Cooper losing his virginity to Anthony Kiedis' Rhodesian Ridgeback. That was sooo juicy.

(Under the bridge downtown? He could not get enough. Under the bridge downtown? He gave his (love) away. Yeah, yeah, yeah.)

As for Zadie, she once pulled me so hard whilst on a walk she broke my post-wedding engagement ring which two years later, has yet to be repaired.

What a bitch.



kim {the non-mom blogger} | 10:50 PM

Rebecca, your dogs are ridiculously cute! AHHHHH!!! What are you people doing to me? I just read a post on Facebook about a two rescue dogs looking for a new home...and then I see this! I have three kids; the LAST thing I need is another member of this gaggle...


Amanda | 8:36 AM

A friend of mine has two boxers and they are adorable! Such wonderful dogs, and very freaking strong.

We're currently debating pets right now since another child is out of the question. I want a cat because of the less needy aspect (a toddler AND a puppy and I'll need a padded room). But the die hard dog lover in me wants a sheepdog so hard. Have you seen a sheepdog puppy?! Google that shit! They're so cute it freaks me out a little bit.

Big ups to Cooper and Zadie!

Anonymous | 9:39 AM

Boxers are most certainly the best dogs. I automatically have a little extra respect for boxer owners (silly, no?). How has he been with the kids, especially as he gets older? Grumpier or more patient?


Boxers totally rule. I agree. I'm a huge fan of the Boxer. Cooper is AMAZING with the kids. Both dogs are actually. Archer still rides Cooper around like a horse and he is SO patient with the kids. Always has been, though. He's slowing down but he's still youthful and a delight of a creature. (Not to leave Zadie out, who is also a doll.)

Anonymous | 10:37 AM

I always knew I liked you but now that I know you have a boxer, I like you even more! We had Bouncer the Boxer for nine years. He was a great pet and wonderful with our son. We hope to get another one soon.

BonJoey | 11:16 AM

I laughed and laughed about your RHCP joke. That was awesome, and I think everyone would love to hear the whole story, if there's more! (I'm not sure what else there would be to tell, exactly, come to think, but your stories are often hilarious). Anyways, get that ring fixed, girl! I love it, and I'd wondered where it went after reading about it a long time ago, and never seeing it on you! So sad! Is it fixable? I wondered but never asked, where did you find it? I remember searching for similar unique rings online after seeing yours, and found nothing interesting or similarly cool like yours.

oh ps- Boxers ARE awesome! One of my favorite kinds of dogs. Always wanted one.

laurenzo | 1:08 PM

I remember spooning with Coop and Zay-Didds (what she asked me to call her) on your living room floor. They are the world's greatest.

Speaking of dogs...

jessica | 3:45 PM

my 6 yr. old asked to listen to the red hot fruity pebbles the other day! we have a boxer and she's insane. i love her but we can't have company because she jumps on people and won't stop. cesar milan's tricks do not work no matter how hard i try. we would never get rid of her because she's family but after a year and a half of having her i can truly say she complicates life more than she adds to it :( that makes me so sad to write but it's true. but that being said.....she is awesome with my kids. well, actually with my six yr. old. the other two are 13 and 15 so they look like adults to her and she barks at them and won't stop. but the 6 yr. old is like her little doll and vice versa!

Desiree | 8:13 PM

Oh my gosh -- I didn't know you had a Boston!
We have a three year old Boston :) I just posted a little video of him and my daughter today!!

Kaela | 8:36 PM

I NEVER, ahem, LOL, but did so and quite loudly when you mentioned your dog was to be a show dog, but wait, he only has one testicle! Poor pup, but oh, so funny! BTW, finding you via, Dooce. And Archer? Hm strange(in a good way, maybe interesting works better?) name (says the lady who named her child Palmer), but he sooooo looks like an Archer!

jessica | 6:30 AM

kaela did you name him after palmer cortland of pine valley??

eringremlin | 7:09 AM

I have a 6 year old rat terrier that is allergic to dog food, has seizures, LOVES the bathroom trash, and listens like a pet rock. She is also an amazing spooner (she's the big spoon, all 14 lbs of her), endlessly patient with the Beef, and can be trusted outside by herself for infinte periods of time despite no fence/busy road. I love that little bitch.

Gina | 11:00 PM

That video was VERY entertaining! Glad I decided to watch tonight. So cute, so quirky.

Unknown | 2:01 PM

This is odd. I have a dog named Cooper. He was going to be a show dog, but they decided to sell him instead because he only had one testicle.
Except he's a five-year-old 10 pound wiener dog.

And now he has no testicles.